Believe! Bannister Style

Over and over again I am amazed at how our belief turns into reality.
Believe you can be BUFF! It is physically possible, so get your
Belief strong and you will break your psychological barriers.

Just Believe!

Read this about Roger Bannister:

“In 1954, Roger Bannister broke the world record and ran the mile in
under 4 minutes. In the whole of the history of the human species,
no-one had been able to do that. It had been considered impossible –
beyond the physical limits of the human body. Year after year, runners
had come closer and closer but no-one was able to break the 4-minute
Not only did Bannister practice and train, he constantly rehearsed
the event in his mind until he truly believed that he could do it.
Even though nobody before had been able.
Yet, within six weeks of Bannister breaking this psychological
barrier, it was broken again, and within a few years the mile had been
run in under 4 mnutes hundreds of times!
Belief holds us back more than anything else – far more than fear;
more, even, than physical constraints.”
-unknown author



324 Replies to “Believe! Bannister Style

  1. I’ve dome a lot of reading about the power of the mind and it is truely amazing what you can do if you just believe.

  2. Your comment on the email about journaling food is so true. I second your belief…when you write down EVERYTHING you eat it is amazing. Those “little cheats” during the day…a few M&M’s, a few chips, a little peanut butter…all add up to more calories than we think!

  3. I do write everything down I still cheat but I think it helps keep me from cheating more.

  4. Hey…don’t know what it is, but I’m feeling very tired today. I am sore from my lower body workout yesterday, and I have been laying off of the sweets, so I just think my body is thinking…???? What’s going on? But! I’m going to get a shower, and ride the exercise bike in a little while.

  5. Just made a commitment last night to start writing down foods to share w/ a girlfriend…perfect timing for this part of our challenge! Also got my hormonal timing pills started today — YAY!!!!

  6. I’m away today at a b-day party……thanks for the Bannister story….great inspiration!

  7. Felling fragile from yesterday (migraine) but will be doing something. Also have decided to add 1 new exercise every 4th day so by the end of the challenge I will have 10 new items under my belt. Todays thought (about barriers) is a good one, very true, I think I will put a reminder of that on my phone.

  8. I have got into the habit of keeping a food journal as well as a workout journal. If I didn’t I would forget evrything.xx

  9. For me writing down what I eat is a huge part of me being successful! Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

  10. No matter what everyone else says, I still don’t think I can be buff. Sorry for being negative, but after being a size 10 for the past god knows how many years, I just don’t think I can do it. Guess I’m having a bad day…

  11. Food journals are the best tool for keeping eatting habits in check. I do it all the time. This has been a great 7 days so far and I am down 4 pounds. I feel great! Thanks Michelle!!

  12. this my weakest link, but i am working on it. my truth hammer all week has been I CAN DO ANYTHING! and i do mean anything!

  13. In music, performers spend a lot of time thinking about the music, the atmosphere of the piece, and what they want to convey through their music. Sometimes, mental preparation is crucial to success!!

  14. Check in Day 7! Keeping a journal is key! Helps you when you get off track!!

  15. wow!! tons of amazing comments~ I just wish I had more time to comment on each one!!! But I have to get some food now and work on some other business stuff…I LOVE Your energy!!!!

  16. even if you do it just for a few days you’ll see an amazing impact on your eating. I hate doing it too…but each time I do I improve on my food choices

  17. well…if you don’t think you can, you won’t. We all have days like that, but sometimes we have to just “fake it, till we make it!”

  18. Too true! The mind is a powerful tool! Ya gotta believe! πŸ™‚

    I have always kept a food journal as well.. I feel when I slack on doing this, is when I tend to gain. You must hold yoursefl accountable!

  19. Believe in yourself. Great Tip.
    Was unable to blog yesterday, sick son at home. Glad things are back to normal today.

  20. Thanks for the tip. I find it hard to truly believe that I can be “Buff” because I have been out of shape for sooo long.

  21. Writing down what you eat is such a great tool. What I thought was a healthy turkey burger turned out to be a 650 calorie overload.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  22. Wow, what an amazing story. I go back and forth between encouragement and feeling like I’m never going to achieve the body I want. I know eating is key and writing everything down is a pain. I do it for awhile & then quit but now I am looking close at my eating. I’m looking for changes in my body. Haven’t really seen them so I am adjusting my eating again this week. I also am taking pictures more often. Think that’s going to help.
    Have a great day!!

