Are You Protein Deficient?

Hello! I am trying to get things back to normal this month…Summer is crazy and the last thing I want to do is be inside on the computer, but until I get my laptop that’s what I am doing.

I thought I would share my newest article with all of you:

Are you Protein Deficient?

What makes a person look old? Is it their wrinkles, gray hair or dentures?
Yes in part, but mainly it is their body, or specifically lack of a “body”. Lack of muscle is what makes someone look old! Are you fighting the battle with age and losing?

I know I was! After having 4 children in less than 4 years, I looked closer to 48 than 28. I was disgusted! So I joined the gym, worked out at least 5 days a week and followed a traditional diet. It took me about 4 months to realize that what I was doing was not creating the body I desired. It wasn’t until I doubled my protein intake that my body started looking younger and better. Up until then, I was Protein deficient!

Do you workout without getting results? You may be protein deficient also. I’ve noticed that 9 out of every10 of my clients were protein deficient when I originally assessed their diets. In my opinion protein deficiency is the #1 reason that people (especially women) fail to attain the body they desire. Protein is the building block of every cell in our bodies and without protein muscle simply disappears.
Other than age there are many other factors that can accelerate muscle loss:

  • Pregnancy
  • Sickness
  • Malnutrition
  • Inactivity
  • Dieting
  • Over training

The only proven and effective way to maintain/rebuild your muscle mass is to weight train and eat properly. Without both components, you will have limited success.

How Much Protein Should You EAT?
Eat your goal body weight in grams of protein daily. I want to weigh 125; therefore I want to eat 125g of protein per day. Each gram of protein has 4 calories, so I should have at least 600 calories per day from protein. Listen to this bonus: calories from protein require about 1 calorie per gram to digest, so you actually burn calories just by eating protein.

The Basics about Protein:

  • Protein has 4 calories per gram
  • Protein takes extra energy to digest, up to 1 calorie per gram.
  • Protein is essential for muscle maintenance and growth.
  • It can be converted to use for energy.
  • It takes up to 3 hours to digest.
  • The most popular proteins are animal, milk based and soy based.


Why Do I Use Protein Supplements?

TIME- It takes 25 minutes to make a chicken breast and less than 1 minute for a protein shake. Let’s face it, life is hectic and unfortunately most proteins are not readily consumable. They need to be cooked and don’t sound too appetizing at times. Also, the volume of protein needed is hard to fit into our busy lives. As a result, supplementation has become an essential way to help us meet our daily needs.

My recommendations for supplementation:
Use it as a supplementation, not a foundation
Generally consume no more than 1-2 servings a day of a protein supplement
Find a brand or flavor that you like, use it as part of a meal or a special treat
Consider consuming it with optimal timing: pre-workout and post-work

My Recommended Purchases:

Whey protein is one of the most pure ways to get great quality, easy to digest protein in your diet. It also tastes good and is very convenient:

And you may also enjoy getting some good protein supplements–  here’s my recommendation for you on that-

Optimum Nutrition (ON)- NATURAL  chocolate or vanilla are the flavors I’ve tried-

If you like pudding or a thicker consistency ON’s Natural Casein is another good option-

This is another good option to add to shakes or baked goods is the flavorless-

Another option:— they have good natural whey products in many flavors

**Important things to remember when consuming a higher protein diet:
~Protein requires a lot of water to digest, so drink extra water. Be especially aware of this during the hot summer months.
~Make sure to eat your veggies also. Too much protein without enough fiber/water is not good, so eat 2-3 large servings of veggies a day.

The Bottom Line:

It is impossible to build a great looking body without consuming adequate protein daily!



573 Replies to “Are You Protein Deficient?

  1. Being reminded of the power of protein has me fired up to eat more!! I am going to head to Sam’s Club tomorrow and get a brisket and a tenderloin. Does anyone have any good beef brisket recipes?

  2. I notice that whenever I increase my protein intake and eat clean my skin on my legs especially smooths out and looks alot firmer!

  3. This is so true! When I look over where I have been slacking diet wise it’s the protein usually

  4. I think I may be protein deficient…I had been focusing on portion control…and keeping outta the drive-thru…haha…gonna start focusing on quality protein.

  5. Ok, Michelle. Thanks to this challenge, I feel accountable! Thanks for doing this. You are truly an inspiration! I just did a great lower body workout: thighs, butt, calves, and abs. I’m 50, and I’m not going to throw in the towel on looking good just yet!!!

  6. Great point Michelle! Muscles need their food to grow and their food is protein….not the white devils (these for me are pasta, sugar and ice cream!)

  7. This week I will concentrate on getting enough protein and water in my diet. I am off to the gym for some great buffing time! Thanks Michelle

  8. I already drink a ton of water…lol…but am going to be aware of how much now…lol xo

  9. Back on my diet, watching my food.. strange how if you get away from it.. how much your body responds…

  10. Today I start to remind myself of the benefit of protein, and the water intake to get the job done over time.

  11. I try to eat some lean protein with every meal – I do get a little sick of it though, maybe because I do not stray much from Chicken, eggs and powders. Does anyone have any protein snack ideas?

  12. Hey! This is actually day one for me on 40 day fit. Got in 30 min. cardio and did squats and lunges. Baby steps for me!! 🙂

  13. I didn’t get quite enough in today. I usually eat nuts and jerky to help add enough. I did have a yummy pork tenderloin for dinner. Thanks for the reminder, Michelle.

  14. I have my plan and I love the weekly mini goals. So this week I will focus on water that is a big down fall for me.

  15. I am eating my protein and end up craving it if I don’t get enough! Diet is back on track and tomorrow so is the workouts!!!!!!

  16. I’m headed off for a glass of water and will put the propane tank in the back of the truck so I can grill up my chicken breasts tonight. I do them ahead of time so they are ready when I am. I also have hard boiled eggs waiting in the fridge for me. Thanks for this reminder, I will be adding more protein to my diet!

  17. Meal 1–50g protein shake and 2 sl ezekiel toast with 1t smart balance
    Meal 2–1 turkey burger, 1 cup cooked spinach, hot sauce.
    Water. and Water

    40 minutes on treadmill, hill climb. Will train back and biceps tonight.

  18. computers don’t like me lately! anyways…i’m finally able to open the link. Had a great wo today – working on small goals – trying to get 120g of protein ill keep the # in my head!

  19. I am not getting enough protein, have to crank it up if I’m gonna get the body I desire. Thanks Michelle. xx

  20. I love my protein shakes! I think that adding a protein shake to my clean diet has helped tremendously! Great blog Michelle!

  21. Day 2 of 40 days to fit for me. I missed writing on Day 1, was a very hectic day and didn’t have the time on the computer. I have ordered by egg whites, have my Whey Protein ready for my daily shakes and am shopping to stock up my freezer with Protein choices.. along with good vegetables. My goal is 125lb so I have to calculate 125gr. of Protein per day.

  22. ok, I made it here despite technical difficulties…YAAAY!! I am super fired up today and getting ready for my workout. I’m getting back to my protein supplementation starting today…I can’t believe I fell off the wagon! Thanks for the reminder, Michelle! Day #2 holds great promise… I plan on ENJOYING my strength and making every movement count!!!

  23. I have recently started mixing up a shake for breakfast as I seem to be most busy in the morning and I can drink it on the way to work in the car. I have been adding different things to mix it up a bit. HAve a great day!

  24. Hey Daphne! Great idea on getting more protein, however, be careful..I have found that a lot of sodium hides in jerky! One way to decrease bloating is to have a diet low in salt. I’d recommend almonds or walnuts instead of jerky (less sodium and you get your healthy fats). Keep up the great work!

  25. Just finished my protein shake then logged on! Yippee! I go to Trader Joe’s and use the Hemp Protein, with half a banana, half a cup of almond milk, an eighth cup of coconut milk (reduced fat), 1 cup of frozen blue berries or black berries, and some ice. Adding cinnamon is my final touch – speeds up the metabolism! Go protein and go sexy-ness!

  26. Heading to the kitchen right now for and egg, mushroom, green pepper omelet after a hefty leg wo. WAHOOO feeling good today!

  27. I didn’t know it took this much prtien to build muscle faster… I guess I need to amp it up! I have only been consuming about 75 grams per day.

  28. Thanks for the info! Gonna have to try to increase my protein starting today!. Off to croosfit workout for the first time. Wish me luck.

  29. that reminds me of Brook Sheilds, she recently gave up being a vegetarian because she wanted to get lean and stay young!

  30. mornings are the hardest for me to eat, I’m never hungry until about 11 am~ protein shakes or bars are great for me in the mornings

  31. Glad you made it to the blog to comment! did you figure out the issue?
    I am glad you are back at it too!!!

  32. I’ve never tried Hemp~ and I too am lactose intolerant but have found that natural Casien or “Any Whey” are good options that I can handle.

  33. On track with my protein. I have 4-5 servings a day. I also get a shake in (water only) after my work outs. I also love to have hard boiled eggs and cottage cheese on hand for a quick snack if I am hungry.

    Looking forward to the workout this afternoon along 20 min of HIT cardio!

  34. I am so happy that after two weeks of nasty OMS symptoms, I finally got my period today and also, had an amazing run this morning. I did however slip on my diet a little. Mom made the my fave (rice pudding) and I enjoyed a serving. Tomorrow, I will make sure to burn it off!

  35. Day 2 Check In – Thank you for this post! My goal weight is 150 but 150 g of protein a day seems a bit excessive! I also have been wondering a lot about benefits of soy protein vs. whey protein because I have recently been eating more soy and was thinking about buying a soy protein supplement.


  36. I need to up my protein intake. I haven’t been able to get rid off ONE pound since I started working out five months ago. Not one!
    My husband pointed out last night that I don’t sweat. Is that normal?

  37. Great post. Sadly most of the population undereats protein. The major diets don’t value protein. Finally, protein is expense. All of this adds up to a need to speak out so thanks Michelle!

