Laundry and Legs!

Alright the past two days I have been spending on LAUNDRY and LEGS! I Hate the Laundry! I try and do it in an orderly fashion and use a system….but the system I am using is not working. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Here is kinda how I do it now:

  • Let the laundry pile up over 3 days
  • Sort it Wash & Dry-5 to 6 loads
  • Fold and separate as I go on the couch…here is where I get stuck! By the time I get this done I have at least 2 more loads, so I think “hmm, I just wash up these few loads and the all of it will be done before I put the clothes away.
  • But then the cycle goes on and on and my couch is constantly covered with clothes or folded clothes sit in baskets forever!! I may need an entirely new system or just get rid of a couple kids!

On to LEGS! Which I love!! Yesterday I ran, sprinted and did ton of walking lunges And today, despite the temptation to put it off until this evening…I did go to the gym this morning: Here is a rundown of exercises that I did, since I only had 45 min and was scattered I did not write it down so, that’s why the weights are missing: Squats Butt Squats Smith lunges Dead lifts walking lunges leg curls leg extensions abs I feel good! But, I am nervous about getting everything done this week, with no carbs(since I have a shoot on FRIDAY)…my brain just isn’t the same without a few 🙂 -Michelle



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  1. Michelle,
    I love your web page and blogg. You give me hope for my 38 year old jelly belly.

    On to the laundry, have you checked out Look in the table of contents. Good luck with the laundry and the photo shoot.Melissa

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Love your blog and website too 🙂

    For the laundry, I used to have the same problem, I would let it pile up for a few days and them try to do a “laundry marathon” but I felt it was too time consuming. Instead what I do now is I do the laundry every day, perhaps one or two loads, depending on what I have, (whites, colors, etc). I find that doing a load or two of laundry everday (execpt Sundays) keeps it more managable. Then again, there is only 3 in my family, but try it once you get caught up with the laundry you already have, it may be worth a shot. Hope this helps! Diana

  3. Hi Sweetie
    Well we do laundry 2 days per week. Get yourself a good washer and dryer that can keep up with each other. We start one load while another is drying. We have a laundry center in our laundry room. It has 3 bins. Sort them by towels, whites, colors or whatever. Then I have an laundry basket with handles that I use after drying. I fold and sort as soon as they are done. Start another load, then load up the basket with clean clothes, towels and carry it from room to room and put away at once. Then you are done with one load, they are not laying everywhere, and best of all they are put away. It works well and really it doesnt take that much extra effort. Dont sit and fold them on the couch. Fold them at the dryer and sort and throw in the basket. Good luck.

  4. I can’t seem to find a system that I stick with either. When we bought our home a few years ago I thought all my laundry problems would be over since the washer/dryer are upstairs on the bedroom level! Well, the house didn’t come with a maid…so I was proved wrong! The things that I do find helpful are having a place where I can fold the laundry and keep it in piles until I’m ready to put them away. A place where it’s not bothering anyone. One place is on the guest room bed. Another is to keep a large folding table in my own bedroom just for folded clothes. This way, even if you haven’t had time to put the clean folded clothes away, your husband, 6yr old and 4yr old cannot come to you asking for clean socks! They know where to find them and are capable of getting them. My 8yr old son is old enough to put his own clothes away and it’s one of his chores. Even my 4yr old can put most of her clothes away, minus the dresses that need hanging. Hang in there, laundry will forever be our enemy 😉

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