It’s time to get Buff!

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  1. Starting tomorrow I’m training a girl who wanted to go on a diet of just grapefruit, coffee, and toast. I told her to give me 10 days and I guarantee visible results, and if she’s not satisfied after the 10 days, then she can go on her little diet and let me know how that works out for her. I’m going to kick the crap out of her for 10 days at the gym!

  2. Well, Michelle, I am going back to work today (teaching…Mississippi goes back really early!) and I LOVE what I’m going to wear today! It’s very simple, but it’s sleeveless, and the pants are a size 10! Thanks again for the motivation to keep working out.

  3. I love spinach! It is usually my first green for salads. Well, My grandmother is doing fine now and I am back. I got in intervals on my treddy yesterday and will hit the gym today.

  4. I love spinach, wish my family did, my dh calls it grass and thus my son will not eat it, oh well the more for me.

  5. I love spinach and eat it several times a weeks…bonus–my toddler loves it too! My husband had to start liking it real quick when we first got married because I put it in everything, he’s been eating it for 15 years now, LOL.

  6. I love me some spinach too! I never eat iceberg lettuce anymore, but opt for baby spinach instead. It’s so much better for you.

  7. Greens are critical. Thanks again for posting your diet guidelines. Those were really helpful.

  8. I always stay away from iceberg. Love spinach and romaine, use them all the time. Actually I throw a handful of fresh spinach into my egg whites every morning.

  9. Day 17 check in. I love spinach! Especially in my Green Monsters in the morning!

  10. I love spinach too! As a kid, I always ate it because I wanted to be strong like Popeye! I told my kids this and they said “Who’s Popeye?” They like it too.

  11. I love spinach salads but for some reason eating salads at home is not the same out at a restaurant. I have all good intentions with getting tons of lettuce, spinach but then can’t get motivated to eat it at home. Just have to keep trying… πŸ™‚

  12. I really don’t like regular salad lettuce so I always opt for spinach salad or herb salad. Spinach is also good on a sandwich…I also love steamed spinach with mustard and tilapia….

  13. I will usually add spinich to my salad if it is on the salad bar. I think I will add it to my shopping list. working out and eating right pays off, My 12 yr old weighed in at the gym yesterday and he has lost 7lbs. My husband and I are noticeing changes as well.

  14. This is easy for me, I love my veggies, greens and salad. Spinach is awesome. I am always interested in sneaking veggies in recipes for my kids.

  15. Love it! I eat a fresh salad everyday with mixed greens including spinach, dark green lettuce & the red lettuce. I usually put a few apples, nuts & olive oil too. Delicous!!

  16. When I can’t get home for lunch, many times I will choose a baby spinach salad at Subway loaded with chicken and veggies. It always seems to taste better when a salad is colorful and made for you.=)

  17. How funny I was just talking to my family about this yesterday! They like the iceberg better and I told them it’s low low in nutrients and taht darker green is better for them;)

  18. last check in till Monday; yard sale tomorrow and saturday! not on computer over weekend.

    i make a smoothie (strawberries, banana, blueberries, 1 T flax seed) to which i add 2 beeg handfuls of spinach. yummmmy!

    by the way, you can FREEZE spinach!!! i wash it, spin it ‘dry’ then lay it as flat as possible in a freezer bag.

  19. Right now we are getting alot of fresh zucchini, which is great sauteed with red pepper olive oil and basil.

  20. : ) I loves me spinach. When I was pregnant I craved spinach, tomatoes, avocado and breakfast steak, the thinly sliced stuff.
    It was crazy… no ice cream… just the aforementioned.

  21. That is a good question regarding fasting. I was thinking about doing a partial fast. I was going to fast for breakfast and lunch and eat a healthy dinner.

  22. i usually use spinach in all my meals. unfortunately i got tired of it…now ive switched over to romain lettuce…not only is better than iceburg but the last long!

    i’ve got to add, although i haven’t been checking in everyday this week b/c of work…i’ve got this program in the back of my mind and was able to lose serveral lbs in the last week.

