A Day OFF!

Well I had a day off of working out today. I am fine with it because I had 3 killer workouts in a row and since I am “building” a little extra rest will do me some good.

The plan now is to do the following for the rest of the week:

Thurs: Chest/Intervals

Friday: Heavy high volume legs

Saturday: lift shoulders/bi’s/back

Sunday: Sprints outside, in front of my house (my neighbors must think I am nuts!) followed by ABS

I also need to take some “building” pictures for you all so I will enlist the help of my hubby for that this weekend. Saturday should be a good day for that, by then I should be about as big as I plan to get! I am tipping the scales at 132 already. I am Up 6 pounds in 8 days. Mostly water, but still I can’t fit in my clothes, yuck!

Hope you all have a great night,

Keep up the passion, you all are the BEST!




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  1. I am taking some pictures on Saturday too. I have to literally wrangle my husband to do this. But I need some photo’s! Hehehe. I know people look at me like I am nuts while sprinting at the gym on the track. I am to scared to do it here at our apt.s I might get ran over *yipes* πŸ˜‰ Glad to hear you are having a great week building.

    As far as the water weight don’t ya hate that. I swear we know what it is from but when we don’t fit into our clothes it feels like a tug of war on our psyche! Man nothing puts me in a bad mood like putting on a pair of jeans that suddenly feel tight. Grrrrrr lol. All the reasoning in the world does not help me either lol.


  2. Good post! I hadn’t realized the value of posture until I started dancing.. and my posture changed. Wow.. what a difference in makes in everything I do.. now I feel odd if I start to slouch.. my back actually starts to ache!

  3. Hey, and morning, Michelle! Hope you have a great day! I’m just gonna do some little things around my house today like clean up, and do lesson plans, but I will definitely get on the exercise bike here in about 10 minutes.

  4. yes posture is definately something thats helped my lower back i wasnt aware of how much i sat slouched until i seen some pics……even my stomach appeared more protruded than it really was!

  5. I keep track of my progress on my blog on my website Size 10 Chronicles. Trying on a pair of size 10 jeans until they fit (I started at a size 20 and am now working on getting into a pair of 6s!) Tracking what you’re doing and your progress if KEY! Great advice.

  6. Day off today for me too. But had a wonderful walk in the city with dh and we found a beautiful secret garden. So romantic. x

  7. Killer shoulders and Abs! Oww oww! 8 pack, here we come! Sexy now and even sexier by Christmas!!! πŸ˜€

    Keep up the hard work ladies!

  8. Today is a day off for me too!!! I’m on cd 2 so it will do me good to have a day off, today. Thanks for the posture tip also. That is something I have trouble with. I think it has something to do with my flat feet.

  9. Today is my day off from working out … but I have always prided myself in having great posture. Probably due to being a dancer for 18 years … but I still walk and sit tall every day … makes a huge difference.

  10. #1 priority this week…posture, posture, posture! I’ve been slacking on pulling in my abs and I can really see and feel the difference…

  11. Day 28. Posture does make a difference, for me it’s like an instant confidence booster!

  12. Posture…oh do I need to practice this. Maybe I need to adjust computer a little, I think that’s a killer.

  13. wow!! that’s cool…another one of my clients had that happen: Deb of NE~ she grew last year too!

  14. You have to be inspiring your neighbors! Can’t wait for the building pics! I started TOM a week and a half early and I know exactly why… my best friend is here visiting and our TOM have decided to synch with each other. LOL! πŸ˜€

  15. Posture is so important. I don’t notice mine enough. Pics help with that too! I notice that carrying a heavy sling purse like I often do, makes me raise my shoulder to compensate, not good!

  16. I practice Pilates about 3 days a week because it helps so much with posture and flexibilty!

    Today is chest/back work with some HIIT cardio!

  17. I totally agree. Having good posture is great for your attitude. I went to the Dr. last week for an annual physical and I was 1/4″ taller πŸ™‚ I think it’s all those dang vacuums and cable crunches. I’m growing πŸ™‚

    Off day yesterday and had yummy pizza.

  18. At the age of six, I fractured two lumbar vertebrae and wore a body cast for 12 weeks. After this, I was more conscious of my posture. Whenever I find myself slouching, I sit up straight. Yoga also makes you aware of posture. I’m always telling my kids to sit up straight too!

  19. Posture is so important…. I have to constantly remind myself to keep it all in check! Thanks for the reminder:)

  20. I am amazed how how many different muscles correct posture actually uses, in good ways. I have slouched and had the sway back posture for so long that when I do stand up properly I can totally feel it by end of day. But this is good cause I know it is working. Although I do laugh now and again, cause I am busty so correct posture makes me feel like my boobs enter the room first, oh well my tummy is flatter so works for me!

  21. I used to have great posture and have been working on it since I realized how much I’ve let it go. It makes you feel so much better to sit up straight instead of slouch! Easy to sit at the computer and do ab squeezes.

