What do I eat???

Workout, Workout, Workout!

Eat, Eat, Eat!

Why workout if you don’t eat right?

Why eat right if you don’t workout?

The importance of both components are vital and honestly doing one right will lead to doing the other right. The key to being successful in your quest for buffness is learning how to eat pre-workout and post workout and to time your supplements for optimal effectiveness.

Pre-workout eating:

You need to feed your body correctly so that you are not wasting the hour you spend at the gym. If you don’t eat correctly before your workout you will not be able to workout hard enough to get the results you deserve. I consider this meal very vital to anyone who truly wants to rebuild a struggling metabolism. However, if you decided to work out on an empty tank you will most likely feel some if not all of these symptoms during your workout:

1. working out is painful

2. you have no energy

3. you are not be able to focus mentally

4. you have no physical or mental stamina

5. you feel sick

6. you are weak

7. you are unable to push yourself hard enough to build muscle

The term for all of these symptoms is to “bonk”, which basically means you do not have enough glycogen in your body for it to perform. It is an exercise in futility!

Post workout eating:

If you don’t eat correctly after your workout there can be all kinds of consequences:

  • You will not feel good.
  • You will not have the energy and nutrients you need to repair your body.
  • Your immune system will become depressed, ultimately causing illness.
  • You will be lifeless for the rest of your daily activities.
  • You will blame your workout for your lack of energy and possibly cause you to miss future workouts.

Timing your Eating is so vital to your success!

Here are 2 Separate  examples of what I eat pre and post workout along with the supplements I often take…

Day 1 example:

Workout time 10:00 am

Up at 7:30 am: drink water and take 2 BSN Nitrix

Pre-workout meal: 1-1.5 hours before workout

Ultramet meal replacement or 6oz. OJ mixed with Vanilla Whey protein and 2-3 cups of coffee

It is important to note that I am not a big breakfast eater. Liquid meals work great for me in the morning. I make sure to have a carbohydrate in my pre-workout meal so that I have glucose in my bloodstream.

Post workout

Immediately take NO2 supplement

Go home and take Creatine punch (carb)

2 cups frozen asparagus stir-fry cooked in the microwave topped with ¼ cup cashews and sweet and sour flavored tuna

Day 2 Example:

Workout time 5:30 pm

Pre-workout meal: 1.5 to hour before workout

Oatmeal and nectar protein shake in water

Or Salmon salad on a 6 whole wheat crackers, 1 cup of mixed veggies

*note if I am running late I make sure to at least have a carb, like a banana or cereal bar

The key here is to eat early enough so your food has digested and you have glucose in your bloodstream so you can lift effectively.

Post workout

Immediately take NO2 supplement

Go home and take Creatine punch (carb)

Have a protein shake

Then feed the kids

8:00 pm supper

Large spinach and romaine salad with olives, a little cheese, almonds, a few croutons, carrots, real ranch dressing and a grilled chicken breast or steak.

The key to this is pattern what you are eating every day so that you are fueled for your workout. Your results will be more dramatic and come much faster if you make sure to give your body the fuel it needs to workout hard and recover quickly. It is also important to note that my supplement use varies depending on my goals. This represents my current supplement routine for muscle “building”.



468 Replies to “What do I eat???

  1. I will try to head to your standards but with little cash flow. Slow summer. BUT this makes PERFECT sense!

  2. For my workouts, I bike to the gym, 40 minutes eack way. As soon as I get to the gym, I have a Myoplex Lite Protein shake. Then I hit the weights for about 40 minutes, then 40 minute bike ride home. As soon as I get home I have 3/4 of a cup basmati (measured cooked) with 6 oz chicken (measures cooked). I prepare it ahead of time so it’s ready for me to heat up the minute I walk in thew doow. I find between the shake, then the carbs and proteins meal when I get home, I feel great after my workouts.

  3. Thanks Michelle for the motivation and helpful hints. I’m not quite there yet, but getting closer to my 100% all in. By the way, how do you find the time with little ones?

  4. Michelle….I just did a great upper body workout. Hey, when are you going to do an exercise DVD?

  5. The reading was very motivating today, thank you for all your work, computer can be time consuming as we all know, but you are helping lots of people. Thank you.

  6. this is great.. thanks 🙂 I don’t always pay attention to what I eat before I workout… will be curious to see what results I get now!

  7. Well, I had a great workout (back/bi’s/shoulders and intervals) but my body is feeling it! Working on my protein and water intake….should be better, but better than it was!

  8. Cool Beans!! It works….now there’s a face with a name! It was really easy to do everyone. Thanks Michelle for all your support!!

  9. I just picked 2 quarts of blueberries from my bushes & plan on using them in a shake 🙂 Workouts been going good. Michelle how heavy are your dumbells that you use on a regular basis??? Do you change them often. I am finding it a little to easy & think I should up it a notch.

  10. Hey Malynda, great questions.
    Early morning workouts are an interesting situation. Overnight your liver has released it’s stored glucose into your body~ refueling your glucose stores. So when you first wake up your body is FULL of glucose and it’s not as vital that you eat a meal prior to your workout.
    You ARE getting in quite a few good ore-workout carbs with your NO Explode (BTW- I’ve been taking that recently and really like it!!), so you are perfectly fine to keep up that routine. Also your post workout protein is GREAT…and also your eggs and oatmeal 🙂
    you seem to be doing everything right.
    But I have 1 question for you to consider…do you get hungry quickly after your eggs/oats? if yes…you may want to opt for at least a couple yolks with your eggs (whole eggs). I eat whole eggs and feel the nutrients and fat in the yolk are vital to my satiety, health and not to mention my long hair, lol!
    Keep up the GREAT job!!

  11. well…i stay away from artificial sweeteners due to many reasons…a couple which are stomach irritation and cellulite…the toxins in the sweeteners make cellulite look worse!

  12. Hey look at you!! are you on vacation in your pic?
    Good job on upping your water and protein!!!

  13. well..the DB’s I use are on a per-exercise basis for the most part. when I workout at home…
    I use my 15’s a lot for shoulder stuff.
    But mostly I trend towards using my 25’s and 30’s for most at home exercises. I also have a bench, bowflex and squat rack~ so I use more than just DB’s.

    Be sure you are challenging yourself~ Challenge =Change!!

  14. I’ll be putting some “videos” out soon~ thanks for the suggestion and encouragement!!!

  15. Great workout today as usual. Back to work tomorrow, boohoo, and working all weekend. Having to work my training around my new job, it’s very hard when I’m tired from work, I’m running around all day. But I always try to get something in. And I always stay hydrated at work, it’s very hot in the kitchen and it makes it worse if you are dehydrated as well. Thanks for all the info Michelle. x

  16. Did chest and tris yesterday and I only went to do cardio (my second of the day), but the weights called me. Felt a bit crappy earlier because I had dropped carbs very low yesterday (which is what I have done to lose the 70 pounds I lost so far), but now that I’m more serious about lifting (I want to compete in BBing) I feel like I need the carbs to get the energy to lift properly and not feel like a bump on a log through the day. Can you tell me about NO supplements? For a while i was taking a load of supps, but didn’t know why so I dropped them all but the protein and multi. NO sounds interesting, please explain. Thx!

  17. I don’t really have time or find time anywhere…I make time. I have my fitness as a priority over many other activities. It’s “my” time to escape it all and stay sane!

  18. It’s so hard to eat right, especially when nobody else around you does. But I love what you said about why workout if you don’t eat right, why eat right if you don’t workout? It’s like trying to sew with only a needle, or only the thread. You need both to piece together a healthy life.

  19. Thanks for the info on eating. Something I really struggle with. Do your powders have a lot of sugar in them? I’m finding I need to stay away from all sweets or I just go crazy….