  23. LOL! any response, feedback, etc… is good for “accountability”…plus I love each and every comment. If feels like I can kinda “get to know” you through them πŸ™‚

  24. I can’t remember whether I responded to this blog or not so I am writing just in case. I did my workout on weights and my intervals for 20 minutes. Oh by the way….I had a salad from subway with turkey and I asked them to take out the iceberg and put in the spinach.

  25. I always uy the baby field greens salad or spinach. Love my veggies! No workout Friday, went to the beach with the kids instead. Is that considered a workout?

  26. I love salads!, infact about ready to fix me a large one and have dinner soon and watch the fights…..UFC!!! whooohooo go anderson silva!

  27. Workouts are on track and great! Still working on getting diet 100% in line. All the advice is great..thanks!!

  28. I never really liked spinnach. Now i will eat spinich dip, but thats not really good for you.. I eat mainly broccoli..

  29. I’m lucky – I love spinach! I eat it all the time and often throw a bunch of it into my shakes. Going to have one right now!

  30. I love spinach…fresh and canned. The best way to eat the canned is to drain it and cook it in a nonstick frying pan (sprayed with oil) with like 7 egg whites (I use one whole one with it) until the eggs are cooked. I then pour a little bit of apple cider vinegar on it…seriously low calories and fat. Yummy! Sounds gross but it is so good! My mom used to make that for me when I was a kid.

    No workouts today…it’s my day of rest.

  31. I went to the butcher with my kids the other day. They couldn’t believe how much meat I bought, then bonus, the guy serving us threw in a dozen eggs. Nice, more protein!

  32. I didn’t get to post yesterday. Very long day. Ran 13 miles at 6am and then worked til after 6pm. I came home to a lovely dinner by dh and crashed. I am enjoying salads more and more. I love just chopping up all sorts of veggies and throwing them in.

  33. Good to hear you were able to run and work…your back must be feeling better. I love salads too, but seem to go in STREAKS about making and eating them. I’ve been on a good streak lately~ I hope to keep that mojo!

  34. LOL!! Love that meat!! I just bought a bunch last night~ a couple roasts, a chicken, frozen breasts and of course hamburger πŸ™‚

  35. I just did the 7 for 7 abs routine for the first time today. I took the book with me and had the pics for reference. I had a c-section in July and my tummy needs the help. I look forward to seeing how doing these exercises for 7 weeks will help me!

    Also did interval cardio first. So glad Buffmother taught me about doing the intervals. I got in a great workout in less than an hour, which I didn’t think was possible! 24 days to go!!!!!!

  36. Could you give me some pointers for a photo shoot? I have an appt. for “After” photos the weekend before Thanksgiving and would like to show more muscle definition. What tanning product works the best or should I get sprayed? I know creatine retains water and makes the muscle fuller but would it help show definition? Would it help in 3 weeks?

  37. definitely ready!!!!! Worked my shoulders out to the max today-hoping to hop on the tread for a few minutes later this afternoon. After MANY long weeks at a plateau I finally saw the scale move this morning-I’m so encouraged!!!!!!

  38. Day 17!

    Today is my three month mark for my start on my journey to get my body back. I have lost over 50 pounds. Now I just have to keep working to get my body buff. The journey is never over!

  39. Got your books yesterday….and I’m loving the mark off system to keep track of what I’m eating. I love seeing the green marker all over my food log!!! Greens Rock!!!

  40. Got your books yesterday….and I’m loving the mark off system to keep track of what I’m eating. I love seeing the green marker all over my food log!!! Greens Rock!!!

  41. I love spinach! I get a big tub of it at Sams, I have spinach and feta omelets with eggbeaters in the morning, spinach instead of lettuce on any sandwich, and spinach salad with strawberries, blueberries, feta, walnuts and a grilled chicken breast is yummy! I’m down 9 lbs and 2 sizes since starting the 40 day fit challenge. I feel great!

  42. Love spinach, especially in my egg white omelets. BTW – I am taking your advice about drinking water – gulping it instead of small sips…it’s working…I’m drinking more, love it!!!

