I made my goal!

Hi everyone!

I made my weekly push-up goal!! 45 and I was dying! YIPPIE, I did it!

I also just finished a killer home spun chest/tri workout. I don’t ever make it to the gym on Sundays but I always have the option to workout at home so that’s what I did today.

Here is what I did. It was a circuit style workout so I did all exercises in the following order 3 times:

1-Push ups 45,28,20

2-Old School sit-ups 3×60+

3-Bowflex flys 50#,50,55 x12

4-Bowflex Tricep extensions 50,50x55x12

5-DB Incline Flys 30×10, 30x8x2

6-Tricep Kick backs 10x10x3sets

I am shaking…outta shape from being sick, but on my way to super buff this week.

Oh BTW, the Creatine is almost out of my system, I stopped taking it last week and I have lost 4 pounds already. So I am weighing in at 129, by the end of the week I will be 126 again. Yippee!!!

Have a great relaxing Sunday evening, I am off to shower, shave, tan and beautify myself for the evening 🙂




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