You can have a flat tummy it just takes work!

I believe a big thing that has led to my tummy being flat after kids is the fact

that I work my legs hard and heavy almost twice every week. I feel

that if you have good legs your core has to follow suit.

Vacumes, knee-ups and old-school situps are also staples of my workout.

Speaking of working legs…
Just thought I would post my leg workout for today (the second for this week).
It felt great!


One leg side leg press (new variation for me)
just machinex35

Romainian Dead lifts
Butt squats with feet very wide infront about 2.5 feet, toes on board
50×12 super low and squeeze butt hard at top

Seated calves- one set at 90
Roman chair knee ups 3 sets 25 straight/10left/10 right

2 sets Walking lunges with 55 pounds on my back
knee extension
Leg curls

Smith lunges

good and full of veggies!!
126 weight (even though I ate popcorn last night!)

Have a happy weekend, Michelle



306 Replies to “GREAT Legs= GREAT ABs

  1. I love workingmy legs. They are the biggest and strongest part of my body. It ameks me feel good when I put 245 pounds on the leg press machine and do 3 sets of 12. I love it!

  2. I have ballet tonight.. which has done wonders on my physique. My legs are stronger than they have ever been.. and she does a huge ab and back routine.. now I just need to get my eating under control and my 4 kids won’t be so obvious in my tummy πŸ™‚

  3. This is my last week of “freedom” before I go back to teaching high school–summer’s almost over for me! I am going to make sure I workout every day this week. The real challenge is going to be keeping it up once I go back to work.

  4. i use to love doing heavy squats but having been dealing with anemia this past year ive lost a lot of muscle strength in my legs. im doing body weight exercises for now but have lost the muscle ive worked so hard to gain! but i will not give up

  5. i agree. i just added heavy legs back into my plan. cant wait to see my abs show more definition.

  6. Gonna try your leg workout hon…sounds awesome! As for the water….I carry it everywhere…If I don’t have water it is like I am missing something…..xo

  7. Great leg workout! I sadly missed mine today and found myself off on everything else because of it. Live and learn and tomorrow I will work extra bunches! πŸ˜‰

  8. Mondays are tough days for me to get my workouts done…You’ll have a great one tomorrow!!

  9. I love working my legs as well. It feels great to have a little soreness the next day… I know I worked hard!

  10. That is a HARDCORE leg workout. I am impressed. You lift some heavy weights woman! Leg day is my favorite day! I usually wear leggings or tights to the gym, but wore shorts yesterday and was amazed and the definition I have. Go legs…and abs!

  11. Every day I try to do something small, but good in terms of fitness. Saturday -swimming, Sunday – I guided a friend of mine in her condo weight room, Monday – walking with kids. But today it’s going to be only a diet part I guess… :-

  12. I try to carry a bottle of water with me wherever I go. As far as working legs hard is concerned, I cannot do that at present because I am training for a half marathon. Working legs too hard prevents me from running longer distances as my legs get easily fatigued. So, I train legs with a moderate weight and very high reps. That has really helped so far.

  13. Water has always been the most important part of my diet. I stopped drinking sodas and high sugar fruit juices a long time ago. I keep 4 16oz bottles on my desk which I go through at minimum every day, and always keep bottles handy around the house. My best accomplishment was getting my daughter hooked on it and off the 4-5 cokes she was drinking per day.

  14. Tomorrow’s my leg day and I plan to incorporate some of your exercises Michelle. More defined abs…here we come!!! πŸ˜€

  15. Today I do crossfit’s WOD. I just found my water bottle that holds 4 cups so I am gonna start bringing this everywhere I go.

  16. Totally agree! My stomach has definitely gotten flatter as I really started working my legs hard!

  17. I am sore today upper & lower body, but it feels great. My diet is clean and I am drinking plenty of water. I am on my way to a buff body!

  18. After all this time, I never really thought of the abs legs connection. Well, if that’s not more motivation to work those legs I don’t know what is. Thanks.

  19. I just started working my legs more than my upper body. My lower body shows the least improvement. πŸ˜€

  20. I always start out the day drinking water but need to stay focused on drinking water all afternoon also. i went to the gym last night and did 50 min of cardio, i need to get a weight routine started though.

  21. I’m still struggling with drinking water. I will try harder. It’s funny you should mention legs because I absolutely love training my legs. Great information. I am getting so tired of eating the same things. If I don’t find some other things to vary my eating, it will affect my progress.