  20. Thanks I have my workouts down but I am struggling with eating properly. I will probably be focusing on eating to fuel my life and not to satisfy my tastebuds (which really like sugar and beer) the most these 40 days.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas…pre-workout today is a protein shake – RTD. Post I will have a turkey burger with ww bun, lettuce, tomato, and 1tbs of bbq sauce. yummmy!

  22. I’m working on the eats! But with vacation coming up in 2 days I will make no promises for that week LOL. 🙂

  23. Thank you for sharing your meal plans; I’m Cambodian and I tend to eat my dinners in the AM (like rice and soup or eggs) only because I’m use to it *Lol…IDK but it keeps me full and gives me energy!!!

  24. Thank you for this post today. I think eating properly is the hardest thing for me to do. I will try to stay away from the fast food and eat more veggies.

  25. I miss my workout yesterday, but can’t wait to workout today after work .. it’s going to be great. Thanks Michelle for your amazing motivation!! Happy Day #4!

  26. Day Four is coming along nicely. My run this morning was awesome. However, I am noticing that I’m increasing my mileage I’m getting more and more hungry. How can I cope with this? Any ideas…

  27. THANKS for sharing the details of your day- great to compare and make some improvements on mine!

  28. I taught 2 zumba classes today and made it to the gym for a hard core back/chest workout, and I am very pleased with myself!

  29. Hey, girl!!! Glad to see you workin’ it!!! You still need to come work out with me!!!!!!

  30. Ooooo, lots of good information! I love the science behind all the nutrition. I don’t get into all the shakes and punches. Is that ok? What would be a good alternative to the NO2 and the creatine?

  31. Love all the information!! Life got in the way of my workout and diet today. Not too bad but I did manage to take my vitamins. Now for a good night’s sleep so I can get backon track tomorrow!!

  32. Michelle, I tried your leg workout yesterday. I enjoyed it and I want to be as buff as you are! I am not up to 135 on leg extensions yet, but it’s a goal to reach. Do you have any tips for building up the gluteal muscles?

  33. Last night at dinner, I was soooo hungry that I “skipped” measuring my food. Whelp, this morning there it was on the scale – 1/2 pound! Michelle! I will try your watermelon/water trick tonight so this won’t happen again. Thanks for the inspiration…

  34. I started adding vanilla protein (liquid) to my coffee. Really helps getting my protein up. Thanks for the great advice!

  35. man…it’s hard for me to tell unless I see a picture of you and know more about where you are at with your weight. But if you are within 25 of competition weight you should be able to do it!!! I started training hard for my first show in October/Novemeber of 2003 and was stage ready in March of 2004…so that’ was about 4-5 months.
    I bet you can do it!!

  36. I don’t “have to” do that ever. I workout as a part of my life…my kids see it as a part of our day~ I used the gym daycare a lot when they were little… it was good for us all to get out of the house and interact with others.

  37. I agree…we can always improve! I agree with the fat~ I eat quite a bit of fat and it doesn’t make me fat 🙂

  38. I am a totally ruled by my workouts…if I don’t workout my diet falls apart. For me workouts come first and then diet follows!

  39. the pill form needs to be taken on an empty tummy…my tummy is not empty prior to a workout.

    NO-explode is a powder form~ that is designed to take prior to a workout. BUT it is also very effective POST workout. I just posted in my blog today about the fact I don’t do well with taking creatine products (NO-explode is a creatine product) prior to workouts~ so I most often take them post workout.

  40. Hey…I just want to point out….that 1/2 pound is not the “result” of one poor meal. the scale has a mind of its own sometimes water fluctuations are more to blame and a half pound is nothing to read into…remember that.

    BUT also remember to watch your portions and NOT skip meals

  41. I don’t know of alternatives to creatine and NO2…all I know is that I am on both right now and am seeing GREAT gains in my muscle and well being. I think they are both great supplements and well worth using from time to time. I am all about staying young and I think these supplements help me do that!

  42. you are burning more calories so you may need to up your food intake a bit~
    Personally I keep my cardio to a minimum so that I don’t get hungry and tired from it. that’s why I focus on doing harder more intense shorter cardio sessions in the form of intervals.

  43. Going to eat healthy today, had cerial and yogurt so far. Cant wait to have my baby so I can get back to training, have had a week off now and feeling restless!

  44. good!! I am glad you are now eating before your workouts!! it does make a difference for sure!!

  45. I take them because they help my body recover from my workouts. the basis on how they work is that they increase the ability of cells to hold water…and water in cells is what carries nutrients…so the more nutrients the better our muscles recover from workouts. You can read my article about creatine here:

  46. Eat clean – easier said than done. Most meals are good, but dinner time is another thing all together. Goal for today is to eat every meal clean.

  47. Thanks Malynda and Michelle — I work out at 5am, too, and was wondering how to structure meals. I actually eat 1/2 banana before — it seems to give me a little more energy.
    What is “PB”? Malynda said she had this with her oatmeal. Peanut Butter?
    Also, I saw that Michelle uses Nectar shake — can you add this directly to oatmeal? Have you tried? is it good? thanks!

  48. Totally agree both elements are vital – nutrition and workouts both must be solid if you want to succeed. Food is fuel. If you don’t eat right you can’t fuel your workouts and if you don’t push in the gym then you won’t grow!

  49. My diet is on point so far. Yay me! I did not want to work out yesterday but I pushed myself to do something. I did a light upper body and abs workout. :o)

  50. Thanks so much for the meal plans! Im going to start adding whey to my meals. Thanks again!!!

  51. Thanks = great info. I see that you take the NO2 supplement after your workout – aren’t they designed to be taken before a workout?

    I’m off to do a tabata style bodyweight workout!

  52. On my way out to get my workout in! Thanks for the tips Michelle, I am fueled up and ready to go:)

  53. Well, I’m very sad I missed a blog day but was passing a kidney stone…I hope it still counts that I WANTED to get up and blog but just couldn’t…Thanks for the great tips, Michelle! And I agree 100% on staying away from artificial sweetners-I suffered Aspartame poisoning several years back from breathmints, I looked horrible, felt horrible, and it took me nearly a year to recover.

  54. Fortunately water has never been a problem for me. I love water, there’s nothing more refreshing. But I LOVE your quote, “Why workout if you don’t eat right? Why eat right if you don’t workout?” This has been me for TOO long! Time to make a change!

  55. Water was not easy for me… But I am now drinking more and more eveyday. Lemon and lime make it tasty!

  56. This is great information. I have found that in the past, if I don’t eat right and have no carb pre workout, I get a bad headache later.

  57. Michelle,
    Very good that you shared some eating tips. I think the two major obstacles people have to seeing change is not challenging themselves enough in their workouts and their eating!! I’ve recently adjusted my eating although I used to love my diet!! You can always tweak things! I was eating mostly lean protein, veg, fruits with a few carbs & fats. Now I eat slightly more carbs-mostly in the form of beans. I found that I needed more fiber and wasn’t getting enough. I too am a big believer in having a small amount of fat with each meal.
    Thanks for the good information.

  58. Fabulous tip about adding flavor to water! I’m going to try a different one each day! Thanks for all the great tips about nutrition. What do you do when you have to work out really early before the little ones wake up?

    Today: 2 mile run, 1 mile walk.

  59. Love to enter a contest – Michelle…will December give me enough time to train if I start now? That’s about 4 -5 months away…

    Thanks for your help!

    ~ Eva

  60. Yebe Mate is a great tea to have as well. It supports the adrenal function and gives you sustained energy without the jittery feeling of caffeine or stimulants. Thanks for the info Michelle.

  61. Correction: *Yerba Mate
    Also, I had an Avatar Yesterday! Don’t know what happened to it today?

  62. Really enjoyed that article. You know that I work out extremely early in the a.m. Michelle and I have just in the last few months started eating before. It makes a world of difference. Thanks so much.

  63. PB can be “personal best” or peanut butter LOL!
    I’ve never added the nectar to oatmeal…one to try adding to anything is ON (Optimum Nutrition) ANY WHEY~ its rather tasteless.