  43. Really bad day….ate all the wrong food and didn’t exercise….it’s getting close to my cycle so I”m all messed up today.

  44. sorry to hear that melissa- dust your self off and START again ASAP! the past is past, but the future is up to you!!

  45. thanx for all the great advice and tips!!! It’s really encouraging and helps to know I’m not alone in this journey! I do like spinach, just have to start eating more, great tips! Keep on Keepin’ on!

  46. Hey just checking in. Thanks to everyone who posted recipes for spinach I had only ate it in salad, I like it but just haven’t tried it on/in anything else!

  47. I love spinach! I add it to everything…chop it really fine and add to meatloaf. My husband will not eat it, but if I hide it in foods he doesn’t know!

  48. i watch cooking shows to get new recipie ideas. A lot of chefs put spinach in everything! So i decided to plant a massive row of spinach in my graden this year! haha! It’s a 30′ long row!! I just hope the deer don’t sneak in and eat it all!

  49. Ok— i’ll give spinach a try! Starting week 6 of abs and upped my weights. Things are lookin’ good!

  50. I love spinach. Find it hard to keep fresh. I’ll just need to eat it faster.

  51. I am not fond of spinich. Raw is ok but cooked makes me gag. There are plenty of other yummy veggies that I love so I don’t fret over it – long as I get them in!

  52. Today is DH and my 21st anniversary. We ate out tonight ~ had New York strip steak with garlic mushrooms and salad. M-m-m. Couldn’t even come close to finishing my steak, but was very tasty anyway!

  53. Love a spinach salad with chicken some dried cranberries and walnuts with a little balsamic vinegar infused with raspberries. yummy

  54. I began to think about the colour green… lucky Irish shamrock… and in a holistic sense, green represents the heart, and LOVE… I thought then that perhaps this is how we show love to ourselves, when we eat our greens! x

  55. Spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens all yummy!!! I like to throw fresh spinach on my pita pizza I make with Tomato slices, basil, oregano, olive oil, onion, bell pepper, shredded chicken breast and a little feta or motzerella! Looks beautiful and tastes great!!!

  56. I just got some Swiss Chard and I’m going to fix it for dinner tonight. Very curious to see what it tastes like.

  57. Eating my greens and protien and staying on course with my workouts. Heading to church then i will workout . Have a good Sunday!

  58. I have to agree that spinach in your protein is great and you don”t taste it πŸ™‚ I have to do it more often, sometime I forget to do it my self

  59. Spinach is amazing, I always feel like a million dollars after eating it! Also love eating Kale.

    My daughter has been ill all week so I haven’t been online much to comment the articles…sorry! I’ve still been getting my workouts at home (although much shorter). Have been doing TurboJam for cardio, old skool Abs of Steel 2, Hot yoga, Pilates etc and lifting milk jugs when at home.

  60. not a spinach fan (leaves a weird feeling in my mouth)…’though I do like the taste

    anyway, I love kale, chard, mustard & collard greens, etc so I think I’ll be ok πŸ˜‰

  61. WooHoo! I must be on the right track because my salads are usually romaine and fresh spinach!!!

  62. I make a spinach smoothie for my daughter that has spinach, strawberry yougurt, pineapple, and a hint of orange juice in it. I put six ice cubes in and blend. I call it green ice cream. She loves it and at three doesn’t know how good it is for her! We go through a lot of spinach in our house!

  63. Yes it is! Monthly cycle is starting tomorrow…hormonal timing will be back in buff mode any day now!!!!!!!!!!

  64. I put a handful of spinach in my blueberry protein shakes. You can’t taste it, but you have the added nutrients in there.

  65. I wish I could eat greens…my mom said even as a baby, I couldn’t eat them out of a jar either…I drink Shakeology, and I get EVERYTHING I could get out of 5 plates of greens and more!!

  66. glad you supplement with them now…I BET someday if you keep trying you may find a green you can tolerate…Keep up the drive!!

  67. So I’m gonna be completley self discipline sux..I totally lapsed..I stopped excersizing and keep eating junk..I am not giving is a new week let’s try this again..good luck everyone..

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