  22. It took a long time to come to terms with the fact that I needed to learn to love the squat and the lunge, two moves I HATED before… love those squat pics. Michelle, they are a good reminder of how good they’ll make you look!!!

  23. It’s really motivating seeing what you can do Michelle! THanks for sharing this πŸ™‚

    I used to have a tough time getting in my water but I discovered that I could make my water fun/tasty by simply taking my favorite tea bag and putting it in a quart of water overnight. Then I pour this into my water bottle and bring it with me to work. There’s so many great teas out there and they are rich in polyphenols which are soo good for you!

  24. My hubby came to work out with me this morning! So much fun!!! Cheat meal last night…good eating today!

  25. Funny — I did squats and lunges this morning at the gym! Also did a lot on the rowing machine — great for legs (and back fat) too.
    I make a big pitcher of water and squeeze a couple of lemons in it. when it’s gone, I’ve had the water for the day.

    Eating clean is so important. Any tips of keeping it interesting? Getting kind of tired of egg whites and chicken, apples, and broccoli!
    what’s a good recipe the whole family will like?

  26. I used to have a glass of water in every room in the house not because I tried, but because I would forget where I left it. HA

  27. Wow, you have it going on with your workouts and your knowledge. I am learning so much and enjoying it all at the same time. Thanks for the encouragement and motivation. I worked legs today as well but feel like a wimp compared to your workout.
    πŸ™‚ Anyway, as always I am eating clean and drinking plenty of water. I have gotten up to 96 ounces a day (half my body weight).

  28. I’m not particulalrly fond of squats and lunges. If I don;t like something that usually means it’s good for me. I do a lot of things I don’t like. πŸ˜‰

  29. I’m not particularly fond of squats and lunges. If I don’t like something that usually means it’s good for me. I do a lot of things I don’t like. πŸ˜‰

  30. Thanks for the great tips. I like when you show your workout. What weight would you recommend for someone just starting to lift weights?

  31. I do drink water, but some days I am lacking. I retain water very easily so I need to do better at this. I have four children as well and I just hate my stomach. I am a great canidate for a tummy tuck. I know I have a six pack under a little bit of fat and a lot of extra skin from being stretched with each pregnancy (I also gained a lot of weight with all four). I need to get rid of about 10 pounds and am having a really hard time doing so. I know it is all about my eating. I do really well and then I don’t see results fast enough so I start to give up and no longer eat as clean as I know I need to. I work out hard, there is no problem there. I have that down. I just have this layer of fat I can’t seem to get rid of and I have lost hope. Feeling really frustrated.

  32. i am still trying to keep up with the water–i can tell a difference in how i feel–but i sure do have to use the restroom a lot more…

  33. Totally agree about the water Michelle! It’s a must for me:) Wow… quite the leg workout… going to have to ease into that one!

  34. Sounds like an AWESOME workout! Will definitely give it a try.

    Water is my favorite thing to drink so luckily this isn’t an area I need to worry about.

  35. Great leg workout!

    I drink water from the time I open my eyes until I close them once again! I don’t like to drink anything else!

  36. Dang Girl! That’s a great leg work out. Something I will look forward to doing. Maybe in a years time, I will have stats like that!
    I drink 6- 8 ozs of water a day. More on a hot day and a don’t count how much after a work out. Keeps the headaches way!
    I did a get work out today pushed for 15 minutes longer.
    Ate clean all weekend and yesterday. Added the supplements

  37. I remember how tight my abs were in my early 20’s when I had no car and had to power-hoof it to get between work, school, home, then back to work again in time each day. I had the best legs and abs around! Hmmmm….maybe I should just give up my car again, haha.

  38. Thanks for the great info today. I am getting much better at the water intake but can definantly work my legs more especially if it is going to help my abs. I have always been told after a c-section your abs will never be flat and I tell people it is possible cause Michelle Berger did it!

  39. thanks for sharing with us what you do for your legs and abbs. That is my main target area right now. and I know that I need to pick up my water intake. I like your idea about leaving water glasses around the house. I am going to start leaving a glass in the bathroom. well I will be going to the gym in the morning and will try to add a few of your work outs, at a much lower weight though. well did grocery shopping this morning and I am much more aware of what things I need to be buying. Thanks for all your hard work to show us that there is hope!

