Plastic surgery should be a last resort

This is exactly what BuffMother! is trying to over come. This doctor playing off the myth that you can not be buff after having kids. He is basically saying that this woman had done all she could through diet and exercise (which is obviously false). She could have made vast improvements to “bulge” without turning to the knife.

I am all for certain procedures, like boob~ as it’s obvious that mine are not natural πŸ™‚ …my point here is that the doctor’s ad says:
“FACT diet and exercise may lessen this tummy bulge but it will NEVER get rid of it”.Β  That’s just bologna!

I beg you…if you are thinking about having surgery to rid your body of your tummy bulge, make sure you do everything in your power through diet and exercise before you have your body cut apart.

You can be Buff after having children!




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  1. I work with a girl who just had this procedure and a boob job. I saw her last week with a bag that looked like she went Halloween candy shopping and it was just for her. It had a full sized bag of Hershey’s kisses, bag of Reese’s, Spree, and two Slim Fast bars. Go figure. She wasted her money anyway. I see her working out now and then but if she doesn’t eat right she is going to be worse off. I work where we have to wear a uniform and she just last week got a bigger belt. Her surgery wasn’t over two months ago.

    Annoys me.


  2. Amen to that!!! πŸ™‚

    I agree 100% with you!

    Give exercising and dieting a chance! It’s a lot more beneficial for you AND the results that you will reap from it is self-rewarding and will more then likely be “long term” because you are making exercising/healthy eating a life long habit….liposuction is EXPENSIVE and TEMPORARY! Your bulging problem will come back with poor diet and exercise.

    Arggggggg it’s all about $$$$$$ these days!

    I’m a mother a young mother of one, and even I thought I was never going to regain my pre-pregnancy body back, BOY WAS I WRONG!!! In less then two weeks, I’ll be competing in my very first Figure Competition!!!!! To all your skeptics out there, all I can say is “HA! I told you I could do it!” AND SO CAN YOU!


    p.s. btw, this is my first post on your blogger, and you obviously can tell that I’m a little upset about these doctors pushing plastic surgery πŸ™‚

    By the way, YOU LOOK GREAT!!!! You are very motivating to many of us moms!

  3. I agree that plastic surgery is not the end-all to having a great physical appearance. This doctor doesn’t present the whole truth. Diet and exercise is one of the best ways to look and feel good. Breast enhancement and lyposuction are artificial, and people who use these types of surgeries when they aren’t necessary are essentially lying to people around them. Plus, plastic surgery doesn’t fix an unhealthy person, and it won’t get rid of the mental insecurities that motivate a person to get these surgeries.

    However, plastic surgery can be a tool that can aid in accomplishing what diet and exercise have not been able to do. People who don’t have stretch marks don’t understand the struggle that comes with them. I get really frustrated with women who go and get breast implants and then look down on useful procedures for women who do what they can but need help with annoying tummy stretch marks. I, as a mother of two young children, know that stretch marks are something that no amount of diet and exercise will totally eliminate. Some of that loose skin will always be there, and that bulge will never totally be gone. They get better over time, but they never fully go away. For someone who can’t live with them, plastic surgery can be a viable way to supplement physical discipline.

    In my opinion, the best thing to do is just to be healthy. People should exercise to be fit. This is the best way to look your best and feel great.

  4. As a mom of 2 (both from c-sections) it is a blessing to me to have found Michelle, the pics don’t lie, I will have abs like that some day, from working my butt off, not surgery…mark my words…thanks Michelle.

  5. I agree with everything everyone is saying, however…I am a mother of one. I use to be 220 pounds and through diet and exercise I am down to 145 that’s 75 pounds gone. I went through training for figure competition and got lean however my tummy (lose skin) went nowhere. I am trying everything through diet and exercise. I am currently going to try buffmother and body for life and after that tummy for me. I think I deserve it and I plan to continue to live a fit life afterwards!!

  6. You are a true candidate then…I’ve seen many figure competitors who’ve had tummy tucks and many who have not and still look amazing on stage with a bit of extra skin πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m not a mom, but I did used to be quite large, and it took a long time (I’m still working on it) to tighten loose skin around my midsection. It’s so hard and a lot of work

  8. I totally agree. I have 5 children. Gained 60 lbs with the first, 50 with the second, and each on continued to be a little less. The fact is I still had the hanging loose belly skin. After applying exercise, eatting healthier, and patience my tummy is now flat. Hydration and lotion on skin does help with elasticity. Good work out to you all πŸ˜‰

  9. I agree.. after 4 children my stomach is better than it was before kids… and it is through diet and exercise. I can’t say it doesn’t take hard work.. but to look down and know I did this.. I worked hard to get this.. has been worth it. Not to say I will be doing bikini contests.. stretch marks have taken over… but.. I am still hopeful πŸ™‚

  10. Plastic surgery is plastic surgery: boobs, tummy, butt, lip, nose, etc… you can’t be mad at one without being mad at them all! They all have risks and benefits. For a woman who had breast implants to tell another woman not get a tummy tuck isn’t fair. Yes it should be a last resort, but just as some women “need” a boob job, some need the extra skin removed too… I am getting a boob job this fall. I will not opt for the tuck because my stretch marks are not as bad to me as the scar would be. But there is not one surgery that is okay over any other!

  11. And just to clarify, surgery is NOT required to tighten the abdomen muscles nor is lipo required to remove the fat for any woman mother of 15 or 1, C-section or no kids at all. That CAN be done through diet and exercise. But stretch marks cannot be dieted away…. And some skin cannot be tightened after being stretched for so long…

  12. Yes, last resort for sure. I’d rather work hard and get it done. My sister in law had lipo suction done about 3 years ago and it was a joke. She never changed her diet and is more overweight now than she was prior. What a waste of money.

  13. Would NEVER go there if you can do it SO CAN I! Besides quick fixes DON”T WORK! Only hard work & determination & enjoy the ride. Plus you know YOU did it and not some mr. fixit.

  14. well fortunately after having 4 children my stomach seemed to have bounced back pretty well after each pregnancy, i feel plastic surgery is fine for those who want it….i personally wouldnt, but thats my choice .