  64. Happy Friday to Everyone!!! I hope you all had a good first week on this path of fitness we are one. I agree, I have found that if I eat bad or not enough before my workout I can feel it. I am also drinking 1 gallon of water now a day and I feel so much better. ;o)

  65. yikes. getting in here late today! went out to dinner w/my family last night as it was the 2nd anniversary of my Daddy’s passing in to Glory…

    had an incredible leg WO this morning then did 4 sets of 12 box jumps at my DSs football WO.

    I don’t get to be online over the weekend, so i will miss posting until Monday; boo hoo for me!

  66. This is a really great motivator!! Reading about everyone else is keeping me going. Thanks to everyone. 🙂

  67. Thanks for the advice! Now, I get why I hurt so bad and have had low energy. I will try to get better at this. I figure its a life time thing I need to do for me. BTW the goofy grin on my pix is for my sons. And I never take a pix without sunglasses. ( Self esteem is not my thing) Working on that too!

  68. Thanks for the post today, I tend to eat healthy things but just not in ways, or timing that my body will get most out of them. I do like to put lemon, lime, oranges, and cranberry in my water. I am going to try the cucumber that sounds interesting. I have been drinking my weight in water last couple days and I do feel more energetic actually.

  69. thanks for the post today, this has been a problem for me. I’m very active with my cycling and working out at the gym. I’m finally convinced that I need to fuel with the right amount of food. I have a tendency to not eat enough…sometimes it hard to get ride of an old mindset as too many calories = too much weight….I’m learning

  70. I could agree more with your meals. I have a question – why do you take BSN Nitrix & NO 2 Supplements. I believe in supplements but I have never tried those. Please clarify what makde you use them and why you chose the times you take them.

  71. I drink plenty of lemon water or water with cucumbers daily. I am however guilty of getting on the treadmill in the morning without eating. I have always done this on an empty stomach. Never had any problems with zapped energy or concentration but I am not adverse to trying to eat before hand. Great tips. Thanks for this forum!

  72. Thanks for the awesome tips Michelle. I was just discussing this very topic last night with a friend. I wasn’t sure on if I had to eat both before and after, or just before or just after. So anyway, thanks for clearing that up!!! 😉 50 minutes of cardio done today and I ate 1.5 hours prior and about minutes after I had a shake. My workouts was a little weak today though because I didn’t eat a whole lot yesterday…

    Will the way we eat on a certain day affect the next day’s workout??????

  73. Drink more water! I was doing so good there for awhile that if I didn’t have my water bottle w/me at all times, I was constantly thirsty.

    I can finally say I did my entire workout before posting here! Took about 30 minutes to walk up Kennesaw Mountain (very challenging) w/my kids, then came home and did a simple weight workout — ~ five exercises, two sets each — boosting!

  74. Friday is usually my “Bad” day. No workout but we all need a day or two of rest. Worked out Monday-Thursday. I have a 5k in the morning. Wish me luck!

  75. Day 4 still sick with flu,made it thru 7-1/2 hours of work(good that no one else in office today) no food no workout, oh please let me be better tomarrow

  76. I carry water with me all the time! I usually use a reusable water bottle and keep it flowing:) Had a 40min ss cardio day with 2 sets of 25 each leg walking lunges post cardio…and lots of abs between the sets!

  77. Great info again Michelle!

    Luckily water is not usually a problem for me. I aim for 160 oz if not more a day. Plus I’ll drink 2 cups of green tea a day as well.

  78. i love crystal light but water and lemon is good too. On my way to the gym doing back and some cardio! Thanks for the info on your eats it really helps.

  79. I was so exhausted today, I did not feel like going to the gym. I did not sleep well last night so after my all day workshop I wanted to go home and sleep. I need to find a way around this or my workouts will suffer. I am trying to find a balance between spending time with my children, my career, and working out. I have to get it in.

  80. Thanks Michelle for such great posts! It really helps to hear what you are doing; keeps us inspired. I did a great sweat filled cardio bootcamp this morn. Also worked the glutes like crazy; whew…very sore.

    have a lovely weekend. I’m going to sign in tomorrow, but going away Sunday and not sure if I’ll get online. But I will try my best!

  81. I know exactly what I need to do and I get affirmation of that knowledge from everywhere. My problem is I just haven’t been able to follow the clean diet for more than a few weeks. Actually during the week I do great. It’s the weekend where I completely blow a whole weeks worth of work in the gym and kitchen. I was anorexic in the past so my head is all messed up. It takes 40 days to create a new habit and I know that I will do it this time.

  82. Is there any other drink. I love my h2o. Its a pain when you go out with friends and you order a water. Why don’t you have a soda (or a piece of cake, a load piece of bread ect. ), one wont kill you. Im sure that is something that none of us have heard. Its still a pain. Its encouraging to know there are others out there who enjoy the good ole h20!!!

  83. This is so great Michelle! Food is the key to success….as I have discovered. Thanks for doing this. These are such great reminders:)

  84. I’ve always been afraid of Creatine because I’ve heard it puts water in your muscles… Amazing the lies that are around. I have started drinking GNC’s NO Amplified and it does give me a pump, but it also makes me nauseaus. It has Creatine in it, and I’ve been told the Creatine can make people sick. Anyone else have this issue?

  85. I can’t take Creatine so I don’t. I really really loved the energy it gave me for my workout but it made me crazy thirsty & then by the end of the day anxious feeling. I have heard that there are different kinds to try but I am not using it.

  86. For years I pounded the treadmill on an empty stomach…now I am learning more about food and viewing it as fuel rather than the enemy I am starting to get results and feel so much better for it!

  87. Thanks for the little tips on making water a little more enjoyable–at times i crave something a little more bold–but flavored teas and fruits can make a big difference.

  88. Thanks for the information on food and supplements. I have missed the connection before and my workouts weren’t as effective.

  89. Great tip!! I normally workout on an empty stomach, but followed your tip and had a much better workout.

  90. Thanks for the sample plan. Its a great example of how we need to feed the muscle to lose the fat.

  91. Okay, I forgot to put my name on my day 3, so it went as annonymous. Again , I pretty much struggled this week with workin out because of the monthly thing, but I’m sure I’ll get back into things after this is over. However my meal planning has been going great. I am paying more attention to the actual serving size, reading labels and planning my meals out.

  92. I will definitely try to eat before I work out. I have always worked out on an empty stomach if it is first thing in the AM in fear of getting cramps.

  93. eating right is the hardest thing. thanks for the reminder re: enough protein.

    baby at the e.r. all night. thank God she is okay. tired. hoping to get a workout in later tonight. hubby comes home next week!

  94. one more thing:

    greatful to God for legs that can run, lungs that can breathe, eyes that can see, ears that can hear and heart that can love.

    let us use all that we are blessed with. keep going.

  95. So it does have weird effects on people. This GNC stuff I’m using has so many different ingredients, but I bet it is the Creatine that is making me sauseaus. Have you found anything else you like for pre/during workout?

  96. I was surprised at the strain my Health Rider put on my legs last night. I haven’t used it for several years, and it used to be so easy. Today I played basketball, got 30 minutes of weight training, and 45 minutes of yardwork. I actually looked forward to the weight training. Tomorrow I will rest.

  97. Didn’t get a chance to workout today. My son had a baseball tournament. I did take my own snacks & had plenty of water:) I also made sure not to just sit in my chair the whole time!

  98. EEK! I didn’t check email at all yesterday! So I am a day late, but yesterday… I did 35 min on the arc trainer, 150 crunches, planks, boat pose (general core stuff). Today? I haven’t workouted but I WILL!

  99. In Hershey PA today the kids and I had a lite breakfast and then off to tour some attractions. We visited the Hershey Gardens, very beautiful did a lot of walking around everything was very beautiful, then off to Hershey chocolate world to tour how they process and make their chocolate. Did really good only had one small sample. After linking up with Jere we walked though the Hershey story museum. If any of you get a chance to go to Hershey it is really worth it.

