TV Show!!!

What do you think is my favorite TV show?
I love the rage, determination and raw guts it takes for these young men to fight. They are risking thier health every time they step in the octagon. What better reason for them to be in the best physical condition they could possibly be? If I were a man…UFC could be something I’d do. But, since I am a woman, I have choose the next best thing to motivate me to be fit. Standing on stage in front of potentially thousands of people allowing them to critique my body in a tiny bikini! HOLY COW!! I’d better go do Legs!

Have a great workout, I know I will!



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  1. Hahaha that was a fun image girl UFC? And I like the way you mentioned get up on stage to be critiqued in a tiny bikini. LOL. I have never thought of it that way. Now I like that! That motivates me when you put it that way πŸ˜‰ !

    I really enjoy watching track and other sports such a gymnastics and dance. As I used to do all of them except gymnastics. I know of all the hard work and to see the human exude such athletic performance at peak shape is amazing to watch. It’s poetry in motion.


  2. I always workout at least before dinner…I like mornings, but sometimes don’t make it till afternoon though!

  3. I really like to workout in the morning, because I have a horrible tendancy to talk myself out of doing it….if I do it in the morning, then I have a big sense of relief that I actually did it, and I don’t have to think about it the rest of the day. Speaking of which, it’s time for “lower body!”

  4. Whoohoo!! are you watching the fights this Saturday? I think BJ will win~ and It’d be super cool if Forrest wins too!!

  5. love working out in the mornings. i tend to stick with the routine better in the am. also, i ALWAYS to better with my water intake in working out in the morning!

  6. I’m not particular as to when I work out…as long as I get to work out! I’m usually so starved in the early am, tho, that I have to eat right away.

  7. Although I am grumpy some times, morning workouts jump starts my day! Eating healthy the night before helps me do weights in the morning. In LA it’s too hot to run after 9 am – there’s another motivation to get your work outs in (to avoid that heat!). If there is time, double work out days rock rock rock!!! Off to shower from this morning’s LEG DAY! Shakey! Yippee!!!

  8. I am not a morning person as well. πŸ™‚ I love to do my workouts mid-afternoon. That is when I have more time to myself when the kids are in school or napping.

  9. I hate mornings to but usually do my wo in the am to get them over with and jumpstart my day. Evening wos are hard for me because they rev me up and I don’t sleep

  10. I love getting my wo’s done in the morning! Sometimes if put it off, things happen πŸ™‚ and it doesn’t get done.

  11. Woo! Hoo! Killer legs! I want me those!!! Gonna get them! πŸ™‚

    In terms of workouts lots to be said for both morning and evening. I am going to say that for me evenings are preferable. I tend to get pleasantly exhausted afterward and I need all my intellect and witts for my day job. The other great benefit of working out after work is I use it as a healthful vehicle for channeling all my stress. The time often helps me solve problems that are bugging me and I leave feeling a great sense of accomplishment.
    Whatever you choose morning or evening I think the important thing is to properly fuel your workout. Have a great day and be sure to thank the Lord for all his blessings and mercies!

  12. I definitely love morn workouts!! I have done all different times of the day & the morns are definitely the best. I am not always awake in the morn but I do the best I can because I love looking at the clock & it’s like 9 am & I have my workout already done & rocked it!!!

  13. I wish I could work out in the mornings. I have to start work at 6am so I am already getting up at 4am. I love to workout in the mornings on my days off though!

  14. I can do morning cardio but my weights have to come in the early evenings unless it is the weekend.

  15. Morning workouts do set the tone for the day. I am at my son’s and I have decided to try to run most mornings while I am here. I went 4 miles yesterday and 3 miles today. I feel great!

  16. Agreed on the morning workouts. I love them too. I’m on week 3 of having my hubby get up at 4:30 with me to go work out as well. It’s awesome and he was NOT a morning person. The feeling of accomplishment is unbelievable though! Girls can fight too!

  17. I love my morning workouts! When I miss it, I just feel “off” the rest of the day! πŸ˜‰

  18. morning workouts make me feel good about myself and i never feel lazy that day at all–i feel the best when i get my butt up and start the day out with a great workout—

  19. I feel a lot better about my day when I work out first thing in the morning…I had to make myself become a morning person so I could get in a good workout before work because that was the only time I could do it when I first began…Now I work out twice a day 4 times a week!

  20. UFC or Bikini. Hmmm, I don’t know which would scare me more. I agree on the morning workouts. It’s the best time to get them done. I have soo enjoyed all of these posts. Thanks Michelle.