  23. I keep a written food journal and write down what I eat throughout the day and at the end of the day I record it in This keeps me accountable and the feedback is great.

  24. So true… Above and beyond girls! Had a cheat day yesterday… Need to do double time this am.

  25. Belief holds us back more than anything else – far more than fear;
    more, even, than physical constraints.”
    -unknown author

    That was really powerful to me!

  26. I tell everyone else they should do a food journal and I have never done one myself. Great idea!!!!!!

  27. Pam–Do you have a ‘transformation’ story on I go to the “Transformation of the Week” a lot and thought you looked familiar.

  28. I write in a journal several time a week and I’ve gotten into the habit of writing out my believe statements in my journal. I believe I will lose the weight and look fantastic!

  29. I think “believing” is my hardest battle as I’ve been chunky all of my life and inherited a small frame with 36DD boobs. Anytime I’ve started a diet/exercise program, my chest size has not budged. But . . . this past 2 weeks I’ve decided to hit it heavy in the weights dept. and have seen some definite changes. I think this is the 1st week I’ve gone to the gym everyday. Thank u, BuffMother, for making me accountable. Sorry for the long post-cycle day 23-emotional day :~}

  30. I am so glad that God is faithful and even when I think I believe He helps my unbelief. Thank you for this reminder, I used to have a goal chart for different areas of life because the visuals help me, I am going to work on one and quit doubting that I can do this too! Thank you Michelle for all you do

  31. Mental power is amazing in SO many ways!

    I watched my mother, and continue to do so, survive the longest stay in our city’s I.C.U., 13 surgeries in 3 months (1 surgery being a triple bypass, machanical heart valve put in and fixing 3 torn arterties) in 1 surgery plus 12 more as well!!! She was on dyalisis as her kidneys had failed, her left lung collapsed, they had said after so many surgeries and so much illness her body was finally shutting down. She was in a wheelchair, needed 24 hour care and had oxygen.

    Now she walks around (only 72 pounds) but she does it without dyalisis, without oxygen, without wheelchair and that was 4 years ago. They told us 3 seperate times there was a 99.999% chance she wouldn’t survive the night!

    I also watched my brother negatively impact himself, as he was a city champion at nearly everything he did, but as soon as he thought he might lose say in provincials, he would get injured… amazingly he never raced a race he couldn’t gaurentee a win, his negative mind wouldn’t let him.


    I’m trying to quit smoking and it’s rough!!! πŸ™‚

  32. Happy Monday Michelle! Actually, I started the food journaling last week and it really did open my eyes and help me stay on track. It’s a wonderful tool to use…. great advice!

  33. I carry my food/exercise journal with me everywhere. Its good for vacation and rest days to. When you know your going to induldge it keeps you from going completely over board. Don’t forget to add all those mindless bites, when I make my kids meals I use to have a bite of pb with the crust or chip here and chip there. It all adds up.

    It is amazing what our minds have us believe that we are not capeable of doing and as we work past those barriers even small victories are calls for celebrations.

  34. Every step begins with a thought. Just choose to believe it’s possible. Great blog today!

  35. Great post! I have been telling myself I need to keep a food journal–thanks for the kick!

  36. 2 Corinthians 4:13 We have been given the Spirit of Faith that believes and speaks! I believe and speak my body into health and fitness each and every day… SERIOUSLY! It DOES Work!

  37. The brain is the most powerful part of the body. If you BELIEVE you CAN ACHIEVE!


  38. Thanks Michelle! Believing truly believing is number two on my list!A Journal keeps the food on the paper and off my hips. I didn’t realize how many snack attacks I was doing until I wrote it all down. I wasn’t even aware I could go six hours without some fuel for the body until I saw it in in my written words.

  39. Very inspiring!

    Food journal = real accountability. Yikes! I mean, be honest and do it!

    Good run this morning.

  40. The food journal is a great idea to understand what exactly you put into your body—and yes go for the gold—you only get one body–might as well make it the best that it can be!!1

  41. The food journal is a great idea to understand what exactly you put into your bodyβ€”and yes go for the goldβ€”you only get one body–might as well make it the best that it can be!!1

  42. Michelle, I tried the Butt Squats today. I can’t wait to see how my butt feels tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  43. Totally believe in food journals. They can show you the “danger times” . . . when you feel like you may succomb to temptation. Also good to have a list of “distractions” . . .go for walk, talk to friend, get on facebook . .. whatever to distract yourself from momentary weakness.
    Finally feel well enough to do bootcamp tomorrow!