  40. Problem I face is I don’t have a spotter so I can’t always go as heavy as I can or want. Also – how tall are you Michelle?

  41. Did leggos today!…with abs and weighted abs in between sets! Love water, it actually gives me energy:)
    Thanks for sharing your awesome wo’s!

  42. It’s great to see your workouts Michelle – thanks for sharing! As for the water….I have to force it down as I would literally go all day without drinking but I find that the more I drink the bigger my thirst…just a shame I can’t go longer than 20mins without needing the loo!! lol

  43. I love squats, lunges and dead lifts. I have been slacking off with the weight workouts though. I have to get back into it.

  44. Leg workouts are my weakest because of a left knee injury and lower back problem. I love doing leg extensions but anything else especially with a barbell, I don’t push it like I want to. I started taking a lot more glu/chro/msm to help with joints. It has helped.

  45. Leg workouts are great. I also like to incorporate running hills. Works the cardio and really gives your lower body a good workout.

  46. I have been a big baby…but I am charting my moods, so maybe it’s not just from a can of green beans dropping onto my big toe from the highest shelf in my pantry! Ouch! A cut and a huge, black bruise! I missed my hike and I haven’t done weights for two days. Must, must, must get back on track tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement about water. Will take some to bed, also!

  47. A gallon a day and I’m definitely incorporating more intense leg exercises than what I’ve been doing. And 2 a weeks rather than 1! Seriously Michelle, thank you for teaching and guiding us!

  48. Thanks for all the sharing you do!! [would love to write more, but with all the water I’ve got to go… πŸ™‚ ]

  49. Gotta work these legs….quite my least favorite body part to work, but so important!

    Awesome workout! Wow!

  50. I think my legs are my best asset…last nights workout..another softball game. We won! Of course the celabration with 4 pitchers of beer at our sponser bar, Union Jacks, was probably a set back.

  51. WATER!!! I love ice water…..But at work I drink ice tea out of my “filter for good” water bottle, because I pledged to reduce bottled water waste on their website….this bottle holds about 25 oz and I drink at least 3 at work and 2 at home… that water….great for the skin also!!!

  52. Hi! Just got back from the gym…almost didn’t make it for foolish reasons (i.e. contemplated just catching up on my DVR shows LOL)…

  53. I always have water handy. It’s all I drink most of the time anyway. I cut out soda yeaarrs ago. Will be trying your leg work out. Thanks for great tips Lady =)

  54. Good tip! I need to increase my water intake. I did not workout today. I had a busy day doing other things. I plan to workout tomorrow.

  55. I hate working out abs. Its a lot of pressure on my back…since working out legs can contribute to a stronger core and a more fit midsection…im gonna start doing more leg exercise…and of course try to put some ab work outs in there…what are the best ab exercises for someone who has a bad lower back?

  56. I hate water, but I will try to make myself drink it. Today was not a good day, but I won’t let it be a setback. Success tomorrow is very important.

  57. Day 9 check in. My favorite part of my body to work out is my LEGS! Love it!

  58. WOW!! I must admit, I have not drank as much water as I usually do in the past two days and my diet was pretty poor yesterday. So I woke up this morning feeling pretty yucky, achy and headachy all over.

    My legs are the first to respond but for some reason, I hate doing legs.

  59. i love my water, i love working my legs, i notice when i do my “sprinting” sets the next day my abs feel like i did thousands of sit ups they feel “worked” for the feeling it hurts just to laugh or sneeze..just love it!

  60. Leg day is my favorite day. Unfortunately, my left knee has been hurting me, so I can’t do squats or lunges! Squats are my all-time favorite exercise! πŸ™

  61. eeek…take care of your knee! Have you ever tried a joint supplement. My fav is MOVE FREE from Schiff.

  62. I have a bad lower back and I do pretty much all ab exercises. BUT be carful on TWISTING moves~ those are dangerous.

  63. I dont drink eonugh water.. I do have it in the gym with me,, i actuall drink xtend,, yummy,,, I have got to focus on drinking more water.. I know it helps in a lot of different areas… Also,, the dreaded leg day,, not my favorite to work, but you can also tell,, My legs are thick,, and muscular, but coated with a nice layer of fat.. I have been doing legs 2 days a week, and doing some drop sets,, omg ,,they are hard,, but good.. Today i did smith squats, leg press, db sldl, and leg extention.. I will add more in a couple weeks, when i am gonna put the hammer down,, righ now im kinda in transition…. thanks for all the motivational blogs..