  15. i look better after having kids than before! i also i dont think it’s a coincidence that so many fitness models and competitors are over 30 and have kids. yes, it may be harder to fight aging, but we have the mental strength and determination to follow thru with our goals. it’s true for me at least.

  16. That is an area that is sooo hard to work on. And it seems like the older I get, the easier it is to gain it there.

  17. I don’t support or condemn plastic surgery. It is out there and those who want to use it on whatever bodypart they choose it is up to them, but it is more satisfying to do it the hard way. But how do you get back boobs the hard way? Mine are gone with my weight loss? πŸ™‚

  18. I am all for certain procedures, like boobs~ mine are not natural πŸ™‚ …my point here is that the doctor’s ad says:
    “FACT diet and exercise may lessen this tummy bulge but it will NEVER get rid of it”. That’s just bologna!

  19. I agree that those measures should only be taken as a very last resort and when diet and exercise just isn’t going to do anymore. I have always been really lucky to have a flat stomach my whole life, but when I had my daughter I had to work really hard to get it back, but I did, and I continue to work hard at keeping it.

  20. Personally I wouldn’t have surgery even if I did need it. You hear too many scare stories. If I had extra skin on my tummy I would live with it.

  21. Michelle, this is is exactly what intrigued me about you, is this is exactly what I have problems with. I have 4 children, 3 were born from 2004 to 2007, 4 c sections in 3 years, my stomach not only has a bulge, it has skin sagging, I know it’s skin because it so thin it sometimes gets caught in my belt buckle when I bend over, (gross I know) it’s also numb, I workout religiously, I eat right, it’s been 2 years, I have seen lots of improvement, but not even close to yours. I have a friend who has surgery after her c sections due to damage to her rectus abdominous muscle, I can literally stick a finger in between mine, gross. So any info on the abdominal muscles would be great, because I would rather not have to resort to surgery in my case. thank you for the info!

  22. I think plastic surgery should be a last resort. It’s sad how so many people resort to such extreme measures nowadays.

  23. Glad you shared that , Michelle…I wouldn’t, but so many women consider it and to hear it come from someone like you might make all the difference in the world in their decision.

  24. I’m amazed at what changes I”ve been able to make in my abs….even after 3 kids, the last one via c-sect. Michelle taught me how and it worked for me!

  25. Michelle, I agree we should do everything we can. It’s hard work, but if it wasn’t, everybody would look good! Maybe you could post some of your ab routines for us to try?

  26. Hi Jodey!
    You need to read Michelle’s 2nd book, After Baby Abs!
    She helped me get my abs back in shape too after two kids. The rectus abdominous you’re talking about I think is diastasis recti. I had a 3 finger gap in my abs… it was huge! But Michelle’s book and her 7 for 7 program helped me close it up to a one finger gap. BIG difference! LOL! So I’m sure she can help you get a one finger gap closed right up! πŸ˜€

  27. Couldn’t agree more! I need to forward this blog to my sister! She wants to get laser lipo done.

  28. This is an encouragement. Sometimes it does seem like the way to go, but I have to stick to my belief that the best way to transform a body, is to do it naturally. And to love yourself in the process.

  29. you can’t give up or give into those thoughts! You are changing your body on the cellular level and making progress with every good choice!!!

  30. I agree that in some cases it is the right choice…however in this picture/ad it is the wrong attitude to convey to people.
    It should be the “last resort” πŸ™‚

  31. I love the thought that I work hard to achieve a healthy body! It does take some work, but VERY VERY worth it:) I feel I look better at 40 with 2 children, then I did in my 20’s with no babies.

  32. Oh, yes the dreaded tummy bulge. Mine just seems to hang on. The first place that you gain in is the last to go. I dream of six pack abs!

  33. Yes! I got rid of my baby weight and got lean. If you look really closely the only trace you can see is a slight wrinkle in the skin (I was lucky not to get stretch marks). I love seeing comments from all the other moms! Yay for us!

  34. No Knife for me thanks! The muffin top is going down and I’m loving every minute of it…

  35. If you don’t change your efforts and eating habits, won’t the fat just come on in a different place? You remove fat cells from one or two locations with liposuction, but you will have many more that will plump up in other areas. Eventually, I would think their body would become very uneven.

  36. I enjoy seeing my progress while doing it naturally thru diet and exercise so it would feel like cheating if I go under the knife. I do however agree with Michelle, I would get “boobs” in a heartbeat if I could afford it…

  37. I TOTALLY agree Michele! I have had a c section and my lower abs just don’t seem to do what I WANT them to. But I haven’t been totally perfect on my diet either. So plastic surgery MAY be an option later, but first I need to see if I CAN get them to respond on my own.

  38. Interesting that you posted this after I was just wondering if my stomach is EVER going to go down!! I keep trying though!

  39. Day 10 and going strong. I struggle more with thighs than belly. Being patient and consistent…steady wins the race!

  40. I personally would never have plastic surgery of any sort. I have had 2 kids and got my tummy back in shape with healthy eating and exercise. It wasn’t easy, but it did happen!

    Can’t believe it’s day 10 already! Even though the scale is only down a pund, I see more definition which is more important to me!

  41. Thanks for the info., I personally am not one for who will go under the knife for anything. I have stretch marks from all 3 of my pregnancies and I still won’t. my stomach is the one area that I don’t like and I know that it will take a long time of being consistant with the way I eat and exercise to get the results.

    We as women God gave us the special ability to bring his creation into the world. It is hard to say why one woman gets stretch marks and another does not, but all in all marks or no marks each of us is beautiful and we need to respect our bodies as one of God’s creations.
    Each of us are wonderfully and beautifully made in the image of Christ.

  42. Thanks Michelle for being a godly example and such an inspiration. My c-section was 3 years ago and I have not done all I can do so as your other post said JUST DO IT. I like to prove pessimism wrong so time to get a flat belly with out surgery, thank you for showing us it can be done

  43. Thanks Michelle. I agree. Takes hard work, sometimes we are not up to the tast, but surgery is no way out.

  44. I am sorry but I haver very mixed feelings about your post today. I think it is overly simplistic to say that you can get a taut tummy by eating right and working out. That may be true if you were tiny to begin with before you were pregnant but I lost 110 lb after being morbidly obese. (I have kept it offf 6 years now) I joined Curves and have exercised since I started my journey but today I don’t have a taut tummy. I DO have lots of excess loose skin and that’s not going to ever go away without surgery. I am relatively fine with it though it does present some health issues that I won’t get into here. I may at some point have elective surgery but not so I can have a taut tummy but rather so I can enjoy better health.