    Two suggestions for those looking to add protein to their diet. Breakfast is one meal where many people don’t supplement. If you eat cereal or oatmeal consider prepping a protein drink and using it on your cereal in place of your usual milk. Delicious! If you like oatmeal try adding a scoop of protein powser or eggwhite protein to it. You can make great pancakes using a mixture of protein powder and oatmeal which you can prep in the microwave and carry with you and eat on the way to work.

    have a great day all!

  38. Day 2. I can do it. More water to go with my protien is a must. Yesterday I got busy and let the day get away from me. Too late -I was starving! Not smart food choices then. Today I will plan better.

  39. I need to take in more protein. I have been working out for about 6 months and cannot get rid of the cellulite on my legs! Any suggestions??

  40. Yesterday was great..did Bikram yoga and a 20 minute circuit training dvd…Today some upper body….

  41. 17 Weeks, 5 days pregnant. Definately upping the protein for me and baby! Good 2 mile run today with a 1 mile walk. Also working on drinking more consistently throughout the day instead of huge glasses of water here and there.

  42. Woke up a bit late this morn, but was able to atleast get in some ab work and mini leg workout. Will make it a point to get to the gym tonight to make up!

  43. One little change per week adds up to a lot of great changes! Thanks for the encouragement, and for the article on protein. Should men eat the same amount of protein — their goal body weight in grams?

  44. I actually found this article yesterday and realized that lack of protein is definitely a problem with me when I don’t really watch my intake. So I decided my goal for the rest of the week would be to get more protein (and then I got the email this morning about setting reasonable goals…wow!). Made a quick spinach omelette this morning and put some meat in the crockpot for dinner. I know my recent lack of energy is a combination of not working out and not eating enough good food. I’m excited to see what happens when I’m back on track!

  45. Protein is so important. It’s become a mainstay in my diet. One change at a time, just like one day at a time.

  46. You sent out a message about seeting weekly mini goals. My goal this week is to stop my “eating little during the day and binging at night” eating habits. I find that working out daily will help this because I don’t want to waste my efforts…so to help achieve this goal…I also set another goal of working out for 30 minutes a day every day except for Sunday. So far so good this week!!!! Taking it one day at a time so that I don’t get “Go Go Go…then burn out” syndrome. 😉

  47. I wanted to share something with everyone…most of you may already know this…but an easy website to keep track of your food is If you put in everything you eat, it will break down how much protien you are getting daily along with carbs, calories, fat etc. It also breaks it down in a pertage value.

  48. I agree 100%! I know when I slack on my protein amounts my body does not look the same as when I am eating enough. I am feeling great since I started clean eating! I pack my cooler everyday and eat something every 2-3 hours. I no longer crash and grab something I shouldn’t!

    Todays workout is 45mn circuit training and 45mn of pilates.

  49. I do pretty well in the protein and water area, my new goal. Incorporate vegetables into my food planning and eat them.

  50. Great article. I’ve been saying this for years to my friends. Eat your protein!!! 29 days till I turn 40!! Counting down! Planning on looking my best that day! Off to do my 50 min Plyo workout. It is a killer! Love ya! Thanks for all you do Buff Mother!

  51. Day 2 – ate clean yesterday, feel good – off to buy some protein shake mix. Protein and water. great workout yesterday; today’s workout, eliptical intervals and back.

  52. I definately eat my protein 1 gram per pound of my bodyweight and I know it helps my lean mass. Great article, thank you.

  53. I have a problem with not enough protein. I get bored with foods fast and wind up eating mainly carbs all day instead of balancing the two. I will be aware of this and incorporate more protein. Thanks for the e-mails and the articles!

  54. I know that when I up my protein and cut back on my starchy carbs, I definitely get leaner. Anything that makes me look better and feel younger is awesome right?

  55. I love the Cherry nectar protein drink. 90 calories & 23 grams if protein. You can’t beat that. Adding more protein is the piece of advice I give to all my friends. It is very easy to go through a day and max out on carbs.

  56. I too had started with more protein in my diet even before today’s tip. Yay! Did a heavy upper-body yesterday and plan to do interval today with calves. I’m thinking about starting BFL (12-weeks) along with this 40-day jumpstart.

  57. I have finally mastered the protein aspect of my diet with the help of a nutritionist/personal trainer. Every week I consult with her on my results and she tweaks the food program accordingly. She has taught me how to balance the right amount of protein to carbs to fats and I am seeing remarkable results. This coupled with a wonderful and varied workout program is allowing me to realize health and fitness goals I never thought about initially. Great article and reminder on how important each aspect is to each other.

  58. Still going strong with the challenge! Love the mini goals – this really helped me feel accomplished without insane goals that take over your life and the lives of those around you.

  59. Day 2 is off and running! Regarding protein – I use a protein powder in my oatmeal and in fruit smoothies. It tastes so good, but gives me horrible stomach “issues” later. What’s up with that? Is there a protein powder out there that doesn’t cause gas?

  60. Day 2 went well! Dropped .5lbs since yesterday and I’ve been working on upping my protein intake.

  61. Day 2 and I definantly like the one goal at time. I tend to want to fix everything at once and get discouraged when don’t see instant results. Today I plan to drink my weight in water as suggested example. Thanks for the are you protein deficient also, I am totally and even my hair dresser has told me to eat more protein, so that is next goal especially since I will need all the water with it anyway!

  62. It depends on the type of protein. I get gas from milk-based proteins. Soy protein is easier on my stomach but there’s less of a selection.

  63. Thanks for the info on exactly how much protein I should be taking daily. This is so helpful (and easy to remember!).

  64. I am allergic to all dairy including Whey. I am also allergic to eggs. This makes it difficult for me to get the protein I need. I know this is one of my problem areas. I find it very difficult to to get the protein I need. I am taking Free Form Amino Acids to help. Tried Soy, but I am estrogen dominant and this wasn’t very good for me. Also, have difficulty digesting protein even when I take Digestive Enzymes. Any advice?

  65. Day 2: Ran 2 miles.
    My day was so FULL, I didn’t sit down until 8 pm last night. Honestly that was ALL the time I had to dedicate to my workout.

    My GOAL for this week is to REALLY pay attention to the QUALITY of foods I’m ingesting. With my birthday around the corner, I’ve noticed at 45 changes in my metabolism/hormones. So I’m really trying to get as many chemicals out of my food sources that can possibly reaking havoc with my system. I don’t eat much, but when you REALLY start reading labels, it’s pretty darn scary out there.

    SO FAR SO GOOD! Bring it ON DAY 3!


  66. Day 2 and I feel great… it’s amazing what a little clean eating can do! I am all about the one step at a time Michelle… as mentioned above I tend to be all or nothing as well. Your tip reminds me that it’s life long changes not over night. Good to know about the protein intake very informative:)

  67. Thanks for the reminder of how important protein is. Day 2 I did 45 miles on my bike and planning on hitting the gym for some strength training later.

  68. Thanks for the self worth value. I totally lack self esteem. It was
    great reading! I bookmarked and will visit it often. Slow and steady.
    Protein does get pushed out of in my eating. So thanks for that reminder! Woke up early and did upper body and went for a long walk. Had a mostly white egg omelet with lots veggies and low salt salsa. I am up to three reps and worked to failure. A huge improvement for me! Also thanks for the break down of exercise. I will be following it!!!

  69. Today I did my conditioning routine. I have gotten in my meals. I am trying to focus on drinking more water. I have my routines planned for the rest of the week.

  70. I love the Nectar Latte protien – it’s like a frappacino without all the bad stuff…. my afternoon “treat”!

  71. Protein does make the difference! I am making sure to get it all in, plus mega “wawa” as my little 3 year old would say. Shooting for 150-200 oz of water a day! Potty here I come:)

  72. Pat – there are so many foods that contain protein that are not dairy or soy or eggs. I don’t know that I agree w/Miss Michelle on how much protein you need. but you can get lots from healthy grains (brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa) and beans/legumes. Do a google search on Craig Ballantyne. He is a weight trainer who has gone vege/vegan for the past 6-7 weeks and is sharing a free 7-day vegetarian meal plan along with a list of good protein-providing foods.

  73. you must watch your calories; in order to burn more fat, your calories in must be less than calories burned.

  74. my protein was very low following a vegetarian diet for the past 3 months. i have increased my protein intake and am noticing a difference. but i want to incorporate more beans/grains in to my diet instead of adding so much animal products.

  75. This is an awesome reminder. I have to vouch for this. I feel and look so much better when I consume more protein. As I track my calorie intake, I will aim for 600 calories coming from protein, and LOAD up on the water.

  76. Thanks for the protein article. I will push to get the water in. Have been working on that but certainly not getting my wt in water consumed!

  77. Get more protein! 4 eggs whites mixed with one scoop of vanilla protein, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice for flavor. Mix and cook over medium heat just like a pancake, flip when golden brown. For breakfast time, add 1/2 cup of dry oatmeal. For an evening treat, add 1-2 tbsp natural peanut butter (into the batter or on top), delicious!

  78. I have to agree that eggs are amazing and a great protein source. I love them hard boiled, scrambled, and in an easy egg white bake with veggies and onions. They are so versatile and quick!

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  79. Day #2
    Man, my hammies are still sore! Love the protein article Michelle! You always teach me something new! :o) I have not been getting enough protein lately. Only like half. It’s crucial to jot down your food everyday.

  80. I wanted to respond to the people who can’t eat soy or whey. I have that issue and I love hemp protein. There are a few companies that make it. I have tried Ruths Raw hemp protein and Manitoba Harvest. I make a smoothie with banana and frozen berries.

    I have also used rice protein, but I hate eating anything that is not all natural. There is a vanilla and a chocolate rice protein powder.

    There was somebody who suggested cooking with protein powder. Doesn’t that kill some of the nutrients?