  44. Oh, how I hate writing things down! But it really does open your eyes. I use a great iPhone app called “Lose It” that is super easy to use and keeps track of my nutrient intake, too. So I can always tell if I’m getting enough protein (or too many carbs!). Anyone who has an iPhone should get it…it’s FREE!!

  45. checking in for the first time since Friday (do not use the computer over the weekend).

    Rode my bike Saturday.

    Did my upper body WO this morning.

    Instead of writing down what i eat, my goal is to pre-plan what i will eat.

  46. I have heard about mind over matter and how important it can be. I am focusing on this to help lose a few pounds. I truly believe this works. As far as keeping track of what I eat I have been doing this for about 2 years and I slack off occasionally to give myself a break. I know where my trouble is. I am fine during the day but overeat at dinner time and want to eat junk in the evening. I have to work on this.

  47. I was journaling and I got away from it. Consistency is my goal throughout this 40 day challenge. I really want working out and eating right to be a habit. This has been very challenging for me. I want my children to see me reach my goals. I have to learn how to balance my spiritual life, my family, my career, and my healthy lifestyle. It takes a huge commitment and faith. I know I can do this. I will do this!

  48. My intrenet has been down for the last 3 days but I’ve stayed on track and on my way to fit.

  49. I’ve used the food journal before and had great results. Just got away from it. Thanks, I know I need to get back with it and I can become who I want to be. I BELIEVE!

  50. It really does make a difference writing down and keeping track of everything that goes in…because often times with me, too much can go in! LOL
    Totally am a believer that when you DO BELIEVE you can ACHIEVE!!!!

  51. Food journal and exercise journal, great for accountability. This always helps me a great deal.

  52. I still struggle with the belief part, even though I know that I don’t have reason to doubt. I will recite Philippians 4:13 out loud everyday. Writing down everything I eat and drink will help alot.

  53. I have been writing down and keeping track of my water intake. I have never keep a food journal. I will start writing down my food to see if I dont even realize some of the excess calories.

  54. I am late commenting on today’s post, but here I am! Trying to make the most out of the end of summer…must keep believing! Wish I’d read your post earlier today. : )

  55. Yes, this is often my downfall…I think I just won’t be able to do it so I give up. I must have more faith in myself otherwise am not giving myself a chance!

  56. I LOVE your blog here!!! It is sooo very true!!! I didn’t get to post here it is now. I did 60 min interval training on the treadmill again…this time with inclines. Desperately thinking I need an elliptical.

    I have been keeping track of my food in one way or another (online or in a book) for years now. It truely is amazing and how fast things add up without you even realizing it.

    I started having my sister do it and she was just amazed at how unhealthy she was eating while the whole time thinking she was eating very healthy…LOL.

  57. Great post!

    “Your mind hears every word you speak and it sets out to prove you right.” (Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller)

  58. I do believe. I will lose the cellulite on my butt! Some day, hopefully!!!! Going to run 3 miles and do plyometrics today. Feeling good already!

  59. I know before I even write – all day I do great. Come 9PM and trouble. Decided to get in the Word at that hour. Spend some time at Jesus’ feet instead of in the refrigerator.

  60. I try to keep a tally in my head of what I have eaten but I do need to start writing it down so I can see it on paper. As far as believing, the verse that comes to my mind is found in Mathew ch. 21 verses 21 and 22 but refering mostly verse 22. That if we start believing we already have recieved these things they will come to pass. that includes having a buff body. But we still have to do our part in keeping up an exercise schedule.

  61. I enjoyed the post. When I write down what I eat I get results – my problem is sticking to it. I should be able to handle 3 days.

  62. Great tip (#7)!! Had a mini-physical today for insurance purposes and was pleasantly surprised to see a 2 lb loss – not expected, but truly appreciated!

  63. Doing very well and being consistent. I was suprised to get my books and supplements before expected. I couldn’t put the books down until I was done reading. Now I can read it again…only slower. πŸ™‚

  64. I totally believe took me awhile but now that i do, im watching my body just transform at lightening speed, its awesome!! LOVE IT!

  65. Day 7 Check in! I’ve been keeping a food journal for months now. It’s amazing how seeing what you eat in writing helps you make better food choices. I use my Blackberry for my food journaling since I always have it on me.