  64. I’m not a big water fan, but have found something called H2Orange from a lifestyle plan my husband did through his work. It’s 1 part OJ (not from concentrate) to 7 parts water. It makes it a little flavored so I can drink a lot more, plus it helps curb cravings. Love it!

  65. Well, I learned today that my knee isn’t in great shape, shoot! Rehab for the next little while. It won’t keep me down, Im just going to have to know my limit and make sure that I dont over do it. I really need to stay focused and not let the injury be an excuse for me.

  66. I drink one gallon of water a day. In my frig. I have 2 (1 gallon jugs). One for the day and one for the next day. It is a great way for me to make sure I drink the gallon. I use that water in my protein drinks as well.

  67. day 9 check-in! had a great workout last night, 1 hr. of steady state (i was tired so steady state took the place of intervals, i know… no excuse), but then i worked my shoulders, calves, and abs and i felt strong!! thanks for the reminder to drink water, i’m getting better at it day by day : )

  68. I know what you mean, but you should still try to do a little bit of strength training…once a week shoot to do 3 sets of squats, leg extensions and leg curls~ it’ll help you stay injury free!

  69. I was informed when I do my legs that is also working my core which I never really thought. I always assumed I had to do sit ups and other things. I should know NEVER to assume:)

  70. I love your leg workout Michelle. I am planning on trying to follow it the next time in the gym. Good reminders about water and veggies.

  71. Fun to hear you getting results!! I do abs almost every time I workout~ and amp it up when I am in a buffing phase~ as for cardio…I do 20 mins of intervals on average about 3 times a week.

  72. Very interesting leg workout! I am just now hitting legs twice a week and am already seeing results! Also, I just started lifting heavier weights. I was that girl who did a huge number of reps and sets but crazy low weight. I decided I needed to try something else for better muscle results. I am glad to hear that about abs. I think I am working them too much. How often do you target abs? Also how much cardio do you do?

    Today might be a rest day…if anything I will work abs.

  73. okay…have not been very good about posting comments for accountability but …I do appreciate the fit tip water reminders…I am so bad about that!!! Also just received your book yesterday …awesome so far!!! I like how you just keep saying “believe”… your right on!! Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  74. Hi again! Have been drinking my weight in ounces of water for the past 4 days. It is good work to remember.

    Thanks for the tip about flat stomach and leg exercises.

    Having a great time.

  75. I am getting so much more thirsty now that I’m working out. We really are like washing machines, aren’t we. Mine just hasn’t been switched on.

  76. Have been drinking my weight in water, what a great tip and goal to shoot for daily! Abs work daily, that is new for me. How long between your before and after pics, Michelle?

  77. Yesterday was not a great day πŸ™ I did cardio in the morning with the kids, but after I cleaned and did the laundry I was not up to lifting. I worked my legs and butt extra hard this morning!

  78. I did abs and arms. I do believe it is very important to have a strong core. After five children, I have flat abs. This strong core makes weight training and other things we take for granted much better.

  79. Today has been very busy. I had to work and am now getting ready to go walk/run a 5K with a good friend of mine. She has been injured and is trying to get back into running. Hope your having a great Saturday.

  80. I really need to start lifting…….I have been in my comfort zone with cardio by walking on the treadmill and doing the stair stepper. Water is the easy part for me! A flat stomach sounds fabulous………..I do want one of those πŸ™‚

  81. Hi Staci,
    You can get great workouts for legs at home.
    I have several leg exercise videos on you tube…Here’s a link to content:

    enjoy your weekend,

  82. My twins were just 13 months old when I won my first 2 figure titles. CHANGE can happen fast when you get Focused and work hard!!

  83. Give yourself some credit Elisha! You did workout yesterday…it counts and so does all that housework. And you’ve been consistent with your lifting…Keep it up!!!

  84. Core strength is vital for all of our health…and it’s so fun to have a flat tummy after kids!! way to go GRETCHEN~ 5 kids, you rock!!

  85. Love your tips! I know you address leg workouts somewhere that aren’t done at the gym. I had to cancel my gym membership recently…just need some tips on a really hard workout for legs w/out the gym. Thanks! You have a great weekend, too!

