Measurements for success!

Getting in shape takes patience, consistency and TIME!
If you feel like you aren’t getting there fast enough…
You have to find more measurements for your success:

  • Do you feel a sense of accomplishment?
  • Are you increasing your weights at the gym?
  • Are you getting in better shape?
  • Do you have more energy?
  • Are you more mentally focused, less stressed?
  • Are you learning new things?
  • Are you sleeping better?
  • Are your hair, skin, joints, digestive system, etc…more healthy?
  • Are you being a good example to your kids, family and friends?
  • Are you inspiring others to make changes themselves?

There is so much more to all of this than your slow results.
You are doing GREAT!!!
Keep it up and BELIEVE!
p.s Here is my workout today 8-30-05

Bench press
95×12 wide
95×12 wide
112×8 normal
bench dips for triceps
Incline smith press
Tricep extensions
DB Incline Flys
Cable flys
Tricep push downs
20 min total on Elliptical
Alternated 1 min and 30 second intervals
rest periods of 1 to 1.5 min
This entire workout tool 1.25 hours
I failed to do any abs today:(… I will do them hard tomorrow!!!

Take care, Michelle


this is part of the “40 days to FIT Challenge!” ~ Day 3

Day #3-FIT tip-

Keep your gym bag, stocked and ready to go in your car at all times. Mine is packed with a set of shoes, socks, extra underwear, a sports bra, lifting glove, a couple magazines, a water bottle, gum, lip balm, gum, hair band and a visor…and don’t forget the MUSIC- I use a pink IPod shuffle.

Please comment for your accountability~ stay focused…38 days left to get FIT!!!





484 Replies to “Measurements for success!

  1. I just got home from the gym. I’ve always worked out, but I decided to really step it up starting today. I’m on a 3 day split: chest and back, legs, shoulders and arms. Then 2 days a week I do my abs. I also starting bicycling to the gym, which is 40 minutes each way. Also starting today, my entire workout all 3 split days, are supersets. Hopefully this change will bring some very signifigant changes to my level of fitness.
    Thanks for the blog and the opertunity to share my thoughts.

  2. Since I can’t afford the gym right now, I have a make shift gym at home with weights treadmill, dvd’s & Wii Fit. I make it a point to get up in the morning and workout mixing it up to create muscle confusion so that I won’t get bored and I don’t plateu.

  3. Off to workout for today. This is day 2 for me and I am already sore :). I’m sure it was from the squats and lunges of yesterday. It feels good! Today I am doing the recumbant bike and going to work in the Shred Dvd. I love that DVD!! Work hard all!

  4. OK, so I’m sore today from yesterday’s lower body workout. But I’m gonna do cardio today. I guess the beginning is when the muscle soreness comes. I JUST DON’T WANT TO GET INJURED!

  5. Counted steps yesterday and got a total of 10, 443! Eatting was much better, felt more energetic eatting more proteins. Today won’t be as busy…but I am on a mission πŸ˜‰

  6. Karla :
    Off to workout for today. This is day 2 for me and I am already sore . I’m sure it was from the squats and lunges of yesterday. It feels good! Today I am doing the recumbant bike and going to work in the Shred Dvd. I love that DVD!! Work hard all!

    great job!!

  7. i work out at home, but a little workout prep before bed helps me get moving in a hurry at 6 AM. thanks for the reminders!

  8. Well I’m feeling better already. My eating hasn’t been perfect today but I did get some threadmill time in this morning and have gotten more water into today than I have all month

  9. Trying to keep my exercise outdoors today πŸ™‚ Power walk with a friend and bike ride with my kids.

  10. Well I work out at home as I have a lot of equipment here so I have to be motivated to get ready and workout. It is not usually a problem, I am a pretty good motivator. Today was All Body Circuit and Intervals.

  11. Thanks for the pep talk. I have a long way to go, but really need to complete this journey to being healthy and fit.

  12. I was just complaining about how there are no female role models in my gym, but someone on said, maybe I should be the role model. Whole new thought! I’m ON IT! Your blog reinforced it. Thanks!

  13. right line of thought! I am the most impatient person when it comes to seeing results in my fitness…so these other measurements are vital to my success!!

  14. super!! at home workouts are so hard for me for some reason…I think I may have ADD, lol!

  15. Oh it’s sooo beautiful here today! I just have to get outside. I think after I do about 30 more mins of work online I’ll get my booty outside!!

  16. Yep…getting back to it can cause a ton of soreness. Stay consistent and you’ll not get that sore ever again!!

  17. thanks for the info on being prepared, I have 4 children and I don’t lug them to the gym, I have babysitters that come MWF while cardio outside of the home.

  18. Tried to get up this morning to do my workout, but did not succeed at that. Have an event to go to after work so will not be able to do it tonight. Had a great workout last night, so I’ll just have a great one tomorrow.

  19. Consistency is key!!! I think we have to make fitness a lifestyle where eating healthy and exercising is the norm, not the other way around.

    LOL after having said that I am taking today off, but it’s in my POA for the week:)

  20. yep…I write it backwards I guess. It is weight x repsx sets
    for example on Tricep extensions
    hope that helps πŸ™‚

  21. With my family…being prepared for just about ANYTHING is essential! …they like to butt in on my home workouts ALOT, its frustrating but I keep at it (I like to call it my “interval training” LOL). One of these days they’ll give up fighting for my attention during my workouts and let me do my thing. Thanks Michelle!

  22. When I first started working out my “measurement” was a number on the scale and inches to lose. Now I tend to make my measurement of success as being more active more often; weightlifting gains; faster times; and the ability to do above average things without tiring, being achy afterwards, or hurting myself (ok, there was that time I smashed my face into the bench, but besides that!!! LOL).

  23. You are so right with the patience and time…I didn’t get out of shape over night, so I won’t get in shape over night…gotta keep at it…

  24. Great reminder on always keeping a bag packed and ready in your car as you may have an opportunity to squeeze in a workout when you least expect it. Great tip! I’m really trying to consume more water!

  25. Great Day 3 here! I hope everyone else has been doing great! Today was a CRAZY leg workout…my trainer and I named it our “100 rep Workout”…we did 10 sets of 10 squats with little rest between sets and then Around the Clock lunges. Then single leg leg press superset with single leg extensions. leg Curls superset with Deadlifts to put the final touches on my hammys then calves and abs. Needless to say, I was FRIED and decided to pass on Cardio…will do that tomorrow with shoulders and arms! Diet and water intake is spot on!

    Thanks for the advice, inspiration and accountability!

  26. Ugh! I forgot to post yesterday!! But got a great w/o in. πŸ™‚ Today too. I am focusing on protein today. And water. These are my weaknesses. I am making them my strengths!!

  27. Better late than never.. I was going to post before bed last night.. but time got away from me.

    Been doing ballet.. going to really push and go to the next level.. wanting to add more.. as I love the dance and the flexibility… thanks for motivating me to go a step further!

  28. Ready to have a nice 20-30 run in our beautiful cool weather outside! And then back home to make some grilled steak and have a salad!

  29. Great day 3!!!! Still trying for that gallon of water…getting closer!!! πŸ™‚ This is such a great motivational tool!!! Michelle and all the other ladies~ we rock!!!

  30. Keep it up ladies! Another great day! Tomorrow push it that much harder! Off to rest some muscles, but got out of bed to post! Thanks Michelle and everyone for all the great motivation and positive energy!