  81. I suggest hemp protein powder for people who can’t have soy or whey protein. I have enjoyed using Ruths raw hemp protein powder and Manitoba Protein Powder. I just use water, frozen banana and berries and crushed ice. I don’t bother with a sweetener.

    I have also used rice protein powder which is fine, but I like to keep my food pure rather than purchase vanilla or chocolate flavored powders

    I have a question about heating protein powder. I was under the impression that you killed some key nutrients by cooking with it. Is that true?

  82. I love my protein shake. I look forward to it during my workout. It is almost like a dessert. Not only do I have the protein powder, I also put 0% fat greek yogurt with 15g of protein and only 90 calories into my shake and it gives it a terrific smoothie texture. Making sure I eat 5-6 small meals a day. I do like and feel my mood and energy are also at a perfect level. Lots of water, lots of peeing. I hope my body adjusts soon.

  83. Great Article! Thanks for sharing. I eat protein (two eggs) every morning with some complex carbs. If I skip a day I don’t feel near as good!

  84. I completed all my exercise goals yesterday. It felt so good. Today I did a 30 minute walk during lunch and will do spin class later this evening. I have good days and bad days with protein intake. I will concentrate on this area more. I must confess I am a carboholic!

  85. I try to take this one day at a time. I have posted this on my desk at work. Stick to a task, til it sticks to you….

  86. DEFINITELY needed to be reminded of the protein benefits!!! I took the kids to the track today & did a 4-ml. run!

  87. I need to take in more protein. Thanks for the information. I’m having a a hard time trying to stop eating candy. Any suggestion?

  88. Day 2!!! I had a great shoulder workout today! And I’ve had around 100 grams of protein already! It’s 3 p.m., so there’s plenty of time… I do drink a Casein shake before bed too; so no worries! Great article because so many people don’t know what true fitness nutrition is.

  89. Day 2! Thank you about your article on Protein. My Husband has been on me for the last several weeks about eating more. He drinks the whey shakes but I havn’t tried yet I am not a big milk drinker and even though I know it can be mixed with water it still looks like chocolate milk to me. do you have any other suggestions? Made it to the gym today did a 30min cardio with bicycle and eliptical, then about 30min of machines working on legs and abs. I started going to the gym 3 weeks ago and so far lost 4lbs. yea!

  90. Thank you Karen. I am also carb sensitive. So I absolutely need more protein. Allergic to wheat, so I am familiar with Quinoa. Thank you again for the information. I will look up the info on Craig Ballatyne.

  91. I know that I don’t eat enough protein….I will try a whey proteing suppliment this weekend to add in my smoothies!

  92. I’ve noticed I feel much fuller for longer since I upped my protein intake : – ) I may have to force down my egg white omelette each morning but I know I am setting myself up for a good day : – )

  93. Great article! Didn’t know how much protein I should be eating. I look forward to the energy I’ll gain from it!

  94. I have no energy, can’t seem to get off my a–. No motivation, no cares. Please help!

  95. Insightful article Michelle! I know I have read the info before from you, but it was a great reminder. I joined a walking partner this morning for a 4 mile fast walk and did an ab workout. I would like to hit the weights again soon, but I am doing a half marathon this Saturday and do not want the “getting started soreness” until after that. I am off on a date with my youngest son before church, so I will be sure to order protein and veggies.

  96. Got a question, when I try to eat a higher amount of protein, towards afternoon I start to get light headed and such. So I had a banana/Strawberry smoothie….How do I reap the benefits from protein when I have to conteract with carbs?? Thanks.

  97. Day #2. Woke up with conjestion, flulike symptoms, skipped 5:30 am run. Felt better after work did treadmill 30 minutes, ellitical 25 min, weights and ab exercises. Feeling much better, ate light.

  98. made in to gym this afternoon and got ready to work 4-12 midnight shift…a great day #2!!

  99. I made sure that I drank tons of water today and I am meeting my friend at the gym at 5:50 am in the morning. I am not used to getting up so early to go to the gym so this will be hard for me.

  100. Protein shakes sound like a great way to get more protein. And looking younger too… sign me up. Thanks for the helpful tip!!

  101. Thanks for the information on Protein, especially with regard to the extra water that is needed. I will make sure I drink a little extra.

  102. Protein is crazy important. I about had a cow when doing the nutritional portion of my PT Cert. They recommend 65% carbs and only 15% protein! 15%! What kind of insanity is that?? Needless to say I would never recommend to anyone who was serious about their health or weight loss to only consume 15% of their calories with protein. No wonder our nation is so epidemic…

  103. Hi Tammie~ cute pic…I had a protein shake just now- an Optimum Nutrition Natural vanilla Casein in water. It filled me up~ and fueled me!

  104. Yes…I was taught that in college also. The government nutrition standards in our country are skewed by GOVERNMENT…so don’t expect them to be perfect, lol!

  105. I’ve always estimated that 1 oz of meat= 6 grams of protein…not all meats are the same but that’s a good estimate.
    try thinking in portions rather than grams. 5 portions of palm sized meat is about 125g’s of protein….strive to have 5 each day and you’ll be doing great!
    as for protein powders you are right that aren’t to be over consumed. some others you can try are egg, hemp, casein.

  106. for day 2–i am trying extra hard to drink more water–but yes i agree that you should have a weekly goal and drinking lots of water is a great way to start

  107. To the person who doesn’t like the whey protein shakes: get the vanilla kind! Try mixing 1 c fruit, a scoop of whey protein, a tablespoon of Metamucil (if you have it) and a couple cups of water. I do this all the time. It tastes like a fruit smoothie and is very easy to drink.

  108. Day two. The protein article was very helpful. I am drinking more water and staying on track.

  109. Had to work last night so may need a lot of motivation today. Those 12 hours shifts just kill a person. I am at the Y now so that is a positive move. Help

  110. I ate well yesterday, but didn’t specifically exercise. I am trying to do more physical activity in addition to exercise sessions, and I did that. I want to recover as much of my physical capability as I can. Now I am off to the gym to play basketball and do strength training.

  111. MAnaged to get workout #2 in yesterday. Going to CardioX today and maybe a brisk walk or run with the kids. Thanks for the info on protein.

  112. Day 2 and just finished shoulder/chest & cardio workout… Just made a whey protein drink with almond milk…not bad!

  113. Wow. I am definately going to have more lean protein in my diet. Maybe I’ll try some shakes. Very interesting article. Thanks

  114. I’ve heard some sources say that protein is not as important as we may think, but I’m not willing to take that risk. Besides, the other alternative is overeating on carbs and fat!

  115. One good thing I do eat enough protein. Did’t have time for dinner last night so I snacked when I got home. Not good but will get right back on track. Will be hitting the gym tonight after work. Thanks for all the blog comments – they do help me.

  116. Very interesting article. I was only the other day talking to my DH about protein balance in a persons diet, he is very fit and does many miles a day on a road bike. I am on quite a strict calorie reduction to lose (a lot) of weight, I am already aware how important protein is though in my calorie balance. Thank you 🙂

  117. Day 2-I had lost focus of my carbs and water intake. Today I have begun to refocus on decreasing my carbs and increasing my water intake.

  118. fighting a migraine today so exercise is going to be low key, if any. But I can make sure that I get my protein! 🙂

  119. Okay – so here it is only Day 2, and don’t you know,….I am getting the sniffles! UGH!! I am going to make damn sure it dosn’t interfere with my cardio today!
    ALready did 30 min. on treadmill….really, really had to push myself. Now, after work, I will head to the gym and do some more cardio.
    I got “Apple Pie” whey protein!! YUMMY!!
    Although, I feel that I eat pretty clean 98% time, why can’t I look like Michelle?!? UGH!
    Okay, but I am going to keep it positive!! SOMEDAY I WILL LOOK LIKE MICHELLE!!

  120. I know that feeling!! You’ll recover best if you eat up on your protein and get in some good supplements like l-glutamine or creatine. and DIRNK YOUR WATER!!

  121. Woo Hoo Day 2. Work this morning was tuff, my legs are killing me after a kick butt workout yesterday. I think I will go for a run once my lunch settles a bit. This should be fun since I can barely walk normally!

  122. well…you need to do some soul searching. Get a notebook and start journaling daily. Ask your self things like: What makes me happy? What kind of legacy do I want to leave? What is my passion in life? and What have I given to others lately?
    My motto is that “the key to your motivation is to ENCOURAGE others” …try starting there and I bet you will get your mojo going.

    Also, be sure to consider your hormones? where are you at in your hormonal cycle right now. I feel like you do on cycle day 22 every month. I know that now so I know to ignore my thoughts on that day, lol!

  123. I ate clean all day until my work outing in the evening! I am pretty sore from my previous workouts this week, but plan on getting into the gym tonite!

  124. Ok, I don’t get enough protein either! But I have been killing the veggies, I LOVE SUMMER! day 2 workout = check… sweating like a buff mother! (I’m NOT buff, just thinking positive!)

  125. How exactly does pregnancy deplete muscle? Uh oh then! I need to up my cottage cheese and yogurt intake then 🙂 (YUMMM! With fresh blueberries and flax!)

  126. So Day 2. I stuck to my meal plan, but I didn’t make it to the work out. I’m exhausted from a long, busy day and probably didn’t get in near enough protein, either. I really need to remember to start taking vitamins. I’m sure that would help A LOT!!

  127. Day 2:Its been a long day, but I managed to get my workout done. I must confess,I was looking forward to it all day.

  128. Okay – Day 3 (hmm…I wonder if I am going to keep up with the count down)?
    Anyway – didn’t get up early enought this am, to do cardio….but will hit the gym after work for weights and cardio.
    Going on vacation next week….hoping I can find things to keep me active enough! Oh, thats right, I have a 4 yr old…he will keep me active!! LOL!
    P.S. Thanks for the support, Michelle! : )

  129. Thanks for the great tips Michelle,I’m setting up a few mini-challenges for next week! Keep lookin sexy for us guys out here!

