A GREAT e-mail

I wanted to share this wonderful e-mail correspondence with all of you…

Jennifer wrote:

After receiving my latest issue of Oxygen Mag, I was
surfing the web and decided to see what inspirational
stories the on-line version of oxygen
had to offer and low and behold I have found your web
site. I’m totally and completely amazed at your body.
In fact, I’m so amazed that I can’t stop talking about
your web site. I’ve told everyone at work who needs
a little more inspiration to log on and check your
site out.

I have two questions for you. I read that you have a
nutrition andfitness background, how did you take your
unfit after pregnancy body andturn it into a sold muscle
machine? I guess my question is for a
motivation factor, what was the breaking point in
which you said this time I’m really gonna do it? And my second
question is, is it possible to discuss a sample menu when you are
preparing for a contest? I’m really curious what a typical diet
day is and a contest diet day is for you? I’m sure with four
very active young children your diet might not
be as clean as you’d like it to be.

I’ve recently within the last year have left the
corporate world, went back to school to earn my teaching degree
(after earning my bachelor’s)
and went back to waiting tables at night. I saw
your fee for on-line training and really I just don’t have that
flexible of an income to join. I work out with my husband and
pushes me hard but sometimes he
just doesn’t understand what it means to be a woman.
If you know what Imean. That’s why I love your web site!

Thanks for your inspiration and motivation.
Train hard,


“Be the change you want to see in the world”

I responded:

Thanks so much for your GREAT e-mail! I really love your enthusiasm.

To answer your questions:

The point at which I decided I was going to prove you can be buff after having children came when I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me.

I was very unhappy with what I saw and how I felt.In October of 2003, I decided to start training for my first contest and competed in March of 2004. So after only 6 months of intense training, I won the my first two NPC figure titles only 13 months after I had my 3rd and 4th children by c-section. I honestly admit that my body was not “super solid” at that point, but the best it had EVER been. I continued to work hard and shortly won 3 more titles that year.

As far as diet is concerned, you are right it is not super clean. I don’t have time to plan everything out, so I eat the best I can.
The biggest concern for me is to get my protein and veggies in daily. If I do that on a consistent basis, I see huge results. Also
learning to time my meals for workout performance has been key. My diet varies a lot from day to day and I change my focus every couple weeks,
so it is hard for me to give you a typical day’s menu. But when I am trying to lean up for a contest/photoshoot my ratios are basically 30Carb/40protein/30fat.

I am glad to hear that you enjoy lifting with your husband.
Relish that time together and continue to challenge yourself. Please join the Team BuffMother! so that we can stay in touch.
There area ton of wonderful inspirational women there who are always willing to help you get Buff!

Have a great night,
Your new friend,



236 Replies to “A GREAT e-mail

  1. I think we all have to have that OMG I better do something moment, everyone is different what that is, mine was when my “fat” pants starting getting tight.

  2. I had my moment when I looked in the newspaper and it turned to the obits and there was a woman who was 42 who had died. I still don’t know the reasons.. but I looked at my children and thought.. if I don’t start taking care of myself.. that could be me… Lost 70lbs.. working out hard every day… my life is entirely different.. It is always so good to know others have these “aha” moments!

  3. I determined that I was going to win the battle against my weight and not being fit after breaking up with an addict. It was easy for me to see what he needed to do to fight his battle, but what I needed to do was let go of him, and fight my own battle. His problems were a convenient distraction from my own issues. In the end, the only person we can really change is ourselves. This is a lesson that God has been trying to teach me all of my life, and I am going to listen this time. I have worked out straight every day since this challenge started, and I did some exercising sporadically throughout this summer before this challenge started. Every time I am finished working out, I feel like I have actually begun to gain control of my life. My boyfriend is a thing of the past. I wish him well, but I cannot change him. The only person I can change is myself, and THIS IS MY MOMENT. Thanks, Michelle, for being such an inspiration.

  4. awesome!! i have been struggling lately with my mind wanting to do more than my body will accomplish. but i’m NOT giving up!
    what the mind believes, will come true!!

  5. I enjoy lifting very much, but yet I struggle with consistency. It takes great discipline for me to not get “burnt out” even if I truly do enjoy it. I know it must become a lifestyle and I truly believe that being accountable to someone and having such great encouragement (Thanks Michelle!) has helped. Typically I will work really hard for 3-5 months and then just stop. I often wonder what I could have accomplished if I had been truly consistent. So my goal for this year (July 09- July 10) is to NOT STOP my workouts..even when school and other things start…which they are very soon. I want to make it just as much a priority as preparing my lessons, cleaning etc…. it will be character building for me ūüôā

  6. Seeing beach vacation pictures and thinking “that is really what I look like” will give you a kick start too…lol.

  7. Told my circuit class all about Hormonal Timing and your web site and what all it (& you) have done for me. Thanks again! Blessings!

