Made it to the Gym!!

Hi all!
TGIF!! and I got to the gym today.

After working out at home all week, except for Tuesday. I made it to
the gym! I needed it, an escape from my messy house!

Here is what I am doing:
Today is my first day of "Buffing", I am planning on having a
photoshoot in that is my motivation. The goal for me is
to lose a couple real pounds and then do a photo prep week that will
dehydrate me a bit down 3-4 more pounds. I will try and explain the
process a bit as I go along.

My eating so far:
8 am-
1 cup cooked oatmeal with 1/4 c. vanilla soy milk and 1 tsp brown
sugar. Also 1 choc scoop of protien in h20 and my vitamins:
b-6,b-12,magnesium, cal, apple cider vinegar pill, ginko, st. john's
wart, (p.s. I get sick from multivitamins so I usually take children's
chewables, but I am out)lubriflex and water
3 - 6oz c. coffee with sugar(bad I know but I am not going to have
equal and I need to buy better stevia) and powdered ff creamer
1 green drink while working out and 1 bottle of water
post workout NO2
Egg burrito...3 whole eggs on ww tortilla, a little butter and tabasco
sauce and salsa, yummy
Lubriflex, b-6, mag, cal, zinc, Flax oil, ginko, st. john's wart

so far so good on that! I have been bad!! about not eating during the
day much, just a ton at night over the last few I feel
stuffed right now! Also, my coffee intake needs to be cut a
little...I will work on that starting monday, wink, wink.
The hard part for me comes in the evening...I always over eat at
night! I will be strong and diligent!

My workout:
warm up on r-bike 5 min
Bench paired with tricep extensions(meaning an opposing body part
Tricep ext:
Bench bar- 45#x10
Curl bar(15-20#?) +30#x10x3 sets

Incline smith paired with tricep push downs:

Tri push:

Cable Flys: one arm at a time
40x10+5 punch x 3sets

Ab work, done in between sets:
knee ups on bench 15 reps followed by pikes 10 reps
Hanging crunches from pull up bar
Roman chair knee ups
2 sets of 35

walk on treaddy with incline of 15% for 10 min @ 4.2 mph followed by a
8 min run 2% incline 2 min @8mph, 6 min @9 mph

So that is it....I am focusing on one day at a time, GET BUFF IN A DAY!

Have a great Friday!

p.s. I have a fun weekend in store! A DATE tomorrow night!!! and we
are celebrating Gracie's birthday by going to Chuckie Cheese on Sunday!
Oh and we are also attempting to take some family Christmas pictures
this weekend.



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