  21. I have not felt wellat all this weekend, mentally, emotionally or physically and I know the only way I will be able to get out of it is too start my day for me. So tomorrow I must do an am workout before work. I think I will do one of my praise workouts cause I am in need of God more than ever and working out is my alone time so why not invite Him too.!

  22. I know a lot of training, determination, etc. is needed for UFC but I just don’t like to watch any kind of fighting. Any-who, I like to do mid-intensity cardio in a.m. and do weights after work. Did legs on Sat. with 110# heaviest on leg extensions 6 reps.

  23. I enjoy my 4 am workouts. Only way to start the day. Its my cup of coffee, the guy at the front desk knows that Im not the most friendly before my workout but interestingly enough my spirits are very high right after. Great way to start the day.

  24. Mornings work best for me too, but my work and sleep schedule don’t always allow for it. Is it as beneficial to split up my workout? I like to do cardio in the am and weights after work.

  25. I think one has to be a very secure person to know that they are doing the best that they can when they compete.

  26. Woohoo! LOVE THE UFC!! Do you follow Gina Carrano? I just love her and she kicks total butt. Awesome female fighter! πŸ˜€

  27. Too bad about your BF’s hand~ OUCH!! He’ll get motivated soon…just keep being a great example to him!

  28. I love watching the UFC too!!!

    I usually do my cardio in the am – actually 3:30am!! Yeah…not sure how I do it, but I do!

    Then hit the gym for weights after work!

  29. I am not a morning person. I have tried dozens of times to wake up for a morning workout and never manage to get out of bed.

    My boyfriend used to be a UFC fighter (not professional) but stopped when he shattered his hand and was in a cast for 8 months. It has been 6 months sincec his cast was removed and he has not got back into it. He has gotten a little chub, I still love him. I am working on motivating him back to the gym though. Nothing seams to motivate him more then the thought of me standing in front of a huge crowd in a tini bikini. At least we fuel each other.

  30. If I don’t work out in the morning, chances are, I will put it off the entire day. When I work out in the morning, I feel complete for the rest of the day, plus it gets me drinking plenty of water.

  31. I LOOOOOVE UFC…….I watch it all the time…..Our gym has a MMA class every day and we have semi-pro fighters…..they are very motivating to watch workout…..Stinky…..but motivating…..They are also building an octo ring in the back of the gym for fights….cant wait…..the guys do the 300 workout with the kettle bells and the tractor tires….its so cool…..well enough of that…..I hate when I miss my AM workout I drag all day…..So yeah for the AM!!!

  32. American Gladiators!!!!…..Heck yeah…..Gina (Crush) rocks….Me and my DH’s favorite…..I even got my hair cut like hers….Undefeated UFC fighter!!!…..She is awesome!!!!!

  33. Eeek! I’d rather risk getting my butt kicked in the UFC ring than putting on a bikini at this point! hahaha! But…I’M WORKING ON IT, I SWEAR!!! πŸ™‚

  34. Wish I could do mornings too but as with others I have to be up and out for work early and I’m up late as it is. Need some sleep sometime.

  35. Imaging standing on stage in my tiny bikini motivated me so many mornings to get up and get my workout done! It paid off, when I won first place! Too top it off Michelle was there cheering me on! What a night that was!!!!

  36. oh i love ufc, and being a woman i would rather fight then stand in a tiny bikini for all to yes rolling, choke outs, knock outs, seems way more fun to me….lol and whoohoooo anderson silva (my favorite fighter) did so well!!! watched it over and over in slow whoohoooo! exciting

  37. I love the UFC too πŸ™‚ I used to do martial arts.. so I understand the commitment and work it takes to get to their level.. I really admire their commitment!

  38. Working out in the morning is essential for me. If I don’t do it in the morning, it doesn’t get done.

  39. I LOVE the UFC and my 16 year old son has started training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to one day fight in the cage…kinda scary when it’s your child on the recieving end, but I say go for what you love, just be smart about it, just like bodybuilding, there is a smart way and a wrong way! Your post about morning workouts…I get up at 5am 4 days a week to do my strength training beacuse I cannot fit it into the hectic schedule any other time of day. I would rather sleep until it is time to get up for work, but that would mean no consistency in my routine. I have come to love those days (once I drag my tail out of the bed that is πŸ˜‰ and I do have more energy those days all day long as well as that good feeling of having accomplished my workout. I highly recommend it for anyone who has kids, works full time and finds the evenings to be too hectic to focus or to get it done, in the morning there are no interuptions which makes it so much more relaxing. Thanks again!

  40. I do follow her and she is awesome! She is actually headlining a Showtime event…imagine that a women headlining a big fight event! Wohoo!