  66. My opinion…believing can be a very powerful word but that is only if you use your mental strength in your belief. I believe that I can be more fit in a month BUT at this point my mind is weak at making it happen! This is only because I’ve got my children who come first, which is my #1belief! Therefore, being the best mother you can be MAKES you a wonderful mother!

  67. Awesome… I’ve been considering writing down my intake. I bet I’d turn up LOTS of areas that require improvement!

    Big long run today and a buttkicking legs/abs session!!
    YAY ME!

  68. I do believe there is power in our thinking that is why the Lord tells us to meditate on His word and not evil. As for exercise and eating right today, I was a bad girl…my babies were a little stressful so it was a chocolate chip cookie day but I’m back on track tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  69. Believing in yourself and your goals is a very powerful thing. I need to believe that I can eat better, because that is my weakness…Keep up the good work everyone!

  70. One week down– ! Wow. I think the hardest part is just keeping the motivation to think about what to eat and eat properly daily.

  71. I’m definitely going to keep track of what I’m eating. I’m sure seeing it in writing can be an eye opener!

  72. I really dislike writing everything down that I eat. I need to make writing things down a positive experience, and not loath doing it because I know it does make a huge difference and I have seen positive results from it.

  73. It is hard to write everything down, but a good thing to do from time to time.

    I typically just count my portions~ P, C, G, F or T’s…my goal is to hit 5-4-3-2-1

  74. Great idea! I did just that last week and found I wasn’t even eating 900 calories a day. No wonder I am not seeing results and felt tired. I revamped my daily intake and now have the proper amount of protein, carbs, and fat….AND calories for my body.

  75. Day 7 check in….I’ve been keeping a food and exercise journal for 6 weeks now. Thanks for the positive reminder that it’s helpful!

  76. i used to keep a food journal but now i just mentally make sure to take in ~30-35 grams of protein with each meal, some veggie or fruit, healthy fat, and definitely some sweet potato or rice after my workout. what do you think about whole grain carbs in the morning with breakfast?

  77. I really agree with writing everything down. We had to do that many years ago in school and you won’t maybe eat that bag of m&m’s because you have to write it down and take accountability for eating it. I will start writing down what I eat starting tomorrow:) HAHA JK!

  78. I read that story about Roger Bannister somewhere…it is a great story! Your mind is seriously the biggest thing to conquer! As for the food journal..I definitely need to do that again. I went on an oreo binge yesterday…I wish I was strong enough to keep that stuff in the house but I am just not!

    Ran 30 minutes on the treadmill, lifted 30 minutes-arms.

  79. Oops! Forgot to post yesturday. Been doing really well on the workouts. Leg day, not so sore this time.


  80. So true. I read once about a study on two equally skilled basketball teams. One team practiced for a week while the other team simulated the perfect game by thinking through what it would be like, day after day. At the game the following week the team that simulated the perfect game played much better than the team that actually practiced. I think in all that we do, we must be thinking right as well as doing right. Cool!

  81. all sports, all of life is SOOOO much mental it’s insane!! I was just having a conversation with my DH about this while watching the UFC fights last night. It’s SOOO MENtal!

  82. That same belief that Roger Bannister had, I had. I decided, trained, and competed in my first competition. I did this only having six months of training under my belt. I stayed focused, read as much as I could, practiced my walk in five-inch shoes, ate the way figure girls ate, and trained the way they trained. When my time came, I was nervous, but I did it…and placed third! So keep believing.

  83. sorry to hear about your Dad~ good job keeping up with your workouts despite the added stress!

  84. I haven’t been online in a few days, as my dad has been in the hospital, but I”ve been keeping up with everything! Saturday I had a fabulous 2 mile run and upper body workout. I also did a pilates ab video…so I was feeling it everywhere. Sunday was an off day and yesterday was a 2 mile run (non-stop FINALLY) and upper body. I’ve been tracking my food since I started with the program and it definitely keeps me from eating garbage! I still haven’t rec’d my book and HT pills since I ordered last Wednesday, but found an email yesterday that its on its way to me…so I will finally know exactly what to do! I can’t wait!

  85. This week has been a great week. Getting my workouts in and clean eating. It really makes me feel so much better. I am journaling everyday so I can keep myself accountable.

  86. Today was a little rough…didn’t make it to the gym. I was tired and had a headache and made bad food selections πŸ™ I am ready to get back on track tomorrow and start a food journal. The good news is I went I bought my protein drink today πŸ™‚ I will just consider today a day of rest.