  22. I am on my work schedule–sort of….. I started today even though work does not officially start for me until next Monday. It was great!. I got up, had my protein drink and a banana, did my workout, came home, walked the dog, packed lunch, ate breakfast, and got to work on time. Now all I have to do is try it with the kids at home.

  23. Hi! Posture is such great advice I do this in front of my MIL. She always asks if I have lost weight- I love that! My niece’s came for a week long visit. We hiked and swam. Now more then other it is important for me to stay on a great eating plain and exercise. I want to remain a good role model to them. Prove to them beyond a shadow of doubt that a mom is does not have to be pudgy. Their Grandmother told them It is impossible to fight the gene pool. I was batting my head against a wall. I showed them that getting fit is fun! I don’t have to fight hereditary problems. I am stronger then an old gene!

  24. Posture is hard to fix—i catch myself with round shoulder a lot–i wil try to straighten up!

  25. Was on vacation last week with no access to my email and internet. Glad to be back. I did miss the great encouragement and tips. Got back in the gym today (after a week off due to vacation) and it felt great. I was a little lagging in the energy department put I pushed myself and had a great work out. I feel stronger when I have good posture.

  26. One “BuffMother tip” at a time……..Posting new programs into my brain. Makes me feel good!

    I’ll have to pay attention to my posture. I imagine it’s not the best but I’ll try to focus on it and make it better.

  27. Loving the site!!
    Although my body is not where i would like it to be, i am still trying to stay positive!

  28. Ran 4 miles today sans children. Much easier, especially in this heat. Will do Cardio X today and then its pool time for a while before I go to work!

  29. My DH and my DD said I look like Im getting in better shape…..DD said my butt doesnt look like a pancake anymore….=0)

  30. Will just be happy to fit in 45 min weight session today! Wish I had more hours in my day…or required less sleep.

  31. haha – I’m a physical therapist and am always lecturing my patients about good posture… then my trainer was kicking my arse recently and was yelling at me about my posture… πŸ™‚

  32. omg im so tired today, no energy, tried to workout did some pushups pullups burpees and some kettlebell swings….but couldnt complete my workout, so stopped ate my dinner calling it an early nite! (boosting) feeling blah

  33. Have been lowering the intensity of my workouts and slightly uping the carbs in my diet because I have to run FAST tomorrow, and that is NOT something that comes naturally to me….I can do steady distance, but I struggle with speed! When I ran cross country in high school I loved practice, but hated meets!

  34. I’m boosting if that tells you anything. low motivatioin and I want to sleep all the time but I’m lucky if I get 5-6 hours. Oh well I cant wait for the buffing phase to start. I just feel so much better when I am in that phase. I’m only on like day 3 or 4 of boosting.

  35. Hey, Michelle, when you get a chance to read this, THANK YOU FOR POSTING REPLIES TO OUR COMMENTS. It means a lot that you take that time.

    Having some signs of PMS, but working to focus on what I am doing, not on how I feel at the moment.


  36. Posture is something I work on daily. I am trying to perfect my “upright” walk so when I am on the competition stage, I will look as amazing as I feel.

    Keep pumping!

  37. Today I wish I could stand upright. I have a bit of a bulging disc issue going on since yesterday. Went to the chiro just trying to get some relief. πŸ™

  38. Great reminder on the posture! I am doing weights today and cardio. I did cardio and 7 in 7 abs yesterday. It feels nice being back in the saddle!

  39. water weight can fluctuate so much…and the more muscle you have on your body the more water you can hold

  40. That’s so true and with so many other things too…like eating right, making messes, cleaning up, etc…
    Leading by example can be hard, lol!

  41. That is one thing I need to work on, I find myself slouching all the time. I’m always telling my oldest son to sit up, and not doing it myself……

  42. Does any one else get a guilt trip from their husband over working out? My DH always says he’s supportive, but the eye rolling and the sarcastic comments over the time I spend exercising is really starting to get to me. I know I work full time, and my time with my family is limited. I guess I need to switch my workouts to early AM, so as not to interfere with family time, but I am SO not a morning person!

  43. So true….so hard to always be that good role model. (Esp when you are not perfect – but after reading today’s article – about the legacy – I am going to try even harder).

  44. Balancing- life, love, family and work can be so tough. A little extra effort to let your man know you LOVE him goes a LONG way…I am sure he loves your buff body πŸ™‚

  45. That would be great, unfortunately, he is a firefighter and works 24 hour shifts. When he is home, he says he is too tired, and I have to admit, I expect him to watch the kids while I exercise. When I am home without him, they just kind of play around me while I work out. It wouldn’t bother him if I just spent 30 minutes, but I do 45 minutes of cardio in addition to strength training, and in the last 27 days I’ve taken 1 day off. I probably just need to moderate a little, and reassure him. He can start getting insecure as I get more buff, silly man. As if he has anything to worry about!