  130. This reminds me, I need to pick up some frozen fruits for my home made protein shakes. Thanks =)

  131. This info is such a blessing. I was scared of too much protein would make me gain weight. It helps so much to have the knowledge and what to do with it. Thank you.

  132. Thanks for the great info!! I’m all about the protein!! Got the 1st leg workout in..feels good!!

  133. Day 2 was my “off day” for the week. Went to a baseball game and relaxed, ready to have a great week of lifting/running!

  134. Day 2- deceided to increase my water intake….I don’t like drinking water. Im a nurse and generally don’t have time to go to the bathroom as much as I need to. Good info about protein, will incorporate it next week. Walked my usual 2 miles tonight, working out in the am is very hard for me to do everyday.

  135. (I regret posting this so late: I was unable to post via my BlackBerry and this is my first opportunity to type up my notes!)

    I failed to eat breakfast… again. I suppose I was saving all my calories for the huge “working lunch/retreat” my department had planned to take at the seafood enclave of NYC, City Island. And I did have my fill! Then, I didn’t eat anything else for the remainder of the day and since I’d spent the better part of the day with staff, I didn’t work out either.

    This ain’t going so good, is it?

  136. Great job on making women aware of the amount of protien to intake, I totally agree that it is super important. I do a lot of weight training, and if i didnt eat a lot of protien, i would be sabatoging my progress.. I have included shakes throughout the day, and i always have protien right after i workout.. timing is important too..

  137. Today was cardio day and legs. I did elipitical and two intervals on the rower and then weights. I ate well today. Planning a bike ride with my husband when he gets home. I just want the scale to drop a bit. But trying to concentrate on the “heathy aspect”.

  138. isn’t it crazy how many women are protein deficient! Great article you wrote, I’m sure it will inspire many women to Eat more P’s!

  139. Great article! Thanks for including your top picks. I hate reading articles and then having no idea where to start when looking to purchase supps.

  140. Amazing article. I am gonna do the math with everything I eat now. Could explain alot why I’m not seeing results.

  141. Great info on protein! I have been using Jillian Michaels “Making the Cut” to help with my challenge. I am learning what my ideal ratio to carbs, proteins and fats need to be in my diet. It is an eye opener!

  142. Its hard cuz what I think I should way is not what I should way… I will have to totally pick up the protein intake then.

  143. Very interesting and true! A few months ago I read on about protein, realized I wasn’t consuming nearly enough. I pretty much had to double my consumption. I have definitely noticed gains in muscle definition. Plus I feel much fuller much faster so I am eating a bit less! Thanks for the article! Today I ran 30 minutes and did lifted (legs and upper abs) for 30 minutes. Still excited about the up coming 38 days!

  144. i’m finally getting my protein now and i was definitely deficient. i can tell b/c i’m comparing my intake to what it was previously and i’ve never eaten so much meat etc!

  145. I had a great workout today (my Day 1)! I am feeling a little sore already, so I guess that’s a good thing! Thanks for all the encouraging words and helpful tips! =)

  146. Michelle I love this! One more reason to love Buffmother! Thank you for helping us look our very best the fastest way one wants to feel like they are wasting hours in the gym. Eating more protein helps our hard work pay off quicker! Off to the gym now for a killer workout! But once again..Only thinking about today! Hugs! Jennifer

  147. Great work out today. Bike ride for 3miles to the beach. I never did that. This is my first blog my computer was acting wacky. But loving this journey!!!

  148. Through a lot of trial-and-error, I’ve found an amazing protein. It’s Unipro Perfect Protein. 1 scoop has 16g protein, 1g net carb and 0g fat (if mixed with water). It doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners so it isn’t very sweet. I mix it with skim milk and a squirt of chocolate syrup.

  149. Great information. I currently consume one protein shake before and after my workout. I try to add it my daily calorie count. When I first began working out, I did overdue the protein and gained weight instead of losing. Now, after reading many great articles, like this one, I have learned and am on my way to building a better body!

  150. This article is interesting because I feel that I consume enough protein during the day…breakfast is fruit/yogurt, 2 egg whites and a tablespoon of peanut butter on an english muffin. Lunch is usually a Lean Cuisine and extra steamed veggies and dinner always has a lean protein with a starch and veggies. However, when I’m full, the protein is the first thing that I pass on. I’m learning alot about what I should be doing instead.

  151. Good Information! I have never paid attention to the amount of protien I consume and did not know the impact of pre and post workouts. Thanks!

  152. It’s amazing how we are conditioned to eat more carbs than protein…it’s very much driven by society.

  153. day 2 didn’t start off too well, my husband started work today so i didn’t go for my walk but did a heap of housework and will go for my walk this arvo. My goal is to be down a dress size at the end of the 40 days.
    Had my 2 eggs for breaky. I love my eggs. I did read that you should only have 6 eggs a week. I probably have about 14?????

  154. Day 2! Went to the gym at 9:45 pm and I was tired, but I stayed committed to myself. I downloaded my favorite workout songs on my i-pod today so I was ready to rock! I am so excited to add a protein drink into my diet. I will be doing some shopping tomorrow.

  155. Way to STAY COMMITTED and get it done Heather!!! I am very proud of you getting to the gym that late!!

  156. I was able to buy it here in Denver at a local vitamin store. I thought it was on but that’s a different perfect protein. I’m sure you can get it online somewhere.

  157. day 2 apparently, not sure what happened here cos I was actually on day 4, but never mind.
    no cardio this morning need to do this arvo.
    who do i want to be today………fit and healthy.

  158. I am so excited to get started with this! I really enjoy exercise…I just need to get my diet in check. This should really help me be accountable. Thanks for such a great site!

  159. YES of course building your chest muscles will totally help LIFT your breast and make them more perky!! Breast tissue and skin are highly affected by your hormones and your DIET. if you are working with your hormones and eating properly those two items in conjunction with a good weight training program that includes plenty of chest exercises WILL affect the look of your breasts! GO FOR IT!!

  160. wow, way to go!! I’ve been doing good on both P’s and G’s this week~~ Now it’s time to cut down on the C’s though!! BUFFING starts MONDAY!

  161. Back for day two. Loved the article on getting enough protein! Planning on doing weights today at lunch.

    I have a question though. I am naturally a 34 DD and my chest area grew up to a 38 F/G when I was pregnant. Will a focused chest program really help me getting my breast back in shape? It is really hard to find information on this because everyone seems to focus on just getting implants or breast lift surgery after having a baby. Any comments on this would be welcome.

  162. Day 2…YES! I am gearing up to buff! WOOHOO! To Jennifer with theF’s…I was not taht size, I was a 38D for a while but exercise definately reshapes…you will lose a lot and then they will reshape. I was a bit sad at first (LOL) but they are shaped better now being smaller. 🙂

  163. Day 2 – Still on track! Did 2 cardio sessions yesterday (1 HIIT and 1 R-Bike-moderate intens) and today is the big LEG day (no cardio). My eats have been good, still need to get more protein in and more greens.

  164. Well that is wonderful news! I will definitely start concentrating on perking things up then. 🙂

  165. Dayle, thanks for letting me know that. I am really not interested in surgery and I am so glad to know that someone else was able to reshape their girls into something they are proud of! I refuse to accept that just because I am a mom that my body can’t look good. I am so glad I found the Buffmother and all of you girls!

  166. Day two and pumped about the 40 days challenge! I love the K-I-S-S food plan! It is a no brainer and no hunger or cravings!

  167. Hi Michelle!!!!!
    I’m new here and LOVED this article. I definitely need to start focusing on getting more protein into my diet. I’ve been sooooo focused for so many years on Calories that it’s sometimes hard to regroup and focus on something other than that!!!!!

  168. Yeah! Day 2 for me.

    I had my Upperbody Routine Today. (Actually started last week so this is really week 2 but I didn’t know about the 40 day challenge then and thought it would help keep me on track) SOooo. I talked my sister into coming over working out with me, and she DID!. (That is a hugh accomplishment because my sister is 10 years younger than me and soooo not into working out although she really needs too also)

    After we worked out we did pariffin spa treatments on each other with hand/foot massages and a avocado/egg yolk/honey facial recipe that I found in a mag. a couple weeks ago. It was the first time we did a whole day of it and it was wonderful. We agreed to try and do it at least once a month. And she is going to try and keep working out with me. YEAH! Pray she really does try and get over for it even if its only 2-3 days a week.

    On to the challenge…. I thought it was 1/2 your body weight in ounces! errr. I messed up and need to add a lot more water. I have been doing 85 oz a day but I guess I should be doing 170. Tomorrow I will be adding a couple more bottles to the pile.

    I alway fill up how ever many bottles (they are 24 oz bottles) I need to drink that day so all I have to do is make sure they are gone by the end of the day 🙂 My little tip that helps me 🙂

    My protein should be about right I started that last week. found a recipe for homemade protein bars that is really good and they are no bake (thats a plus) 🙂 I make sure I take one with me if I leave the house in case I don’t make it back in time for the next meal. Got my meal plan down and it seems to be working. I eat a lot of veggies but am still trying to find ways to include more into everything.

    Hope everyone had a great day!


  169. Hey Tammy!! you sound like you are on TRACK!! I love that you are posting for your accountablity. Have you thought about joining our rally room? You’d love blogging there!!
    Check it out

    Oh and when you eat a HIGH protein diet it is KEY to drink more water. Protein takes more water to digest than carbs or fat…DRINK UP!!

  170. shifting focus to quality vs. calories takes time…but the mindset is so much better and your body will respond nicely!

  171. Day 2!
    I worked out this morning and it was the first time in a long time that I did not feel bad after I worked out. The protien increase is working. I may love carbs but not enough to feel run down all day after I work out. If I can feel this way everyday it is so worth it. Thanks!!!!!!

  172. Day 2, I failed to respond yesterderday to day one. Not a good start. I am anxious to receive my order and to fully get started and understand the program.

  173. this is day two AND I have not worked out yet. I keep making excuses but in the end I am only hurting myself. I need to just do IT!