  87. Day 7 and going strong. My eating is so strict, no chemicals, but I am a volume eater so this works for me. An extra serving of tunafish does not make me feel bad!!

  88. actually had nice weather today so went for a run outside! it’s amazing how much this clears my head. i’m also planning on going to the gym a little later and starting my food journal. i think this will help a lot!

  89. I believe I can get down to a size I am proud of! I have actually been writing down what I eat for the last week or so and it is very eye-opening/motivating because when you eat something you thought was fairly good for you and then you look up the calories and they were more than you though, you really make sure you don’t skip your workout.

    I recommend It is free to use and also lets you log your workouts so you can see how many calories you have burned.

    Going to the gym straight from work this afternoon because I have a lunchtime dentist appt. I have my gym bag so no excuse to skip it!

  90. GREAT POST! You know my thoughts on the whole mental aspect of goals…this again proves it!!! My belief is that I CAN continue to take care of myself while taking care of my family! I CAN fit fitness and good health into my schedule even thought I balance work with family…I CAN DO IT!!!!

  91. Love the post about the b’ball team! I do much better if I keep a mental pic of what I Want to look like!

    My biggest prob is staying focused. I literally forget my goals and then sabotage them and feel so hopeless.

    Making some progress, though. Yesterday did a Jari Love workout video and a 15 minute run. Today did a 28 minute walk (long-term goal is to run a 1/2 marathon). Following Jeff Galloway’s training program.

    Also kept track of all food. Here’s my other prob: writing the food down doesn’t help me a lot if no one else sees it! I need to really get honest with myself and post it on the frig for all to admire!

    Hoping to lose two pounds by next Tuesday!!!

  92. today was my day off as I was at a mommy’s conference. I came home from it feeling VERY refreshed and rejuvenated. Can’t wait to get back to my workout tomorrow though.

  93. Day 7! Yahoo. This is so true because once I started writting it all down I realized I wasn’t eatting near enough protein when I thought I was. NOw I am up to were I am suppost to be and I can feel the change.


  94. Day 7!

    Believe! Ok, that I can do! Squeezed in good lower body work out with 20 min cardio between church and a birthday party. This time of year just seem to fill up. I figure if I can do this at this time of year I can do it all year long.

  95. I love the saying “Thoughts become things, choose the good ones”, Mike Dooley.

    Yesterday I pushed past my want of a nap and went for a bike right of aa little over 20 minutes. It felt good to be out, and I was so proud I had did it when I got back home.

    My bvest friend and I were talking about how we would like to get with someone, a shop or group, and learn about biking, gearing and all that other stuff. I have always wanted to compete in a bike race. Even as a kid I remember wanting to do that. Maybe I will put that on my “to do” list.

  96. Believing…something I am still working on. I need to stop the negative self thought/talk as well.

    I have been writing down everything I eat for some time. It is amazing how it keeps you honest.

  97. The mind is a powerful thing! Your thinking affects everything, mentally and physically. Our limitations are only set by ourselves. Also, re: the FIT tip – I find when I keep a food log I am very conscious of what I eat and drink. I try to encourage others to do this as well if they are trying to change their eating habits. I am starting again today! Thanks – have a great week. I look forward to your emails everyday!

  98. Day 7
    Holy heck it’s been a week. Today it’s abs and a spin class πŸ™‚ So true you have to believe to see.
    Thanks Michelle !

  99. Very inspirational! Accents the importance of thinking positive. I have many friends who say “having babies ruined my body”, and “I’ll never wear a bikini again”, and you know what – they never do much to change it. It’s like they’ve lost the race before they’ve run. You’ve got to believe you can do it, then want it enough to work at it when it’s not easy or convenient, and be patient enough to wait for the payoff. No one goes from couch potato to buff in 2 weeks – we have to hang in there and tell ourselves everyday that we are worth that time we spend, and our health and fitness are not negotiable! That laundry will be there tomorrow (and the next day) πŸ™‚

  100. Very good tip! I have been doing that again since New Year’s and it definitely helps knowing exactly how much food is in going into your body. I’ve also been keeping track of water as well, I find I dehydrate myself on a daily basis because I don’t keep enough h2o going down the hatch!
    This has been such a good inspiration to keep me going! Thanks!

