Happy Saturday

Just wanted to pop in an say “hi”…
I had a wonderful night last night, my sweet MIL is here visiting and she let me and her son(my DH) go out! Whooohooo! I love going out with my baby. The picture here shows the green dress I wore last night! We had a wonderful time, stayed up too late, etc…

So I am in recovery mode today. And guess what, my buffing is going GREAT! I weighed 124 this morning! BUT, Due to Severe dehydration, YUCK!!! Real weight is more like 127. I can now see that my last bulking phase has added some more muscle to my butt! FUN!!!

I have a very busy weekend, lots of work to do and a family get together tonight. We are planning to have pizza and I think I will give myself some freedom diet wise today since I still have this week of “buffing” and I am already within 1 pound of my weight goal.

Have a great weekend everyone and keep all the great words of encouragement flowing.




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