    ~ Eva Diva

  31. My due date is here and I have the urge to start cleaning and get my floors scrubbed! My last day in the gym was Friday, Im hoping to only have about two weeks off as long as all goes well. Feeling realy well today, had 2 comments yesterday about how great I looked so would recomend to everyone the benifits of training as long into pregnancy as they can.

  32. Consistency is always key. It’s hard to do sometimes though. I may write that down on a big peice of posterboard and hang it on my wall.

  33. Morning weights ~ did combo exercises hitting upper and lower body at the same time and then power walked for 75 minutes.

    Ready for the day!

  34. Is it me or does anyone feel “transformed” once the gym or work out clothes go on? The gym bag thing is so effective. Even when I don’t feel like it, once I am dressed for the gym, something magical happens to my attitude. Oh, I did my Buffmom Ab work out this morning. Day 4? Bring it on!

  35. I missed my workout yesterday, so I can’t wait to workout today … it’s going to be a great one. I love the motivation you put out there Michelle … Thanks!!

  36. Day 3 is here and I feel great! Staying focused is the key and these blogs really help! πŸ™‚

    Today is the elliptical followed by working the lower half + abs!

    Make it a great one!

  37. Not so good day for Day 3. Ate some chips and now I’m bloated and retaining water. OF course, its nearly TTOM too, so that doesn’t help the bloating either. This too shall pass.

  38. Not such a great Day 3 for me. I can’t seem to get to bed early enough so that I can work out in the AM. Excuses….@#$&^! I know I can do this. I did BFL 3 years ago & was in the best shape of my life! JUST DO IT!!!!

  39. This is so true! If I find myself only looking at the scale, I miss out on all the little successes I am achieving each day. I will try what you said and focus on all those areas and watch for change. Day 3 is off to a great start:)

  40. Being prepared is half the battle. Thanks for the reminder. Also, can we still invite someone to this challenge?

  41. Thanks, I needed that. Slow results have been such a mental road block for me. I try really hard to look at other measures of success, but dang it would be nice to see the numbers too. I’ll try hard to focus on my strength gains today. Thanks again for the reminder.

  42. Thanks for the tip Michelle. I also find if I get my workout clothes on when I wake up and put on my sneakers right away (The sneakers seem to be the important part cause otherwise I’m just comfortable) I get myself to the gym in the morning.

  43. That is the one thing that I do not do is have my gym bag packed and ready in my car. That would take away lots of excuses!!!

  44. Michelle,
    Wow, you are unbelievably organized!! I used to take a gym bag to the gym but you have to bring your own lock. I did not get one & my lifting belt got stolen so I stopped taking the bag & keep my gloves in the car. However, I am SOOOO fortunate to live so close to my gym. It’s about 7 blocks away. I could walk there!!
    Thanks for the message about results. I get frustrated. I think with all this hard work & sacrifices I should look a whole lot better. I have to talk to myself all the time.
    I had a great workout this morn after having a much needed rest day yest! Have a great day!!

  45. i love the avatars but don’t see how to add them? Today is my day three and I’ve been to the gym and done my max effort benching. Now to finish the day strong with enough protein and other good supportive eats and lots of water!

  46. I just want to say do not be too hard on yourself for not getting up. I always say the preparation for an early morn workout begins the night before and that means getting to bed earlier and getting plenty of good sleep.
    About a month ago, I changed my time back to early morn and the first week, was really hard. Can’t remember if I made if every morn but some of my workouts were weak but my body did adjust.
    One thing that really helps me, everybody’s different, is to put my alarm on my bed next to me. It starts going off at about 5:50. Most morns esp in the beginning I was so sleepy I thought no way am I getting up but as the alarm went off & I hit the snooze “several” times I got more and more awake until I thought I guess I can get up!!

  47. My email came “late” today and I almost panicked! LOL! I love getting that little push from you every day! Did upper body lifting last night after work…I need to rework my program to be more challenging and more diverse. I plan to work on that this weekend. Did a great interval session on the stationary bike this morning…I’m a little stiff but it feels SO good to work those muscles again after being “incapacitated” for so long!! Also got a LOT more protein yesterday…feeling good today!

  48. Beginning of day 4, trying to concentrate on protein intake this week and getting the number of grams I eat equal to the amount I want to weigh….it’s kind of a juggling act. Thanks for the inspiration. is a great site to track intake. Good luck everyone.

  49. I have a packed gym bag that I keep in the car. If I don’t go on my way home from work I won’t go, so I take the bag with me! Amazing how that works! Have a great day 3!

  50. Consistency is totally the key. This has been my downfall in the past. Your daily comments have helped tremendously…not to mention the pictures of how great of shape you are in. You’re truly an inspiration. Thanks

  51. I’m loving my daily dose of Buffmother Michellle! It’s the first thing I check in the morning:) It’s really keeping me focused and on track, thanks:)

  52. Still sore in the back so I did Pilates. Its not the greatest or most challenging workout, but I love the way it helps my back. Thanks for keeping me on track, Michelle!

  53. I hope the Avatar worked and I now have a photo. I have worked out at night this week because I can’t seem to get it done first thing. But at least I get it done before I go to bed. Hopefully, I can make the transition to first thing in the morning soon.

  54. I am really loving this blog. It helps, early morning, puts me in the right frame of mind. My rescue dog from PR keeps me motivated in the morning. He pulls the sheets of my bed and pulls my pillow out from under my head at 5:00am. He nudges me until I wake up and take him for a 40 minute walk, sometimes longer. Fresh air, quiet mornings, it’s a great way to start the day.

  55. Great post! Sometimes people focus only on the scale and ignore all the other measurements of success.

  56. Sore today from too many lunges on Tuesday! So, instead of another bodyweight circuit the plan changed to yoga and foam roller (haven’t done that for awhile!).

  57. Keeping on track. Going for a run this evening either outside or treadmill depending on the weather. Our new granddaughter is on the way! Son called and said Lindsay’s water broke and they have gone to the hospital! Yea!

  58. Hello Ladies,

    I am doing great and hope you all are as well on this journey we have set. I have my gym bag all packed up, thank you Michelle.

  59. Just finished an awesome body conditioning class. I’m gonna be sore tomorrow, but it’s gonna be a good sore.


  60. I agree wtih changing things up. As a matter of fact, I gave that advice to someone that is experiencing a plateau. I said you need to shock your body and change up your routine.

    Thanks for the advice!!

  61. It is so true for me about any success, I haven’t felt like I have made much progress lately but others comment all the time how they can tell I am losing weight. It makes me feel so good. I also have a goal now because I just found out my daughter is engaged and could be getting married as early as January. I have the perfect dress, just doesn’t fit at moment! I can do it though. Going to get my next dose of water and walk the stairs.

  62. was very tired this morn, but still managed to get up at 4:30 to workout! It always makes the day better. Clean eating is going good too. Just wish me all the best; going on vacation this weekend!

  63. Just got in from the grocery shopping… What a chore. having a protein bar and my daughter and I will work out on the ball. She is 5 and gets a KICK out of it!

  64. Great idea…will have to try this–will save a lot of time and decreases the decision to find excuses not to go to the gym. I am proud of myself. I did a Jackie Warner circuit training workout and walked 3 miles. Thanks for this forum or I would not have much motivation…

  65. Missed my workout…now we’re heading out for vacation — 25 hours in the car with 5 kids. ouch.

  66. It was hard waking up today. I worked out for 45 minutes then walked for 45 minutes. I am happily living in my mountains.
    A walk is a hike and a half. I ate clean for my morning meal and
    a mid morning snack… Protein and a veggie. I am too far out of the world for a gym so these reminders really are doing me a world of good!