  100. Day 4! did some hiking and climbed 1048 stairs up a mountain! it was fun! had lots of water, and a good recovery meal! im in the boosting phase so now time for some rest..lol

  101. As previously mentioned,it was weekend here in South-Africa. I started fresh today! Had a clean breakfast and snack. Promise to drink all my water today!!It is so chilly here, it is still winter time,but I will,promise!

  102. Big core session tonight.. I do find that I am STARVING in the mornings when I’m more active.. Love the tip about eating early enough to have glucose in the bloodstream. I read somewhere that you have a great workout after you eat raisins???

  103. I need to cut the carbs and up the greens! My goal this week is to eat cleaner everyday…Thanks for the motivation Michelle!

  104. Eating right is almost more important than the workout!! I try everyday. I usually eat clean until……..after work and I’m tired!!!

  105. I always take my protien with me to the gym, and drink it as im walking out the door,, Then within 2 hours, I eat something.. I really thing the improtance of suppporting your workout is huge.. WHy build muscle if youdont support them.. MY fault ti during the day,, i love food,, and of course the kind thats not good for me.. Im like 75% on key with my food.. I just have to figure out how to get the rest of the way there.

  106. It always bothers me when people who do workout say that they do so they can eat whatever they want… I don’t think it really works that way! By only wokring out to stay in shape, I guess you could negate some of the harm done by bad foods, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to eat what ever you want.

  107. Thanks for the pre-and post-workout advice. I have been struggling with the nutrition component. I have felt tired and I am usually not eating enough. This week along with making sure I eat enough protein I will plan for the pre and post. Thanks!

  108. Its been a rough weekend, but looking forward to the week a head. Back to Dragonboat racing too!

  109. sounds like a good meal plan. do you follow the idea that you should eat every 2-3 hours, for a total of 5-6 small meals per day?

  110. This is the part that totally frustrates me the most. I eat pretty good so Im not too worried about that, it is which protein to drink, which supplements to take for me and my body type and my end results. Grrr… I do just a protein powder now and vitamins, but I never know how much protein to take in…. Someday maybe I will figure alot of it out.

  111. great tips! Today is my rest day. My muscles need it. I will focus on my eating and water intake over the weekend. Thanks Michelle

  112. do you work out two times every day? or is that an example of what you do in the evenings if you can’t make it in the morning?

  113. Thank you for the clarification on your workout schedule. And thank you for the tips on what to eat and when.

    My 3 child (all girls) is almost 10 months old and I have been in the 150 – 155 pound weight range for more than 6 months. I would really like to get down on my weight and lose the fat that sticks on the hardest – “the love handles”. Do you have any tips for losing the fat in this area?

    You mentioned that your ideal weight is 125, so you eat 125g of protein per day. How do you tell what your ideal weight is? I am only 26 and am the same height as you, but I cannot seem to get the scale to go below 150.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you for all your help.

  114. Eating clean, feeling lean, Michelle your program is turning me into a machine! Yay!
    Thanks for putting it all together and making it available to all the rest of us out there still looking for the answers. Your advice is somewhat more helpful that Stallones- he said; “I eat something with a face and a pile of green next to it”!

  115. I ran outside today–haven’t done that in awhile! I must admit, I prefer the treadmill! I need to focus on food–so many temptations! Ahhh!!!

  116. Hey Lora, I have a small frame and LONG limbs…so 125 for me is just about perfect. However for my height the average healthy weight is about 10 pounds heavier. the rule of thumb is this- 100 pounds for 5 feet then add 5 pounds for every inch. If you are 5-6 a good goal is 130…hope that helps.
    As for your goals, keep your protein high and calories in check. Challenge your body with your workouts and you will attain your goals soon!!!

  117. Good Morning,

    I have been working out at 5 a.m. before work every morning. I wake up at 4:45 with everything ready to go. I am finding it hard to figure out what to eat before my workout. Is it ok to drink a protein shake 30 mn. before my workout?

  118. Day 4: Went to the Gym :
    did 3 reps of chest, shoulders and triceps after 12 minute warmup on bike.
    I’ve already had 40 g protein today!
    I’m already noticing results in my mood and energy levels!

  119. Food, food, food. I have such busy days that just remembering to eat is always a feat. Since I have so many things to do, I make sure to carry a cooler with me. I fill it with small quick things to eat, protein bars, water, and always a pre and postworkout snack. It is very important to fuel the body so it can perform its best and look great for you!

  120. You will blame your workout for your lack of energy and possibly cause you to miss future workouts.

    That explains alot. Can’t wait for the book so I can map this all out.

  121. Upper and lower body workout done. Then went out an did a 2 mile run. It was a beautiful day.

  122. Hit the gym late and went right to bed when I got home. It feels good to have a routine down and be able to take my son with me and know that he can play and I can do something for myself at the same time. Hard time of month for me though…..craving a lot of sweets! I need to stay focused. I am really concentrating on my water intake.

  123. This is cool that you just posted…I have really been working on planning and timing my meals just right…I hope my “experimenting” works out the right way!!! 🙂 Thanks!!

  124. I had been wondering about diet as well. I have worked out the past 6 days, so today is my off day. I may have overdone the elliptical yseterday because I am so tired today. I should be back to it tomorrow though.

  125. Day 4 for me. It was a good cardio day, with upper body workout… Did yoga for an hour before my gym session, and gosh that felt great!! I’m on NO explode pre-workout, and whey protein for post-workout. I’ve read about L-Glutamine, which is also highly recommended in your programme. May I know which brand are you using, and when is it best to start off with this? (e.g. on day-7, etc?)

    Many thanks Michelle. Bless you!!! xxx

  126. Day 4 for me 🙂

    Been so busy today I didn’t get my cardio in. Tomorrow is my off day so I am going to do it tomorrow and have today off. (I feel like I need it anyway)

    Love the article. I have been thinking about seeing if there are any local competitions. I never really thought about it before until readying on here about them but I really think I would love to do something like that. It would have to be one that is next year because I am not anywhere near where I need to be for something like that but it is in my head and I am seriously interested in learning more informaton about it and seeing where my body gets to and how quickly it takes.


  127. Thanks for the tips Michelle!!! I’m just wondering-why the NO2 after your workout-I was under the impression that you were supposed to take it before your workout????
    Great workout again today-30 minutes of intervals on the bike and treadmill followed by abs.

  128. Day 4!

    I worked out today and then sat in a meeting for three hours. Not a good combo. I was stiff and sore from sitting so much. I am going to have to plan meeting on day offs if I can. I am proud of myself I am have not got on the scale yet! Thanks

  129. In order for NO2 pills to absorb and digest they need to be taken on an EMPTY tummy…It’s not good to workout on an empty tummy.
    You are probably thinking NO-EXPLODE, which is sold as a PREWORKOUT drink…it’s basically creatine NOT the NO2 I am referring to.

  130. That early in the morning it’s tough…I’d suggest a glass of juice and wait on the protein until AFTER your workout.

  131. Still very sore from Monday’s work out, but I still worked out on Tuesday and today is active rest. I have to say I am very happy for that!! 🙂
    I am drinking more water (up to 4 16oz now, which is very good for me) and eating lots of greens before my work outs. I have a homemade protein shake afterward. (3/4 cup egg white , 6 frozen strawberries, 4 tbsp yogurt. then blend on smoothie setting….Yummy!!)

  132. Great info! Thanks Michelle. I have been focusing on my eats, so this helps me get an idea of how I need to fuel up for exercising. I am bad about doing it on an empty tank. I will be lifting upper body this afternoon. I am so excited because I haven’t lifted in quite a while. It will feel good to be back on track no matter how light I have to start out at. Yea me!

