133#s up from 126#s in 11days!

Building results 9-10-05 Michelle @133#’s
8-27-05 measurements:
Tri: 4mm
Illiac: 3mm
Thigh: 5mm
Height 5-6.5
Weight 126
Bust 36.5
Waist 25
Hips 35
Chest under armpits above boobs 34
Around the outside of my shoulders 41″
Bicep 9.25 relaxed 10.5 flexed!!!
Calf forever 13″
Thigh 8″ above knee cap 19″
Thigh 11″ above knee cap 19.5″-good 🙂
9-11-05 measurements:
Tri: 4mm
Illiac: 6mm
Thigh: 6mm
Height 5-6.5
Weight 133
Bust 37
Waist 27.75
Hips 35.5
Chest under armpits above boobs 35
Around the outside of my shoulders 41″
Bicep 9..5 relaxed 11 flexed!!!
Calf forever 13″
Thigh 8″ above knee cap 19.5″
Thigh 11″ above knee cap 20″

As the pictures and measurements show, I gain a lot of weight and inches in my stomach! Yuck! I have lost my waist and abs. I am an APPLE bodytype.



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  1. I know! It’s amazing to me how little I have changed over the past 3-4 years! I don’t ever want to change back to where I was 10 years ago~ eeek! that was no fun!

  2. Michelle…This is a personal question, but I was wondering about your age. I am always looking for women my age who take care of themselves and work hard at staying in shape so I can have living proof in my mind that it is possible to be in shape at any age. I am 50.

    About to go walking!

  3. yes raisins are great and sweet!
    you look great as always, im seeing improvements on my upperbody but my lower half is lacking , i need more size as im naturally thin.

  4. LOL, I buy my raisons at Sam’s Club…I can go through a 5# bag in a month! Great pics, Michele!

  5. I really liked these pictures, they show you as such a real person (not that you aren’t, lol). I tell all the ladies I speak to in my gym that you are my inspiration. I tell them first, that if I can do it then anybody can….and then I say, and if Michelle can do it then so can I. 😉

  6. I think I’ll go buy some raisins today! Haven’t had them for awhile and they are great “on the go” snacks! Thanks Michelle!

  7. Thanks for the tip on raisins! I have a box that I haven’t opened yet so I will move them into my gym bag so I can eat them on the way to the gym. I am sad to say that I succumbed to my TOM and pigged out yesterday. With that said I’m not gonna continue to beat myself up and start fresh. 🙂 Thanks for all your encouraging words!

  8. Michelle, how did you go from 133 to 126 in 11 days? Right now I am trying to lose 10 pounds and I would like to do it in 1 month.

  9. we all have those NASTY workouts from time to time~ count it as a WIN that you did it and look forward towards a better workout next time!!

  10. When this post was written I was just ending a buffing phase and 10 days into a Big Time Boosting phase~ I started eating about 1000 calories more daily and taking Creatine. It really “fills” up my muscles!

    if you want to see rapid weight loss some KEYs are to cut Carbs and calories, UP your water, greens and protein intake and be staunch about getting in a good workout daily!

  11. They are great in oatmeal! My daughter also nibbles on them when we are at church. Quiet, healthy and easy to take along. Have a great Sunday! Power walk kids in tow, Abs, Bi’s and Tri’s today. Oh yeah, yardwork as well.

  12. well…in order to build FAT BURNING muscle and metabolism in the shortest amount of time shifting from a Buffing diet to a BOOSTING routine is VERY helpful ! I am all about getting fast results! My book Hormonal Timing goes into this a bit further~ and this is how I’ve trained clients with GREAT results!

  13. Just realized today is Monday! Obviously a little out of it. It’s a holiday here in Canada today.My emails got a little mixed up as well.

  14. I could see a difference in your waist and abs from those 2005 pics til today. Nice work!!!!

  15. I got your books and am almost finished with Hormonal Timing! This is a great example of just what you teach… HT and all the other information and lessons you filled the pages with are amazing! I’m learning so much and I’m so excited to bust my plateau and continue chiselling my body… Thank you Michelle!