  101. Day 7!! I agree 100% on tracking what goes in your mouth. I have been tracking everything this past week and find I make better choices because I know I have to face it in writing. The times I stop tracking is because I have been a bad girl with the eats. So I know better now πŸ˜‰

  102. I track everything I eat and drink on spark people it tracks calories fat protein sodium and carbs. I find in very useful to know how much goes in so I know at the end of the day exactly what I put into my body

  103. i check off all the p’s, c’s, f’s, and g’s. it keeps me in line and i can see what i need more of and what to stay away from. i really think this is what has helped me lose 5lbs and an inch in all the right places!

  104. I tend to write stuff down when I’ve gotten into a funk or need to see more results. The second I start writing I become so much more aware!

  105. I need to be better about writing it down, but I basically eat the samethings everyday for breakfast and lunch and only bring healthy snacks to work. Then have a well balanced meal for supper and I drink a ton of water all day.

  106. I so believe that. I visualize over and over being on that stage, being as fit as I can be, winning the IFBB title. Even though I’m not even an ametur competitor yet I know I’m going be and I’m going to go pro and I’m going to win. :). The future is very bright!
    Thanks again Michelle for all the helpful infromation. YOU ROCK!!

  107. Everyone is sick in my household. First my eight month old and now me and my husband. Right now I have to BELIEVE I can get through this week, and that I will be feeling better soon and I will be able to return to the gym. I am still eating very on target though which is at least something. I don’t have to throw in the towel on my diet just because I am too sick to work out. πŸ™‚

  108. I believe I can do this!! I can do this. I can be buff. i can be buff. I can be buff. I CAN BE BUFF!!!!!

  109. I BELIEVE I can be buff! Today starts the beginning of a new chapter for me… I’m so excited

  110. I’ve started keeping a food journal and writing everything down that I eat. Alsao when I go to the gym , Iwrite down the exercises and weights I use to help me progress towards my goal.

  111. Down 2 lbs as of today. It was raining here yesterday so no evening walk but I broke a sweat cleaning house( well mostly in the toy room) and danceing with my kids. But my 4 year old told me we could go in the rain if we wanted too… I think she is pushing me! πŸ™‚

  112. it is true the mind is the most powerful thing .i am keeping tract of everything i eat especially protein i was not even close to where i needed to be but i am getting there .slow and steady wins the race.when ever i get frustrated i remember what my dad told me ” life is a marathon not a sprint”.

  113. I believe that God has given me this dream to compete and to open my own Spinning Studio. He knows what I am capable and I will not doubt! I believe it is important to do visualization and see myself at the point! On stage, and working in my own studio! It helps me get through the days when I just want to stay in bed…or have a cold, like today!

  114. The mind really is the most powerful muscle in the body…Once you believe in yourself, there are no limits.

    I have been keeping a food/water log for the last four months…and it really works! If I see that I am low on calories, I make sure to boost the count by eating something healthy!

    It’s the start of day 7…33 more to go!

  115. I was wondering if you could tell me what supplements you recommend at this time because the ones you had listed a few days ago can no longer be bought. I also was wondering what is your take on when to stop eating at night

  116. great lesson! i realize how much i need to step it up a notch (or two) in how much i eat. Need to get more organized with meal prep.

  117. I have so many supplement recommendations- for BASICS I’d recomomend every woman to take a good multi, a calcuim supp and the HT PILLs by BuffMother!

    After that a good l-glutamine, some fish oil, a joint supplement and acidophilus are tops on my list of good additions.

    Also CREATINE is a super supplement to help attain a buff body~ it does need to be cycled and it does make you retain water- but it helps build muscle which leads to leanness!

  118. TIME is so key~ stay consistent and keep moving forward one baby step at a time. Soon you’ll be to your desired destination.

  119. I have been training my mind as well as my body. I am constantly talking to myself and digging deep to finish a hard work out. I tell my self I can do anything for 30 secs or 1 min. Committment is my goal.

  120. My running has not been going well his summer. My race times are slower than I’m used too. I blame it on turning 50, but maybe it’s because I’m THINKING I should be slower!

  121. Day 7: Lots of energy and walked a few times at work but had a business meeting this evening. Did good at the dinner tonight eating and all day. I’ll be picking up the pace this weekend!