  8. Yay! I did legs for the second time this week (because of reading your super hardcore leg workout) and feel great. Did 45 on intervals on the treadmill this morning. Learned to bring back the reading material to keep me on the machine longer. Doing back and chest tonight, mixing up my splits. Decided to compete in FBB on October 24th. Thank you for saying your body wasn’t as tight as it is now and you still succeeded in your first contests. Gives me hope.

  9. Getting the eating part right is key to building a lean physique, I wish I could get it right, still learning. LOL

  10. I was talking with my sister about this the other day~ In my mind I see it as a life long commitment because Exercise is Medicine to me and also it is the Fountain of Youth. Without consistent weight training I see my body age FAST and have way more aches and pains.

    I know you can accomplish your goal!

  11. Eating clean is so key in the transformation process! I have found your book to be very helpful and would also suggest to her and anyone that has not received it to pick one up now! It has all they key factors that will help with the change. I also found that drinking lots of water helps in not only hydrating your skin but flattening the stomach. I have tested this out first hand. If I get out all the diet soda and drink more water, I have seen noticeable changes in my stomach definition.

  12. I was an oxygen junkie too, than I started searching for information on the web about moms competing in figure contests. Low and behold I found Michelle and Buffmother! What a change in my life finding that webiste has been!

  13. VERY cool letter Michelle! I SOOOO love Michelle’s HT Books and the Rally Room!!! Strongly recommend them both! They have helped me so much! HT is definitely where it’s at!! My motivation was to get in shape and lose weight before I turned 40! Well, I did that thanks to Michelle and HT, and am almost 41 now and in the best shape of my life! I’m training for my first figure competition and am SO excited!!! THANK YOU Buffmother!!!!

  14. Yes, what a wonderful email AND response. Michelle, thanks for encouraging all of us and giving us the courage to keep on going. I will get fit.

  15. Hey Pat~ my guess is that you may need some good supplementation to get your cycle a bit more normal. AND how is your FAT intake~ you need fat to make hormones correctly…so be sure to eat enough fat!
    You can start HT without knowing exactly where you are in your cycle. Just start with buffing for 2 weeks then boosting for 2 weeks. Once you do get a period adjust your phases accordingly. ūüôā

  16. Oh Val it fuels me SOOOO Much~ but I am not the only one inspiring others here…You are too! by posting your giving your energy to every one who reads this!! THANKS!!!

  17. You are an inspiration! I’ve finally come to realize how important getting and keeping muscle is as I age –what a difference!
    Thanks, Michelle!

  18. I had the same problems before Buffmother. It gave me the consistency that I needed by being accountable to a group of ladies. Now I’ve been consistent for over 2 yrs & know I’ll never stop because it’s so much a part of who I am & I see the awesome benefits.

  19. I did my workout routine today. I was so zapped by the time I finished. I had eaten prior to working out. Perhaps it was not enough. Vacation begins tomorrow. I will try very hard to maintain my workout routine.

  20. Went out last night and had a whee bit of fun. But I allowed myself to sleep in. Once I was rested I loaded up the troops and went to the gym. Awesome chest and tri workout. Then 40 minutes the stair climber. The sweating felt fantastic. Of course I cranked up my ipod to help me really work it.
    Thanks for sharing. Everyday I look forward to the inspiration I will find on your site.

  21. Your inspiration is just the push I need when I start to doubt that is it possible. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Michelle, you are a true inspiration! It is amazing how our hormones play such a vital role:) Thank you for sharing with the world, and for creating BuffMother and the RR! It all TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!

  23. I think we are all “Mighty Mamma’s. Keep on moving. After all it is better to wear out than rust out!

  24. Just got back from three days of camping in the mountains. We sarted the morning together on a family hike. It was a beautiful morning.

  25. All of these are inspirational — especially the posts about consistency. Michelle, to think of working out as preventative medicine is a great idea. God created us to work hard — we don’t function properly without hard work!

  26. Music can make a huge difference is how much intensity i put into a workout—very good point….

  27. Michelle – you are such a great inspiration to me…and it’s great that you are still so super friendly and approachable and willing to share your knowledge with those of us that have reached the point where a big change is needed!