  41. I am so not a morning person either I have been a night owl since birth according to my mother ;)…but it was either get up in the AM in do my workouts or be happy being unfit…and that is not an option!!!

  42. come on….all you ladies like UFC?? Is it the fighting or all the bulges you’re looking at??! ha ha I would’nt mind having hot women lookin at my bulge i mean fight either!

  43. I worked in a sports bar and we showed UFC fights, and those were our busiest, craziest nights, which meant we were there into the wee hours of the morning cleaning up. So I kind of have a bad taste in my mouth…But I DO love to workout in the mornings, I feel accomplished and have the rest of the day to myself…

  44. Im not really into the figthing scene, my husband used to box, and likes the mma too.. As for working out in the morning, this is my favorite time to work out also. It gets me going for the rest of the day, and then i cant put things off.. Plus i have more energy in the am..

  45. Love working out in the AM! Wish I could do it when I’m teaching, but can’t. The summer is the best for that reason.

    Don’t like the UFC, not for me.

  46. I have a long way to go before my legs look like yours but working them keeps me motivated. I’ll be forty in 4 months. That is my goal to get a hard sexy body by the time I’m forty. 16 weeks to go.

  47. I love lifting legs!!! I have no complaints on my legs now if we were talking mid section that is another story! I was doing 430am workout times for a long time then i switched it up to at night again, that way i keep interested in the gym. Also this way i start to see new people that go to the gym and see results in other people!

  48. Had a long weekend with the family all home. Did mostly house stuff and then had a good 1/2 hour on the eliptical. 2.89 kms. Then about 20 min with resistance bands.

    Thats all for today.

  49. Good advice. I’m hoping my legs and arms will do something to my abs… most difficult area. It is happening. EXCITEMENT PLUS!!!!!

  50. Computer back from repair…I have missed so many posts! Love morning workouts, otherwise I don’t get to it. Better with nutrition, too. I don’t want to mess up my hard work!

  51. I would love to have an opportunity to release that raw energy in a caged atmosphere…so this is why I lift weights and compete as well. I pump hard so I can look good on stage.

    Keep puming!

  52. it would be so fun!! I just watched some fights last night and then had a little “match” with my hubby!

  53. My 4 month old had a fever yesterday and I had to leave work and take him to the Dr. No workout happened, but I was still great with my eating. I hope to get to work out today.

  54. Sorry about your little one being sick! Do you have any workout stuff for at home? It’s always good to have a back up plan~

  55. Day 20!

    My legs are where I put on weight first so I love working them out. So some day in the near future they will look great minus the fat.

  56. I loved the days when I could get a work out in during the morning, especially legs, cuz I wasn’t awake enough to hate it…LOL!

    Schedule for today: Jog 2-3 miles on lunch break, then after work, 2nd leg work out for this week…GRRRR! πŸ˜‰

  57. I’ve can’t do early mornings….unless I have a full meal (breakfast) to give me energy (then I have to wait to let it settle a little). I’ve tried, but, can’t do it, prefer a little later. I’m guess I’m just not a morning person. Plus, mornings are busy-getting the kids up and getting everything ready for school and then also having to get myself ready for work. (–I wish I could do mornings, then I could use my evenings relaxing… :-).

    As far as the UFC, I do that with my boys, lol. There are moods that I get in where I want to be ruff so I just get them going and we wrestle. Then their are days they want to be ruff and they kick my butt.

  58. Ahh, yesterday (posting a day late) was the first day in 21 days I didn’t work out. Had church, a birthday dinner, then movie date (some bad eating in there πŸ™ ) , then I had a baby to deliver, so didn’t get my workout it. funny how just missing one day bothers me so much. On call tonight – hope I get a chance to make it up! Shuda did it in the morning!

  59. By the way, I love that shot with the legs, very creative. (My other passion is photography so it caught my eye – and great legs too, lol)

  60. I do work out most mornings. I find if I don’t i am too busy in the evening to fit it in, Then I get mad at myself because I didn’t work out

  61. doing my workout in the morning has been key. i used to wait till the afternoon then i sometimes wouldn’t do it or wouldn’t have enough energy to do it right!

  62. I’m not a morning person either! I tried working out in the morning some over the summer, but then I get *really* tired by afternoon.

  63. I really needed a rest day. Been working around 65 hr week. I do enjoy working legs, but the gym is being remodeled so to the treadmill I am chained. Been trying to make the most of it by kicking the incline as high as it will go and walking for 40mins at 3.5.
    I am a morning person, but with work it just never happens, so I usually work out mid afternoon. That is usually the only time that I can fit it in, plus it wakes me up!!!

