1000! members in our BuffMother! yahoo group

Whoohooo! I am so excited! We have almost reached 1000 members in our Yahoo! group. I am so excited. It is unreal how many mother’s have the passion to be BUFF- God Bless them all!

So of course I had a great workout today. I feel much better after my day off yesterday.

Bench press:

45 warm up

95wide x10

95 x12



105 wide x10

Hammer bench press:


Incline smith press:

50 slowx12x3sets

French press (tri extensions):


Pec Flys:


Cable Tricep push downs:



100×10 squeeze hard

Abs in between almost all sets of lifts:

3 sets on the decline (2nd set holding a 25)

3 sets of knee ups on bench- 25front/10side/10 side

3 sets of knee ups on roman chair 25 to failure

I am going to run sprints here at 6:00

5 min warm up

10 of them hard with for 16-17 sec each 1.5 min recovery between

I had a ton of salt last night (beef jerky and fajita meat) plus my hammies are still sore from my legs on MONDAY! SO, I weighed 130, but by Saturday it should be close to 126. My legs look a lot smaller now that the Creatine is out of them, UNREAL!

Have a great night!




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