  86. Cool to hear that!! I may need to check it out….can you tell me more about it? size of class, cost, times??

  87. It is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 1.
    They are thinking of doing a 9 a.m. class as well.
    The class is small two or three girls. It was nice because it was very one one one interactive.
    It is $60 a month for 6 months or $75 a month.
    I’m sure they would love to have you πŸ™‚

  88. I think it’s easy to hate doing legs…they are so darn hard, but doing them is soooo effective!! If you focus on that you may just learn to love them.

  89. Good reminder Michelle-quite honestly, I hate working my legs-don’t really know why. Today was a great chest, back and ab workout. My arms are shaking as I am typing-LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Day 9 – Yeah! Leg workouts are my fav. I love the burn! I do have to admit my butt is prob the nicest thing on me right now. I am sure it is because I use to always do so many butt exercises. I have a lot of trouble with upperbody – BUT I can finally see my traps! I was so excited when I noticed them today in the mirror! Yahoo! (I knew they were in there somewhere. LOL.)


  91. I can’t work my quads too heavy due to a ruptured rectus femoris (15 yrs ago). The right leg is much weaker and lifting too heavy really makes the entire leg sore. Should I just drop the weight and add higher reps?

  92. wow, that sounds like a painful injury- just do your best and be smart about it. You may surprise yourself with how strong you actually get with consistent smart lifting.
    Going a bit lighter is just fine, but always remember that challenge=change. Keep up the great job!!

  93. hey Michelle,
    Day 9 and I am ridiculously sore again and I have this headache so not gonna go in to work out, but feeling uber guilty about it.. I feel like any day I don’t go is a day I could’ve gained something and I MUST gain something EVERYDAY! haha maybe I’m getting obsessed, think I’m gonna have a good dinner, a nice hot bath and think about tomorrows workout πŸ™‚ Thanks for letting me rant!

  94. Water has been my savior! I can tell when I don’t get enough and lately I’ve been drinking a glass with every meal as well as in between meals. Thanks for the motivation!

  95. That is my focus now, my legs, I always got compliments on them, but now, I don’t even want to put on shorts. My boys father tells me I am too hard on myself and that I look great, but, the mirror doesn’t lie. πŸ™ They are very cut but have that lose fat now. Sometimes I wish I was bigger with the tight fat, doesn’t look bad. Didn’t go to gym yesterday or today, sinuses have been bugging me and need some rest….

  96. Day #9 – noticing the more protein I eat, the thirstier I am. It’s hard to get more than 100 g of protein in without supplements! Good intervals today on the elliptical, and chest/arm workout!

  97. i put 17 w’s on my chart to cross off. i find it easier and easier to drink more and more week after week. πŸ˜‰

  98. Great idea with drink a glass of water everytime u go tk the bathroom. Even when your out there’s usually a water fountain close the the bathroom. Easy way to get more water. Thanks for the tip. Your leg workout is awesome. I hate working my legs but feel SOOOOO good when I push push push through. πŸ˜‰

  99. Loving the suggestions and workouts on here! h20 is my riend! Does it really taste good with cucumber in it?

  100. Will take your leg workout to my trainer this week.. U r such an inspiration..Gotta get my water in. Striving for 1 gallon b4 bed time

  101. I try to work my legs a lot. I am a dancer so my legs are strong but flabby too. I need to do more leg exercises.

  102. Yes you do need to be smart and only up the weight when you are physically able. Lifting heavy is very relative to what your body is capable of. you may surprise yourself with how much potential you still have when using proper form and consistent effort.
    Just do your best πŸ™‚

  103. Don’t foget the roll of diet~ if you are eating too much or not making nutritious choices that will show up as what you so kindly call it “flab”

  104. Michelle, that is one tough workout! Ever since I had knee and back surgery, I’ve got to really be careful in the amount of weights I lift when I perform squats, deadlifts and lunges. I can’t really go heavy like I used to. Doctor told me that’s what caused my knee and back to give out

  105. I LOVE H2O! I drink up all day long and if I get tired of it by the end of the day I add decaffinated and sugar free crystal light it does have 5 -10 cal a serving so I watch and make sure I don’t overdo it after 2-3 servings I usually am okay with plain water again!

  106. I love my water! I have a 32 oz bottle with me at all times! I love working legs too! I just started doing the Jillian Michaels “Making the Cut” workout! It is a circuit and it is killing. My legs are wobbly when I get done! I love it because I workout at home and I don’t need any fancy equipment!