  174. Day #2 and it happens to be a Monday. My goal is drink ny water this week and be more conscious of my protein intake. You can’t change something unless you know what it is…so I’m going to start writing down the pro content in the foods I eat.

  175. I KNOW I don’t drink enough water! I’m following your advice this week to attempt to drink my goal weight in water…day 2…I did better on my eating today…so far.

  176. Day 2 and I’m feeling very excited. I managed my meals today by eating small portions but more often, and I worked out doing yoga on my wii for 40 minutes. Tomorrow I plan on lifting weights. I’m still trying to put together a plan, so that i don’t have to be so iffy on what I need to do each day. I’m definately going to concentrate on my protein intake. But for me, that’s usually not a problem.

  177. Not drinking enough water is my downfall, working hard to do it, and also working on my youngest to drink more with all the activities he is in. Oldest is pretty good with it. We have an app on our ipod touch and my iphone that tracks it. Well aware of protein, but I find pre-cooking and having it in the fridge helps so much. Otherwise too easy to reach for the junk.

  178. Yes, I have to remind myself that there’s more choices for protein consumption then just chicken breasts- it’s easy to slip off a healthy diet when you get bored eating the same food!!

  179. you are off to a stellar start…whenever i am trying hard to lose weight the first thing I do is to cut my portions down to “reality” lol!

  180. I am glad to have an amount of protein in grams as to how much to eat. I found out today I need to eat closer to time working out with a trainer. I got sick and couldn’t finish the workout because I had nothing to go on. But go me!! I made it to the gym for the 2nd time this week.

  181. Thanks Michelle! I was just talking about this like an hr ago with my trainer. We just added the Ultramet to my eating program this morning before I read your post so that was encouraging to read. I was telling him how hungry I was yesterday and we went over my food diary and found that I am not eating enough.

    Thanks for all your helpful tips!

  182. This is a great article..Most people don’t realize how important protein is in your diet. I am on a low carb high protien diet now. It works great, you just have to be very disciplined with yourself. I have a friend that is a body builder and he gives me great tips along the way. He trained me for about a year and that was the best shape I had been in in a long time. Hope everyone has a great day!!

  183. Hey Michelle,
    This is my day 2.. So glad you put the stuff about protein.. In the past I’ve been really slack about that, but no more! I love this site 🙂 off to do legs!

  184. Day 2 and on the right track thanks to you 🙂 This is a great article, i got started with the water yesterday and will hit the protein tomorro!! Went for a run today and eating right, cant wait for tomorro!!

  185. Day #2 – hit legs hard! My 3 yr old wanted me to carry her up the steps after I was done working out, and I could barely make it 🙁 I did get all my protein in today – and then some. 145g! Very thirsty now. Need to work on drinking more water, although it’s hard to remind myself when it’s blizzarding outside. Need to work out early tomorrow – hope I am motivated at 6 am.

  186. There are many bad protein powders out there, but there are many good ones too…what kind did you try?

  187. I have tried a couple of different protein drinks that I thought would be good after a workout, but they were so chalky tasting. I’m definitely into the eggs and brisket though! Did cardio and watched my calories today. Also sit-ups and arms.

  188. On the i pone/i pod touch it is called “Eight glasses a day.”

    Just wondering, in order to see your (or anyone’s) replies to my post I had to come back into the link for each day to see if there was one. Is there a way to automatically let me know that there is one?

  189. Hi Michelle! Day number 2 and staying focused. Thank you for the exercise tips. I like to do cardio first thing in the morning before my 2 boys wake up. Do you think it’s detrimental to do a cardio work out in the morning on an empty stomach?

  190. NOPE, nothing bad about it…just be sure to refuel after wards and enjoy your accomplishment!

  191. I don’t like them…most of them make me ill and backfire by making my addrenal system go crazy.

    I like sticking with mild stimulants or just tea and coffee. My buffing pills have about 100 mg of caffine in them and that’s plenty for me~ LOL!

  192. day one was a success! Drank a gallon on water (with lemon 🙂 ate healthy and had a great workout! A little sore today…but I feel good 🙂

  193. Day 2 – I’ve always read that you should eat your bodyweight in protein; I didnt realize it was your GOAL bodyweight – good to know. Now I wont beat myself up when I dont make that magic number.
    Yesterday was good – just did it. Today will be better as its arm day – my favorite!

  194. Protein is hard for me because I’m a vegetarian, I do protein shakes pre-workout and post workout But it is good to know how much I need so I can shoot for my goal

  195. Yes it does get difficult when your diet is so restricted like that. Just keep striving to be aware of your protein intake~ your body needs protein!

  196. My husband is big into protein shakes and I just don’t take the time for myself enough. I know that I need more protein but instead I grab for something else. I didn’t really think much about why I wasn’t seeing results until reading this. What a great eye opener! Thanks so much

  197. thanks for the info. since reading your book, i have tried to have protein with every meal. and drink 12 8oz glasses of water a day. more water this week for my mini-makeover;)

  198. Sounds like you have an interesting story…how much have you lost? have you had any nasty side effects from the gastric bypass? Would you still have it done now that you know what it is like? Can you tell I am curious, lol!
    Count those protein grams~ 🙂

  199. I’ve been focused on protein for a while. I was a low-carber… then I had Gastric Bypass… Protein is priority. I haven’t done the shakes in a while, but I suppose since I’m training again, maybe I should get them back in. Couldn’t hurt, right? I need to take a deeper look into how much I am actually getting & focus.

  200. Day#2 for me. Ate my 125 g of protein yesterday. I feel really good. I work out with my husband 5:30 am came early. Worked out chest I can barely type. I am excited to buff up. I lost 60lbs. after my second child 4 years ago by only eating 900 cals a day. I was “Skinny fat”. I am excited to try your plan. I have not recieved my book yet. Hopefully, this week. Thanks for your inspiration!

  201. Well, I’m on day two and I did my running today. Every little bit helps on this journey. I want to be a BuffMother just like Michelle :o) Thanks for the inspiration!

  202. Based on your comments, I don’t think I have ever been eating enough protein except when I did the Sugar Busters diet. I looked great then, but it was too strict to be a realistic lifestyle. It makes sense that I looked my best then though, due to how much protein that diet requires. Thanks for the tip and I will definitely be using a protein supplement to help me reach my protein goal.

  203. Hello everyone and thanks Michelle for the great info on proteins. Great to get your support you are a fab inspiration! Heading into the gym now!

  204. I’m definitely going to work on upping my water intake this week. I know I don’t drink enough (according to the 1 ounce for every pound I should be drinking around 18 cups a day…yikes!). I think next week I’ll start working on my protein intake (definitely not enough on that one either).

    Thanks for making everything so simple and straightforward!

  205. I drink enough water but definitely do not consume enough protein. Worked out for the first time last night in a about one million years…it was ROUGH! I will work on my protein intake this week…next it will be veggies. 🙂 Happy to see we went from 30’s to 40’s (days to go) so fast! lol Perception is 1/2 the battle.

  206. day 2…will start this week eating more protein. I know it works i have done low carb before..I will eat more vegs. too.Excited to make a difference, working my butt off exercising i would love to see results quicker.

  207. I learn so much from every article! Did you ever get a good brisket recipe! lol I am taking Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey. Is that a good one? =)

  208. i agree about getting more protein, i want to weigh 130 so i am targeting getting that much. Yesterday i hit 120 grams which was actually good for me. Thanks Michelle, i am trying!!

  209. Well I know I need to drink more water that for sure. Well I am currently wieght 170 I am aming to be at about 140 over all I know I got to start witha small goal so i want to start by losing 10lbs and take it from thier.

  210. Goal weight is 135, so 135 grams of protein. How many grams of protein are in one chicken breast – is there a protein chart somewhere I can check out? Day 2, great workout yesterday, ate clean, feeling good.

  211. So, milk really does do a body good! I’ll add some whey protein (chocolate) & ice to trick my mind into thinking I’m cheating with a shake.

  212. I’ve started to increase my water intake as well as my protein which keeps me pretty full. On Day 2 and doing pretty good. Forty days will come by quickly.

  213. I believe I forgot to check in on day 2, don’t know what happened I read the article though.. but I am mother of 2 rambuncious Girls (4&2). But I WAS doing great lost 1 pound! WoHoo!

  214. Hey great advice. Yes I understand that protein in vital for your body. I try to always include protein in all my meals. Eggs for breakfast, good quality cheese and milk, made some beef chilli and was delicious, I even took my protein shake with me to bed to make sure I consume it.

    Thanks all very informative and good luck 🙂

  215. depends on the size of the breast- many breasts have 50+ grams in them.
    each ounce of meat typically has 6 grams of protein in it.

  216. day 2! my goal weight is 115, so i am aiming for 115 grams of protein. what if i eat more than that? does that mean weight gain??

  217. Such a great article! I have actually been reading up on protein lately so this came at the perfect time! I sometimes have a Kelloggs Protein Shake for breakfast. Are those any good for you?

  218. i will start monitoring my protein intake a lot more closely and make sure i am on target daily.i get way too much calories from carbs instead of protein

  219. REAL food is always best, but if you can’t take the time to “eat” drinking a protein shake is a fast and easy solution.
    Stay focused on solutions!!

  220. I haven’t tried them yet, but in my mind they are better than just a bowl of cereal or donuts 🙂 It’s all about choices.

  221. Focusing today on increasing my water intake and hunger pains…am I really hungry? Victory last night! Instead of having a hot fudge brownie sunday with the family, I had a small nibble of a brownie instead. Satisfied my chocolate beast, without killing my calorie intake.

  222. I have never taken a protein supplement because I prefer to get my nutrition from food. I know I eat too many carbs and will begin to focus more on protein. Focusing on water intake is a good place to start and I will write down my goals. Thanks for the re-focus!