  28. I have been very consistent on this challenge. I ran 5 miles this morning and have been doing some cardio work daily since day 1. I read your books and I was convinced that lifting weights is very important. I have been apprehensive about lifting since i have about 30 lbs to lose and am afraid to look bulky instead of slimming down. I got a gym membership yesterday and today will be day one for my lifting. I am nervous but excited. Thank you for the motivation.

  29. OK. No workout yesterday. Went for a massage and thought, why ruin it? Then went out to dinner and ate way too much. Back on track today. Doing core synergistics today.

  30. Good Girl!!! I am proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and hitting the weights. Lifting is soooo rewarding and important for your metabolism. Muscle burns fat, so build up your muscle and watch your fat burn!!!

  31. I love reading what you have for us everyday, whether it is info or encouragement. God has blessed you with a great gift of encouragement and inspiration to women. Thank You!

  32. Okay, yesterday was lazy day for me other thank packing house to move then house and baby sat for my friend who just my luck has no computer service after 8 pm. At any rate I am back and love the read for this day. I have been emotionally off last couple days and need my dose of Buffmother, it is so inspiring and you ladies are awesome.

  33. Music is my life’s soundtrack ūüôā I have a fun country playlist that I listened to while I did a great shoulder/back workout on Friday and did ab work in between sets and I think I made it to almost 200 crunch/butt-lifts/etc. That’s a first!!

  34. Music is able to really set the mood to workout! I put on some bouncy tunes and I’m ready to go…otherwise in the quiet it takes nothing to talk myself out of a workout.

  35. Michelle, thanks for sharing your article. I decided the exact same thing after it it was taking two years to loose weight after my second child. Mom mom also had cancer at that time for the second time and recently again. My goal is just to be healthy first and then buff and tone!

  36. Michelle, what you’re doing for all of us is truly amazing. I bet you get emails like the one you shared with us all the time! It’s nice to know that you’re work is so inspiring isn’t it? Keep up the great work!

  37. I also seem to have a problem with consistency. I know it is just HIF, and it is what breaks me, because once either my diet or workout routine falters, the other is sure to follow…

  38. I love listening to music while working out, driving, playing on the computer, pretty much doing anything!

  39. Great letter, thanks for sharing. You are very inspirational, and your photos motivate me as well! Thank you!!

  40. day 12 check in! i ran 6.5 miles yesterday, no weights but i just didn’t have the time. got lots of errands done. i agree about the music, i pretty much can’t go running without it. if i have the right techno-ish beat, i can time my footfalls to the song and it really keeps me going

  41. Thanks for creating all of this for ALL the women out there that care to be fit for themselves and their children. We need to be a role model to them!

  42. Thank you for sharing that letter and your response. I look forward to getting your email each morning. Thank you

  43. I love listening to music while I run. I had to stop while I lifting though. I noticed that I wasn’t focusing well enough on the targeted muscle. Loved the letter! It is great to see women banning together through fitness and NOT shopping!

    Ran 30 min-6.2mph/lifted 30 minutes-legs
    Starting next week I will going from my home “gym” to a real gym three days a week! I am very excited! Hope to have even better results!

  44. Thanks for the email and the tip about music.

    I often listen to something while I work out. I love spending the time listening to audio cd.

    Thank you,

  45. that’s interesting…I’ve never found it a bother. BUT I can’t work or study with any music or tv on~ so that makes total sense!

  46. Good Morning,
    I need to start bringing my IPOD to workout. I keep forgeting it. Also I workout from home with my husband on Sundays and I love it! He pushes me 10 x’s harder than I would normally.

  47. Music is what keeps me going when I find myself wanting to quit. I usually have very busy days (I work part-time during the day and full-time overnight). Single mom of five. I do this four days a week with one complete week off. Saturday and Sunday I usually have a fitness class to teach and children to care for. Music always gets me through. It’s like me little motivator giving me that little push!

  48. Music is so therapeutic for me! Sometimes I have to go to the gym late and I am so tired but when I put my work out tunes on I am a different woman. I am in the zone and before I know it I have already walked on the treadmill 30 minutes…….I love having that quality time to myself.

  49. I just got my book and I have been reading about HT. I am in shock that I only have to do 20 min of cardio, but very excited about trying interval training! I have not ever done intervals with cardio and am anxious to see if I get better results with less time! I will have my tunes with me to help me along.

