Happy Anniversary to ME!!!

I am so excited for the weekend. My sweet hubby and I have our 12th anniversary this Sunday. And WE actually get to go spend the night away from all the kiddies this Saturday night!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!
Please pray for our babysitter as our children are more than a handfull. A 6 year old boy and 3 girls ages 3,2 and 2!!! YIKES!! They will be fine

So I wanted to give you all a wrap up for the week on my workouts and where I am at this point:

SUN- 3 mile run outside, abs
MON- Lift Back, Shoulders, Bi’s 10min of intervals on bike
TUE- Lift Legs hard for 1.5 hours and then ran 20 min of intervals!!
WED-Lift Chest, Tri’s, 30 min of intervals on bike, elliptical and stairmaster
THURS-Lifted Shoulders, Back, Bi’s and ran intervals
FRI- the plan is to lift legs HARD!
SAT- Workout in the am w/ hubby- chest/ sprints outside

I am weighing in at 126 and I am 5-7 bodyfat around 10%

So for 11 weeks out I am doing good. But I definitely need to work on my posing and find a sportswear outfit. Oh and maybe I should make reservations

Have a great weekend!
I know I will…….



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  1. Yahooo…11 weeks and countin down for ya girl…you look FABULOUS!!!! By the way, Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your time with your hubby!!
    By the way, thanks so much for visiting my blog, made my day…I am linking to your blog…

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