  133. great tips, Some of this I didn’t even realize. I am eager to get started on the book when it arrives so I can be better prepared.

  134. I will be trying to eat before my workout. I never eat before I work out and I have such a hard time building muscle. Maybe this is the trick. Thanks!

  135. I will make sure to drink my supplements afterwards. I was just using them as a meal replacement. Thanks for the tip. I did day one of your suggested weekly workout. Got through everything but the 2×20 knee lifts. I think I may be doing something wrong. But everything else felt great.

  136. cool to hear you are rockin’ it!! those knee ups will get easier– You can start with one leg at a time 🙂

  137. My favorite stand-by l-glutamine is the pure powder version by EAS brand…the way i take it is to dump the 5g scoop into my mouth and then chase it down with water.

  138. I think many people feel horrible in there workouts because of low blood sugar during workouts~ keep up the great focus on building muscle, you’ll love the results!!

  139. I don’t like lifting with food in my tummy but after about an hour it’s usually moved along far enough to not cause a problem. 🙂

  140. Can you suggest a good Glutamine to take. I am always sore after my workouts (mostly legs) and heard that is good to relieve the soreness. There are so many out there. Not sure if they put sweeteners, preservatives, etc. in it, if so, would like to avoid any of that. Is there one without those ingredients?

  141. Thanks for the timing hints! I was getting a little worried I was eating to close to my workout times but it looks like I am not.

  142. I am motivated today, lots of cleaning to do, floor workouts by scrubbing! Planning on cardio this afternoon and some more arms and abs tonight!! Love the tip on the water, I’ve also squeezed a bit of orange instead of lemon, little sweeter yes but still motivating to drink it!

  143. Hi Michelle,
    It’s day 4 for me and I’m happy with how things are going! I am sore all over.. but not hurt, so it’s good. I have a trainer and told her that I want to focus on building muscle and she is fantastic about it, so lots of challenging lifting! I have a blood sugar issue, which I bet many people have and don’t even realize – hyperglycemia, which means I MUST have protein and complex carbs (only) before a workout, or I could find myself feeling ill or even dizzy. One good thing about this problem is that it forces you to eat well. Anyway, hope you have an awsome weekend!!

  144. I hav a water tip, got it in the maldives where they know how to keep you cool!! blend whatever fruit takes your fancy, make ice cubes of it and put 3 cubes in a glass of water (i like 3 different flavoured cubes in 1 glass) it makes a beautifull cool and tasty glass of water as the flavour keeps changing as the cubes melt.

    On day 4 and things go well, bit sore from working out yesterday but i like that feeling 🙂 Im gonna look into your hormonal timing explanation as im at an ennoying time of the month right now … hate this feeling but im on a mission so not giving in 🙂

  145. Hi Michelle!
    Missed my post yesterday, but did upperbody, abs and interval walking running on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I’ve got my whey protein, vanilla which is yummy with milk! I’m watching my carb intake and eating more fruits and veggies. I did my ‘before’ measurements and pics too. I’m pumped! Thanks for your advice so far!!

  146. Day 4 and its a work in progress…but you are such a motivation. and now my coworkers have added and extra incentive, they are paying me to reach my goal. I want to work on increasing my water intake. I love water but I needed to drink my coworkers do not believe you can get fit in 40 days …I can’t wait to show them!!!! keep the tips coming

  147. Think PROETIN AND GREENS when you eat out~ I usually substitute and extra greens for any carbs that comes with my food.

  148. I hardly ever workout more than once a day. I don’t like feeling like I am working out all the time.
    The examples listed are just that examples.
    I think we all struggle with being consistent…when really value the results that eating healthy, drinking water and exercising give- consistency follows.
    Keep getting after it!!

  149. Do you work out twice a day or once…were you just giving us the examples for two different times when people might work out. I work out around 5:30 so I have tried figuring out what to do before hand. I take a pre-workout drink that helps with stamina…it’s call Fuzion K-AKG3, it’s caffeine free. I really like it because I can notice it does help me last longer. However, if I don’t eat something the whole time I am thinking about food! I am a special education behavior teacher so sometimes I find it hard to keep up on my water intake and making sure I am eating at the right times because I have been known to restrain a student for an entire hour. So it’s just about getting into the habit of drinking water and also keeping up with going to the store! That’s my biggest trouble is keeping up with going to the store and getting the right foods!

  150. Thanks for the information. This is really helpful. I was always torn between feeling the need to eat after a workout and not wanting to replace all those calories I just burned.

  151. I go to the gym at 5 am so I rarely have more than coffee prior to working out. I will at least take a protein shake from now on.

  152. Michelle, I am currently taking noshotgun and no synlasizse would u recommend me taking the NO2 instead or are they good? Thanks so much for your time. 🙂

  153. Just worked out and ate the correct type of food 1.5 hours before as suggested. What a difference that made! I was able to push myself to lift more than usual. I think I have been working out on an empty tank and “bonking” for years and didn’t realize. Thanks again Michelle!

  154. Enjoy and learned again from you Michelle…i am now trying to learn to be a bit selfish so i can stick to and apply more of your advice. Thanks….Cynthia

  155. day 4…had cottage cheese and cantalope for breakfast. after my workout i will have a protein drink.

  156. So only drink creatine AFTER workouts? The package says to drink it before, and also take some after if I weigh over 125lbs. What do think Michelle?

  157. Oh…so overwhelmed with what supplements to buy! I read the daily article and i seriously feel confused! Right now i currently take a creatine serum before workouts and a whey low carb protein shake after workouts…

  158. Day 4 – Today was supposed to be my cardio day..I didn’t work out today and I ate bad things all day… will definitely push myself harder.. Will do an extra hour of cardio

  159. I’m not a breakfast person either so I have a protein shake in the morning Bought some Smart Water yesterday.

  160. Michelle I really enjoy your blog posts as they are very informative and helps me out a lot. Knowledge is Power!

  161. Is THAT why I find myself occasionally getting dizzy during the day? And during my workout??

    I’ve entered the Sexy in 70, but it’s been a crazy week and I havn’t “actually” started! I do go to the gym about 3Xper week already, stopped drinking soda in January & STILL have only dropped 3 lbs. What gives? So, the plan is to hit it hard this week, a week behind the others in contest, and hopefully start to see a change! Before pics today were quite motivating! Uggghhhh1

  162. Sounds like a good start. Do you take a good muti and calcium also?
    Those along with my HT Pills are a great BASE 🙂

  163. Why is it so hard to learn that investing time in our bodies is a SELFLESS act in the long run?

  164. I don’t like to eat before I work out bc I try to do it before my kids wake up like 5am what should I do? Also I go for a walk w.family after dinner should eat afterwards?

  165. Hi all 🙂
    Today I had scrambled eggs on toast with high protein bread then some protein shake after my workout and tonight im having steak with pepper sauce green beans and mashed sweet potatoes.Been reading your posts for ideas and inspiration well done all keep up the good work 😉

  166. I don’t take any supplements…I do take a whole food vitamin…I think as long as you eat right, then you should not have to take supplements. (nursing student)

  167. I agree ……. somewhat. I try to eat healthy, but I believe there are also nutrients that you can rarely get from our over-processed food supply. I have also found that my changing body (i.e., hormones are going crazy) may need some supplements to perform and maintain abundant life. Thanks for the encouragement!

  168. yep, food is not as nutritious as it used to be~ supplementation is a good thing and does help us to get all the nutrients we need 🙂

  169. It’s okay to workout on empty first thing in the morning- but BE SURE to refuel afterward!
    As for at night it depends on what you ate the rest of the day. You may need a little snack so you sleep better~ but a walk is not the type of “workout” I am referring to in the post- I am referring more to intense exercise.

  170. I take vitamin and mineral supplements. We really want to get into juicing with our new juicer! I can’t wait to see the new me!

  171. I love being able to eat and think it’s awesome to wake up hungry! Never before did I think I could eat so much and actually lose weight! Thanks Michelle.