  50. BuffMama!!! That is a great email and it should make you feel so good that 
    through you & Im thankful for the ways you taught us! I know 
     teach women what you stand for!!!!!! 

  51. Oh I am sooo excited!
    Love the email! I am doing my best to look my best by February. That is not really that far away when I plan my workout routine and realize I really only have so many I can do from now to then.

    I already planned a photo shoot for february with a photographor so I HAVE to be where I want to be!

    I have been doing really well (I know i have mentioned it but I can see my traps! ) You do not even know how excited I was when I noticed them. I have never really had them before and I love the look! can’t wait until my arms are really firm also. My back seems like it is slimming down quicker than my arms. (I did have a slight buldge around the back where the bra was but that has gone away alot) I can’t wait until my arm flab is gone away completely. It is not as bad as it was but I want firm arms and shoulders ūüôā

    So excited! Tammy

  52. What an inspirational email-you must sometimes be in awe Michelle of the lives you have touched. I hope to have that same affect on those around me.

  53. Day 11!

    Great story! The turning point for me was similar. I saw a picture of myself with my girls and thought “when did I get so fat?” That was over 3 months ago. I have been working out and dieting ever since. We all have those moments when we realize that this is not who we are and enough is enough.

  54. I can totally relate to this email in that I have been telling EVERYONE about Buff Mother!!! I deffinitely reached that same point…I was always fit, but never pushed myself quite as hard as I wanted to, and now, I don’t like the mirror and am more motivated than ever. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your knowledge with us!!

  55. You are so on when you say you did not recognize the person staring back at you. That is the point I am at now.

  56. I’ve also shared your web-site with others to give them that extra push they need! Are you “tight” all the time?

  57. pretty much I’ve been “in shape” for the past 6+ years! I can’t imagine feeling out of shape…I truly believe “the key to MY motivation is encouraging others”

  58. It is inspiring to help others. I do work out every day in the a.m. so that my children know i have worked out and they willl do the same when they get home in the afternoon

  59. i have also shared your website with other mothers. i work at the ymca and are in contact with many women who are frustrated but are on the right track by being at the gym.;)

  60. I am truly blessed to have been able to touch so many women’s lives. I expect to affect even more in the future!!
    Thanks Krista!

  61. Are there any music playlists on the RR that I can check out? I am loving the HT book, it explains so much! Its amazing how little we know about our very own bodies! Thx!

  62. I have made a change for the better.. Ideclared that I will be Buff… My oldest son gave me the greatest compliment the other day, he called me “Buff Mother” lol… Gotta keep moving forward

  63. Michelle, you are so inspiring to me as well as all the other women. Hopefully, with hard work, determination and will power I will soon begin to look just as buff. Thank you for all you do.

  64. I think your inspration to all women whom have had children (espically those by c-section). And I love my music when I am working out my fiance bought me a cheap MP3 player and it stopped working a few months ago so I am trying to convince him to get me an IPOd touch screen for mothers day..lol I wonder if I will get my wish?

  65. I find you to be very inspirational as well. Especially being a momma to twins myself. I am glad that someone is letting women know they can get their body back. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and our husbands to be the best we can be! As for music…I LOVE the new Toby Mac cd! It is great for working out to!

  66. Music is my motivator. All I have to do is find something with a good beat, and I just want to get up and move.

  67. Yes, music does make a huge difference in working out! I too love the new Toby Mac cd!
    You are extremely motivational!!! Soooo glad i found you on the FAME website! You seem to keep things very simple, straight forward and REAL!
    You’ve inspired me to get re-acquainted with my goals. I had trained for a natural BB show a few years ago but had to pull out of the contest 11 weeks out because i got extremely sick. I lost half my hair, my body was rejecting food…i was a MESS! But now i’m better and want to train for a show again. Is your online training the $124 or do you have a different rate for training for competition?

  68. Day 12: Great day on diet. Took a couple walks during my work day but took the night off from the gym. But we walked to the park and played. The weather was perfect for the walk and play….

  69. I know that music makes a big difference in tuning out the negative thoughts that creep into my mind when I’m working out. Can’t imagine life without it!

    Shared buffmother.com with the ladies in my class today. Rock on!

  70. Day #12…I feel great about what im doing with this 40 day challenge!!! Feeling stronger every day!!!!

  71. Eating right for me is the biggest challenge. I am in management and work for a Corporate company. I am also studying for a designation within my industry. I am the sole bread winner of my family. All of this on my plate makes it difficult to eat clean all the time. But I keep plugging on. I just received the Hormonal Timing book and can’t wait to read all of it.