  67. I got my email a little late today as well. I was proud of myself for getting the workout in bright and early. As I was running I thought about how amazing it is that so many of us are truely strangers but things like this bring us together.

  68. All Cardio day today. Morning Jog and sprint intervals for 45 mins.

    30 mins on elliptical at lunch break. Its a good day.

  69. Great tip on the bag. I always have one for the kids, you never know when they are going to spill something on their cloths or need a long sleeve shirt for the chilly restaurants. I’m going to put on together for ME! No excuses!!

  70. Hey Maggie!! I think your fitness future is so bright you gotta wear shades~ keep it up!!!

  71. well…i probably was part to blame for confusing you. THIS blog is a wordpress blog~ So you are HERE!
    In order to get your picture up…just go to this website and sign up~

    Hope that helps!!

  72. Does painting count as arms? Mine are sore from all of the over the head stuff! Headed to the gym after soccer tonight for the elliptical machine!

  73. Okay, so far so good. I am motivated! We are all on a good way. Going to get a little exercise in before hitting the hay. Today, I also took a walk in the rain!

    I am successful!

  74. Day 3:

    45 minutes of bench and have eaten on plan so far today. FEELS great to do the RIGHT thing for your health.

    Thanks for the extra motivation.


  75. I used to kickbox on a regular basis, and didn’t think that I was getting any results but since I have stopped about 2 months ago I have noticed how flabby I have gotten. So even if you don’t think you are see immidiate results….think what you would look like if you were working out consistantly! Patience and consistancy are two words to live by on your weighloss journey!

  76. Home sick today, run down, cold,flulike in July?
    Taking today off, no exercise. Back to routine tomarrow.

  77. I was in workshops all day so I packed my lunch and snacks. I didn’t get as much water in during the day as I would have liked, but I will try to make up what I can the rest of this evening. I will get my cardio in this evening (45 min).

  78. I must be blog-illiterate but I’m not finding this blog on wordpress. Anyways, my day 3 was yesterday (wed.) and i was fighting a migraine in the afternoon but took some meds and got to the gym about 9pm. I was half way through my interval on ellip. and was pooped. But . . . I had all your great picts in my mind and your abs motivated me to finish! Thanks!
    (I was leaving comments on Day 1. . Day 2 posts not on the “Tips” post.?.?)

  79. I have always said that being fit is as easy as you ABC”s….Attitude, Believing in yourself, and Consistency! I really think if you plan ahead and take each day at a time, makes for greater success. Thanks again Michelle for this wonderful 40 days to FIT!

  80. I was feeling a bit tired and low this morning but having read the blog and the comments I’m feeling motivated again…bring it on!! lol

  81. I feel more aware of what i am doing each day because of this 40 day program—went on a long run and did some plyometric training…im still working on drinking that water….getting up early to teach Boot Camp and get a head start….

  82. 60 minutes on the treadmill. NEVER in my life have I done cardio for 60 minutes…not even in the military. HUGE accomplishment for me today!!!! Calories were very low today…not good. But I will drink a shake before bed. I actually burned off more calories on the treadmill than I ate today.

  83. I went to the gym this morning at 5:30am and did 30 minutes of cardio and 30 min of weights. I still cannot believe I was up that early to go to the gym. I felt good afterwards though.

  84. Still a slower start then I was hoping, but I did watch my food and concentrated on the amount of water I drank. I also did some ab work and I’ve been sucking it in ALL DAY! πŸ™‚

  85. Oh and my mom went back into the hospital today so I’m still waiting to find out those results. Like everyone says when it rains it pours… But I’m working on my PMA!

  86. Still sick πŸ™ but . . .am drinking the water and sticking to meal plan so I’ll be strong when I can get back to work outs.

  87. I get my e-mails late in the morning so I am always positng the next day. They are keeping me accountable non-the-less. Did my P90X chest and back DVD yesterday. Eating could have been better.

  88. Okay – well I did check in for today on yestersdays site…..
    Anyway – I was hoping to get to the gym after work today…but really, really feeling sick, and I think I am going to leave work now to go home and sleep!
    Why, why do I have to get sick right now! I feel like “poop”!
    Hopefully I will be back to “me” tomorrow!

  89. GOing to get to it today. Never got the chance to work out yesterday, so i will be pulling doubles today. CardioX and then Shoulders and Arms and Ab RipperX, oh my!

  90. ok I’m confused now! My email for today says Day 3 but Day 4 is already posted…Anyway, Day 3’s Fit Tip, I totally support 110%…I usually go to the gym after work and when I forget my gym bag or shoes and go home to pick it up…I can never seem to leave after! Well, today since I’m off from work, I PLAN to do a mid-morning run then hit the gym this afternoon for a chest & cardio workout.

  91. Had an ACTIVE Rest day since family is in town! But ran and splashed around at the beach with the kids!!! Eating fresh fruit instead of drinking juices! SENDING GOOD VIBES TO ALL!

  92. Love the workout plan…checking on becoming a Savage girl in the next couple months…competitions..maybe…

  93. Today I am sore so I think I will take it easy today and let my body recover. But I will go for a walk today no matter what. Work was crazy this morning, that always takes a round out of me but I feel more energetic since I have been working out.

  94. This is a great workout plan! I will try and utilize this next week. I did upper body this morning before 7am… which is amazing since I am not typically a morning person! I think the consistency is paying off,!!! :^)

  95. I had to go back today and re read your work out. I am going to try this workout for today. Thanks for sharing

  96. Good stuff to remember. I always feel like I have slow results as well. It’s good to be reminded there are other measures. Thanks

  97. I ate too late last night, but good stuff. Today I will get on my healthrider, then back to the gym tomorrow morning. My wife likes it when my arms are pumped and she can only get her hand half way around them. She got a makeshift cheerleader outfit to encourage me.

  98. Had a great leg day today. so far so good on eating just finished up a protein shake after work out so going to cook some brown rice and grilled chicken and spinach for dinner… Lets keep up the good work guys…

  99. Still starting slow but I’ve been dinking more water and I plan on weighing, measuring and starting a cleanse tomorrow. With fresh foods not pills.

  100. Woohoo feeling good!! Cardio 45 min then some legs today, Day 4 more cardio, more cardio, more cardio!

  101. its all comes down to getting rid of the obstacles. I just recently cleared out a drawer and placed five days of workout gear including shorts, sports bra socks. I keep my lifting gloves in my purse

  102. This is great Stuff! I finally got a gym bag earlier this week and packed it with all the items listed. It comes in so handy so Im always ready to go work out. Missed my early morning workout today but just made it up tonight =)

  103. Had another great day! good eats, and great workout! so glad its friday…and its day #3 for me. thanks michelle for all your tips & advice! im looking forward to a nice weekend, and a little bit of hiking with friends! have a nice weekend ladies!

  104. The roasted turkey tenderloin and sweet potatoes the other night turned out great. Last night it was filet mignon and a side salad. So I’m eating well, just gotta get motivated to move!!

  105. Okay, I struggled this week with my workouts, usually I love to workout, but this week it was hard but atleast I know why. Next month, I will plan around those first two days of that monthly thing. I did manage to get a workout in today.

  106. I have my gym bag packed. It sits right beside my bed and is packed with an extra set of clothes, shower gel, shampoo, loofah, lifting gloves, sneakers, scrunchie, deodorant, moisturizer (face and body), water bottle always ready to be filled and my MP# player.