  16. I love raisins but never knew this little tidbit. Will incorporate them into my workout diet. Thanks

  17. I never knew this about raisins, and I love them. Thanks Michelle, I am going to incorporate them into my diet.

  18. Thanks, I was just wondering what I could grab before my workout this morning. Problem solved!!

  19. How funny timing is about raisins tidbit. A friend of mine just gave me some homemade raisin pie and I have a brand new pack of raisins I bought and my DD has decided not to like them this week so there will be more for mommy.

  20. I had one of the worse workouts this morning nothing felt right. I will have to give raisins a try.

  21. You look fantastic. I am going to the gym in a few. I’ll grab some raisins and give it 110%.

  22. I don’t eat many raisins, unless I add them to my oatmeal. I’ll have to buy some of those small boxes to throw in my bag!

  23. I am a pear. In the truest sense. It’s so lovely to have fat on top of the largest muscle goup…NOT.

  24. Wow… Raisins!! That’s good to know, what a fast & easy snack. You look unbelievable Michelle….looking forward to my sixpack:)

  25. Lots of stuff…bananas are great too~ and for a LONG time I’d have oatmeal as my staple “pre- workout meal” about 1 hour prior to hitting the gym seemed to work well.

  26. I rediscovered raisins when I found out that my 20 month old loves them, yum! I didn’t realize they were so good for workout- I’m glad because I don’t like processed stuff like sports drinks, etc.

  27. i use raisins in my ‘shredded slaw’… 1/2 c cabbage, 1/2 c beets, 1/2 c carrots, half apple, 1 T raisins, 1 T walnuts, 2 T apple cider vinegar. yummy!

  28. What’s this about “bulking up”? Not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish? How does this work?


  29. Raisins and almonds together! Yummy snack. I have to admit I have slacked off the workouts for the last three days. I am going to spin class tonight and give it my 110%!

  30. u look 100% awesome—your abs and stomach look amazing–

    raisins are my favorite snack–good call!!

  31. Awsome pics! interesting info on the raisins, although I am not a big fan of the raisin can I substitute craisins (dried cranberries) for raisins?

  32. Tough Monday. Too much computer time 🙁 Day 14 for me. I’ve been in the late days of my cycle over these past 2 weeks so I did’t feel like I’ve really kicked it in and my diet has not been very carb-clean. My period started yesterday so in a few days I’m going for the big BUFF!

  33. Wow, I would love to have your legs and buns…I’m a typical pear shape so it’s gonna take a lot of hard work!!

  34. I can’t remember if I posted or not, so I hope this counts I do want to say that I’ve been reading your books while on vacation and it makes sense to me. Yesterday was very difficult to stay on point with eating, Most people don’t understand why you need to eat five meals and space them 3 hours because they are used to eating three large meals. I have had to deal with oh you are so skinny you need to eat while on vacation. So the lack of understanding and support from others is a challenge. I got up yesterday ready to do intervals on the treadmill to help me stay on track and the treadmill did not work. So I am getting ready to go to the gym this morning. I pray that I can get my workouts in the rest of this week then I won’t feel so bad.

  35. Checking in. I have officially joined the ranks of Cathy Savage and I am in my first week. As busy as I am, this is not going to be easy. The nutrition part is already kicking my butt because I have a sever sweet tooth and, even though my diet is pretty clean, I can not avoid chocolate. I have tried and found it to be impossible. There just is no substitute =)

  36. I love raisens-a little too much I am afraid. So I have to pass on them (I just can’t stop-which is then a problem from those around me later in the day :-0

    LOL! Teaching 4 classes today (combat, pump, abs and pump) so eating needs to be spot on with exta protien!

  37. OMG!!! How can I get a body like yours!! DANG!!
    Had a decent weight training wkout yesterday.
    Did eliptical this am….maybe a run this afternoon? Not sure – see what time permits!