  64. Morning has pretty much always been my workout time – both at the gym and at the barn. I’ve tried other times of the day but always end up going back to mornings.

  65. I use to be a morning person until I had KIDS then I learned to sleep when they sleep! And I like UFC I love the fights the house and all the real stuff! And I am like you those cute girls in their itsy bitsy bikinis makes me wanna be good and eat right ( and workout!)

  66. I like to workout in the morning to get my workout done and over with so I can enjoy the rest of my day.

  67. I am not a morning person! I am a stay at home mom and I have been trying to convince the kids to sleep past 6:30 or 7. I do my workout after I have fed the kids in the morning! Even if we have things to do that day, I still make time for my workout. I feel so much better about the whole day.

  68. i’ve never thought of training at 5 or 6 in the morning, but maybe i should give it a try? My hubby and baby are still asleep at that time and if i get my workout in that early i won’t be interrupted! Then after i’m done and have my shower and eaten breakfast THEN my day will begin being mom! And i will have had my ‘me’ time already for the day.
    Great idea!!

  69. It’s funny– I refuse to get out of bed 1 minute earlier than I absolutely have to— so I’ve never been a morning workout gal. But every road race I run is at the crack of dawn! Go figure!
    PS… I’m a bit shocked by your favorite TV show!!!

  70. day 20!!!! made it through my first buffing phase without any major issues!!!It was actually much easier than I though it would be.tOO BAD THERE WERE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES IN THE HOUSE THE LAST 2 DAYS!!!!! They were calling me, i couldnt resist!!!But its ok, because today i will be doing Buffmotherobics and abs…maybe with some arms thrown in?!Have a great day!!!

  71. I love morning workouts because I find that I’m too lazy by the end of the day to go to the gym so I’m more likely to ‘skip’ it. Not a big fan of UFC – I can’t stomach the fighting but am hugely impressed by their physical skill.

  72. I love you leg picture! We have no TV service so I have never watch UFC. I can pretty safely say I wouldn’t like it. Watching a fight in a movie makes me very nervous and tense. I can see how getting on stage would do the same thing for me so you may be on to something there! I have thought about getting on a stage but i don’t think I have what it takes. Sadly.

  73. I am not a morning person either! I am much more consistent if I work out in the afternoon or even evenings, if I don’t leave it too late. ~ That being said, a person needs to be flexible if they are going to stick with a fitness program and make it a way of life. I think it is key to know yourself, use your strengths and then be flexible when life demands it.

  74. I LOVE working out First Thing in the AM..!! Yesterday I made some really good Whey Choc Peanut Butter Protein Bars..!!

    I am needing some advise on losing these last two lbs of belly fat..!!

    Thank you..!! ps~ Love the tips on the leg workout 2.

  75. I love doing my workout in the morning, it definately gets me going. Had a great past few days back on track & seeing results.

  76. Oh my gosh LOL you are too funny!! I just got the hang of the counting thanks to the hormonal timing book and oh my goodness my arms are shaking- today was arm day for me and I really kicked it in hightgear even though I didnt feel up to it you are such a motivation keep it coming!!!

  77. Funny you said that about UFC…I just told my hubby about a week ago while watching that if I didn’t have to worry about cauliflower ears I would like to try it!

  78. I am definitely a morning person and love to get up early for a short (2-3 mile) run. It wakes me up and gives me sooo much energy to last at least through the morning. After lunch I need a pick me up cause the fatigue starts creeping in but it’s all worth it.
    Yep, those UFC guys have to be crazy to jeapordize their health like that. I love to watch em though πŸ™‚

  79. Morning workouts are best for me too. I do feel like I got one of the most important tasks for the day under my belt after I complete it. Sometimes I have to do it later in the day, and it feels funny, but I am glad that I still got to do it! :o)

  80. yes, it takes confidence and a bit less modesty to feel free to wear a bikini on stage- being able to do it with pride is an amazing feeling of accomplishment!

  81. The tiny bikini infront of hundreds of people scares me to death! I am a little on the modest side not so graceful and dont have the confidence in my body…..YET. I want it though. I always wanted to box when I was younger to get my frustrations out. πŸ™‚

  82. Morning workouts are the BEST! I prefer AM workouts, as I find it nearly impossible to sleep that night if I workout out later than 2pm. That’s only if cardio is involved. I just feel so incredible after a morning workout, nothing compares to it!

  83. Even tough I work during the mornings, my energy does not kick in it till the evening. I been trying to work out in the mornings and i seems like I run out of time no matter how early I wake up. So my next challenge is to be able to work out in the mornings and at tonight πŸ™‚

  84. I’m so not a morning person, although I would like to be. Maybe that is what I have to work on this week. Getting my work out done in the morning.