    I always make sure it is packed and ready to go so I have no excuses. It’s great when people see me now and say that something looks different about me. These are people that I see on a regular basis. I am still nursing a shoulder injury so my weights are light at the request of the doctor. I am still have issues with the left thumb (work related injury) but I still try and do what I can. I feel the difference when I don’t work out versus the rush when I do.

  107. Pre-planning is key for me too!! (I have actually slept in my workout gear to avoid the inner conflict in the early a.m. of not wanting to dig around in the dark for my sports bra..)
    Ran this morning.. love running but am also looking forward to getting the skipping rope out too. Tonight is a big upper body strenth training session…
    So glad I signed up for this. Just the boot in the pants that I needed …

  108. I’ve started a whole new daily routine, and it’s helping me feel energized through out the entire day.

  109. today is usually lay low day and get the laundry done. My husband and I and our kids are living in Richmond VA. for the next 6months for work reasons. My day was cut short when he came home and said he needed to work in Pennsylvania, so the kids and I packed our bags and tagged along. we stayed in Hershey PA. It was only about a 4 hour drive, so I did not get much of a work out this day.

  110. Just finished dinner of bison burger (no bun) and lots of peas. Also crunched on some purple cabbage (my version of chips!) along with some watermelon and honeydew melon. Yum, Yum.
    Exercise today was at the park ran the track for 2 miles then chased the kiddos for some more cardio LOL. Then used the bench to do some other exercises while they played.

  111. Hi. It was weekend here in South-Africa. Today I start fresh. Had a clean breakfast,some cooked oats with cinnamon,had a cup of fat free yoghurt with a few pieces of fruit. It is still quite cold here, today is just 14 degrees,so to drink water is a big issue,but I promise to drink the whole 2 liters today!!

  112. Have a very busy weekend planned. Serving with our church. Will be out all Friday night – enough time to sleep and back out on the beach all day Saturday. But serving our Lord Jesus is awesome. May eating and exercise will be inconsistent/

  113. Day3…didn’t get up to lift this the morning like I wanted, so I have to do it tonight after work πŸ™‚

  114. Hi Everyone. I guess this is where i put my comment, Michelle already sent me my fit tip day #3 so here goes. Did a killer circuit workout that i got from my Fitness RX mag.. sweated bullets today. It wasn’t easy. Ate healthy today. So I hope i’m down the 25 pounds in 6 weeks from now (quit smoking, gained the 25 lbs). Too damn hot to run after work, over 30 degrees here.. going to the gym in the am, get it out of the way for the day.. I’ll be back on here soon.. bye everyone..

  115. A little forward planning goes along way I always have my gym bag ready especially since the kids are out of school for the summer. If I get a spare moment I’m ready to go

  116. So my workouts have been going well, but my cardio has been slacking, I have got to get some good sessions in. My chest, and arms and back is sore from my workouts this week.. I love switching up workouts, bc you can always feel the differance right away.. Now if i could only see them right away :)..Foodwise, im doing ok,, low carbs,, my body responds well to this.. So hopefully things will start happening

  117. Changed thngs up this morning. I spent three hours on the water kayaking and what a workout- it was so windy! I know I don’t need to watche the scale but it finally moved today–down three and a half lbs!

  118. Made it to the gym with my gf today. Heading out camping for the long weekend. I know that there is going to be alot of temptation this weekend, Im not going to stress about it. Just make sure that Im not overindulging and keeping up with my workouts, we are going for a baseball tournament, maybe I will face my fear of Baseball and try to play this time. Stay safe this weekend!

  119. Cool to hear you are so ramped up for your workouts!!! OH you need ideas for treats? What about some of my favorites like: a glass of wine, an ice cream cone, potato chips with dill pickles, CANDY!, etc… just keep it in check and make every bite count!!

  120. This is my 3rd Day. My concentration for the week is to increase protein, therefore today I am going grocery shopping. I will be buying the food I need for the next 3 days, tupperware containers, etc. Today I will be preparing most of the food so I can have everything ready, and easy to access. I know that will help when I am running crazy. Best to all!

  121. My workouts are going good, I kicked my own butt the other night in the gym with my leg workouts. I just REALLy wish I knew more stuff to work on my abs. I have the after baby abs.. I did buy the book of yours and am patiently waiting for it… I am dating a personal trainer adn he actually complimented me the other day when we were disk golfing and said ” I can see someone has been working out” I dont get the results as fast as I would like, but if someone is noticing.. Job well done:)

  122. Day #3
    Love the tips you give each day. Thank you so much. Workouts have been going great this week. I have been increasing my weight and my body is very sore all over. I have many questions about supplements. What is best to take?

  123. Rest day for me! Went to the cardinal game with family and friends. It’s good to recharge the batteries!

  124. i’m loving these tips! also, i love how you share your workout. that way, if i am wondering what i should be doing … it’s right there.

  125. OH wow!! that’s a loaded questions πŸ™‚
    it’s key to start with a good base- a good multi, calcium and my Hormonal Timing Pills. after that my #1 suggestion is 5g of L-glutamine daily.

  126. I forgot to post yesturday. I did a light workout on my legs as I was so sore I could hardly walk for 2 days. I play in a youth soccer game most Sundays, so I wanted to make sure I could play well. Thank you for all the tips. I actually workout in my basement so it is easy for me to get to the “gym”.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  127. Well I’m becoming quite attached to my dumbells now. Just setting a new routine should be easy with such determination. I’m keeping at it and plan on making myself sore every day. Oh, and by the way, I am sore right now!

  128. It was my Day 2–my chest is super sore today! Sooo hard to pick my girls up to hold them today! Ouch! Glad I’m sore, though–means I’m working hard! I teach dance, too, so the lower body workout I did today, combined with some major stretching and leg holds are going to make it tough to walk tomorrow! =)

  129. My third day of forty day challenge…working out and enjoying the motivation of others. Love the posted workouts my Michelle, thanks!
    Yesterday, I drank my bodyweight in ounces as challenged!

  130. today was a great day! I did a leg workout and a little bit of abs..Just trying to learn all the exercises and most importantly try to do them correctly. I’m feeling more confident today and I like it!

  131. Good Morning
    Sat. was day 1 for me on the 40 days to fit. It was also my day off πŸ™‚ Yesterday day two I walked a mile with the kids, worked my chest, Tri’s, and abs for an hour. This morning day 3 I did 30 min on the bicycle at the gym, worked my legs, but, and abs. My bag is stocked and ready to go for 5 a.m. tomorrow πŸ™‚

  132. I just did something I didn’t think I could do.
    I walked out the door with my husband with baby in tow. My hubby went to work and we went for a walk. I RAN up a huge hill!
    I feel great!!!
    P.S. I never got an e-mail for fit day #2(yesterday), but I did go for a huge long walk with my daughter up and down hills after dinner. Sundays are relaxing days, so I did what I could!

  133. It is hard to make a change especially if you are afraid of failing. My success comes from taking one day at a time. I am always ready to workout. I make it a part of my daily appointment schedule. Stay focused and pump hard!

  134. Today is my
    Day 3 in the 40 day challenge…I’m not exactly sure what IΒ am supposed to
    be doing each day yet, and how things alternate, etc. However, my fiance and
    I are joining a gym by our house this weekend since its starting to get cold
    here, in good ol’ Wisconsin πŸ™‚ then I’ll be able to incorporate the weight
    lifting into my routine. Right now I am just running every other day (approx
    3 miles) and doing the “Biggest Loser”Β DVDΒ on the other days. I’m watching
    what I eat, but could still be better. I”ve started a blog which is really
    just for me right now, so that I can track my workout, what IΒ ate and how
    IΒ felt each day.Β I think I’ll begin to see a pattern with that and then can
    reach out to all of you for advice on the changes that I could make to have a
    greater impact.

