I gained 4#’s in one day!
I went from 126 on WED to 130 on THURS.
Creatine, NO2 and eating like crazy, all part of what it takes for me to builld muscle has already changed my body in just one day!
The best thing about it all is how I feel in the gym. WOW! Lifting with the proper fuel in your body, plus a little extra pump from Creatine is UNREAL. I added weights to everything I did and I am not even sore today. New muscle is on the horizon for me!!! Having this contest for motivation to get really serious about my training again is a lot of fun. This has renewed my excitement and made me ultra focused.



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  1. Hey Michelle! I am so excited to see your blog here! This is great and also I am so excited to hear you will be competing soon! GREAT! Good luck!


  2. M~
    It is nice to see you blogging…actually I just found out about it thru Teresa Miranda. I am training for my first figure competition in october. I have never done it before and am not using a trainer or anything. We will see how I end up. I know you are busy with kiddies and all of your other endeavours, but check out my blog if you get a chance… I would appreciate any comments or feedback!

    Take care!

    Stef A:-)

  3. Michelle,

    Thank you for keeping your blog updated. I love reading it. I am doing the opposite of you, I am losing weight. I just started this week and I’ve lost 8 pounds, I know it’s a lot of water weight, but I am using protien. I added it after reading your protien post.

    Keep up the good work.

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