  45. I am too chicken to actually go under the knife, however I fantasize about having a flat tummy and getting a tummy tuck. The past two days I have been very frustrated about my mid section. I do work out hard at least two hours a day and I do mind what I eat. Eating is my problem area, it is a struggle everyday. I just feel like all this work and I am getting nowhere. Aargh! This doesn’t mean I am giving up I am just really tired of the struggle and want to have a flat tummy already.

  46. I couldn’t agree more!! Working it off is the only way. It happens to be my major problem area.. the first place to gain and last to lose. But I know I can do it:)

  47. Awwww! I can’t believe that doctor was allowed to post that in the paper! CRAZY! Sooo not true!

    In reference to work out, I tell myself “just go for ten min. You will feel phenomenal…just 10 mins.” Well, do we ever do anything for just ten min? NOPE! 10 turns into 25, turns into 40…you get the idea! Let’s get moving! Feels so good! Keep it up ladies!!!

  48. I agree, if you TRULY try, great things will happen. It just seems to take so darn long after kids and getting older! Also, have you ever seen pictures of botched lipo? Pulled weeds and vines out like mad today…sweated more than my usual workouts! Also, got the kids to help. Now to go swimming. Yeah!

  49. Karen, checking in after working upper body. Meant to share that after Michelle wrote about the artificial sweetener in soda, I opted to cut my sugar-free gum chewing from my day. I think this is day 6 or 7 gum-free.

  50. Doing those abs everyday has made a huge difference in my body shape. I still have lots of weight to lose but people have really commented on my changing body. So stick with the workouts befroe heading to surgery.

  51. Before you go through anything so drastic you should really try EVERY possible way through diet and exercise!

  52. I’ve had 3 children all by c-section, I would never resort to lipo. I’ll do the best I can with cardio and working out

  53. I have to admit that I have pretty much resigned myself to needing a tummy tuck. I will give it my all with diet, cardio and workouts but I am still not convinced that I will ever rectify the loose skin that 4 huge pregnancies have left me with : – (

  54. Thank you for your encouragement. Reminding myself of this will help me get to where I want to be. Thanks!

  55. It is about doctors getting more money . . . and people who want things the easy way and they want them immediately.

  56. Great points Michelle. There are always “major” cases, but for the vast majority of women out there, surgery isn’t necessary…cleaned up, disciplined eating is what ultimately gets a great tummy. Honestly, I think a lot of women just don’t want to do put that much effort into it, or think that they really have when they haven’t, so they turn to surgery.

  57. There is only one way to a healthy body inside and outside…What you eat and how you exercise. No magic pills or procedures–it took me awhile to just accept that hard work and determination is the only way–but its worth it!!

  58. Although I;m not all for plastic surgery…i plan to do a tummy tuck to get rid of my stretch marks from having twins – its a self confidence issue for me and just for that reason. Im very happy with the way my body has transformed from having children. i’m actually in better shape than i was in high school.

  59. today is a rest day, my daughter is sick and I am very tired. Is the book after baby abs still useful if you baby is now 8yrs old? Please let me know.

  60. You’re right on, BuffMother!!
    It takes a lifestyle change to get long lasting results, NOT a quick, “temporary” fix surgery.

  61. I love being all natural. Booby jobs are ok though, I plan on never letting mine reach low.

    I had a girl friend that had the ring put on her stomach after swearing she did everything to lose weight on her own. I never had the heart to point out how wrong she was everytime I watched her eat and she would excersise only once or twice a week and not even put any umph into it. She did lose weight with the ring but once the initial required diet was over, she is back to her old ways…oh well, you can’t change other people, they have to change themselves I guess.

  62. The book would still definitely benefit you! I think a lot of teeny bopper girls, who aren’t all so tiny…lol…could benefit from the book!

  63. Wow! what a lotta feedback.

    If we all did the “best” we could and not half do it who knows where our bodies would be. (i’m talking to myself as well).

    i plan on keepin’ on the good fight.

  64. it is sad all the surgery ppl go through for a flat stomach or better thighs when diet & exercise could save them a lotta pain & money.

  65. Iam 40 yo and 280 lbs and I have had 2 c-sections……I wont rule out having the skin removed via tummy tuck, b/c Im not convinced yet that the skin will tighten up…..We will see but def want a breast lift…..My goal is 140 lbs lean which I think will take abt 2 good years (I didnt put it on over night)… 5′ 7 1/2″ I think 140 is reasonable.

  66. Cellulite is more about toxins in your body and hormones~ you can get rid of it for the most part with a good diet and consistent exercise!!!

  67. Get to your goal and then pursue a doctor. It will help in so many ways to get fit prior to even thinking about paying for procedures like you mentioned! You CAN DO it!!!

  68. Ran 3 1/2 miles and did X-Stretch. I have cellulite, but since I added running into my daily routine and upped my weights on legs, I have seen a difference in just one week. A bit of a lift. Still, there is cellulite, hopefully i can get rid of it. Is there hope for that?

  69. I rested yesterday, and feel better today. I will exercise on my healthrider and eat very well today, and return to the gym tomorrow.

  70. That’s good advice. I did good today with my water intake and monitoring my snacking. I am taking one day at a time.

  71. Day 10 Check in! Had an Awesome workout early this morning. Today was Back/Abs day and I loooved it!!!

  72. I went this far, I can go all the way. I am looking forward to the day of well earned visable abs. Now it would help if it would stop pulling the excess from my chest I have went from a D to getting lost in a B.

  73. No surgery for me although I do wonder why our bodies can leave us with saggy skin if we diet – hard

  74. I think its good you made this aware to people,, I too have issues with my stomach, but being a mom of 3 im not sure i could go through a surgery like that.. Now i am thinking about getting boobs, just to feel like more of a woman,,The more i workout, the smaller they get,, I have never really thought about surgery until recently,,, but if it make me feel good,, why not….

  75. I have battled and know that only though constant diet and exercise can you truely be successful. In extreme cases however surgery may be warrented but you still have to have the exercise to tone.