  122. Ran 3miles in my Vibram 5 fingers shoes. I am learning to love them. I also signed up for Tour De Pain, 3 different races in 24 hours. Wooohooo. I am also challenging my self and signed up for the Grand Prix. I have to complete at least 17 races from August 2010 to 2011. I am excited, motivated and have lots of faith

  123. I’m graduating from my 4yr Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture degree tomorrow so the diet & workouts have been less than optimal the last few days. I’m still going to the gym tomorrow though & will be back on form! I use affirmations to stay on track & keep my mind in the positive, my favorite is….’I have a hot, sexy, buff body!’. I also use visualizations during my evening meditations to visualize my muscles toning burning the fat! Don’t forget the ‘gratitude’…..always be thankful for things, even though you don’t have them in your life yet…. Much love from London

  124. This gives a great message. Must change my mind set and let myself become who I am capable of being.

  125. It has been made clear to me over the last couple of years that my mind-set is almost 100% responsible for what I do or do not accomplish. I have tried for years to “get in shape,” but never have been able to quite get to where I wanted to be. After 3 years in therapy, I feel like a different person. Now, I KNOW that I can do anything I put my mind to ~ it is an amazing feeling!!

  126. God tells us that our words are powerful. It only stands to reason that if you speak life words – positive words over yourself then it will come to pass. I love that message!!!

  127. cool! i’ve heard great things about those crazy shoes!
    Good luck in your Tour DE pain!
    where are you located?

  128. Positvie thinking ti KEY to everything…..
    Even in changing your body….. totally beleive that!!!!!

  129. Afew months back my husband told me my goals were to high and that he was worried i might get diappointed….

    That i am 45 years old and i would have to come to terms that I was getting old…..LOL
    I have work left to do…. but MY body is changing….. and getting sexy and my husband is eating his words…..LOL

    Positive thinking!!!!!
    You can change your body!!!!!
    At any age!!!!

  130. I’ve just made a calendar for myself as a countdown to my 40th. I’ve got until Dec 10th to get buff so each day counts! I cut and pasted pictures of buff body parts on it and believe that it is possible for my body to look like that! I know it’s possible because you did it and so have others. I am not the exception; I will do it too!

  131. I love the idea of countdown calendar idea and pasting pics of buff body parts on it! I need to try harder at journaling my food and water intake!

  132. It’s really true that our thoughts create our reality! Think about what you want, not about what you don’t want and watch it happen!

  133. Great tip in remembering to write a food diary, so easy to forget about that piece of toast your little ‘un left!

  134. You are correct. I believe I will be in the best shape of my life in the days and months to follow. My Physique will be one I can be proud of.

  135. So true! I’ve struggled with my own self-doubt and unbelief for many years. This year, I BELIEVE!!!!!

  136. It’s a fact! The mind is so very powerful! I do believe that I will be in the best condition I have ever been in just a few more months. I look forward to having the physique I want and will do it through a consistent regimen. Thanks for the reminder to BELIEVE!

  137. So true! The mind and the thought processes…how you are seeing yourself your life has everything to do with even the simplest daily tasks and relationships and can be the difference between just making it through each day or living an extrodinary life. And isnt that what would honor God the most for the extrordinary gift He gsve us?

  138. Amen! Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, either way…you’re right πŸ™‚

  139. awesome reminder!

    I’m having trouble overcoming my boosting hormones…I’ll work on the self-talk and beliefs πŸ™‚

  140. I’m scared to write down everything I eat! I may not like what I see! But it will force me to acknowledge what all I am actually consuming. As for believing…I’m the only one on my “home team” that is believing right now. I have a lot of doubters….

  141. I have joined a free online food tracking’s great and when I put in my exercise it calculates all of that too. Their database is great…has most of the foods I have put in my diary already in there….tells you how much you are getting of calories, fat, protein and carbs…and compares that to your recomended totals for your profile info. It of course has less protien than you recommend. Yesterday I was 50 g over on protein and worked out 40 cardio and 30 weight training doing your recomended abs and arms routine. fun and challenging at the same time. Today it will be 40 cardio (I need to lose at least 50 lbs) and 30 weight training on abs and legs. I do weights at lunchtime and cardio when I get home, Seeing yourself in a successful “vision” is a great thing…just believe in yourself and know you can do it with the help of EVERYTIHING. That is what I tell people I am doing when they notice I’m getting in better shape: EVERYTHING that I know of AND CAN DO (that is the healthy way): exercising, eating right, tracking both, dealing with emotional issues and stress and treating myself to more rest and things I like that arent food. I’m feeding my self needs with things other than FOOD. (well ok…I do allow a few chocolate teddy grahams n peanut butter small amounts at boosting time) The self fulfilling prophecy idea is sure a proven technique. I just vision people that have great bodies and put my face on it and know someday I can be something close to that vision and I won’t have to cut n paste the “body” part.