  72. Day 12 – Funny, I haven’t worked out with music lately. I’ve been focused on planning my day/week in my head when I’m working out. I should revisit my iPod to see if my intensity changes. I haven’t been able to work out the past two days, my son had a high fever ;0( He’s feeling better so I’m looking forward to pushing hard the last 4 weeks. My diet needs more improvement. Can’t seem to get in all of my protein!

  73. Life sure does vary from day to day! I find some days are really easy to get my eats in and others are really hard. I just need to remember to keep at it and I WILL see results!

  74. I love to listen to music while I lift weights. I usually do cardio outside, and I don’t listen to anything then ~ just enjoy the nature around me! ~ I am so excited; I have lost 4 pounds in the last 11 days!! I started at 138 and my goal is 125 (I am 5’4″). At this rate, I should reach my goal weight by the end of the 40 days!! Yay!

  75. I recently made a playlist of all the songs that got me dancing from High School. To listen to those songs while working out for some reason really pushes me to get back into shape like I was back then!

  76. Back on Track today..!! Taking special attention to my food intake and changing up my work outs..!! I enjoy your stories thank you for sharing. ūüôā

  77. Good luck to Jennifer and thank you Michelle for inspiring us mom’s. You gave me the courage and the realization that I do not have to look like a mom just because I am one.

  78. Music makes a huge difference in my workouts as well. I love walking but I still need music because the sounds of nature are great, but I need more to keep me motivated!

  79. That was so lovely, what motivation and determination between the two of you. I love before and after stories too.

  80. Finding out that you have inspired someone else to get fit is a great feeling. It motivates me to stick with what I am doing or even bump it up a knotch and see what is at the next level.

  81. I think motivation is the key i’m needing to lose the weight i want to lose. I have a “sit down all day at a desk” job and so i know it’s even more important for me to be active outside work!

  82. I love listening to music while I’m working out especially in the gym. While running the roads, I prefer listening to nature.

    That’s an awesome email. It let’s you know that you are truly an inspiration to others.

  83. Thanks for sharing these motivational words! :o) At one point in my life I felt like I was relegated to just always be overweight – and that I should be satisfied with that, but truly – I wasn’t, and now on my journey I have found Buff Mother to be SOOOOO what I needed! Thank you Michelle!

  84. some of my favorites: Like a stone (audioslave), Sexy Bi–h (akon), Dance Dance (fall out boy), Teeth (lady gaga), OoH Ooh baby (britney spears), Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (KT Tunstall)

  85. Great email. Hearing about you Michelle and other women just drives me even more to reach my dream fitness goals! Thanks for sharing.

  86. Is great to hear that some woman have the support from their husbands. I try to keep in touch with friends that support me when I feel lazy or eating junk food. Thank you for sharing this email.

  87. Its funny. I just moved to a new town when I started this, I feel like im stalling right now being sick. But it has been a good motivation for me. I just met another mom the other day who loves to run. She mentioned her lack of motivation and feeling exhausted. All your information from the book came out of my mouth like a faucet. My sisters have noticed my excitement in the information I share.(I post my workouts for my sisters in hope to motivate them with ideas!) I love everything about the information you are sharing. The first time I saw you was on bodybuilding.com, I love this website. And Now I live in Boise where they have the corporate office. I mentioned very shyly to my husband about doing a fitness competition. Do you have any suggestions and where to find info about one and how to get ready?

  88. Great inspiration. Love the comment about music. I find that it is very true. I work out harder and longer when I listen to some good tunes.

  89. am sick today so I’m laying around more than moving, but music might help my spirits anyway ūüôā

  90. I did my fasted intervals today to my music! I’m very weak in cardio so I’m doing only 4 hard minutes but you’re right, I seemed to have pushed myself harder with my fast paced music! Thursdays are usually hectic for me with my kids’ gymnastics classes so it will be late for my upper body/Ab workout tonight but I’m glad I at least got my intervals in already!

  91. Did lower body today and really pushed myself. My legs feel like they are gonna fall off :o)

  92. I truly believe it will only be a matter of time before we start seeing Michelle “on the circuit” – Ellen etc. Such positiveness only builds more momentum! Go BuffMother!!

  93. I had such a tough weekend that it was hard to stay motivated and I definitely want to join the BuffMother Team as soon as some things pan out, nbut your daily emails are little reminders to keep going and make some time for me!