  76. It amazes me how much money people will shell out for a “quick fix”. Proper diet and exercise is a lot cheaper and has the benefit of many health benefits.

  77. As frustrated as i am with my body right now i know that i could never go under the knife. I had a gf who was a size 4 and she had lipo to get back down to a 2. Oh man, I couldn’t even believe that, what I would give to be a size 4! Sheesh, every woman is beautiful in her own regard and she should embrace it!!! xx

  78. Hey! Had a hectic week of moving, I need to do some back-tracking because I really want to stick with this FIT challenge!

  79. I understand your thoughts on the boobs~ I think that after having kids breast augmentations really help a woman’s confidence.

  80. reporting in for day 10. I ran 4 miles after work yesterday despite the heat and the smoke from the wildfire burning in the hills. the smoke wasn’t really that bad seeing as how i live on the coast and the wind was carrying it away. i had great energy and was averaging 8:30 minute miles, which is really good for me. no weights but i hope to do some legs today.

  81. I agree… Surgery as last resort. I will do EVERYTHING before I would consider surgery! I have been bringing your Hormonal timing book to the gym and read it as I do cardio and then I keep it open when I do my lifting so I can look at all the excersises(s/p) Having a spacey moment. I can;t wait for your supplements to get to me:)

  82. It is hard to believe it is day #10. Unable to get to the club today, but will focus on drinking water and eating fruits & veggies.

  83. Rest day for me…went swimming with my two girls for two hours though…definitely burned some calories there! Loving the 40 days to fit! I love the accountability! I agree with your blog…boobs definitely (had mine done in May:)…lipo definitely not! I have several friends that are considering that kind of surgery. All of which say they can’t rid of it…all of which have never really tried! It’s unfortunate!

  84. Love love love the article…and your comment about boobs!!! My husband keeps telling me the same thing about my bulge. He is a chiropractor and does not want me even thinking about a tummy tuck until I have given myself real time to heal and have followed a good healthy diet and exercise plan consistantly. Plastic surgery has become so popular and seems like such a quick and easy fix. It is so easy to want to consider it…however I do believe God made our bodies a certain way and they can look great if we take the time to believe and work at it!!!

  85. True. Well I have a lot of work to do, but I can see myself looking pretty buff in that region, even after my seven babies. Enough excercise should get rid of that ancient jelly belly and turn it back into the rock hard abs I had before I became a mummy!

  86. Well I like Plastic Surgery. I have had a tummy tuck and would do it again. I also had a breast lift and implants after two children. Feel great! I love it! I had children YOUNG and always felt that I was cheated on my youthful body; Love it.

  87. Seven babies!! You are going to be a SUPER BUFFMOTHER! I’d love to share your success story on my site~ keep workin’ it!!

  88. Doesn’t the reward of having a beautiful body you worked hard to get much more fulfilling than having to buy it. And just think, if it goes wrong, you can’t get your money back. With exercise and proper nutrition, all you have to spend is time…time well spent!

    keep working hard

  89. I just had a dream about plastic surgery gone wrong. Liposuction on my thighs that left me all lumpy. Its ridiculous since I know that I can get rid of it myself with a little dedication and exercise!

  90. I am also to chicken to have lipo done. You hear to many horror stories. Today is a much needed rest day. Just hanging out going to watch the Cowboys and just veg for a change.

  91. I am a curvaceous woman and love it. Even though I don’t have a 20 yr old body anymore doesn’t bother me. I am very confident inside and out. My husband is extremely fit and has been since I met him (17 yrs) and I love the fact he has loves me fat and thin. I just want to get my energy back and be healthy so I can enjoy life more and enjoy growing old with my husband and let my daughter know she doesn’t have to be perfect just healthy and to love the body God gave her. Plastic Surgery is definitely not for me.

  92. I had a tummy tuck – after losing 72 pounds I was left with a panis of skin. It was a piece of skin, empty inside, that just hung over my lower abs. It was the best thing I ever did …besides losing the weight and changing my lifestyle.

  93. I am not interested in having a tummy tuck either. I just had major abdominal surgery in July (C-section) when I had my son and that was enough!
    As far as what Drs. say to get you to have plastic surgery, they are horrible. I went to talk to a plastic surgeon about having a breast reduction a few years back and he tried to tell me he could do something for my tummy and legs too, which I thought looked fine. But, then I felt paranoid that my body didn’t look good due to his comments. They prey on your insecurities. When I saw how all the other women looked in the waiting room I decided I was going to work all this out with exercise, not a scalpel. I don’t want to look plastic, just healthy.

  94. Good resolve…no one I’ve ever seen in the waiting room of plastic surgeons seem to look good, lol!! Keep rocking those workouts and ABS!!

  95. Day #10….I have had several C-sections and find abdominal exercise terribly painful. Is there a way to overcome that, or will it just get easier with time?

  96. It does get easier over time…SCAR tissue is what causes the pain and breaking it up is a process. It is important that you do your best to break through the scar tissue~ over time- maybe YEARS you will reap the benefits of your determination. Ice-massaging the area is another good way to break up scar tissue. Freeze water in a Styrofoam cup and peel away some of the cup so you can hold on to the ice and massage with it.

    Keep me posted on how it goes,

  97. I was up most of the night with a sick little boy-my workout today should be interesting. HOpefully I don’t knock myself out with a DB in the head!!!!!! I’m so tired!!!!!!

  98. I’ve had 2 C-sections myself and it does take time and consistency. I know personally, ab work is the last thing I want to do;) One way I started out was doing vacuums every day. I had a pinched nerve in my back 2 years ago and went to physical therapy. They gave me an ice pack that I would lay on 2-3 times a day and I would just concentrate on contracting my lower abs and holding for 10-15 secs. Our abdominals are a muscle just like biceps, triceps, etc. They have to have consistent work. It does take time. I hope this helps πŸ™‚

  99. Hi Again! My PC crashed a couple days ago. (whole thing completely wiped out won’t even boot!) So I am in the process of restoring it. I am at work and wanted to quickly answer my posts. I hope this don’t mess me up on my answering everyday. I have been here in spirit!