  107. I quit drinking soda four months ago, quit drinking coffee two months ago….my only beverage is…..water! I carry it with me everywhere.

  108. I LOVE a good leg workout! Now that we have a home gym i need to get creative on how i get in a good hamstring workout. We have a smith rack and lots of free weights so i can do deadlifts, but i really miss doing leg curls. Maybe that’s when i use my punch card at the gym and get in my leg workout!

  109. YES! i do recommend you hitting the gym for a good/different leg work at least every couple of weeks~ your results will be accelerated!

  110. I have given up pop, also. I still like my coffee in the am. Love the leg workout. Today is my leg day. Im so impressed at the wts you can do on leg ext. I thought I was doing good at 90#. I’ll keep going.

  111. Another great day: cardio cleaning, good diet, and good workout tonight. Tomorrow my girlfriend and I are meeting at the gym and she’s using my guest passes. I’m looking forward to a workout buddy. Gonna go do yoga this week to w/ one of my fabulous guy friends! Making it as fun and different as I can!!

  112. When scales are nice they are a great motivator…you KNOWING that some of that water weight is expected in a couple weeks is you WINNING the battle!!

  113. day #9…and im feeling really psyched today!!!Although I realize that the scale mentality is wrong, I cant help but be excited that i’ve lost 5 lbs since beginning this journey! Granted , tomorrow or next week or even in 2 wks, those lbs may creep back up in the form of water weight or time of the month grossness….it just encourages me to keep up the good work!!! Thank You, Michelle, for giving me the push that I’ve been waiting for…the puzzle seems to be finding that last missing piece:)Off to do cardio and abs…Enjoy your day!!!

  114. Well I actually didn’t get to work out today, But walked around the malls all day took my girls shopping. Came home and hit golf balls and helped my daughter practice for basketball camp. At least I wasn’t sitting on my but.

  115. That is an intense leg workout Michelle. I am trying and praying that I will soon enjoy working out my legs. I am an upper body gal myself but I could use working out my legs more. I will do as you do and work them out twice a week. I am also a runner and not sure how working out my legs like you do well affect my speed. Only one way to find out JUST DO IT πŸ™‚

  116. Tomorrow’s my leg day and I can’t wait! I’m still feeling sore from the last workout but it’s motivation for me that it’s working. I need to really check my form though because my knees have been hurting. I might also start taking some glucosamine and up my water intake. Diet could be better but it’s a work in progress!

  117. I love to work my legs. I don’t have the dumbells to lift what you are lifting. Maybe one day I will get a bar so I can lift that kind of weight.

  118. Yesterday was leg day for me ~ I felt a bit tired, but worked hard anyway. Today, I am going to work outside and also get a 20-minute intervals in.

  119. I’ve been trying to go to the gym 4 times a week since I started this last week and so far I have! Today is my day 4 and I’m feeling great! Plus I have a friend going with me too so it makes things a lot more fun too (even though she hasn’t had kids yet and doesn’t fully understand the frustration of the post baby body, but it’s all good! haha)… I was doing great working out up until April when I pulled out my back and after slowly getting back into things, I am feeling like I am back onto my awesome and improved gym/healthy eating routine! Still afraid to step onto the scale, but next week is a new week and I’m going to weigh in! I just want to lose 10 lbs, maybe a tiny bit more and I’m going to stick to my goals! Thanks Michelle for the inspiration!!!

  120. I think you are doing great!! and it’s so nice to hear you are being consistent and setting goals!! You can do it Renee!!

  121. Form is very important!
    And joint supps really do help- I love the ones containing hyloronic acid.

  122. I’m not sure I understand what all this means.
    Are you saying you did 45 squats with 15 pounds of weight and then 105 squats with 12 pounds, etc?
    That seems like so much in addition to all the other lunges, etc. I think I might die!

  123. Just got back from my walk feel great!! I never knew 20 mins could be such a hard workout! Thanks Michelle!

  124. I don’t have access to a gym with all the weights so I usually just do lunges and squats while holding hand held dumbells! Outside!!!

  125. Water out, water in – made me giggle!! I like to drink it tepid to warm at the moment, considering the below freezing weather, it goes down much better!

  126. You know I never thought about drinking warm water but I may have to try that! I find it very difficult to drink any water!!!

  127. That’s a great water tip! While deployed, I get bottled water for free so, no excuses. I use to only drink room temperature water until I heard that drinking cold water causes the body to burn more calories. Don’t know how true that is but every little bit counts.