  223. I am trying to eat more protein. I find that if I add some protein to all my meals and snacks I am more satisfied!

  224. I have increased my protein in the last three weeks ans have noticed a significant change already!

  225. i find that when i keep my protein intake up my muscles feel healthier, i feel leaner and i know i’m on the right track!

  226. Good to know about needing extra H20 with increased protein. These tips really reinforce things for me. Thanks

  227. Well… it’s the lack of muscle is what makes someone look old!?! This was such an “ahh-haa” for me. This was powerful reading for me. Thanks so much!

  228. this is so true. I worked out for years and was not getting the results I wanted. finally i really tightened up my eating and doubled my protein and ate every two to three hours. I did not change my work outs a whole lot but I did start to incorporate yoga, pilates and running. all the components worked together and now after 9 months of dedication I have the body i’ve always wanted. People in the gym ask me for advice and are impressed with my improved buff physique. It all started with my first 40 days with Michelle last summer. Thank you!!!!

  229. I am always a bit confused about how much protein to take in. Thanks for breaking it down for me. I drink lots of water and drink it right out of the gallon jug it comes in. I get plenty of comments from folks at work. But I don’t care what they say 🙂

  230. Fantastic article! I know I’m protein deficient and just bought some protein powder today. I also plan on boosting my intake from real food as well. I’m looking forward to seeing the results!! Much love from London…

  231. I love to eat protein, but I don’t think I get eonugh for the amount you are talking about. I tried supplements a number of years back and they made me gag. I will have to see if I can get my hands on one that you named in your article and see if it is better then I remember. Thanks for the push!

  232. I am tracking my protein intake now and am finding it a challenge to take in enough. My plan is to utilize protein shakes and bars to help me with that. I am excited to see how this will impact my success in attaining my goals!

  233. Last summer I believe i had a combination of protein visioning/heat exhaustion that sent me to the hospital. The doctors never confirmed what I was suffering from, but after a little research I feel my symptoms were indeed protein poisoning….I had worked out twice that day and I remember when I first started to feel bad, I was due for a meal,…but was at my childs recital,…so I had to wait over an hour past my 3 hour-need-to-eat mark before I could get anything,… have you ever heard of protein poisoning and if so what can I do in order to avoid this again?? (I drink 1 gal a day in water, almost every single day,….)

  234. I’ve lost 4 lbs this week!! Yah!! I love having protein shakes as a snack. I have to do this in moderation because I am nurseing still. So I get my protein through real good alot of the times.

  235. This is such an ahhaaa moment fr me but I wonder how that converts into ounces of protein. If I want to weigh 146 then how many ounces of proteinwould I need per day? Thanks

  236. Glad to know how much protein i should be eating daily…..
    And I am adding protein drinks to my diet this week…..

    I know it will make such a difference in how i look and feel THANKS

  237. Good for you~ 4 pounds in 1 week is AWESOME! Be sure you are staying hydrated. The more protein you consume the more water you need!

  238. I haven’t heard of it termed that exactly, but I am sure it’s real.
    Be sure to eat frequent meals and FUEL your workouts! Workouts are not as effective if you don’t properly time your food intake before and after them.
    Keep a STASH of food in your car or purse- I love rasins or almonds or atkins pb protein bars in emergencies.

    Good for you on drinking water! that is KEY too!

  239. I have always been bad about geting enough protein in my diet. Now I know what it will do to my body if I don’t! Thanks for the tips!!!

  240. Surprisingly, thats one thing that I’ve always been good about. I like to eat scrambled egg whites or a protein shake in the morning and eat about 3-4 oz of protein for each meal. It definitely keeps me fuller longer!

  241. Hummus is the only protein I’ve had all day. I need more protein in my diet. Will start using a suppliment! I know I haven’t had nearly enought water either!!! Better step it up:)

  242. I had been working out cardio and lifting for two years. I would lose weight but it would not stick nor was I looking as buff as I should have been. I was in the gym for two hours five to six days a week. Finally I got real and believes what I was hearing that it is 80% of what I eat. I started to keep track of protein portions, portions size in general and eating clean and ate five to six meals a day. It took six months to get my metabolism where it needed to be and now almost a year after I have gotten rid of 20 pounds and I am buff. I have men asking me how to lift. It is a great feeling.

  243. I usually get 64-96 oz of water in daily. Clearly, I need to work on increasing that. Something to work on this week. I also need to restock my protein powder. As a pescetarian, it can be a bit challenging to get in my goal weight in protein daily.

  244. i’m going to try those protein shakes, i have stayed away from them for years because they tasted like chalk.

  245. I’ve been keeping track of how much protein I consume daily for the past few weeks. I can definitely see a difference in my performance as well as my mood during the day with adequate protein consumption.

  246. now protein is one thing im almost sure i eat enough of but i think now im going to keep track and write it down like i would with calorie counting just so i know im eating the right amount of protein 🙂 although i am curious about protein bars, you know how they have like chocolate flavor, wouldnt it be the same as eating a regular chocolate bar except they just add protein, that would give you way too many calories right? i dont know if i should be eating them or not? same with booster juice, they say its healthy and all but its like a dessert with added protein.. :s

  247. Day 2 burned 500 calories with cardio & weight. I definately need to increase protein & water, I have been drinking 64-84oz a day – may not can go all the way up to my weight ;-), but I can definately double my current intake.

  248. Good reminder…. I need to check on the protein grams I’m intaking and certainly push the water amount. I can feel the muscles I worked out yesterday, so I guess it’s a good thing 🙂 Time to go burn fat now!

  249. Thanks for this article! I know I definitely don’t eat enough protein and to think that is what is more than likely sabotaing my workouts and weight loss makes me wish I knew this years ago! This week’s focus for me is to drink more water. The tought of drinking my weight in water is terrifying, but I have decided to reach for water instead of soda, so that should help a ton!

  250. I really needed this information thanks! I have recently upped my protein and needed to know about the water and veggis. I wondered also this… Is it possible to drink too much water
    ? How much would that be if so? Thanks everyone!!!

  251. Oh there’s the reminder; water intake Same oz as body lbs!! I find this a challenge but every day is better. Protein shakes too, I want to find one that I like. Super post Michelle!

  252. Day 2…….off to the gym, I will increase my hydration today 🙂 POA: Incline TM walking today for 60 min, doing a Full Body Circuit M-W-F

  253. This week I am working on more water and I am going to difinately start writing down my protein so I can keep better track of it!

  254. This is such a great reminder! I just recently became a vegetarian so protein intake is really important for me and I know I’m not getting enough! Thanks for this reminder Michelle! Love the supp recs too!


  255. I agree! I was a vegetarian for 10 years and never really was concious about getting enough protein. Once I switched my diet and added protein, it made a big difference in my physique!

  256. I know it’s made a big difference in mine and wish I knew to eat more protein when I was a 20 year old!

  257. I was a vegetarian but with the amount of protein I found out i needed to eat to sculpt my body I decided to add animal back to my diet. I don’t like it but I didn’t want to live off protein shakes. This week I am really focusing on my water intake. Usually I have no issues but lately I’ve been slacking

  258. This has inspired me to start drinking more water, starting this week my mini challenge is to drink as much water as i can every day then next week i’m going to introduce protein and keep at my water intake!!! This 40 day challenge i can already see is going to be exactly what i need to jumpstart a new me!!!!

  259. This is a great article. I am learning about protein intake now. I am so looking forward to seeing how well my body responds to this new diet and exercise regiment. Thanks so much for your support.

  260. AWESOME Blog!! Thanks for all you have taught ME about protein and it’s importance! I’m a BELIEVER!!

  261. I actually never received this email so I looked it up on facebook and found the link. I take 2 whey protein shake supplements a day plus eat egg whites, chicken breast and fish almost every day. I also snack on almonds and peanut butter. I recently lost about 4.5 pounds of muscle so I’ve increased my protein intake dramatically.

  262. My post didn’t go thru yesterday for this article so I’m trying again…. I’ve always heard about the necessity of protein for working out…. now I understand why you should have enough.

  263. good to see the post worked this time and that you are understanding more and more about your body~ ;0

  264. This was very true for me and I only found out about 4 months ago. I attended a BootCamp where the trainer consulted with me about my food diary and told me that I was not succeeding in my weight loss or strength training because I did not eat enough protein. When I changed that, everything else fell into place.

  265. I do think I get enough protein and I drink lots of water (3/4 gallon daily) BUT… my problem is I don’t get in enough veges. So – I intend to add more to my diet

  266. Hi again, day #2 for me. I read the article about protein and how much a person should be eating per day and I have not been eating near the amount that I should be.

    First thing for me to give up is fried foods. I am learning to eat more healthy by implementing more vegetables and protein in my diet already because I know that is important. However, as I mentioned, I was not aware that I needed to consume that much protein per day. I will try my best to add more every day.

    Thank you for posting your exercises and how to do them. That will be really helpful. I began to do squats yesterday and only did 2 sets of 20 and my legs were feeling it this morning when I started doing them again. I was surprised at how doing just that little, did make a difference in how I felt and how my muscles responded. They felt as if they had never been used before, which means to me that I was doing something right. “No pain, no gain,” right? I also could feel a little tightness in my abs from doing the squats. I also used 3lb weights to counterbalance me as I did my squats.

    At this point, I am unsure of if I should get a gym membership or just follow your work out routine? I really would love to look like you when my body gets transformed. WHAT A GOAL!!!

    Thank you for your help along my journey!

  267. Great information. I have recently felt like i have hit a wall. I have been working out 5 days a week with weights. Abs. Cross training using jillian michaels shreaded dvd and info i acquired from articles by jackie warner and a local trainer. I think i need to get more cardio but i still cant believe i have GAINED weight and i am feeling fatigued during my workout. I feel fat around my spare tire area even though I work my abs more than the dvd i follow along with. I know i need to check myself in as a chocolate aholic but i have been doing better. Am i doomed to have a bloated pot belly since i am 41 and have had 4 kids? I am feeling frustrated. I got your hormonal timing book and supplements anxious to give them a try. I am NOT giving up just need to keep on swimming so to speak. Lol! My dream is to reach for a compettition shape figure and prove to myself and my 19yr daughter that i CAN have awesome abs.:) thanks for your inspiration and support!