  94. Starting to feel myself again…. and catching up on my emails…. very good one here! Thanks!

  95. I need to pay more attention to eating right for daily workouts. And I need to be more consistent with my diet…quit going off the plan on weekends.

  96. Michelle, I can relate with Jennifer’s email to you. I have mentioned before that I have been following other inspirational health minded leaders (males) for around 12 yrs. If I mentioned their names, most all here would recognize them, however since the discovery of YOU and YOUR website, I can finally RELATE. I am passionate and hopeful because of YOU. THANK YOU! You are touching so many lives Michelle and women DO have it different and harder than men in so many ways! Men don’t understand. . .they couldn’t possibly (p.s. but unfortunately so many men close to us are so hard on us women for our battles in the fitness area).

  97. I don’t know the middle aged woman in my mirrior either. NONE of my clothes fit (not being snotty and picky, I really mean NONE of them fit). I am the largest size I have ever been and NEVER in my life have I had big hips. I have gained and lost over the years, but for the first time EVER, my hips are HUGE. It is WEIRD! I am middle aged now. Michelle, I am hiring you for online training. Saving my money and half way there. One more month, I should have it. I CAN’T WAIT! Thanks for all you do!

  98. Awesome to hear you are fired up to train with me…have you had a chance to read my books. That’s a great starting point and gives you a ton of info including a super workout and diet plan.
    Keep the fire!! I know you can find yourself again!!

  99. I believe it about the music. I have a different playlist for every different workout. I love hard rock for legs (pushes me harder) and in every day life I never listen to it.

  100. I have found out that I love running. I like weightlifting but I LOVE running…huh, who would have thought. ūüėÄ

  101. It is a great e-mail. I did a boot camp type work out last night, it was hard, very hard… I have only been working out for 2 months, but am feeling stronger. I actually jumped rope last night! First time I didn’t use the “pretend” jump rope so I am pretty proud.

  102. Michelle, I can honestly say that you are refreshing! You admit that things are “real” in your life. You have 4 kids and a busy life, so eating perfect is not realistic! Doing the best you can and not giving up are what keeps you going…I LOVE IT!

  103. I think we all have that point where we don’t recognize ourselves…sometimes several times…lol…that motivates me to get moving!!! Look at yourself in the mirror often for that reason!!

  104. Love todays post. Im teaching zumba and praciticing ripped. Last year I was a mess…physically and emotionally. Ive done a lot of work on me this year..and as a result Im back as me…and as a result a better mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend!

  105. I love listening to my iPod while exercising. I have a playlist set-up for my lifting and a separate one for when I do cardio.

  106. Awesome email!! You are an inspiration to all. Some of us have a much distance to go in our journeys but we all share the same desire. looking GREAT to ourselves. Thanks for the person your are. Peace and Love!

  107. Very inspiring email! I have learned alot from you and your website ever since I found your Facebook page on my friend FB wall. I can’t stop telling people what an amazing transformation you had and what can be done when you are willing to work hard. Getting closer to being a BuffMother!

  108. Thanks for the mivation. I am 51 and in the BEST shape of my life, and looking forward everyday to what tomorrow will bring!

  109. I used to work out at home by myself but now where I work we have our own gym which is soon to get a facelift. I work out with one of my good friends and a couple other personnel. Just a small group of us. I used to be so self conscious about working out around guys but now I love it! I can out lift some and it’s such a motivating feeling! I push harder every day and am starting to see the benefits. Now if I could just get the diet dialed in just right for me I am certain to see huge changes. That’s my next step!

  110. Anyone who takes time out of their busy days to help others with weight loss and self-improvement is AWESOME in my book, and deserves as many BLESSINGS as possible in their life!!

  111. Aagh..hung over..doing my excersizing later this eve when I feel better..food stamp came yesterday..glad I shopped yesterday for my food..that way I’m not picking at stuff I’m not supposed to..happy new year everyone ..here’s to a new you..a healthier and thinner you!

  112. Day 11 – I think everyone here is going through very similar issues. I trained with my partner for 12 months & he’s a weight lifter. I can honestly say he had me doing the same stuff as the Super Star Success plans but in a different order. He used to push me & I miss our time in the gym together. I’m sure we’ll get time to go together at some point in the future. Until then I’m doing all my workouts at home with the occasional visit to the gym to use much heavier weights & machines.
    I want this so badly…….it’s my time to feel confident, sexy & strong x

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