  135. Finished my cleanse yesterday. I don’t know that it really helped. I think clean eating is just as good as doing a cleanse. I am working each day to push it just a bit more.

  136. day 3…………was planning on going for a walk but that didn’t happen.
    Plan – 5.45am tomorrow morning i will walk the 5km track.

  137. Had a good workout tonight πŸ™‚ My sister calls me now to make sure I am going to the gym……she is my rock and is so supportive of me. I bought some new work out shoes and I am loving them! It is hard to get to the gym so late but once I get there it feels great!

  138. Interesting…what cleanse did you do? I like to do something like that about once a year. It seems to “shake” me up and get me focused harder on my diet!

  139. good to hear you are going after it Poppy! I think everything you are thinking and saying is just what this challenge is about. It’s about getting you into a midset that allows you to focus on your fitness. The daily e-mails, notes, tips and accountability helps you gain momentum towards your fitness!

  140. day 3 again….walked for 40 minutes this morning and then dropped the car off to get new tyres and then walked home maybe another 20minutes and then had a coffee with a friend around the corner.
    Going camping tomorrow for about 3 nights in the real Aussie bush, my aim is to make sure i do at least 30 minute walk daily and when i come home i will start my weights. Cant wait. Am going to buy the hormonal timing books. Definetly need them, I am hypo thryiod, pcos and now peri menopausal. yah. My hormones are totally shot to pieces………………

  141. Day 3 and feeling good. Went to the gym did 30 minutes of cardio, lifted, then ran outside. Planning on going to a jazzercise class tonight! Need to incorporate more protein into my diet.

  142. I am so excited for my book to get here! I hope it will help me get off this plateau and start loosing again!

  143. I have it easy I guess…with my gym right next to my bathroom! LOL! I have put on my gym clothes as my jammies before…I only do that if I have to workout before work…like around 5 or so…1 less thing to do so I can get 5 more minutes of sleep…

  144. This is my day 3. I am about to go to the gym and do the elliptical and some chest work. I am so glad for yesterday’s post about eating enough protein. I had been starving all week even though I was eating enough calories and Michelle pointed out why in the Day 2 email. YAY! I feel so much better today since I have eaten more protein.

  145. Day 3 for me!

    NOW IS THE TIME TO go get ready to eat AGAIN!

    This is the part that seems to be so hard for me is all the eatting (you think it would be easy to eat all the time. LOL).

    Had a great leg workout today! I am feeling it already.(And my sister came over for it again Yeah!)

    I did something drastic today (I dyed my hair brown… its light brown but still brown) I have never had dark hair before so this is a first. (Think its the whole turning 30 thing. Figured I would do something different.) I like it but will be blonde again before summer I am sure. LOL. I think turning 30 is what motivated me to kick my butt into shape. πŸ™‚

    GREAT NEWS. My mom stopped by today and she said it looked like I was losing weight (specially said my thighs looked smaller)! I can tell my clothes are a little loser but the scale is not showing it. I know its because muscle ways more and all that, but I was sooo excited that someone actually noticed already (I started your workout routine with the buffmotherobics on 10/23)!


    THAT is motivation enough! Hope everyone else is having a great day.


  146. thanks for the great reminder today Michelle. It is difficult when your results come at such a SLOW pace. I am NOT a patient person.
    Had a good workout this morning though-hit the delts pretty hard along with some lunges. Rode the stationary bike hard for 10 minutes too.

  147. Day 3 and I am sore, sore, sore!! But it feels GREAT!! Upper body plus cardio work out today.

    I did sometime amazing last night, I said NO to alcohol and told my best friend and my husband that I am not drinking anymore. I had a workout with God yesterday and needless to say, I prayed, I worked out, I cried, I worked out, HE helped me through the tough decisions of my mind for my body.

    Thank you Michelle for your article on “Believe”. It really HIT home with me. πŸ™‚

  148. Day #3, really feeling the sore muscles today, but I’m just imagining them growing and getting more defined.

  149. Day 3.. totally sore OMG!!! haha.. but am going in tonight for chest and tris then having a protein shake and going to bead early πŸ™‚ Feeling really good about all of this

  150. Just had a conversation about this the other day. You plan on going to the gym but if you go straight home instead you end up finding something to do and it is too hard to get motivated to go back out (esp in this cold weather). Having a bag packed is one way to get you there without using the excuse of having to go home first. THANKS for the reminder!

  151. Day 3…Thank you so much for the fitness routine advice. I’m going to put it to the test tomorrow!

  152. Day 4’s workout is done. Eating is on track except for the nacho chips and salsa that I had while my post workout soup was heating up. I noted this in my food log and will make a better choice of carbs. next time.

  153. Thanks for the routine. I am currently doing 45 min Crossfit training along with an extra 45 min cardio daily. The crossfit is a great tool for an all over body workout. There are a lot of MMA guys, firefighters, etc. that word out at the gym so that makes it extra exciting to watch them go against each other. Helps to motivate πŸ™‚

  154. I missed commenting yesterday. πŸ™
    BUT I made it to the gym today and did a set class. yeah me!! I haven’t been to the gym in a long, long time. You really motivate me more than I could every say. Thank you Michelle

  155. hi michelle,
    doin really well on day 3,im really feeling so much better already,feelin everythin startin to get tight,LOVE that feeling!!!still tryin to learn about the foods,but i’l get there!!thank u so much,great to sign in everyday and ur words of encouragement are there and to look at u and to c what u’v acheived is great,keeps me goin!!!
    godbless!!! x

  156. Well, it’s easy for me to keep my Gym bag packed because my Gym is in my home, I did good on Protein today, eggs for lunch! Yum!! drank lots of water did 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of lifting arms and legs.

  157. so far am doing my workouts at home but I did pick up some healthy proteins, green veggies, and some whey protein powder today to get my diet in order!
    Did legs and abs today and will hopefully do cardio later if not first thing tomorrow, then upper body!

  158. An hour and a half work out ..WOW! praise you! You inspiration is keeping me focused. Baby steps…but definatly change!

  159. Day 3 – Music is SO important to a workout. For me, it can make or break the level of intensity. Consistency is my biggest challenge, but I do notice I am able to lift heavier weights so there is some improvement. This accountability gives me the motivation I need when I feel like doing nothing. Thanks so much!

  160. Help!
    I have been able to eat clean when I’m at home, but I have to go on the road for work for an entire week next week and am anxious about how to eat clean and frequently enough when I’ll be stranded at a hotel. Does anyone know what food I can shop for that I can take with me besides protein bars??

  161. Protein powder and veggies travel well. Like cucumbers, celery, peppers etc…
    All depending on where you are traveling to and how.
    maybe you should hit up a supermarket while you are on the road?

  162. We just joined a gym before the new year so I can work out with my mom and husband. I am so afraid of lifting more. I am a long time dancing and long for those long skinny toned arms and legs. I am always so afraid to lift a lot of weight for fear I will bulk up. I already have dancer thighs and want my arms to be slimmer. Should I be doing less weight more reps or how do I go about that?

  163. after reading your blog on your workout, it looks like i need to step into the actual weight room. i am doing circuit weight machines, kettlebell, and weights at home. it seems that if i want more to happen i need to go where all the hard core men hang out! that’s a bit intimidating to me!