    AND I totally agree with you on the cutting! Noone cutting this body! (just the thought gives me jitters)

    Tammy πŸ™‚

  100. Oh man!! I had a crash like that last JULY, what a mess!
    You are still going to be just fine with the challenge…I’m all about the HONOR system and you know if you honestly tried to or not~ Hope you get your computer fixed soon!!

  101. Just came back from a short jog.. Today was rainy and my son wanted to be indoors so not much going on the exercise front but tomorrow is a new day..

  102. It’s a tough one to call…I don’t like advertisements generalizing that diet and exercise won’t work at all on the tummy…it absolutely does for some women. There are however, people who are short waisted and now suffer baggy skin due to stretchmarks and pure stretching of the skin. I’m OK with a little sag…but I certainly don’t want it filled with fat!

  103. I’ve pretty much decided that *if* (and that’s a big if) I ever consider plastic surgery- and I would…

    It would be after I’m fit and buff- and that is happening, slow but steady.

    And would be strictly for loose skin and tightening the breast ligament- no fake boobs for me, sorry. I’m afflicted with the big boobage naturally, so it would be to clean up the drooping remnant tummy/boob.

  104. Sorry had to have my hard drive rebuilt so I haven’t been on the past few days πŸ™

    BUT I have been working out, have not missed one days workout. Joining Crossfit was the best fit for me. I have a hard time following written workouts and with Crossfit the routine of the day is on a board and I have a trainer at my access if I have questions about movements AND they make sure we are doing them correctly as to not get hurt! 2 big things for me!

    I am struggling with the diet though. Getting bored with some of the food. I guess I just need to experiment more and be patient. I am seeing results and it is not like I have a ton of weight to lose, I am just trying to dry myself out so I am not craming at the last minute before the show…. stressful none the less!

    Thanks for all your tips!


  105. Day 10
    It is sooo encouraging to know that we can create an awsome body naturally after kids. There is hope and something real to work towards!

  106. Wow, this article is good timing. A friend of mine posted this on her facebook “XXX…is thinking that depression, sadness and anger do not mix!!! Ready to throw my scale out the window…A magic wand would be LOVELY to take the weight away!!!!!!!” I responded by saying “I’m going to the gym tonight come with me.” Another friend of hers said “I just started a new job….We have a machine that will take off at least 2 inches a session.” I responded by saying “That seems like a lot of money if you gain it back and have to keep going back, sounds like a revolution though. Inventor should be rich, or will be, lol.” Seriously, get off your butt and do something about it instead of complaining. So many people opt for surgery without even trying! It’s the easy fix. Sorry, just bothers me when people who are physically able to better themselves don’t – just use every excuse in the world. I know it’s hard to get motivated sometimes, but, be grateful God has blessed you to be able to do the things some other people can’t. But, I do understand that for some people they try to eat good and exercise and they don’t see results, Kudo’s to them, at least they are trying. (I guess I’m not having a good day πŸ™ and venting….SORRY)

  107. Thanx I thought about getting some because i was told if I lost my weight I would have loose skin….and I don’t want that but I will just keep exercising and eating right to see where it takes me.

  108. Day #10 – got up early and did cardio, but missed out on my lower body tonight – had to go deliver a baby- although pulling that 9 pounder out was a workout! I always feel frustrated when stuff always comes up to derail my exercise. I love my job, but it obviously isn’t 9-5. It’s just hard to get the kids to bed then lift at 10 pm, knowing I have to be up at 6. Think I’ll just get up extra early and try and do it tomorrow morning. Had to laugh about the plastic surgery ad – that stuff never looks as good as if you do it the old fashioned way! Believe me, I can tell. I agree with you about the boobs. I was a 38 H cup while breastfeeding my girls. Now I’m a C and that ain’t pretty! I would love to get them lifted and “perked up” someday. However, I’m going to get to my ideal weight/shape first and see!

  109. cool!! I was just watching a commercial on TV about a new show that was kinda based on “bucket list”…One guys list had “deliver a baby” on it. Which made me think I’d like to do that someday too….BUT not a 9 pounder!

  110. i have extra skin…most people do and live with it just fine~ But I do understand that in some cases surgury would be beneficial πŸ™‚ you do have the right mindset about the exercise part of it, but don’t listen to other’s about your skin~ they can’t predict how a particular person’s body will react to weight loss. There are so many factors that affect skin bouncing back.

  111. You are right surgery is not the answer. I have seen so many people have gastric by-pass and years later gain the weight back. NOT FOR ME

  112. it’s so sad when you witness situations like that~ I want EVERYONE to succeed and be truly HEALTHY!

  113. i just hope hormomal timing works for me. i had 3 big babies (8-10 lbs) and my tummy shows the damage. ill let ya know.;)

  114. Work it consistently and you will see some nice results…keep the mantra in mind that “Challenge= Change”

  115. Clean up your diet, start eating more protein and lift heavy for 6 months…then decide from there πŸ™‚

  116. Missed my workout today. Trying so hard not to beat myself up about it. Going to try and fit it in later. Ready to lose this belly. Really to dominate on stage!! πŸ˜‰

  117. sorry to hear that…keep working out and working on your diet. You can have the tummy you want!! BELIEVE!!

  118. We all just want a quick fix right? The problem is that even with a tummy tuck, if your diet stinks and you dont work out you could end up right back to where you started. I for one want to test out what you say and do the work for my results. Do any of the ladies have before or after pics of their tummys?

  119. I have often thought of having a tummy tuck and surgery on the back of my legs.. It seems as though the hamstrings/thighs are taking their sweet time. I read a post that you said to someone else “Clean up your diet” and lift heavy for 6 months”..My diet has been trashed the last week. Scale went up 3 #. UGHHH

  120. my plastic surgeon actually told me to first get in shape then do lipo!! He says lipo is really for someone who just wants to get rid of what they can’t remove by working out and dieting. I’m glad I have an honest dr!

  121. I’ve been working out 4 to 5 days a week and I’ve noticed that my belly is not as big as it used to be. But if I do eat any dairy or wheat products, then my stomach really bloats and it looks like I’m 2 months pregnant, so I try to avoid those two whenever I can.

  122. yep..I am similar. Wheat and dairy both bloat me~ I’ve been so much happier by limiting them in my diet!

  123. Diet is really key to cellulite reduction. Another thing that helps a ton is exfoliation- it helps stimulate the lymphatic system.