  268. Great information. I have recently felt like i have hit a wall. I have been working out 5 days a week with weights. Abs. Cross training using jillian michaels shreaded dvd and info i acquired from articles by jackie warner and a local trainer. I think i need to get more cardio but i still cant believe i have GAINED weight and i am feeling fatigued during my workout. I feel fat around my spare tire area even though I work my abs more than the dvd i follow along with. I know i need to check myself in as a chocolate aholic but i have been doing better. Am i doomed to have a bloated pot belly since i am 41 and have had 4 kids? I am feeling frustrated. I got your hormonal timing book and supplements anxious to give them a try. I am NOT giving up just need to keep on swimming so to speak. Lol! My dream is to reach for a compettition shape figure and prove to myself and my 19yr daughter that i CAN have awesome abs.:) thanks for your inspiration and support!

  269. I know I need to add more fluids during the day — so that’s going to be my first focus; protein I seem to do well with.

  270. Day 2
    Hello everyone,
    about 5 days ago ! got to Complete Nutrition and they recommended me the smart smoothies and to my surprise I really like them, each serving has 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar. Since I start drinking the smoothie I feel so much energetic and I don’t eat as much. Thank you for this information it was nice to hear that I’m doing the right thing.

  271. Jessica :
    I think I just may deficient in protein as well..going ot have to step it up a bit.

    Day 2 of the 40 days to fit challenge. I have no idea if im commenting correctly on each thing or not. Yesterdays workout was fantastic. reading this article im pretty sure im lacking in protein!

  272. Great article! Just finished having my mid-morning eggs. I love protein and eat tons so I think this week I have to focus on eating more greens to balance my diet a bit more.

  273. It’s a great idea to pick one new habit to focus on each week~ after several weeks you’ll have all kinds of good habits established!!

  274. Great information! I certainly need to go get some supplements and make some changes to my diet. Thanks!

  275. Thank you for the tip on protein. I though I ate a pretty balanced diet but after reading this, I know there is no way that I am getting enough protein. I never thought that would be the reason I am not seeing a difference on the scale. Time to up my intake! Thank you, Michelle!

  276. I’m pleasantly sore from yesterday’s arm buffing circuit and am going to do my legs today. Yesterday’s workout was challenging, but over so quickly! I can do this!

    Passive abs getting lots of attention 🙂

  277. Day 2- I enjoyed the extra information on proteins, I had read before about you saying to eat your goal weight in grams of protein, it’s proven to be not so simple considering all the ways I used to enjoy my meats was DRENCHED in trans fats! Cooking in butter,oil,gravy, etc. Im in western KY so I used to cook almost everything in bacon grease-nice and southern! However yummy that was it also made me feel groggy and definately kept on the pounds! I’ve found cooking things with fat free/low sodium chicken broth has been good and lots less trans fats. I still love bacon tho! So I’ve switched to turkey bacon in moderation! 😉
    Today is Monday so Arms & Shoulders/Abs is what I did. I love doing upper body because it makes me feel sexy to think it won’t be long and my arms will be nice and tight!

  278. So I noticed after football practice that my legs were a little sore!! I’m thinking that the biking in the am, working out then football in the evening definitely made a difference!!
    I’m eating a lot better now and trying to stay focused on just FUELING my body!!

  279. Michelle, I have been sort of a “fan” of yours for over a month now and I can’t tell you how much you have inspired me! I first found you on youtube and then followed to your website. I notice that you are in Arkansas. I truely hope you and your family/community are OK with the storms and all. Let us know how you are! I’m glad that I got this tip before meal planning and shopping tomorrow. Plenty of protien is first on my list and lots of creative ways to get my water and vegy’s. I’m going to have to look for a good protein supplement I believe….and going to be reading lots of labels. I am going to accelerate my program a bit here and try and get my 40 days in between now and my vacation in 30 days. I can do it…I am really dedicated and already have some MOJO goin on!!!! Thanks so much for the workout routine. I’m going to see what I can get done in my office during lunch hour and do my cardio at night on the eliptical in my living room.

  280. I think I have been protein deficient for sure! I’m really gonna strive to get my 5 servings in and I think it will make a big difference!

  281. This makes perfect sense. After years of failed attempts to get results and giving up in frustration, I realized in my search for a good weight training program, I needed to be educated also. Learning not only about exercise but also nutrition and appropriate suppliments are obviously key ingredients to a buff body. Thanks for sharing

  282. thanks for your sweet comments.
    we are all safe from the storms 🙂
    Keep that MOJO going~ God bless!!

  283. Thanks for the info… currently looking for a clean eating protein power any suggestions??

  284. Day 2: 400 lunges, yes 400. 200 with 20 lb weighted vest. I can attest to this article. After working out for about a year and NOT eating they way I should….I saw very minimal results. Very disheartening, but I am striving to eat better. So far, so good! Thanks for your article.

  285. Just had my protein and extra water for breakfast! I’ve been working out consisitently for 11 weeks on weights and know I will be hungry again in three hours…Planning my next meal now.

  286. Day#2… reality check!! Already drank 20 oz of water…time to plan the morning meal! Still awaiting my HT supplement!

  287. Day 2 and I’m already feeling it! Thanks for the info about eating protein, I was just wondering about that so this is timely!

  288. Never been a big fan of protein shakes and usually force them down after my workout and then gulp alot of water. Thanks for the suggestions on different ones to try.

  289. I do tend to eat alot of protein but didnt realize I had to balance it with more fiber and water. Thanks for the article.
    Question: if I don’t want to consume whey, what other good tasting protein shake could you suggest?

  290. I try and consume as little of processed foods as possible. I do eat red meat and chicken regularly. The only protein powder that I feel comfortable drinking is Vega Protein Powder. Wish is wasn’t so darn expensive! I’ve tried pea protein powder…its awful, but healthy. Hemp protein powder isn’t much better.

  291. Another one to add to my get fit list! I am really bad about protein. Don’t even get me started on my water intake! I know making these changes now will pay off big in the future. Thank you for all of the info.

  292. Great article Michelle..I feel much better when I’m consuming adequate amounts of protein, and as a bonus I don’t crave all those sugary carbs! I think I actually took in 115g today Yeah! God bless!

  293. Great article! This is the first thing I did in changing my life. I have a protein shake everyday, whether its for breakfast or lunch. I’m hoping drinking that and more water will be the start of me working on the body I want.

  294. Fairly certain I’m protein deficient! This is my changing this week, thank you for enlightening me.

  295. WOOH HOO! Beautiful, kind Michelle you hit the nail on the head! Great article and so true! I have followed Bill Phillips and Tosca Reno in the past. Both are amazing, but you are so real, so wise. I can relate with you. Thank you for sharing. I just discovered you, but soon am hiring you for online training. Thanks for being a sweet person! Love!

  296. Great article. I always make sure that I have protein with every meal, but I’ve paid much attention to how much. I’ll have to go back through my meal plans and see.

  297. Time to up it, especially if you are lifting often and trying to RESHAPE your body!! You need those building blocks!

  298. 4 pounds loss in 2 weeks!!! WOW Daisy you are on fire!!
    I’m so proud of you for making positive healthy changes in your life!! You are VICTORIOUS!!

  299. yep, it certainly helps keep your blood sugar steady and your cravings at bay– plus it helps your muscles STAY on your body!!

  300. Yeah some protein powders ARE really full of JUNK- I use the “natural” versions from Optimum Nutrition- they seem to be good. Although I only have a shake about 1 time a week- real food seems to work better for me- I like to CHEW!

  301. Today is grocery shopping day so my focus will be protein. I already do well with my veggies and water. So protein here we come! Oh and I thought I would share, since I started my life change two weeks ago (I call it a life change because that’s what I’m going for a healthier life full of good habits rather than a short term diet) anyways I only lost just under 4lbs but I did lose almost 2 inches on my waist!

  302. I will drink to that (a protein shake) I buy the walmart brand. It is $15 for 2lbs and it taste so good. I am mix it with low fat milk, keeps me going for a long time.

  303. Natalie :I will drink to that (a protein shake) 😉 I buy the walmart brand. It is $15 for 2lbs and it taste so good. I mix it with low fat milk, keeps me going for a long time.

  304. I am focusing on this tip! Eating 5 egg white veggie omolet for breakfast, then snacks are turkey muffins..Having my supplement after my workout!

  305. Hi! I´ll try to stay focused and have a bit more of water and protein. It is hard for me, because I am used to the freedom of not worrying about my meal´s composition, but I´ll do my best.

  306. Day 2!! Protein is a bit of a struggle for me since I have become a vegetarian due to an inadequate digestive system. I had colon cancer five years ago and over half of my colon was removed,hence, promoting digestive difficulties. Is there a fabulous protein supplement that I could take more than twice a day?

  307. I am definately going to work on increasing my protein and water intake. I get lazy sometimes and put off drinking as much water or watching my protein intake – sometimes it’s as simple as I don’t want to go to the bathroom so much when I’m not at home…a small inconvenience for a big payoff!

  308. I’m sorry…what I wanted to say was after reading the article, I realized that I need a significant amount more of protein to eliminate this deficiency.

  309. Sorry to hear it Brenda- you need to be careful with your diet then. This recommendation may not be the best for you in your situation- please stick to what your DR. recommends.

    But to answer your question, there are all sorts of protein powder types- egg protein, whey, hemp, soy, casien, bovine, rice, etc…
    you can also get protein from many nut, beans, dairy, and veggie sources.

  310. Day 2. My comment on Day 1 was about just this, needing to increase my protein and water intake. Great article! Thanks for posting it.