  38. Good to know about raisins! I always have an issue with what to eat before a work out right after work.

    I’ve been busy with kids, so I haven’t had a chance to blog in the last few days.

    Today, worked out heavy on chest n light with high reps on the tri’s. Eating habits are good…results I lost 3 lbs in 1 week. YAY1

  39. thanks for the tips.

    went for a jog this morning with my husband and 2 little ones in strollers. (the other two were still in bed!)

    great start to a great day.

  40. Okay, so I NEED to know….is it 100 lunges on both legs, or 100 combined? I feel like my butt is getting abit lazy these days!!

    p.s. I was able to figure out the picture thing, yeah for me!!

  41. so your measurements are from 2005. do you just reuse this 40 days to fit thing over and over again?

  42. Thanks for the tip about the raisins. Always not sure what to eat before I go running in the AM.

  43. one of my favorite meals for snack is plain fat free yogurt with almonds, raisins, wheat germ and flax seed…so good!

    I am so encouraged by your back view pics as I struggle with fat in my abs and butt and then makes my butt sag.

  44. Looking REALLY good Michelle,and your butt is something to behold…or hold..ha ha Have a great one!

  45. Wow – you look amazing. My arms are getting some definition and my hips are thinning according to my husband so that is a true commmliment. I just and feeling weary for some reason- like I am lacking something in my diet.

  46. I finally got some cardio in,, i rode my bike outside for 25 mins.. and i did 3 laps in the pool, i know thats not many, but better than none..

  47. Love raisins, I like to add a few almonds too. I just took an AWESOME spin class today. I’ll do abs later today.

  48. day 14 check in… killer leg/ab workout last night. i ran to the gym and back (~40 min total). well, i walked/jogged back after working my legs!! i felt great when i got home and ate an awesomely healthy, delicious dinner. oh, and i love raisins with some walnuts and almonds about and hour before my workouts. yum!

  49. Great tip for preworkout carbs. I will try that. Your butt and legs look amazing. That is a real trouble spot for me and am hitting them harder now. Hopefully I will see some results soon.

    Ran 30 min-6.2mph/lift 30 min-arms

  50. Thanks for the pictures. It gives me hope that by faithfully working out, I can look good. Baby stomach, butt and legs are where I am working the most on changing.


  51. maybe you need just a bit more calories…eating a bit more fat is often an easy way to get more energy.

  52. Not a big fan of the raisin. Busy day working all day. Got in my 20 min boosting HIIT on the spinning bike. Wasn’t in the mood but am so happy I did it.

  53. I have all these raisin boxes left over from my son’s preschool fall party……….I know what I am going to do with them now! 🙂 Love all the great tips!!

  54. Excited to start buffing phase today for first time. Did my morning weight workout. Will run later. Thanks for the tip on raisins!

  55. Apple here too! LOL! We are some good looking apples! HAHA! Great pics..any weight looks good on ya! 🙂

  56. way to go!! fun to hear you are still rockin it…I thought of you this morning with it being TUESDAY…are you going to the MMA class today? Enjoy it!

  57. Not fond of raisens, maybe I’ll try them in salads and other foods, just can’t do them on their own.

  58. I’d take your “apple” shape any day! Encouraging to hear you used to have “no butt”. I have a very flat butt. My husband jokes that I should get butt implants 🙁 I have never really worked on my glutes with squats and lunges as I have very powerful muscular thighs, and don’t want them any bigger. I’m just going to go on faith here and do it anyway. If my butt will look anything like yours, I’ll take it. Good tip on the raisins. I ate one of my daughter’s snack packs before running tonight, and didn’t feel nearly as exhausted. I also like dried mangoes! Yum!