  124. I love my legs, they make me feel strong but I am like most women I have had 3 kids by c section! My 1st (girl) child I lost weight with (while pregnant) and after 2 weeks I looked better than ever ( flat belly and all) but my 2nd (boy)and 3rd ( girl)really wrecked my belly I am determined to get it back. AND I am all for Boobies if you do it for yourself and not others! I have always been small but I want more fuller not DDs but a c cup or something!

  125. I am with you. I am determined to looks lean and strong since I had kids! And even twins! I feel that people who do lipo or gastric bybass are looking for a quick fix. They don’t want to put in the work to have long term healthy results. It really bothers me that doctors will target these people instead of encouraging them to get active!

  126. I am doing what I can now to get in the best shape of my life. I no longer have a belly bulge (I have had six kids all weighing over 9 pounds with the heaviest two at 10 pounds) My goal is firming the skin and reducing the appearance of my stretch marks) Have any ideas for the loose skin?

    Cardio is my drug of choice and I love to workout everyday!!

    Thanks Michelle πŸ™‚

  127. i’m very thankful that i never got the ‘bulge’ after my baby. I’ve lost a lot of extra ‘loose-ness’ from doing the 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels but now i think i’m ready to pack some muscle back on. I lost a LOT of muscle mass while i was pregnant. I’m ready to get re-aquainted with some lean mass πŸ˜‰

  128. my sister did that plan last summer and seemed to enjoy it πŸ™‚ get after those weights~ buff is beautiful!

  129. HYDRATION is key and also keep striving to strengthen your core- I am always amazed at how my clients abs and lower back seem to improve for years into it.

  130. I had breast augmentation so Im not exempt from the plastic surgery arena. Im fortunate my tummy is good. Ive thought about having a little sucked out of my bum, but I’ll just kick it up a gear and lift harder. I dont want to go through 6-8 wk recovery for just a little thing.

  131. Boobs are a different animal…they often can’t be fixed by diet and exercise. God created plastic surgeons for a reason (boobs), lol!

  132. Day was good but man am I exhausted. Lots of fresh air and sunshine~ sure that’s what it is. Diet and exercise were good today. Great news is….I’m down 7 lbs! I have a lot more work to do tho and am looking forward to obtaining my goal. Not looking forward to Monday tho….blah! πŸ™‚

  133. I’m a 50 year-old grandmother and I am very proud of my body. But I have to say that I’ve had the good sense to never neglect it. It takes self-discipline. I make sure I MAKE the time to work at it each day. By the way, I am very inspired by your abs girlfriend!

  134. I thought about plastic surgery for half a second. But really feel that is an easy way out. Frankly I would rather spend my money on a vacation rather then plastic surgery. Fitness should be a way of life, not something we do every now and again

  135. It’s a shame that these doctors only care about the money. I hope more women are inspired by your story and will have the courage to respect and cherish their bodies by working on it every day. You only have one body… it…’s your temple!

  136. I really don’t like the way my tummy looks since I’ve had kids. I will admit I have not done everything that i can to get it looking like it once did but I don’t think every will. The stretch marks and the wrinkly skin are so not appealing. I would never have a tummy tuck – too painful.
    I have been doing very well with my workouts but my diets still lacks. I love to bake and eat. My husband is great with encouragement but lacks in helping to keep the sweets out of the house. So, I may clean up the eats and stip baking for all of us but the sweets still find their way into the house. He will run out at 10pm to get ice cream because he wants some. So hard. I thought that perhaps if I was more strict with myself that he would be too, so not the case.
    My OBGYN asked me if my husband had ever thought about gastric bypass. He is 400 punds and she said he is a prime target for a heart attack – he is only 33. There is no motivating him. I am frustrated and angry at him. Not fair to me or the kids, very selfish. Am I being to hard?
    Sorry I got off track.

  137. I have definitely thought about a tummy tuck; but, I wouldn’t spend that kind of $$ unless I knew that I have given a 110% effort to get fit first. I suffered terrible stretch marks during pregnancy (An OB-GYN even commented to me once on how bad they were!) ~ So, I have extra skin that will probably never go away.

  138. and sometimes we need to just accept our battle wounds~ often times WE are the only ones who notice them

  139. He has to want it for HIM- apparently his issue goes deeper than just the food- I bet he’s hurting inside his Spirit and Soul-
    All you can do is keep leading by example, pray and LOVE him πŸ™‚

  140. The thing is with that is that I bet you anything that if that person didnt already have a exercise plan and eatingn plan already in place, it would be pointless for her to get that surgery in the first place. Start with good old exerices and clean eating. She probably would of gotten better results minus the scar!

  141. your email each day is keeping me accountable. Was thinking of skipping today but realize it is not an option!

  142. So true! Her tummy is flat, that is it. I would not want to look lopsided. Although I have excess skin I do have a flat tummy. Since getting rid of my bulge my family has said that some how it is not as bad as it used to be. Especially because people are looking at my buff arms.

  143. Michelle,

    Thanks for the article. I have no interest in getting a tummy tuck. With hard work and dedication, I’ll get my abs tightened up.

    Over the weekend, I got in some great exercise and activity. I came down with bronchitis as of Sunday and have been fighting it off since. Not a lot of activity the past two or three days, though I’ve been getting rest and pushing fluids. Hope to get a workout in soon that doesn’t lead to a coughing fit!

    – Darlene

  144. Sad to think that some doctors are willing to take advantage of people who are naieve or just unaware of what exercise and diet can do just to make a few bucks!

  145. Wow it’s all Psychology how some prey on the vulnerable… We need to spread the word, make EVERY mother know about BuffMother!

  146. Hello Michelle,
    was hoping you could give me some tips on how to deal with severe soreness…I started a kickboxing class and I’ve been sore for 3 days…I will be going for my next class tomorrow…just want to avoid injuries..can’t give my all when Im sore…and I just won’t exercise. I’ve had a few car accidents and hurt myself several years ago at a job I had…try not to trigger any past injuries.

  147. Ok admitting here that I did do lipo about 15 years ago. I would not today do it again. I did get good results from it but did not have the skills and knowledge to keep the weight off. When I gained weight it came back in other places. Now I am working out and EATING HEALTHY and I know I could have had the same results if not more with my current habits.