  164. I am good about keeping my gym stocked and in the car… the hardest part for me most of the time is just getting the car to drive in the direction of the gym. It is getting easier, though, because I am finding that when I am frustrated… I just want to go to the gym. I don’t know if it is my alone time, if it is the pent up energy release, maybe it is the fact that THAT is the one thing in my life that I can be in control of and it is MY choice to go or not to go… What ever it is, I am finding myself telling my husband to just handle things, I’m going to the gym… And I feel so much better when I’m done…

  165. Thanks for the tips. My music player is pink, too…a pink Sansa Clip and I almost can’t work out without music!

  166. MUSIC!!!!
    The iPod is in my gym bag, and the gym bag is ready at all time… but not always in the car. Hm…
    Did great today: 4 hours of snowshoeing in the mountains!! I’m tired, for sure… but ready to go play hockey with the boys! (Not for long, but at least… 15 minutes, hahaha!)
    And yesterday (day 2), I went to the gym and started on my new program (weight lifting). Hard!! I suppose I’ll be able to lift a little heavier soon!! Because I’m sooo weak in the arms, that’s incredible!
    Anyway, I’m focused and want to get leaner and stronger!

  167. Hmm Gym bag is usually packed but yesterday I forgot my shoes. And I finally got my MP3 player figured out, with some new songs!!!

  168. I’ve done that many times…one day I had to workout in my flip flops- I felt silly but glad I did it anyway.

  169. HAHAHA!! You need autopilot setting for your car.
    I totally agree about the gym being a place for SANITY!

  170. Oh I have so much fun stuff…I really like ROCK that has passion. But I also like some dance stuff. Pink, Britney, Rhianna, Janice Joplin are staples…oldies like Metalica and some Dolly parton thrown in.

  171. Thanks for this email!! So many time we are all so hard on ourselves. I think I coulddo more even though I push myself really really hard. U agree on the music. Could imagine working out without it. What’s in your iPod?

  172. I can already tell that upping my lifting amount, eating enought protein and drinking enough water is making a huge difference. Thanks Michelle!

  173. My gym is in my basement, but the same thing applies about being preparred. Its much easier to get down there and get my workout done if my clothes are laid out on the bed and ready for me when I get home from work.

  174. couldn’t make it on yesterday…bad connection sooo bummed! but had to read your daily advice it’s sooo great! thanks!

  175. I like the idea of having your gym bag ready at all times…just not sure about implementing that. Right now I ride my horse three mornings a week and go to the gym three mornings (first thing – so I simply get out of bed, put my workout clothes on and head out).

    Of course, we haven’t added kids to that equation yet so things might have to change drastically in the future. πŸ™‚


  176. I keep prepared by putting on my sneakers before putting my kids to bed at night. That way I don’t fall into a tired slump while rocking my youngest. For some reason having my shoes on keeps me motivated and energized. Night time is the only opportunity I have to exercise so it’s better than none right?

  177. day 3..well im doing p90x so i workout right at home..its nice i dont have to go anywhere to get it done.

  178. Day #3… getting ready to do my 30 min cardio then weights for 45 min.. Will finish up later this evening with another 30-45 min cardio…. Can’t wait to see these results… btw i hope that I am posting in the right place

  179. Michelle,

    I AM making changes, small but yes. I lifted more in weight on my Monday Work out, and tonight when i do shoulders and arms i will up it too! Last night i did PLYOMETRICS…so far this week i have not missed a work out! I am anxiously awaiting your books and supplements!!!!!

  180. You have a great routine in place!! I like putting on my workout clothes at home too…that way I can be sure I have everything and that everything fits right!

  181. heading to the gym in a few minutes. I am definitely getting more motivation the more I work out. I am so inspired by you! I’m almost 47 and plan to look better by my 47th birthday in May than I did on my 27th birthday!!!!!

  182. The night before I pack everything I need to take to the gym in my gym bag so that in the morning when I am rushed all I do is pick up my gym bag and am good to go. I did a Kickboxing class at the gym this morning that really kicked my butt. It was an intense workout and I loved it!

  183. Wow I look forward to your motivation everyday.. I am eating clean and walking in the evening my 4 yr old rides her bike and is on my “diet” but she says we need to add waffles. lol! I had gain weight with family being here and now have lost 1.5 lbs I have a long ways to go! Thank you Buffmother!

  184. Yes, it is so hard to wait to see results! I have been using every opportunity to take the kids out in the stroller that I can!

  185. Day 3 for me of the 40 day challenge. I love tip number three and will pack a gym bag to keep in the van. I do my workouts at home, but you never know when I might be away from the house and will need workout clothes.

  186. Great idea with the pre-packed gym bag! We have our gym at home, but i do have a punch card for a place in town. Should have the card plus the gym gear packed for those impromtu workouts!!

  187. My wts are increasing, my energy level is awesome, stress level is much better ( some days better than others). Since my increase in h20, I have a pimple or 2 a month. Before I never had a time without a zit. When I leave the gym Im on cloud 9. I try to instill that and carry it out at home & work. I want to be with positive people. I encourage some one every day. My kids, husband, co workers & other people at the gym. We had a new gal at class this morning and she motivated me as much as I motivated her. LOVE IT.

  188. Melanie! you rock~ I love all the awesome ways you are being a SUCCESS!! Thanks for the goose bumps you just gave me and keep being a POSITIVE FORCE!!

  189. I loved the home gym exercises (from yesterday) that correlated to the weight lifting you do at the gym. I wish I could join a gym, but it’s just not possible. I currently work out with 5 pound weights, but am thinking maybe I need to go with something heavier. Hmmm…

  190. get to wal mart and buy yourself some 10’s and 15’s ASAP~ you need to challenge your body!!

  191. I work a second shift which starts at 1pm. I don’t always wake up in time for the gym. I do have a home gym that I work with if I am unable to make it to the gym that morning. I always make sure to do SOMETHING rather then nothing before work. I don’t feel a sense of accomplishment unless I have completed some form of physical activity to get me moving.

  192. My biggest success motivator is each time that I go to the gym I’m increasing my weights, even if it’s just for one set. I don’t have a car because I live in London so I walk A LOT. I also live on a hill so it’s been great for my glutes!

  193. I am proud to say I have not missed a workout since I have started. I am sorry to say that my eats have not been as clean as they could be. I have a new goal this week, clean up my act! I do feel accomplished with my workouts and I can tell my body is getting much stronger! It is about time to head out and buy some bigger weights, I need something between a 15 and a 20. I have made the mistake before and jumped straight to the 20’s and ended up hurt. But the 15’s just aren’t cutting it anymore! πŸ™‚ Glad for all the extra energy!

  194. I am feeling really good! I have a million things to get done this week; and right now I am out of town, staying in a motel; however, I planned ahead and that really helped to get the proper nutrition. Still have my leg workout to get in this evening and intervals tomorrow. Thanks for the great inspiration, everybody!

  195. Dont forget flip flops if you plan to shower! I also like to use lots hand sanitizer,…. keeps the doctor away! :0)

  196. Loving to see the changes in my arms….
    Funny how arm muscles make you feels sexy….
    but they do!!!!!
    looking for ways to show them off….LOL

    Thanks for all the great tips!!!!

  197. isn’t it fun to compete with yourself like that~ one of the reasons why lifting can be so addicting!

  198. You could always add more reps or more sets with the 15’s until you can do the 20’s~ you’ll get there- keep trying but don’t hurt yourself.

  199. Sundays can be hard for getting to the gym for many people… Get there tomorrow and your MOJO will stay strong!!

  200. Have had a pretty decent day overall. Been eating clean but havent made it to the gym today πŸ™

  201. Leaving a gym bag in the car really helps! It is something I have done for a while now! Especially in the winter months, because if I come home to change after work I know I will just stay here instead of going to the gym. Its a great motivator to see in the passenger seat!