    That’s a killer leg workout. It’s no wonder you have such beautiful legs!! Do you ever find that your upper body gives out before your legs on some exercises such as the deadlifts?

  128. that’s true, but for me those few extra cals are not worth it to be freezing all day long πŸ™‚

    and yes…deadlifts are a full body exercise- part of why working all muscle groups is vital!

  129. once you see the healthy benefits of drinking more water you’ll find it easier to drink- It’s so good for your skin, fat loss, anti-aging, etc…

  130. Whew!…the weight you use is amazing. I think I need to push myself more, so I can get more
    “BUFF”. Thanks for the info on what you do, it is definitely inspiring and a great motivator!

  131. I am a water drinker big time..amen to the water. I am working legs and back today so this info is great. Thanks have a good weekend!

  132. I love hiking as a way of exercising my legs! Drinking more water has really helped me to feel better…loving all these tips!

  133. I still need to change my work our, I been doing dance class only. Planning to start soon with weights….. Thank you for the water tips, I really like the idea of drinking every time you go to the bathroom πŸ™‚

  134. I definitely need to drink more water…thanks for the reminder! I also have been inspired to step it up when it comes to working out my legs. I run a lot and play tennis but I’ve been slacking when it comes to weight machines etc

  135. Yesterday I drank just under my wt in oz. Whats crazy is at 1000 when I was getting ready for bed I was still thirsty. That was 120 oz. Its like the protein amount, its a lot!!. As for my legs I always think I can work them with heavier weights, but Im waiting until the boosting phase when I”m suppose to focus more on wts verse intervals/circuits. BUILD and RIP right?

  136. I’m going to try my best to get a leg workout in today even though I’m sick and feel horrible. I’ve always wondered if it is bad to workout when you’re sick.

  137. I always have water with me! iced, warm with lemon, or lime sometimes i squeeze a grapefruit in also….yum!

  138. I’ve been working out using a popular at home DVD program and the legs DVD has high reps of various lower body exercises but there is no way I could use heavy weights without a machine or a gym is there? Are the high reps/low-no weight lower body exercises holding me back?

  139. Well I missed football last night because I was still at work @ 7:30!!! So when I went home I walk/jogged for 45min and then did about 30min on the ball..I haven’t checked my weight but I feel better and certain outfits are looser!!

  140. I have stopped drinking pop and all I drink is water. I have never liked drinking water but the more I drink it the more it grows on me..

  141. definitely a great tip! Putting water right beside my desk now and work and I always keep a fresh water bottle in my purse now! Trying to get more of it in! Can’t wait to hit the gym tonight!

  142. I had a leg day myself. U give me the inspiration I need to go heavier. I am not scared to lift heavy…I am just in a rut…..Looking at you and reading your blogs really inspires me to give it my all…..My legs were shaky walking up the steps from my gym today….good sign, good sign!

  143. I keep a half gallon pitcher of water on my kitchen counter and fill my cup from there. Everytime I walk by I make myself take a drink.

  144. legs…that’s one thing i can lift hard! i love leg workouts! they get my heart racing and my sweat pouring.

  145. Great advice about the water. I always do really good with water in the mornings, but afternoons and nights I don’t. It’s something I need to really work on.

  146. The main reason I don’t drink enough water is bc I can never find any when I want and need it. I am spoiled now on bottled or filtered water so faucet water grosses me out. Plus, I live in the country and I lost count of how many times we have had a, “water advisory” due to a pipe breaking, leaking, etc. At work I get very thirsty and tired, I don’t always have water around (rarely do) and I survive off of diet soda and SF Red Bull. So I am going to buy 7 gallons of distilled water at Walmart and try to drink one a day. I can tote a gallon with me in the car and every where I go. I am placing glasses of water around the house to sip from. I’ll have a glass in every room I’m in. Furthermore. I will limit my diet soda to only one a day (yikes) – I can do it! πŸ™‚ Thanks Michelle