  148. I’m glad you are so quick to remind us that diet and exercise can get rid of the after baby tummy!!! It’s so easy to believe it can’t happen, but with a role model like you–there is hope!


  149. I appreciate this reminder. I had some thoughts of just doing Liposuction after my 40th BDay. But since I starting working out again and changing my meal structure the weight is falling off daily….Yippee!!

  150. What’s so funny about these pictures is yes her tummy maybe be flat but her legs and butt still look just as bad as the before picture, i don’t want JUST a flat tummy i want the WHOLE package and no surgery is going to get me a BUFF body!!

  151. I totally agree, Michelle! I have been working out for several years after having babies. I am lean and strong (still building muscle but have a good base). I have very small breasts, so am getting implants soon. IN addition, I am having a tummy tuck (to remove loose skin), but have gotten rid of most of the bulge will dedicated exercise. I am an example of someone who truly has done all in her power and is in great shape, but my skin now just hangs like a loose sack (hardly any fat under it though!). I look good in clothing, but in a bikini suit, the loose skin hangs on my tummy. I think too many women think surgery is a fix-all and are NOT willing to do their own work. I, on the other hand, have been working my butt off and feel great about the way I look; however, this will be be an added bonus for me.

  152. Michelle, I just love you!!! Boobage…I am totally with you on that one! It was great (for me) but I think everyone knows that surgery is a personal choice. Anyone should research it extensively before doing it. Nothing replaces hard work and clean eating but I am all for “enhancing” the hard work πŸ™‚

  153. A lot of people will pay the price cause they think it’s the easy way out. Unfortunately, their bad habits aren’t corrected and many of them gain all the weight back plus more. Diet and exercise is a lifestyle and is the only answer to fixing the “bulge”.

  154. Surgery like that for me? No Way! Exercise to improve my body – YES! Plus there are so many other health benefits that come along with the exercise versus the negatives that go along with “the knife”.

  155. I completely agree with what you stated here Michelle and nothing is more aggravating to me than when women act like they have to be fat after babies. You are so right…. it isn’t true!! They can do a LOT just through diet, even if they can’t make the time to exercise. Good blog!

  156. Amen to no plastic surgery. Better diet and healthier life style is the answer to almost all health issues.

  157. As a mom of two, both from c-sections I have to say that sometimes procedure like this are not as bad. I had my first baby in Mexico (I’m Latina) I had a very bad scar across my stomach, this was due to a bad procedure. 2 yrs ago I decided to get under the knife, My scare is bigger now but is well done and my confidence when up high were I’m motivate to workout and take care of my self. I wont do anything else to my self to look better other then working out and eat healthy. That is my new life style πŸ™‚

  158. I absolutely agree. This is a temporary fix. Many people have done this and not changes anything about their life only to have the fat come back. Its a quick fix not a new lifestyle. We all should look at the women in this world who have worked hard and be inspired by them. I am no where near the BUFF I want to be but it makes me feel so good when people say wow you dont look like you’ve had three kids. My response is any mother can be fit!

  159. it should probably read:

    …THE AMOUNT OF… diet and exercise …MOST PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO DO… may lessen this tummy bulge

    Working smart (following Buffmother’s plan) and working hard (at diet and exercise) DO WORK, but most people just want a quick fix

  160. Rome wasn’t built in one day…what you put into your workout is what you get out of it. I didn’t think there was a light at the end of the tunnel till i read Michelle’s books and then by switching my routine up I started seeing results.

  161. I read some comments about scars. The scar from a tummy tuck is a very long “smiley face” from hip bone to hip bone in some instances and eventho it’s located under a typical underwear/bikini line, almost none of the Itty Bitty bikini bottoms Michelle wears in her photos would cover that scar. Someone very near and dear to me had this surgery and she says it was very painful also. I wouldn’t want to have a flat tummy thru surgery if I were self conscience about my scar. It kind of ruins the point if you can’t have 100% confidence. On a brighter note, I got my HORMONAL TIMING and AFTER BABY ABS books in the mail yesterday!!! Wow, was I hitting a brick wall!! I rearranged and reorganized my workouts and have more confidence and faith than ever! Thanks Michelle!
    I’ve been telling any woman who will sit still long enough toget these books! My Aunt is a nurse and was one of my skeptics. She’s the first person I called after reading the books, I’m so confident this will work for me and I want her to believe it too! I also talked with my husband about it and he said “doesn’t a man’s life revolve around a woman, period, even without her ‘period’ to account for?” I asked him if he thought it would be beneficial for him to be able to anticipate what I’m going thru once I established my cycle pattern and he says “Oh so your HIF chart an Instructional Manual on how a husband can navigate around their wives’ mood swings.” Ha! I think he’ll be impressed soon enough!

  162. Okay so day 10…wow!! I have to say that this is helping me because I feel like I’m accountable..but I’m thinking that I need to up my protein intake and maybe water because….I’m starving now that I’m working out everyday!!

  163. I agree that plastic surgery should be a last resort. I had 2 c-sections and after my 2nd haven’t been able to get rid of the bulge. But I have hope now :o)

  164. Thanks I have considered surgery because of my loose skin and stretch marks. I am giving it an honest committed effort before going under the knife

  165. that’s the smart route…do your best with exercise and nutrition and then decide from there πŸ™‚

  166. This so motivates me. Buff w/out the knife! I think w/ good diet and exercise (the buff-way), anyone can look fabulous and if there’s a little bit after the hard work (that’s genetic) than maybe that should be celebrated as “your beautiful female body”??? Our immediate gratification society gets plastic surgery for things that they can control – it may look good for awhile but they lose all the benefits of eating clean and exercise. I feel bad for them!

  167. Last resort definitely with all the Mrsa bugs etc out there. I’m amazed already at difference squats are making to my mummy tummy & butt shape, it’s my ‘bingo wings’ in the arm area I would be tempted to have cut away!

  168. I can’t see how having scars across your tummy will make it better? At least by being active and trying to get buff through exercise and diet you can get to a bikini bod.. and I am all for the breasts being fixed as with time they can sag- no one wants some saggy tits!

  169. I believe in total body transformations thru diet and exercising! Plastic surgery may reduce fat, but it doesn’t give you a toned healthy looking body.

