Blah, Blah, blah! Leg workout

I am rather mad at myself…my jaw got a better workout at the gym today than my legs!

It was one of those days, I was pumped to workout! Mentally and physically prepared. Grandma was even watching my 3 youngest and so not worries about time constraints. But, I got to the gym and spent way too much time talking instead of working out. I still did part of my workout here it is:

bike warm up 5 min

squats 2 sets warm up w/ bar

95 warm up to failure

3×10 of 135 low, slow, focus on butt

5-6 sets of smith lunges all but the last one with 90#

4 sets of butt squats with #90,3×70#

5 sets of calves



1 set of roman chair knee ups

I really needed to do about twice as much as this, only because I am “buffing” right now and am getting in such good shape that I am not even tired from this 🙁

ONCE again I must say that I am very, very amazed at what a person is capable of when they challenge their body to its limits. Where does the height of person’s fitness level end?? I want to find it. I am in the best shape of my life at 30 after having 4 kids and only spending 1-1.5 hours a day working out!!! Imagine what I could have done as a twenty year old, if I knew then all I know now!



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