  147. A second thought on my “water” and diet soda post from below. A gallon of distilled water at Walmart is 89 cents while a fountain diet soda is between $1 and $2 and a SF Redbull is between $4 & $5. So I roughly spend up to $35 or more a week on soft drinks (usually more, bc I drink 2 SF Redbull and a few soft drinks). I will be saving money on the water therefore the 89cents a day doesn’t sound bad at all. πŸ™‚ I’ll use the savings to buy a new sexy outfit in a SMALLER SIZE. By the way, I went to a family reunion last yesterday and a male cousin my age made a comment about weight (incinuating that I weigh more than him). I don’t think he THOUGHT about what he said, before he said it. However a small boy cousin around 8 then said to me, “I think you weight A LOT”. I left in tears. This is the 25th person to make a comment about my weight this year. I am 5ft3in and weigh 161. I am SO sick of ppl looking at me and only seeing my weight. I am sick of clothes not fitting! I am glad you are here for me and here so I can get healthier with your help. I just vented! Grr. . .

  148. Wowsers … What a leg workout! I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow. I think I need to mix up my workouts a bit. I noticed that after my last 2 leg workouts I wasn’t sore at all!

  149. I adapted the water policy when I was in India as a missionary, a very good habit – and there a matter of life and death…

  150. This puts my current leg workout to shame!!! As for the water its already part of my daily habits! Thanks for the great info!

  151. Wow! What a leg plan!!! I can hardly do some short sets of squats… I am so weak. I am just starting to exercise after three years of being sedentary after my kids were born. But I am noticing a little improvement!

  152. Whoooa!! I’m trying this workout!! I need to work up to what you are squatting though. That’s some heavy duty weight!

  153. Sounds like a great leg workout!! Just did some great cardio – 1 1/2 hour bike ride with hubby! Probably the last one for the season – getting a bit too chilly out there!

  154. Have a goal…keeping an eye on the scale works well for me. I let loose a bit, but I won’t let that scale creep up out of my control. Also, I have a beach trip planned for the end of Jan. If I gain to much now I’ll feel horrible then!

  155. You will see improvement quickly!! Just take your time, be patient and slowly work your way up in fitness level.

  156. Oh girl…so sorry to hear your little cousin’s words hurt. Take that anger and sadness and turn it into motivation to get REVENGE on anyone’s negative thoughts about your inability to overcome the scale. YOU CAN DO IT Lorynn!!

  157. Merry Christmas! And thank you for the leg workout. Todays workout for me was cardio, shoulders, and abs. I will do my leg workout tomorrow. Enjoy your day everyone! Joy and Peace!

  158. Feeling dehydrated today, probably from all of the Christmas stuff. Took a long walk with the dogs, Sunday is pretty much a day of rest, so we did Christmas, and just relaxed. I know this week I will definitely need to pick up the pace. Day 9

  159. Lega are my favorite body part to work. My least favorite is working in the diet but that is next on my list. 6 weeks of getting workouts in consistently so now time for a diet makeover.

  160. Yeah, I did this today (‘cept I only managed 80% of the reps on the leg extensions, but I did extra lunges and calf raises.) Pretty sure I’ll be able to walk tomorrow, but I am sure I will think of you when I climb the stairs!

  161. Nothing completes a tone in shape fit body more then the LEGS!!! Lean, trim legs that are tan in a pair of cutie shorts!!!

  162. Day nine and feeling fine motivated and fit into some jeans I had to put away …my butt looks great in them..thanks michelle diets back on track!

  163. Sorry about your foot, OUCHIE!! I had a stress fracture on my 3rd metatarsal in High School…It was one of the most frustrating injuries ever! I could walk just fine- but no running. I’m sending up prayers for you that it is just a sprain and that it’ll heal quickly πŸ™‚ Love Ya

  164. was running on sunday and i planted funny on my foot, i have a pretty good mid-foot sprain…nice brusing and swelling…but that hasnt stopped me! i can do push-ups, pull-ups, abs and left arms!! My motto is Monitor & Adjust! Do Work!!

  165. It depends on my goals~ typically my workouts last only about an hour. On average I’d say I spend 6 hours a week working out πŸ™‚

  166. Day 9 – missed going to the gym today which, I’ll be honest, put me in a bad mood!!!! I love working my legs, I would say they are my best asset at the moment. I need more work out tips so these are great for me (not quite at those weights yet though….). I’m currently 135lb but my goal is to be 126lb and I’m the same height as you – essentially I want to be you!!?!?!? I really hope the 10 week SSS contest starting on Monday will kick me up the butt & get me focused. HELP πŸ™ xx

  167. Oh I know– I get so crabby when I don’t workout. IT’s seriously like medication for me!

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