  170. Missed my work out yesterday πŸ™ was at my daughters volleyball tournament all day! Hoping to get it in today!

  171. Does a 3.4 mile cornmaze count as excercise?? Bouncing on a large inflatable pillow?? Big day at the pumpkin patch with the kids! I love when I can incorporate my workout with my family!

  172. Yes, I have been thinking about lipo. What about fat cells? Do we need to get them sucked out, bc once you grow them, they never go away, they only shrink and strive to be refilled. I am not stating this as fact, but more less telling what I’ve read and open to feedback.

  173. It’s amazing that could state that as “a fact”! My cousin had a tummy tuck, without much dieting or exercise before, and guess what … It all came back because she didn’t change her lifestyle at all. I’m a little worried about loose, sagging skin after I have babies this late in life (I’m 39). Do you have any tips on ways to help keep the skin tight?

  174. Got good interval cardio done yestderday, I did up to 8.5mph on the treadmil and it was a challenge, now need to focus on my eating, my body is wanting everything!

  175. I like hearing two minutes of hard work are better than nothing! Sometimes I donΒ΄t even have those two minutes! And, about surgery, IΒ΄m so afraid of it… But I recognise I have a psychological barrier in my fitness journey: I am afraid if I lose too much fat, my boobs will go away and I donΒ΄t like that, but surgery is not an option for me… so what can I do! This thing prevents me from doing more progress… IΒ΄d love to find an alternative.

  176. It’s definitely the easy way out. Sometimes I wonder if any of the people I’m aspiring to look like have taken that route.

  177. Amen! That’s just the lazy way out – you will gain it back if you don’t change habits!! I believe in loving my body even if it needs work and working on it because I want to be healthy and here for a long time for my daughter and hubby (and me!)

  178. I know there are some people that legitimately need surgery…but the majority of the best bodies are NOT made with surgery alone

  179. well…sacrifice to gain is my motto…boobs can be padded and lifted and honestly are not as valuable as a hot fit tummy and booty πŸ™‚

  180. D10 Day after Christmas- My sister and brother both had the gastro bypass surgery, they both have lost a lot of weight, my sisters skin is very sagged, they call it redundant skin, and say she will need surgery to remove it. Sounds painful, and horrible to me. If I don’t do the surgery and loose weight slowly, and lift weights, will that help?

  181. Not having liposuction!! However, after 4 children, and losing 116 lbs in 6 months, I AM having the excess skin removed next month from my tummy and inner thighs. I have done the hard work, but with all that hanging, it sure doesn’t look like it. πŸ™

  182. I love this! So very important for us to remember … YOU CAN BE BUFF AFTER CHILDREN!!
    ~ I’m in better shape now after 3 kids than I was in my 20s! I love my body more and I love me more!

    Workout, eat healthy, live and love!

    Be good to yourself and your body!

    Thanks Michelle!

  183. Hello Day 10ers. I love this article because I have a tummy bulge and my children are twenty. I didn’t start working out until they were teenagers. I have lost and agained weight but now I am determined to lose weight again and KEEP IT OFF!!! i know that with hard work ALL things are possible. You have got to want it! I taking it one day at a time. And this blog helps me stay focused and accountable. Todays workout was cardio, legs, back, and abs. My eating habits for today has been good. I don’t have any holiday goodies at my house so this helps. Wishing everyone great success with there goals.

  184. any surgery decision has to be really thought out and considered deeply. I agree with you that keeping your body intact and natural is the optimal way to go in most circumstances. It’s a tough decision for sure!

  185. it really depends on how much weight you have to lose, how long your were overweight, genetics, age, nutrtion, muscle tone, etc…
    strive to lose the weight as healthy as possible and you’ll get the best results possible.

  186. I have had so many friends undergo various types of surgeries from cosmetic (boob enhancement and reduction) and have thought about the reduction myself, but then it comes back to the risks. Do the benefits outweigh the risk and is it likely that the problem will just return? I think I will take the time and work on my body and sculpting my ideal physique on my own so that way I can be proud of what I have accomplished even if it does take 10 or more years. To me, it’s just not worth the risk.

  187. This is my BIGGEST worry…. getting my tummy FLAT again. But I know I can do it if I put the work into it.

  188. I have about 100#’s to loose, I have been overweight for 30 years, and turn 50 in January. Am I swimming up hill?

  189. I have to replace my water bottle. I left it in a mall bathroom last Thursday night. I can tell that I have not been drinking enough water, and that 24oz bottle makes it easier.

  190. I have disgusting belly bulge it has always been there aside from it I have scleroderma ..linear on my left side I have scar tissue that’s tightened and puckered it looks so deformed and I have never been happy with my mid section as. A teen and younger adult(before kids) I would try to suck in my belly ….now after kids..not a size 5 but a 12…I’m really feeling negative about that midsection belly fat..but I am hopefull and !ichelle’s infectious optomism and motivation has me thinking that in no time ill have the body I always dream about is for the birds

  191. Surgery really is so dangerous and leaves a person battle scared. I’m not against it in some cases- but I am against DR’s who advertise using scare tactics– I’ve personally had a consult with this DR and in my opinion he shouldn’t be called a “DR”

  192. It is important to remember with lipo and procedures like that …you must have a healthy lifestyle following surgery or you will gain it right back! Many women are not aware of this and go have surgery for a quick fix and a few years later are back to square one. I choose to battle my bulge by going to the gym!

  193. Always good to remember! Missed a check-in yesterday.
    Up in Steamboat with family for the next couple days – hoping to get some good hiking in.

  194. Day 10 – I only had my daughter 7 months ago viaC section & with all the abs work I do following BuffMother After Baby Abs I’ve already lost lots of ‘over hang’. Just think what my tummy will look like in 10 weeks once I’ve completed the 10 week SuperStar contest πŸ™‚
    I know friends who have had ‘work’ done & it’s all been ruined by their lifestyle. I’m here to change my eating habits FOREVER and that can only be good for my little wobbly tummy πŸ™‚ x

  195. I think I’lm stick to the safer route, lose the weight through diet and exercise. I’ve heard/read too many stories of botched jobs and the only way to really get the lasting results I want is to keep a positive attitude and change my lifestyle! Here’s to all the BuffMothers out there!!!!!

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