  202. The kids start back to school next week. I’m packing my gym bag and making the gym my next stop after the school run! Lack of consistency has been my weakness so I’m taking your advice and am going to just do it!

  203. Yesterday, I got in 128 oz. of water. My goal for the first week is to focus on increasing my water intake. I think week 2’s goal will be to increase my protein intake.

    As for exercise at the YMCA, I did 30 minutes of strength training and 50 minutes on the Stair Master climbing 184 floors.

  204. I need to keep in mind that these things take time! Like you said take your success in small measurements! This morning at the gym I used heavier weights tried pushing myself harder with cardio. After I left I felt more empowered and motivated for tomorrow!

  205. that is os true i have way more energy than i did before and i can hit the bag harder and longer now at the gym than i could even when i was in boxing, i guess that really does show that i’ve been working harder on my cardio..which i have! lol

  206. I burned over 700 calories today with cardio & weights. I increased my protein & water. Ate 1540 calories. Overall a good day!

  207. I am doing good! This was pretty much my lifestyle, just needed some new motivation. Thanks! Love the workouts at the bottom of your posts.

  208. thanks for posting your workout at the bottom of your article. I have to admit that I don’t know what some of them are!

  209. Oh my goodness!!! I just can not belive how focused and driven I am already!!!This site rocks! My body is literally changing right before my eyes!!! I love this!!! I am in buffing stage, I thnk I am tired bu tthe one were you give it all you got and feel like you can accomplish anything!!! Thanks Michelle!!!

  210. Day 3 of my journey. Because I started my cycle yesterday, I am feeling tired and crampy. But I am focused on how my body is feeeling and have already noticed how my energy changes throughout the day. I feel stronger today too.

  211. day 3…feeling crummy and not so motivated.but i am eating well.thats something, i suppose.Now to just get motivated to actually do some cardio!!!!

  212. Today is Thanksgiving and I’m getting ready to head to the gym for a great morning workout! I will enjoy my holiday guilt free and buff!

  213. sorry I didn’t post the other day! I got the email on my phone but haven’t had access to a computer to post my response. I have a bag I used for the gym sometimes but usually I throw everything in my purse. I’m not one for changing in the gym because I have time to get ready beforehand and then I come home and shower. My ipod gloves and log boook are all on top of my stereo. I stay prepared by making sure my ipod is charged at all times because workouts without music just aren’t the same!

  214. I don’t have a gym membership because of money issues at this time however I plan on keeping my workout clothes and everything I need ready to go for my workouts at home and not tucked away in my drawers!!!

  215. What a fabulous idea! I don’t have a gym membership but will start using the many workout DVDs I have and excited to use the new Zumba fitness Wii workout!

  216. This is a great idea. I never leave home without my gym bag in the trunk. Sometimes I forget a towel or socks (lol) but that doesn’t stop me. I hate it when the battery runs out on my shuffle though but I still keep the ear buds in and pretend like I’m listening to stay focused. πŸ™‚

  217. Keep on being prepared to succeed!! that’s what’ll get you to your goal!

    I’ve always believed it’s way cheaper to invest in my health than pay a doctor later on πŸ™‚

  218. Thanks for the tip. I do love my ipod! Mostly I listen to podcasts about health/nutrition/fitness instead of music, it is what motivates me.

  219. I think i have hit a plateau where i need to change it up and add more weight plus get to running. Thanks for the tips. On to church then plan my workouts for next week!

  220. Well I’ve discovered Zumba for my cardio – love it love it love…and the next day I feel incredible, mentally & physically! I’m hoping I can keep the motivation!

  221. I didn’t get a chance to comment last night after I got home from the gym and pool. However, my training partner and I hit the gym hard yesterday for 2hrs. I spent 30 mins on the elliptical and treadmill to start out. Followed by extensive arms, chest, shoulders, and core. We then swam for a bit and sat in the steam room. Weights have been increasing slightly and same with reps and amount of time doing cardio. Again, thanks SO much for keeping me accountable and motivated Michelle!

  222. Thank you for your motivation!!! yesterday I went to a Belly dance class, it was great. Now I need to work on adding weights at the gym.

  223. Day 3, today should be abs and intervals for me. I dont keep a gym bag because i do all my workouts from home. I feel like I work harder at home with no distractions from other people. This is not entirely true since I do have a family. But here we go for another round, im a little sore today but being sore is weakness leaving your body πŸ™‚

  224. Thanks for the encouragement. I tend to get a bit discouraged when I’m not seeing the results quick enough. But when I ask myself the questions you posted, I can see that I am making headway. Getting Motivated!

  225. Thank you for the gym bag idea. I will have to put mine together and then there will be no excuse to not go over lunch!

  226. Rest Day. Food going well. Lifts went well last two days. For some reason the stationary lunges were *hard,* but I pulled it out. πŸ™‚

  227. I have a bag in each vehicle πŸ™‚ Ahh, Patience…..totally need to work on that! My head and my body are not on the same level right now….my head is 200% into it but my body/hormones need to get inline so we can work together! πŸ™‚

  228. I am a stay-at-home mom of three and the closest gym to me is 35 miles away. With gas being $3.78 a gallon and living on one income it’s not currently an option for me to regularly visit a gym. I’ve been working out at home using a popular DVD program. I’m really hoping that won’t hold me back??? πŸ™

  229. I sit here with tennis shoes and sox next to bed to take to car tomorrow AND READ YOUR TIPS…GREAT TIMING!!!!. I now realize they need a bag and some other items to go with them. Well yeah! Of course I need: props(as in weights and whatever I discover what I need when I read the nongym workout routine) and music, sweat towel, water bottle, hair stuff, spare clothes, PROTIEN BAR, huggies for quick cleanups for back to work freshenss, a scent that will make me think and FEEL: GIRLY DIVA PRINCESS I DESERVE SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS WHEN I SPRAY IT ON ME! (My favorites are Sensual Amber (Bath & Body) and Tahitian Holiday and Lemon Sugar by Avon.

  230. Doing lower body and abs today. I struggle with patience. I want to see results and when I don’t I tend to give up. I really am going to try to stick with this because I really do desire to be in shape! SOOO tired of the tummy pooch!

  231. Thanks for the always good advice… car is loaded now with a ready made bag… On your workout for today,specifically the bench press, I was astonished by the number of reps…. you have 112×8.. I am trying to bench count is like 345.. are you doing those at a fast pace? Will my workout get to that level? I think its great that you have that much stamina.

  232. This is such a great motivator! I caught myself starting to think “do I really need to workout today?” after reading this the answer, “YES RHYN YOU DO and YOU WILL LOVE IT!”

  233. Keeping up habit of hot water and slice of lemon (keep lemon slices in freezer) to replace every other cup coffee.

  234. Day 3-Done! ran again today…increased my distance. Yippee!! Have a crazy day shuffling my kids around..will do abs later. I love your chest/tri workout. Think I may do that tomorrow.

  235. Looking at the routine, is the first number the weight? I have not seen it written like this before. Onto Day 3…. waiting for hunger pains

  236. I can’t tell you how motivating it is to read your emails each day. Thanks for helping me stay on track!!!

  237. My gym is in the basement, so i don’t need to have a gym bag ready, but i do put next days workout clothes on top of my dresser after each workout, so its ready to go and i won’t have time to talk myself out of it.