  46. All the time!! It’s a battle I face everyday. Same story (saying supportive, but get the comments ALL the time). Says my priorities stink. But, I haven’t let it stop me though!!! I need to do what makes me happy and need to be a role model for my children. He’s insecure and jealous (because guys looking at me). I tried to get him to do it with me for a while, but, he wouldn’t. Tried to reassure him but, doesn’t work. If you have a good marriage then what Michelle said below is exactly what you you need to do, keep reassuring. I guess it’s all about supporting each others needs and wants. If he knows how important it is to you and loves you he will eventually understand and give you the support. Good luck!

  47. He does! Today was my day off, and we spent a great day together. Quality time always helps. Sometimes we can both feel neglected after a long stressful week.

  48. That’s why I love the rally room so much…a bunch of like minded women who understand issues just like this. We encourage each other towards becoming our best~ so we CAN BE the best wives, mothers and leaders possible!

  49. One of the things I love most about working out with a trainer is the attention to form and really being aware of proper posture.

  50. Sunday is my day of rest soooo today I rested I played the Wii with my daughter and Husband Back to workout tomorrow. paying close attention to my posture

  51. I try to rest on Sunday, but often times I need Monday as a rest day after the weekend, lol!

  52. not only have I found good posture helps my body…but it boosts my confidence as well! And well I feel confident about myself, I know I look great!

  53. Having good posture helps me to be more confident even if I am not where I want to be! And when I feel confident others think I look great!

  54. Yes posture is sooo important! I preach it to my clients all the time, just gotta make sure i practice what i preach!! πŸ˜‰

  55. My posture needs alot of work. But when Im working on my abs, try sucking in your abs in and having bad posture, its impossible. Im working hard and sitting well in my motorcycle set. Working on abs, butt and thighs as Im cruzing down the road.

  56. day off today…sore from yesterdays killer leg workout.Sunday=beach day!!!!!enjoy the day!!!

  57. I started pilates six months ago and it has truly improved my posture and has been a benefit in my other areas of fitness. Just having better posture makes me feel more fit

  58. I have been using the Buffing/Boosting chart from your book for a little over a month now. I am on the Depo shot, so I don’t have a period; and I am still trying to figure out where I am at. I think I have a pretty good idea, though. It is interesting when you chart your weight every day, how much it can vary! Using your chart is teaching me not to focus so much on weight, but to realize that there are many ways to measure my fitness level, and weight is simply one tool I can use.

  59. I used to be so good at keeping my stomach sucked in and my abs were great. somewhere along the way I’ve gotten out of the habit…needed the reminder. thanks!

  60. I feel great went ice skating today and made it a whole hour staight! my core is so much stronger thanks Buff Mother!!!!!

  61. Funny your email talks about posture. I have been noticing I have been walking around with my shoulders rounded. Been making an effort to stand up straight shoulders back and tummy in!

  62. Just started Boosting a few days ago. Got in a great UBWO today and although I had no motivation to get on the treadmill, I did it anyway. 15 minutes of fast walking at 13% incline. Then a quick 5 minutes on the StepMill. I felt a lot more energy after that!

  63. When I read the word “posture” I immediately sat up straight in my chair, lol. Thanks for the reminder…

  64. That ties right in with what I read in your “Abs book” this week and I am definitely making a conscious effort to suck it in and have good posture and to make it a habit – PASSIVE ABS !!

  65. Posture…. the older i get the more i am aware of how i am sitting or standing. You are so right that it makes you feel taller and look slimmer
    It also helps tone muscles. As for time off i am on a rest day and use it to do a stretching routine. This helps me perform better in my running and muscle building. It also keeps injuries away.

    Weight… it messes with me. I weigh more than i want to..about 127 /128…. but my strength is increasing and abs are tightening. I do want to cut some weight thoug!))!

  66. Yes posture! I always have to remind myself to hold my head high and look the world in the eye haha πŸ™‚ I find yoga and pilates help out a great deal in keeping my posture straight…and being as short as I am (5’2″) I can use all the height I can get πŸ˜‰

  67. It’s crazy how different my belly look when I’m being lazy and slouchy! Gross!

  68. I have terrible posture. I am always slouching. I have been really trying to remember to sit up straight. Such a bad habit!

  69. I have been trying lately to keep good posture and its funny how the other day I realized how much taller and slimmer I look when I hold myself correctly! Tonight is Loweer Body Abs and Intervals for me cant wait! Then on to a fashion show I’m working tonight for teenagers working towards being designers so cute! BUt lots of work !!!

  70. A few years ago I started using proper posture. Boy was it painful at first! Now, when I don’t, it hurts! posture has improved my life in so many ways!!!

  71. Thanks for the posture reminder – I will be a better role model for my daughter’s posture if I stand up straight too!

  72. I also took yesterday off. I think a day of rest is important but also makes it hard for me to get back in the groove sometimes!

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