  85. I can be a morning person if I get to be early enough, but typically that’s where the problem lies…I like staying up late, VERY LATE~!

  86. I am totally not a morning person, but I always have found it easier to workout in the morning. It charges my body for the day with so much energy. After working all day I am too tired and worn out to do it in the evening and way too much going on with kids/dinner/baths/ect. Besides the chances are better that I get it done if I go ahead and do it first. While the world is asleep.:)

  87. i wonder if being an ahtlete and most always working out after school @ about 3-4pm has engraved in me the desire to workout at that time forever…my biorhythms seem to work best for afternoon workouts.

  88. I am so not a morning person either and im totally like you MIchelle in that i love to stay up very late and surf the net! Its so darn addicting!lol

  89. I like morning workouts…it’s the getting out of bed that gets me every time πŸ˜‰

  90. My day usually doesn’t start before 10:30am. My three kids (10 years, 4 years and 17 months) are all late sleepers!! So after the older two go to school, me and the baby usually lay back down until about 10 or so and when they are out of school we all just sleep late! Lazy lazy!

  91. I’m not a morning person. I like to workout over my lunch break or after work. works best for me

  92. I really need to start getting into a better morning routine! Once I’m up I feel like gold but lately the mornings have been my biggest challenge. And the heat! I have been working out a little later at night- seeing as I don’t have kids its a little easier to squeeze some me time after everything is said and done- but I have started to take my dog for extra walks for an extra half hour of walking!

  93. That’s very motivating, hope tomorrow I can woke up early to exercise in the morning, is a little hard for me because I get in at 6:30am at work.

  94. I love the tip of the day today! I have found how amazing and confident I feel after a great workout! Will definitely start applying this tip to my life!!!!

  95. I enjoy working out in the morning the most. It’s quiet in the house and I can steal some “me” time. It’s not easy as a mom of 4. I have a tough time doing afternoon workouts, I just want to be lazy then. I’m going to work on that this week.

  96. I am so not a morning person and have tried to motivate myself to work out in the morning. I just can’t do it, I workout during lunch or right after work. The only time I work out in the morning is on the weekends because it’s easier to go there at 8am then at 5am!

  97. I used to love it too, but since I have childred I am always soooo tired in the morning (itΒ΄s true that I am even worse in the evening…).

  98. I love to run in the morning (weather permitting) and then do weight training later in the day. I love watching the sun rise! It’s God’s way of saying good morning to me!

  99. I can’t believe we are almost half done with the 40 days!! It’s crazy how fast time flies…this challenge is doing exactly what i had hoped- HELP TO KEEP ME FOCUSED during a busy holiday season and give me some momentum as the new year begins!! It’s also been a blast to connect with others through the comments and feedback I’ve received. Thanks for doing the challenge with me!!!

  100. I am typically a mid after noon workout personality…I think it may be from years of being in sports- 3pm meant time for practice.

  101. Day 20-workout in the mornings, good way to start the day? I really like working out at the lunch hour. My afternoons at work go so much better.

  102. I love working out in the morning. I feel better and I know that I already have it done because at the end of the day I might not my workout in. If I decide to do a second workout thats a bonus.

  103. 2 Nia classes – one in the morning and one early evening with some wts thrown in – Back and Biceps tonight.

  104. I would LOVE to do UFC but then again, I really enjoyed the short time I was training for boxing. It was the best workout ever and I felt so empowered! Especially when I was wearing out the guys. Fitness should be fun, not feel like a chore. That’s the best way to stick with it.

  105. I prefer to workout in the morning. It makes the day easier, somehow. I hate when I have to miss the morning and then try to figure how to schedule it at night,and then how long to rest between that and the next day, how to schedule meals…!

  106. I wake up early 5 days a week to get a workout in, makes a huge difference in my mood and patience while trying to get the kids out the door on time πŸ™‚

  107. I find that if I don’t work out in the morning I have a hard time getting it in at all.. so I am with you working out first thing makes the day better!

  108. Mornings Rock!! Best time to get the workout in, makes for a smooth day….feel like i can handle whatever comes my way!

  109. early AM is my only guarantee with 2 young teenagers – can sometimes be hard to get in bed at a time to always make it happen
    and UFC…………………LOVE IT!

  110. I love the UFC too. I’ve watched it for years on the TV here in England. Raw passion & physical strength – unmissable. Randy Couture was my favourite……!
    I would love to be that fit & get to train every day, what a privilege. I hope the UFC comes to the UK again soon πŸ™‚

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