  238. Thanks for the gym tip! First 2 days have gone well! I even watched my kids eat a chocolate chip cookie and didnt dive in myself!

  239. It definitely helps having my gym bag ready to go! I love making me a priority in my life. My gym time is MY time for just me!

  240. I got on the scale this morning and I had lost 6 lbs. I’m sure that’s water weight from the extra protein intake, but I’ll take it! Yeah!

  241. Away from my gym this weekend & working. I’m trying to get in some floor exercises (pushups, planks, vacuums, squats)& walks with the kids whenever I can.Thank you!

  242. checking in for today. I ahve set five realistic goals for the week to help me keep on track and improve my health. I wrote them in a notebook and SHOULD have pink checkmarks for each goal (one checkmark for each day of the week), if I do them. They are 1. Drink a gallon of water 2. Check into Buffmom every day for accountability 3. Record food in food journal 4. Do cardio as planned 5. Do resistance training as planned (focus on doing better than the time before). Thanks for being there for me!

  243. Wanted to write something about the article for today. Although, I am not seeing any physical results. I do FEEL better about accomplishments and results as you are correct our health is measured in more ways than JUST the number on the scale, the bagginess in our clothes and the muscles popping out. That is only a part of it. I am sleeping better, my confidence has gone up and I feel more energetic. I noticed that I am now waking up earlier WITHOUT the alarm clock. I wake up before it even is set to go off AND I feel like getting right out of bed and not going back to sleep. . .wooh hoo!

  244. How I wish I could go to the gym! By now it is impossible for me and only can do very short workouts at home, but I am happy: today is my 3rd day and I am still on the run. ThatΒ΄s better than my last three years! I wonΒ΄t give up this time! Best wishes from Spain.

  245. Another great post!! I’m impressed by your workout. You lift some heavy weights. That’s my goal I’m working toward.

  246. Day Number 3… as for the accountability, several people now know that I am beginning this adventure. I HAVE to give it my all… or else bear the shame of telling them I failed. Of the two options, showing off a hot body is a much better thought than admitting failure!!!

  247. Day 3…yep, just as I thought. I have no upper body strength!! But, love a challenge and knowing I will have upper body strength soon.

  248. I am seeing results!! Feeling more energetic and getting better sleep…I also looked at some photos from last year (around March) and I weighed less but looked puffier so the work I’ve put in over the past year is working!! Yippee – now to stay motivated and be even more fit!

  249. I’m also learning the scale is NOT my friend. Success or progress will no longer be made by how much weight I’ve lost.

  250. Day 3- I am doing Chalean Extreme along with this plan. I think it’s going to work out great because the two complement each other. Chalean also recommends a hight protein diet and tons of water.

  251. Day 3 – PICTURES!!!! That’s a good reminder. I need to take a couple of new ones. The scale is down, but I don’t ‘look’ good. I am more concerned with that than the number (even tho I DO like seeing it drop!)

  252. I love your measurements for success ~ such great reminders! It’s not always about the # on the scale, it’s how we’re helping others change their lives too!
    Blessings ~

  253. Day 3 I am not exactly sure how to read your workout. I have been keeping a gym bag in my car. Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I go to the Y and do a Y pump class and hi/lo aerobics. I know I need to add more to my day other than the 50 minutes for those 3 days. I am looking to get fit, and am discouraged by the scale. My boss and my husband are the only ones who really know what I am doing. I have started and not followed through so many times that I am embarrassed to tell. That is why I signed up here.

  254. Day 3. I didn’t get much sleep last night. Feeling tired and ironically that was listed on the measurements. I really need to get focused and get more sleep. I have lots on my mind lately and I really need to resolve the issue. This week I will definitely work on this so that I can have more energy to get my morning workout done. This morning no workout. Not good. With all that said Im enjoying the accountability of this blog. Thanks Michelle.

  255. Day 3. Have been doing better with water intake. Also, have been starting my day with some stretches and yoga.

  256. I work out in home gym in garage but the “packed gym bag” idea is not just about packing a gym bag. I think it is more about being prepared and thinking ahead. If you plan ahead, it’s harder to make excuses. In my case planning ahead means making my meals 3 days ahead of time and dividing them up by day so that I am not eating on the go and being tempted to eat junk because it’s convenient!

  257. I think the feeling that I am in control of my time is a big one for me! I love these reminders…it is so much more than the scale and the reflection in the mirror!! Let’s do it!!!

  258. I need to keep a journal of my workouts. I would like to be able to look back on the previous month (or longer) and see in black-and-white how I’ve increased/improved my lifting. I see in in the mirror, but I really need to write it down!

  259. I can honestly say that I can say yes to the ways in which to measure success. I do feel a sense of accomplishment, I am increasing my weights in the gym (which I love!), I am starting to see progress showing that I’m getting in better shape, I have more energy, am more focused and less stressed, I am inspiring others, and I’m feeling and looking great overall!

  260. my workout states the exercise then the weight by how many reps I did and then how many sets of each
    means: Bench Press of 45#’s (the big bar weighs that) I did 10 reps of it in a row, took a rest and then did it again.

    You can do this Michele– do you have a blueprint or plan to follow?? I’d really suggest it.
    But don’t look at the scale as the only measurement- you commenting here is another positive measurement!! thanks!

  261. my measurement that I’ve been focused on is my energy levels and mood. They are both so much better when I workout!!!

  262. Love the idea of keeping your gym bag ready to go. Not having something ready is always a great excuse for me!

  263. Being prepared is KEY to any success. If your not ready to work-out, then you won’t. I have noticed my hair is going faster since I have started exercising more and I sleep better at night.

  264. I take you daily tips and put them into my little motivational book that I keep with me and read it daily to keep me motivated. My gym locker at work is now stocked according to you latest daily tip so I am rad to go each day.

  265. I think this is one of my big problems, I do not chart my success. I see the goal more often and get discouraged that I don’t seem to be making it fast enough yet I need to look at what I have accomplished and praise myself for that more often because any progress is a small goal in itself.

  266. Okay I see… about how to read what you are doing. As for the plan I didn’t have one, but received one from one of the trainers at the Y. I can only make it to that y 3 days a week right now, due to how far I live from it. Seeing the pics on this website on how to do the exercises at home is very helpful. I have been loving the way I feel, and have been sleeping a lot better since I have been taking those classes.

  267. Exactly, break down your goal into short time-frames…and follow through with checking on your progress measurement!

  268. Keeping going ..holidays are rough..eating at family’s trying not to be rude..eating when they insist..indulging a little here and there..then feeling guilty…and pushing even harder afterwards..holidays are bad for diet and excersize routines..

  269. My measurement of success is two fold – I will have a more toned body and I am showing my daughter (2 years old) how to live a healthy lifestyle. Yesterday, while I was doing pushups in our workout room, she came in, got down beside me and attempted to mimic my actions. That was motivation to keep going!

  270. Missed my work out today….jumped from one job to the next…..kept my diet good, can’t wait to get back to the gym in the am!

  271. I havnt started exercising yet…i have my own room set up, i go well for 4wks then hit a wall for every reason under the sun i give up…I guess i may actually be dealying my failure by not starting my exercise program yet…

  272. I joined a soldier fit camp and I just love to know that I’m able to flip tires and keep up with the rest group for the entire class.

  273. Tried on some dresses for a ball on Feb 23rd. Yikes! That was some serious motivation! Glad I am giving myself time to get in shape, now to work on my patience…

  274. Oh I know what you mean…each spring I try on my summer shorts and go AKKKK! It never fails that I gain about at least a couple pounds in the winter, lol!

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