  172. I start thinking about my leg workout the day prior- I tend to eat a bit more, rest from intense intervals, get extra rest, etc….
    Also I don’t do much cardio if any on leg day~ legs are HUGE Muscles and they wear me out enough without cardio.

    Also don’t be afraid to drink some gatoraid during your workout~ that helps keep glucose high!

  173. Thanks for the meal ideas, always great to have new recipies! I do have a problem ‘bonking’ during leg workouts. I’m not sure why, maybe because i have very strong legs and can really push them hard resulting me using up my fuel reserves faster than say an arm or back workout. Not entirely sure how to solve that though.. Any suggestions?

  174. What do I do if Im a 5:30 am workout person? I take my NO2 1/2 before I lift, is that OK?

  175. Thank you for reminding me how important eating right is to reaching my goals. Your examples meal times and food choices are just what I need!

  176. I think I missed day 4. My days are starting to run together. Always a challenge to try and eat every 2-3 hours when I am so busy attending meetings. But I make sure to get my clean meals in . Sometimes sneaking away from the meeting for a healthy snake.

  177. Thank you for this post! It’s great to get us motivated and stay on track. I’m looking into the supplementation also. Still working to better my food intake. I think I need to do a weekly pre-plan of my food shop to keep on track!

  178. Wow, you take a lot of supplements! I can barely afford to feed all of us a month on our grocery budget, no way to afford supplements too. Eating before and after working out is tricky for sure. Thanks for the tips on how a schedule should look, it gives me something to work toward!

  179. Thanks for the information about how to eat around our workouts. ~ I don’t know much about supplements, but am trying to learn more and decide what I might need in that area.

  180. I would like to see a couple of your daily menus also,..my problem is I am trying to cut calories but afraid to workout twice, due to the calories I have to consume. Yesterday I ate like a bird, and still consumed almost 1800….my fat macros we double what they should have been, carbs were low, protein was just right…. grrrrrrr and I tried extremely hard! We are talking PP, tuna, spinach, .5 banana, flax seed etc…I thought for sure my daily calories were going to be closer to 1500, and my fat macros would be lower after eating so clean. I have about 15-20 of body fat to loose so I really have to tighten the belt when it comes to these things. Is it just me or when you are at YOUR level you can be more flexible with you calories and macro intake??? Thanks again for your site and all the info you FREELY give to help others trying to better themselves! 😉

  181. I’m trying the 40 days to fit. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much water to drink in one day. I’m also weening myself off of soda. With all that water I only had one can of soda. I think I gained a little weight overnight from all that water, but I guess my body just needs to get used to it.

  182. Yes, your body will adjust~ You may initial hold some but as your body figures out what you are doing it’ll shed that extra water.

  183. I’d say the best way to cut cals is to cut out a meal entirely or cut portion sizes.
    You can do it!!
    and there is no need to workout more than 1 time a day.

  184. FYI! this example is 2 separate days based upon when a person would workout.
    I don’t workout more than 1 time a day and I don’t eat that much in 1 day, lol!

  185. Day 4 and still going. I look forward to your articles every morning, they really inspire me! Thanks!

  186. I really liked this article. I knew I was supposed to eat enough protein throughout the day but really didnt understand the importance of the pre and post workout meals. Thanks 🙂

  187. Glad I could help~ and trust me if you fuel your workouts they will be WAY MORE enjoyable and effective!!

  188. Just finished a new work out..!! Fun, fit and sexy..!! Loved it. Monday, back to my fitness plan for the week and planning my nutritional meals..!!

  189. After strugging with hypoglycemia, I understand the importance of carbs and protein timing. Thanks for more input!

  190. Michelle,

    I drank 112 oz of water yesterday and did a fat-burning Pilates DVD for 40 minutes. Today I have a 3 mile run planned. Tomorrow, I plan to hit the gym for strength training and then take my kids on a trail hike. Sunday wll be my long-run, maybe 5 miles. Monday will likely be an active rest day, strolling around in Phila. before going out to the Melting Pot to celebrate my birthday with my family.

    Thanks for the water tip, I usually put a capful of lemon juice in to help get it all in.

  191. things to do this week are start working out with my trainer…measure out my water daily and buy some protein and creatine. i am super excited to get this weight off!

  192. I was told that if you don’t eat before a workout, you burn more fat. So, of course I tried that. I started my workout at 6 am with no food in my stomach, and excited to burn fat. After about 10 minutes into my run I was exhausted, and sick. I had to quite right then and there. Now I realize the importance of a pre-workout meal. Thanks for the info!!

  193. Geat water advice, my favourite with that is putting slices of orange, lemon, lime and cucumber in a big jug in my fridge that way me and my family always have it. It is refreshing and an excellent detox. 🙂

  194. Wow! I am surprised to see what you eat for dinner at 8:00 p.m.! This makes me wonder if I am doing everything wrong and don’t know exactly how to eat properly to fuel my workouts for growth. I also really think I need to add some supplements to my diet. I already do the protein shake supplment twice a day, but I would like to try creatine. I think I am frustrated right now. Ugh! I will keep going! Thanks for the motivation!

  195. Thank you for the information! I did a protein shake right before my first workout last night and I felt that it really helped! I am definitely feeling the workout in the upper body today! Gearing up for a trip to the pumpkin patch this afternoon and the intervals tonight!

  196. Wow thanks so much for sharing that. I am following your book and all of your advice is fantastic I am seeing huge results!!! Thanks so so much!!!

  197. “It is an exercise in futility!”
    This just smashes away the old beliefs of exercising on empty. Great post, Michelle!

  198. Day 4: Feeling great and making my workouts count 🙂 Great post Michelle. I love my protein drinks! I am loving this challenge.

  199. I love this real life examples of what you eat Michelle. It really helps fine tune and make sense of the right way to do things.


  200. Love the email tips, I started to put lemon in warm water. Considering the weather over here, below zero, it is so much easier to get more water in.

  201. I love putting strawberries slices in my water, it’s a great change from lemon or lime. I know people that use cucumbers, I just don’t love cucumbers that much!
    This article reminds me of a quote I saw the other day “training hard but not eating right is like plowing a field and never planting seeds.”

  202. I did some weight lifting last night and it felt GREAT I enjoy this WAY more than any cardio i’ve ever done, It almost feels as though i’m getting instant results because i can feel the exact muscles that i’m using! Thanks for the motivation!

  203. Great information. I am attempting to get my meal structure correct. Every morning I am seeing something new going on with my body….i’m smiling….

  204. I found you on FB thought a friend and think you are wonderful. I do have a question. I have heard all of the benefits of coconut oil and almonds etc but, I am allergic to all tree nuts. Is there something you would recommend in place of these. I can’t seem to find any info.

  205. Hi Michelle, I was wondering, is it possible to strength train, to build a solid, cut figure (such as yours) and simutaneously train for a marathon?
    I know that many marathon runners are very thin, they don’t have a lot of muscle defenition because they run cardio so much with less strength training (usually). I love running, and want to train up to do a marathon this Spring. But I want to get in body building shape like you are. Can I do both? Your cardio times are only 20 minutes, but for marathon training you have to run a lot of miles.
    Thanks for all your help!

  206. Water and hot tea are the only beverages I drink so I’m always looking for ways to make them more exciting. I usually add lemon slices to my bottled water, shake it up and enjoy. I’ve never tried vegetables though but I definitely will now 🙂

  207. Have you seen the movie “the other guys”…the part where Will Ferrel drinks that yummy cucumber water is really funny to me!

  208. It’s very hard to combine the two, mainly because it’s hard for your body to RECOVER from that much training. Marathoners often don’t consume enough protein and they stay away from lifting heavy so that they don’t compromise their running training.
    I would say that you should train in “seasons”…Use 3-4 months as your in season for marathons followed by 3-4 months of heavy weight training and then followed up with a 3-4 month hybrid training time where you are striving to get leaner and increase your overall fitness to prepare for the upcoming marathon season.