  142. I have started tracking my food. It really does help keep you on track and it makes you more aware of what you are eating. It is helping for sure.

  143. Not only did Bannister practice and train, he constantly rehearsed
    the event in his mind until he truly believed that he could do it.

    SO TRUE!!!

  144. Love this! I try to tell my kids this all the time in there sports. They look at me like “yeah, right, okay mom”. I need to do this more in my training. Thanks!

  145. I’ve been keeping a food journal for three months. It helps keep me accountable. And yes, I must believe I will see changes.

  146. Believing is huge! It is also helpful to me if I can keep a picture of my goals in front of me! Thanks for a fabulous week Michelle!

  147. Great article! I always tell my kids if you believe you can do something, you can do it. By believing in yourself anything is possible. I’m going to keep track of my food for the next three days to see if I do need to make any changes.

  148. Honesty regarding food intake is tough to swallow sometimes…I have a love/hate relationship with my food diary!

  149. I have self doubt and insecurities beyond belief. However, the few times I truly ‘convinced’ myself that something was possible, it came true. I will do this. I will believe! I WILL BE BUFF! Thanks Michelle πŸ™‚

  150. Love this post! I must BELIEVE I am able to get buff!! I am lazy to keep a journal. Sometimes I have tried, but I have never been consistent. I am giving it a new try for those three days.

  151. I picture the body I want all the time. I created a vision board with fitness models that inspire. I seem to be doing all the right things. I get impatient and want the results now. That’s the hard part.

  152. Nice story!!! It’s amazing how the mind can hold us back from what we are actually capable of doing…this is something I love learning about and getting past the constricts of the mind via meditation!

  153. Wow…this is truly an amazing story!

    Also, should I write things down as I eat them or can I summarize at the end of each day?

  154. I have been keeping a food journal for several months. I learned that I dont eat enough calories or protein. So I know what I need to focus on. I’m pretty good at getting all the water down.

    Love the story. It’s very inspiring. The mind is a wonderful thing. I believe I am BUFF!

  155. I need to be more conistent on writing down what I eat because it will make a huge difference in my results of that I am sure. I will be Buff too.

  156. Fastest way for me to get off track is to stop my food journal and my exercise journal. I turn into a HOT MESS if I do!!

  157. I don’t buy anything that I shouldn’t eat. That may sound snobby, but I plan and pack all my meals ahead of time, just to avoid potential disasters! I’ve done this for almost two years, and it is a time-saver, money-saver and diet-saver!

  158. I love this post. Believing that you can be who you want to be is our bisggest obstacle. We have to believe in more than we can see. Although we don’t see it now we have know, trust ourselves, and do what we have to achieve our goals. Im a work in progress and learning from my mistakes.

  159. Let’s just do this! ………..I like my net diary app for recording my intake…kinda like fitday…… It keeps calories and tells you about protein, carb and fat intake and more.

  160. My fitness pal is a friend of mine also. I need to be a better friend to it! Consistency!!

    Really going to start trying to get everything logged. It also tracks protein.

  161. Day 7 – I’ve been logging my food, water & exercise every day since June. I find it easy as I’m at home most of the day. I log absolutely everything I consume and it gives me a breakdown of all the nutrients as a summary. So I always know when I’ve consumed my daily allowance of sugars, cholesterol, the various fats etc. it’s a great app called MyFitnessPal. It’s only downside is that it doesn’t add up the calories you expend whilst strength training. This isn’t a problem for me as I don’t like to increase my daily calorie intake just because I’ve exercised. It’s fab!!!! I’ve lost 12lb since I started using the app. Only another 8lb to go πŸ™‚
    Lots of love xx

  162. The Fitness pal sounds like a great lil helper! Great tips and accountability ladies! πŸ™‚

  163. Rehearsing the event in your mind is really important. A lot of successful and famous people talk about how visualizing where they wanted to be helped them stay focused on getting there. I photoshopped a pic of myself to look the way I want to look. I look at it to stay focused on the positive and believing I can look like that, instead of focusing on the “before” pictures and worrying about everything I don’t like about myself.

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