Hello everyone!!!
All right I am now taking CREATINE and will add NO2 tomorrow also. I will make sure to post some pictures in about a week to show you how different I look all full of water!!
I am exhausted today!
I barely made it to do my workout this morning, I thought about having a day off, but figured I need to get one more lifting work out in while “buffing”.
So I started “building” the second it was over!!!
What “building” means to me-
It means lifting heavy!

  1. Low reps 6 or less
  2. Heavy weights -shooting to hit some PR’s for my current bodyweight
  3. Eating more- especially carbs and protein and total calories I will aim to add about 500-700 calories per day over this time frame
  4. Doing less intervals. The focus is lifting not intervals. I need to still do at least 2-3/week, but not the 4-6 like I had been doing during”buffing”
  5. Taking muscle building supplements like CREATINE and NO2

That is it in a nutshell-
So the plan is to “build” for the next 2 weeks. I am excited to eat more and lift some heavier weights at the gym, but I don’t like gaining weight and being bloated from Creatine- The pay off of a Buff body is 100% worth it!

So here is the stats for today:
Weight- 126
No breakfeast-
Workout at 10:30 am
Lat pulls
70×15 warm up
Pull ups
4 followed by 4-20# assistance
10 w/ 20# assistance
One arm bent over DB lat rows- I should have worn longer shorts for these…
High wide cable lat pullls one arm at a time
One set military press machine 90×12
Military w/ curl bar
45#’s behind head/front total of 12-16 reps
followed directly by curls x10 reps x3sets
Abs in there knee ups on bench 2 sets 20-25 reps
lateral raises on cable 20#x8 one set
db lateral raises 15#x10 followed by front raises 8 reps and upright rows 10 reps
My shoulders were shot! My chest workout yesterday is the cause of that

2 sets knee ups on roman chair 30reps, 25 reps

workout took 55min. total

Went home and took creatine 5g and ate a ton!

Build that body!!! Make it buff!-
God Bless, Michelle



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