  209. My workouts are typically at 7 am! I wake up at 5:30 It is hard for me to eat something before I go but I really try because I can tell the dif. when I don’t eat!

  210. Thank you for sending this article. I am not a big morning eater either. I can drink coffee and toast or piece of fruit and be okay. This has given me some insight on how to structure my morning meals.

  211. Thanks for the ideas on water and nutrition to aid the workout’s effectiveness. As for water flavor, another idea is to use essential oils (consumption quality of course) – lemon and peppermint are my faves.

  212. Today i am getting serious with the right foods and timing so this is great. I will also have to check out new supplements. I am fighting the big depression monster that seems to hit me before my period so i will have to dig deep to get through the workout and day. Wish me luck and thanks for the latest information!

  213. I guess I haven’t been eating enough. I eat before I workout but not right after. I will be bringing a snack with me to eat right after my workout.

  214. Wow, I didn’t realize that! I generally have a harder time working out after I’ve eaten (or so I thought)..I do take a 3oz shot of Youth Juice (7lbs of berries and vegetables) in the morning as a pre-workout drink. Followed by post-workout shake and meal. I will try adding a small breakfast before morning workouts from now on and see how I feel 🙂

  215. I have been eating before and after my workouts but it looks like I have been doing it backwards. I need more carbs pre workout and more protein after it. Im going to switch this for day 4 of my 40 days. Things are going great so far.

  216. Yeah, carbs are a bit VILLIFIED, but for a good reason…so many people get way too many and their bodies just can’t handle them, myself included. I am insulin resistant and can only have the amount of carbs I can burn daily or else I store them as fat on my belly. We need some carbs in order to perform in our life and our fitness efforts- 4-5 servings daily of 20 grams each is about the limit.

  217. I really liked the fit tip suggestions on different water options. I’m a big tea drinker! I usually use splenda in my tea, I’ve read mixed reviews on artificial sweeteners tho… Getting my diet right is a little difficult for me, I’m scared of carbs!! For years people have been saying “carbs make you fat, the quickest and easiest way to lose weight is to cut carbs” but I know they are essential. I’m just afraid of over doing it….
    And today is legs….I need my energy!

  218. OK more good advice…the fruit in the water will be good and I’ll work on eating less artificial sweetners (crystal light and others are in my daily routine). Also thanks for the meal ideas and timing information. Will help me in making my schedules for the upcoming week.

  219. I did lower body lifting yesterday and I am feeling it today! Good info on timing and what to eat pre and post workout. I was usually working out after I ate supper but I think I will change it up and try working out first and then eat my big meal after.

  220. great info… I work night shift & i usually wake up at 6pm & try to find a decent “breakfast” before i workout.. gonna try a b-fast smoothie!!

  221. I struggle with energy in my workout, so I’m going to pay more attention to my pre-workout nutrition….thanks:)

  222. Thanks, your YouTube vids also help a lot as there is stuff at home you do as well as gym like making use of chair for lunges. Not losing much weight but I can see a collarbone at last:-)

  223. Day 4….thanks for the info…am always wondering about pre workout meals AND supplementation. Don’t think I am ready to take any supplements other than protein. Haven’t worked out today, but I have worked out 5 days this week. Can’t decide whether to work out……Did not eat the best today as I had Father’s Day meal at my mother’s. I tried to do the best I could.

  224. most helpful advice, i never really grasped the pre work out and post work out meals- i tend to skimp on meals praying to loose more but end up bloating. definitely taking this tip today and trying your monday work out routine! cant wait to get to the gym!

  225. Great info. I have not been eating enough carbs before my weight lifting sessions…..that may explain why I feel so tired! Thanks for sharing.

  226. Thanks for more great information-I need to look into some of the supplements such as the No2. I’m not good at eating before a workout(early morning)so i will give this a try. thanks

  227. Its hard to stomach grains for me after going towards “primal eating” but i will try to get my carbs in a different way. Thanks for the advice.

  228. I’ve accepted that I can’t get on the scale everyday while trying to go thru a body transformation. The scale goes up and not down, and that is hard to see sometimes! I’m trying figure out the eating for muscle building and fat loss strategy. It’s a whole new ball game that I’m not used to. Your articles will definitely help me out!

  229. Hi Michelle – Do you have any thoughts on the skinny water? Also, will you please recommend a good women’s multi-vitamin? Thanks so much!

  230. Going to go work out with my boyfriend today! Hoping for a well motived workout! Thanks for the great article today!

  231. Grocery shopping today to stock up on healthy greens. Also just signed up for a month of boot camp class to get me jump started to work out.

  232. Checking in for the day. I will be buying the supplements you suggested next week. I am on a tight budget this week so will have to do without. I am trying to focus on a better diet. It’s such a process. I keep forgetting my plan and goals and eating mindlessly. Only after I have gorged on junk do I remember that made a big mistake. Planning my meals a day in advance and eating the same every day for the week is what I need. Too much variety is not a good thing for me. I overate again today. . .too many of the WRONG foods! Grr! I am also trying to focus on more veggies/fruits. If I have 5 cups of veggies and 1 cup of fruit, there may not be room for all the crap. I’ll add protein and that’s a good start. I am still not doing well, but I am doing better. PROGESS, NOT PERFECTION! Thanks Michelle! See you tomorrow!

  233. I’m glad you are honing in on your diet. Supplements help in so many ways, but if you can’t afford them, please KNOW you can do it without.
    Stay focused on PROGRESS!!

  234. I know many women love GNC’s multi..however I have a sensitive tummy and can only seem to take children’s chewable vitamins…the key is to take them consistently.
    Skinny water~ ok in small amounts- the key thing to remember is that WATER is best- anything that has extras in it may lead to toxins in your body which hampers your fat burning ability!

  235. The scale does go up and down…but that knowledge is very powerful if you use it to your benefit and keep proper perspective. Much of the fluctuations are due to your hormone levels.

  236. Having too much food in your tummy while working out can make you sluggish during your workout…enjoy trying the wo before supper.

  237. When I was packing my ‘ready to go’ gym bag last night 🙂 I also slipped in a few baggies of protein powder measured out. That way if I won’t make it home soon after my workout to eat, I can have a back-up protein shake! And way cheaper than the ones they sell at the gym.

  238. I am doing a weekend bootcamp on my own. Its awesome. Love working out. It is harder to eat right though, though I am it is just harder…

  239. Love to add lemons to my water! Did 100 lunges at the gym yesterday and it felt pretty easy, today I’ll add a little weight-going to get all 7 days in! Will be sure to have small meal preworkout then usually have protein shake after!
    Thanks again

  240. This is where I get overwhelmed…what supplements to take when. I still haven’t figured out what works for me. But, will keep researching it and will look into the supplements you suggested. There are so many varieties and brands. It’s hard to know what to get and what really gives results.

  241. It is really hard to get that much protein into my day. Other than protein shakes, what advise do you have?

  242. Okay – so what do you think about fasted cardio? Is there an advantage to it? I’ve been trying to do fasted cardio on the weekends when possible because I read that it burns more fat…

  243. Ok- Today I didnt get my water in- 1 gallon or more- it has always been difficult for me. I know it is something I need to work at. I did get on treadmill for 30 min intervals. It felt good to get a sweat up and tension out:)
    I ordered your book because I really want to learn about the “hormonal” aspect of why my gut still looks like a small tire and is continuing to my back! LOL! Helppppp- 50 needs to look good on the outside- cuz it feels fine on the inside! Do I need these supplements?

  244. I usually have a protein shake right before I work out. If I don’t I tend to not really make it thru the whole workout. I have been reading on your webpage about creatine. I think I’m to give it a try. I think it will help me with the Chalean Extreme program. I really want to lift heavier weights!!!