  59. Try some of these for your booty!
    Butt squats:

    Smith Lunges (extra butt emphasis):

    Smith lunges (basic):

    Dead Lifts (dumbbells)- these are Romanian

    Dead lifts (barbell): these are Romanian

  60. i’m an apple also. being diagnosed with pcos means i have to work XXtra hard to redefine my waist.
    i dont like raisins unless they’re in cereal or applesauce (too much sugar though)

  61. I am having trouble getting rid of my stomach. I do a protein shake prior to my workout. I do love raisins though

  62. good to know raisins are good pre-workout. i havent touched them since starting hormonal timing bc of the high sugar/high carb content

  63. You certainly don’t want to eat too many of them…but you do need Carbs to have good workouts. They are very handy to have on had in your car or gym bag 🙂

  64. What kind of protein are you using…anything that has “artificial” stuff in it can cause digestive issues. You may want to try a “NATURAL” type. OPTIMUM Nutrition has good natural proteins.

  65. Yes that’s very true…be sure to limit your carb intake and take your hormonal support supplements. IT will help with your PCOS.

  66. I love raisins.. I usually buy the mini boxes abt 130 calories and put them in my salad for lunch… Might switch it up and eat them before working out tomorrow.

  67. Rasins umm… haven’t ate those since I was in school! I don’t even think my girls have tried them! Wow!

  68. Raisins are one of my kids favorite snacks! I enjoy them too but prefer to eat grapes since they make me fill full longer.

  69. Wow! What a great yet simple solution to a pre-workout carb! Raisins!! Thank you! 🙂

  70. I love raisins. Great tip. I bet they shouldn’t be CHOCOLATE covered though. LOL

  71. I do like raisins! I did’nt know just how good they are. I will have to incorporate them in more often!

  72. I’ll remember to pack raisins as a quick, easy snack. ~ Last night I made grilled peaches with honey/cinnamon glaze served with a 1/2 cup of vanilla frozen yogurt for my treat ! To Die For!!

  73. You mentioned raisins in the email. I will put some in my pre workout meal this afternoon. Sounds delicious!

  74. I want your abs…i am also an apple body shape and right now my middle is NOT what i want it to be, it feels swollen even.

  75. You look fantastic! By the way great to know about the dried fruit wil be adding to my meal plan thanks!!!

  76. I love Raisins!!! Just happened to buy some at the store last week! Maybe I will actually eat them this time instead of letting them sit in the cabinet and get hard. I usually feel like I am eating something bad for me cause they are so sweet…like Candy!!! 🙂

  77. I didn’t know that about raisins and we always seem to have some on hand in this house!
    Thanks Michelle!

  78. I love raisins in my oatmeal. Thanks for the tip but isn’t it better to do fasted cardio to burn more fat or is that just a myth?

  79. there a benefits to fasted cardio, but overall the BEST performances and most effective workouts are done when you are fueled.

  80. they are sweet, but way better for you than candy. As long as you don’t go overboard they are good for you= just like most fruit.

  81. Yes, I was trying to gain muscle mass. The gain was water weight due to taking creatine and being sure to consume EXTRA calories which in turn creates and ANABOLIC environment in my body – Meaning that optimal conditions for muscle growth were present. In addition my natural hormonal cycle was in the “boosting” phase and my workouts and nutrient supplementation also were set up to favor muscle growth. In just a matter of 2 weeks I could add a couple pounds of muscle to my frame to “fill it out” and create a more lean body in the long run.

  82. I didn’t ever think of raisins as a pre-workout food. I do remember hearing one time that they are high in iron and I would eat them for a few days before donating blood, but this is even more reason to add them on a more regular basis. I do love them anyway!
    You look marvelous in the pics but I have a question, were you happy about the gain because you were trying to gain muscle?…or was it due to a different type of gain? water retention?

  83. I too am an apple body type. I always say i am built like a boy or a plank of wood as i am not shapely through the hips. Pretty small actually which is better than the alternative. I just hate the mid section. I just measured and i am 28 around waist and only 34.5 hips and 33.5 chest . How is this possible? I am loosing my boobs what little I had and my waist isnt going away. I weighed 126.5 and i have been working out 5 days a week abs 3 times hard. Not going to give up
    Probably need to drop the sweets habit i have:) My goal weight is 123 – 125 and dream for a 25 inch waist. I might have to buy the boobs lol!