  245. Eating right cones so much easier when I am working out consistently… I crave good food and make healthier choices 🙂

  246. I usually add lemon juice to my water to make it easier to drink. Sometimes I’ll put in a few capfuls of pomegranate or cranberry juice. I’ve recently started brewing a cup of green tea, pouring it in my water bottle and filling the rest with water.

    Thanks for the pre-workout/post-workout eating tips.

  247. Day 4.. yesterday’s workout was a little challenging.. I was pretty tired, and didn’t feel very good, but pushed through anyway! Proud I did it, am looking forward to today! Still working on my goals.

  248. When I workout in the mornings its always on an empty stomach. This mornings workout: Legs & Glutes. Im feeling it!! I think I’m going to make Tuesdays my leg day, lets see how that goes. 🙂 On a new rotation to mix things up. Have a great day. Be thankful. Peace.
    After my workout I usually have a protein shake or 0% Fat Greek Yogurt with fruit or honey.

  249. you are fine to workout first thing in the am on empty if you’d like…your liver releases glucose into your muscle cells overnight so you do have some good energy to draw from with no food in your tummy. If you don’t eat prior to your workout be certain to follow your workout with a good solid meal that contains CARBS and PROTEIN for sure!

    If you find that you are bonking during your morning lifting workout, you can certainly drink some juice before or during your workout.
    also be aware that if you eat too much to close to your workout your tummy can take your blood supply to digest it. Juice is easier to absorb without bogging you down.

    Hope that helps!


  250. I totally skipped upper body workout this morning. I will strive to hit it tonight at 8 PM though! I am so aware that any excuse isn’t good enough, shame on me!

  251. I drink 4oz oj, 4oz ice cold water, I scoop Beachbody creatine, I scoop vanilla whey protein, and handful of ice, blended into a shake, 30 min before workout…then I drink P90X workout & recovery drink while working out…then Shakeology immediately after…

  252. Shakeology is my best-friend in the morning. Also. learn to listen to your body, it will tell you when you are becoming dehydrated. Some people think cold weather is the reason for dry lips, for me it’s lack of water!! So before you reach for the chapstick, reach for a glass of water!!

  253. I still struggle from time to time to eat right, but I’m still working on getting just the right meal plan down. I don’t like to say I’m on a diet because that sounds too restrictive. One little change at a time for me. I’m almost there! But I still allow a little treat once in a while so I don’t feel completely deprived.

  254. I try to take 30 gm protein within 30 minutes of waking up. I can’t eat a lot first thing in the morning, either, but if I don’t start that way, my blood sugar is all over the place all day. It is a struggle.

  255. Today’s workout is back and bi’s with some intervals thrown in. I will make sure to fuel up properly before hitting the gym.

  256. Food is so important! I am trying to get my meals down so that I can have the best workout possible. I have found that if I eat too close to a workout or the wrong thing before a workout or even to long before a workout, I just dont do well. Preperation is key!!!

  257. My workouts have been progressing slowly for I have no weights so doin exercises that I can do with just my body weight. My husband has put our family on a higher protein diet and ice noticed how that change has helped me feel full at dinner and not over eat. Which has been a huge problem for me at night time. I can fast really well but I over eat at night. Haven’t since this diet change though.

  258. awesome to hear your doing what you can and that your hubby is helping with the diet portion!!

  259. Its easy to forget how important it is to eat enough to get the body that we desire versus starving to achieve it.

  260. Eating is definitely not my problem, timing has never been my strong point! Trying hard to really set a schedule. Have no problem establishing a routine for my son, when did I forget about myself? Momma first! The trickle-down effect will be good for everyone…what’s the old saying “if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

  261. I wake at 5 and work out at 5:30Am. I feel sick if I try to eat before working out. Any suggestions?

  262. I wake at 5am and workout at 5:30am. I cannot eat that early. even a shake sort of just sits in my stomach. Any thoughts/Suggestions?

  263. workout on empty…your liver actually restores glucose in you muscles overnight, so you are kinda FUELED from that– be EXTRA Sure to eat a great POST WORKOUT meal that contains protein and carbs

  264. AMEN! do you best and keep the OVERALL picture in mind– it’s what you eat over the 24 hour period that counts ultimately.

  265. I usually get up, have some sort of shakeology shake, and then wait about 30-60 mins and get mine in. Not usually a problem for me, which is a plus. But i def can not workout without having something to eat

  266. Yes, eating before I workout is new and getting an all important carb in before will also be new, can’t wait to see how all this effects my progress……..

  267. you will be able to push harder, lift heavier and therefor challenge your self more– which will create more results!!

  268. Day 4
    Thanks for the tip. And this is on the money for me. Exercise alone has never worked for me nor has food alone. The combination is the key. Saw your comment to someone else about daly exercise and empty stomach being OK. Heading out for a good walk/jog and then a protein shake. Hoping to get to the gym later too.

  269. Day 5
    Events over the last few day make it evident that feeling safe and being safe can be two very different things. Definitely good to be vigilant but sad that this is where society has brought us.
    Hope everyone has a great day.

  270. totally true, very sad to know there is evil in the world. We must not let the terrorist win by living in fear.

  271. This was really great to read. Very informative Michelle. Thankyou. I’m interested in trying that NO2

  272. Day 4 – feeling very motivated today as my eating has been clean for the whole 4 days so far. I know 4 days isn’t long but for a sugar junky like me…..4 days is a very long time to go without chocolate etc.
    The scales keep making me smile in the morning too which definitely helps my mood. I’m 1lb away from my personal half-way point.
    I eat plenty of protein in my diet as I can’t use supplements as I’m still breast feeding my daughter. I’ll stay away from putting anything in to my body until my little girl is fully weened.
    Love to everyone xx

  273. Great info on Pre and Post workout nutrition. I never thought about it until I purchased your HT book. It’s so true, working out with the right fuel is amazing!

  274. Great article! I’m not a breakfast eater, so this is a struggle for me. I typically will just eat fruit for breakfast. If I have fruit, workout and then a protein shake, that is ok?

  275. that’s perfect…the fruit will fuel your workout and eating the shake afterward will fuel your muscles- try to be sure your post workout has some carbs too

  276. Thanks Michelle for the great tips! Is it crucial to use supplements to gain muscle and transform your body? I don’t have the means to afford them all, so which one would you say would be the most beneficial for me to start out with? I, also like to snack..Is a protein bar okay to eat as a snack or as an alternative to the junk food I crave? Thanks and have a super weekend everyone 🙂

  277. I would say the most beneficial supplement to aid in building muscle is CREATINE.
    As for protein bars, they are am OKAY choice…beware sugar alcohol content in them

  278. I usually workout in the afternoon/evening. I like to have a Cliff Bar or other protein bar before my workout and a protein shake following…..sometimes though I find I’m out of mix and grab one of my son’s chocolate milks or mix up one at home. It works in a pinch, but then I make sure to eat extra protein with a fiber rich carb at dinner post workout.

  279. Thanks for providing this comprehensive example. Like I said before, I initially found your site because I was trying to figure out protein and other nutrition topics that were (and still sort of are) mysteries to me. I did figure out by accident that I need to eat before and after serious activity. I don’t like feeling bad, so “diet” or not, I started going over my calorie “limits” to eat when my body said to eat! Right now what works best for me is to eat a serving of cottage cheese and a fruit right before a swim, and a protein shake and fruit after. But, I’m working on swimming endurance, which KILLS me without food. Yesterday (Day 2 of 40 for me) I swam for 65 consecutive minutes, and I really needed that protein shake and apple before weights and elliptical. (But even as tough as it was to swim laps for an hour nonstop, it doesn’t even compare to swimming your motherobic intervals. Seriously, it is HARD. Intervals again tomorrow. EEEEK!)

  280. I love that you are learning so much and really pressing into doing what is HARD. Challenge=Change!

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