  84. Im diabetic so I have to be careful with things like dried fruit, they hit your bloodstream with sugars quick…closer to a simple sugar for me than a complex carb like veggies or eating fruit thats not dried out. Everyones body responds differently tho, grapes don’t go over well with me blood sugars either. But its definitely something to experiment with and look into.

  85. Raisins are great! I love celery with peanut butter and raisins as a snack. It usually works to overcome my junk food cravings.

  86. I’m still boosting and having trouble getting up the desire to workout (esp after being sick the last few days). Otherwise, diet is good. Raisins upset my blood sugar typically, but having them specifically as fuel for a workout might work…I’ll try it. thanks!

  87. Raisins are on my shopping list!! Today is Saturday so Intervals and Abs. The 7 in 7 is proving difficult for me but I’m still keeping at it trying to build my strength in my belly.

  88. I’m sore all over! still sore from legs on mon. and now my arms are sore from yesterday. going out of town tonight for a 4 day weekend. hope I don’t mess up my diet cause i will be eatting out every meal.

  89. your pics are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing! If apples gain weight around the middle and your abs look the way they do and you’re an apple, then there is hope in getting mine back too. My stomach/waist was about the only thing that didn’t get bigger pre-kids! That is different now! thanks for the motivation Michelle!

  90. Love the raisin tip! Definitely putting them on my shopping list! And I never even considered to measure my body before and after in terms of inches! Definitely going to measure myself today! I have gotten so motivated by your articles and tips that I get excited to hit the gym at nighT!

  91. Love raisens. I always carry a baggy of them in my purses for my toddler to munch on and I will have them sprinkled in my oatmeal. Love the pictures too. Even with seven pounds of water you look great!

  92. The raisins are a great tip! I love raisins and didn’t ever think of how they could be a great pre-work out food! Also great pictures! It’s great motivation to keep me going.

  93. Raisons are great for my sweet tooth. I banned them from my diet a year ago, bc I thought they were too much sugar (per my trainer). Hahah, he is a dork, I’ll take YOUR advice. . . .’HELLO RAISONS!”

  94. Hmmm… not a big fan of raisins but will give it a try and will check out some other dried fruit with the same punch…

  95. Im not a big fan of raisins but I do throw a few in my oatmeal for a lil sweetness. Im feeling absolutely fabulous this morning. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Live Fit!!

  96. Great pics! Don’t like raisins much, but like other things that are similar will keep this in mind when buying snacks. Love Brazil nuts and am buying some on line.

  97. I had been using raisins as a pre-run fuel. I guess I’ll try having a handful before lifting sessions, as well.

  98. My favorite fruit is banana…love it plain, in oatmeal, mashed with natural peanut butter for post-workout, in Greek yogurt, in oatmeal pancakes…..

  99. I love raisins, but like most have commented, thought they were bad for you. I am pear shaped and advise you can give is greatly appreciated.

  100. Happy New Year! I wish everyone the best for 2012. May you make and keep your health and fitness resolutions this year!

  101. So I have noticed that the holiday lapse has put back on what I worked hard to get rid of..bad Judy..dissapointed at myself but not discouraged. Very optomistic very motivated. If I was able to do it before ..with self discipline I can do it again..nose to the grindstone time..

  102. Apricots are great too– any dried fruit is great, just watch your portion size- it’s a DENSE food choice

  103. My advise to pears is to hit the weights hard with your BIG muscle groups- LEGS, BACK and CHEST- Do not be afraid to lift heavy with your legs- in the long run they will become firmer denser fat furnaces!!

  104. I’d be so excited to look half as good as you do!! My legs are the issue… I am definitely a pear and I’m working on lifting heavy…I just have this little layer of fat that won’t budge:(

  105. Day 14 – my stats aren’t as awful as I thought!!! Although I’m not firm at all. I WILL BE BUFF, simple as that. Thanks for the inspiration. I can’t wait to see my ‘after’ photos in the SSS Contest. X

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