  311. Good morning Day 2er’s, 🙂
    Today, I set a goal to drink more water this week. Im not drinking nearly as I was in the warmer months. Water or unsweet tea are my drinks of choice, however, Im not drinking enough of either. My plan is to set a small nutrition goal each week.

  312. Until I was conscious and intentional about my protein intake and figuring out some food allergies and intolerances my body seemed to always work against me. Now my body is happy receiving the nutrients it needs. My energy level has increased two-fold. Love your protein 🙂

  313. I currently take in about 75-80 grams of protein a day but seeing as though I do not want to weigh 80 lbs, I guess I need more lol…I currently drink Shakeology, and take Beachbody protein as well as my daily diet choices. I also know that I do not get enough water. Changes are on the horizon.

  314. I eat 6-7 small meals a day, with a total of 150-200 grams of protein daily. It’s a clean diet and I find that if I cut back at all, I lose too much weight, which I try to keep around 123-126#.

  315. Day 2- I have been working on getting more protein into my diet. I use a protein shake called Blue Bonnett that is a Whey Isolate before my workout. It’s about 25g of protein. My main focus is getting more protein for breakfast. I’m one of those on the go eaters – eating breakfast at my desk every day. I should get up earlier and make a nice breakfast but I’m not hungry for the first 2 hours I’m up. I do good the rest of the day with protein in my snacks and for lunch and dinner.

  316. Drinking enough water is difficult for me. I’ve been up for 2 1/2 hours already and I can’t seem to swallow large volumes of anything. Water makes me feel so bloated and upsets my GI tract. As a result, I dont eat until lunchtime. Yet, I can’t seem to get rid of my flabby belly fat.

    I will try to start gradually and work up to the goal. I am 5’2″ and weigh 120lbs. I want to get to 115lbs and to feel strong and energetic, which is a fleeting feeling as I get older.

  317. I’m sure there are many days I don’t get in my recommended amount of protein, but I am working on that. I have started adding 1-2 protein shakes back into my diet daily, although I prefer to get my protein in real food.

  318. Great info Michelle. I find that carrying protein snacks helps me to get my quota in. If I don’t the day gets away from me and I’ve come up short again.

  319. Checking in….keeping my water intake up and making sure I have a protein with 3 meals and making a protein drink for midafternoon snack. I’m not hungry or deprived so it helps a lot!!!

  320. Thanks this is very helpful, I know I am protein deficient. I tried the whey supplements with lots of water and still felt like my stomach was twisted. It is very helpful info that you mentioned also making sure to have the veggies so I am going to try the proper ratio this time and look forward to the results.

  321. I’ve adopted this lean protein high veggie way of eating and lost just over 20 lbs in just over a month and a half!

  322. I did a quick look back over my food journal from the past few months, and I can see that protein is severely lacking in my diet. I have added EAS Whey Protein to my post-workout shake to help fill in the gap. I am also trying to add more lean meats into my diet – i.e. snacking on chicken breasat, lean deli meat, etc.

  323. Water water water!!! Well today I had one can of diet soda….and the rest was water!!! Huge improvement! I just need to remember to keep drinking water all day!!!! And protein! Yes!!! I eat alot of veggie and sometimes i forget the importance of protein. I started doing herbal life shakes for breakfast. I love it cause before the shakes I would often forget to eat breakfast! huge improvement!

  324. I am a chicken gal, but sadly do not take enough in. I get so busy that I often forget to stop and eat. Great advice that I will incorporate.

  325. I know I do not eat enough protein. But I’m not a huge meat eater. Your blog has helped me re evaluate protein in my diet and ways I can make sure to get enough.

  326. It makes a big difference in all sorts of areas on my body when I am getting enough protein…Hair, nails, skin, eyelashes, cellulite appearance, hunger pains, etc…

  327. Great idea about setting mini goals for the week! I’m definitely going to try & drink my body weight in ounces! I’m going to walk/hike with the kiddos today! It should be fun!

  328. I love protein shakes! I had one for breakfast on my way to work every morning when I was pregnant and my son used to do flips! So cute 🙂 Since he’s been born, I find myself not eating somedays but once or twice! I think I ate better when I was pregnant than now…Protein shakes are a great WHEY to help change that!

  329. Hi Jen, how do you keep motivated to train? i get to 4weeks and give up for reasons like…parties or missing out. 🙁

  330. My focus will be on using the protein powder in my cupboard and not ignoring the fact i actually need it to suceed!

  331. I loved this article. I eat protein everyday, but definitely not enough. I will try to follow the guide of eating my ideal weight in protein. I’m drinking to drink at least a gallon of water a day.

  332. I’ve most likely been protein deficient forever! I’m excited to do this consistantly and see how much this helps me transform!

  333. you will see that with weight training and enough protein your body will become leaner!

  334. you are doing a great job with water, now up that protein and you’ll see some fum results!

  335. Don’t do supplements but I eat a lot of meat. Had fun at a buffet on Sunday. People must have looked at my plate with horror. “How much meat is that girl eating” haha!! It’s also nice when my friend said this is the smallest you’ve been for a long while 😀

  336. FUNNY about the buffet…I don’t do many supplements anymore either. But when I was first “learning” I couldn’t get in my protein with out supps.

  337. I’ve been using UMP protien and I love it! I put a scoop in my quick oats for breakfast and it’s a great way to get that protien when I don’t have much time!

  338. Day 2 – wow I would need 620 grams of protein a day. Going to need to look for a lower calorie supplement.
    Had another good walk this morning with the hound. 🙂

  339. It’s all about the sources when it comes to vegetarian protein. Be sure you are getting “complete” proteins and not too much of any one so source– watch out for artificial sweeteners in your protein powder too (they can cause stomach upset)

  340. what?? no not correct– your GOAL WEIGHT in grams daily. I don’t think anyone is striving to weigh 620 pounds?? LOL!

  341. As a vegan I always wonder about whether I’m getting enough. One thing I’ve noticed though is that when I eat more protein I somtimes end up with stomach issues.

  342. Yep. Messed that up. 155 grams. You had said 4 calories per protein gram. Got my numbers mixed up.
    155 is still a ton of protein!

  343. I need to pay more attention to how much protein I eat..I’m really not sure how much I’m eating. Thanks for the links…I like the tasteless whey protein, I think I may buy some to add to things I already eat/drink. Thanks!

  344. I’m guessing you are not getting in your GREEN VEGGIES with that protein intake. Be sure to get in your fiber, greens and WATER!! You need more water to digest protein.

  345. i’ve tried to eat more protein but it clogs me up and gives me bad breath…adding oatbran and prunes a suggestion? how about the breath thing…does that go away?

  346. Day 2 – had a nice long walk with baby and daddy. Lovely sunshine in the UK for a change!!!
    Protein intake – 3 egg omlette for breakfast. Roast chicken and oat bran pancake for lunch. Now what shall I have for dinner??!?!??
    I always eat the full egg, not just whites as the yolk contains all the amazing nutrients. I get through a lot of eggs in a week. Fortunately I live very close to a farm selling them fresh 🙂
    Tomorrow is ‘Nike Fit Day’ here in the UK so I’m heading out for a run when I first get up in the morning. Wish me luck…..! XX

  347. I like to get a lot of my protein from beans because they are quick and easy! I didn’t realize how much protein we as women should actually be consuming a day!

  348. That is an eye opener. At present, I am at a healthy BMI, although my WHR is not something to be desired (lol!). Anyway, I don’t actually need to lose any more weight but I want to firm up and re-shape my body. And protein is indeed essential for building muscles.

  349. You are off to a great start on your protein consumption– and I agree we typically need more water some days over others.

  350. Due to a busy schedule I’ve started making protein shakes for breakfast. 1 cup of 2% milk with 1 cup of mixed frozen fruit (bananas, peaches, strawberries) and 1 scoop of vanilla flavored whey protein blended well in blender. I also want to try a peanut butter and banana with whey protein shake, but may try it with chocolate. I also try to eat a grilled chicken breat once a day or some other form of lean protein. I need to keep better tabs on how much water I drink during the day, as it fluctuates between 50 to 90 oz a day. More if I’m training harder or working outside more.

  351. A key thing for me is to base my meals around protein– everytime I eat the meal starts with what MEAT?

  352. Water intake has not really been a problem for me, since its the only thing I drink these days. The protein is something I’m struggling with. I’m not sure how to get it all in.? But by reading your blog I’m hoping to come up with a plan that works for me .

  353. Wow! After reading this article, I feel THRILLED to know I can consume my goal weight in protein!! I am so much more satisfied (in terms of hunger) when eating protein. As a kindergarten special education teacher and mom of two active boys, I often times find it difficult to eat a healthy meal during lunch, if at all, b/c I tend to work through my lunch hour a lot or simply don’t make something for myself to eat at lunch in the chaos of the morning routine! Using a meal replacement will provide me with just what I need and take the stress out of eating!

  354. Day “1” of the 40 day challenge for me (started a day late because of a holiday, and I’m typing this moments before I head to the gym for a swimming meet up!!! REALLY EXCITED. I found this article first before I explored the rest of your site, because I googled info on Protein, so thanks for putting this info out there. I recently started a frustrating string of never ending doctors and tests because over the summer I started feeling really sick whenever I ate many things (body aches, nausea, fatigue). Lately, I’m finding that if I want to not feel like laying in bed for an hour fighting dizziness and vomiting after meals then I need to eat protein, fruits, veggies, and rice. I was worried I might be eating TOO MUCH protein because I didn’t know anything about how much I needed. Another supplement I would recommend if you’re on the go is Muscle Milk… Not because I’m trying to bulk up, but it’s been a life saver for me. With 20g of protein and only 3g of sugar, I can drink one when I’m out and about and not get sick instead of stressing about whether or not the food I consume outside of my house will knock me on my butt while I”m trying to be productive. When I started going to the gym to swim all the time, keeping one in my backpack to drink right after a workout made me feel energized instead of drained, so I am definitely a believer in alternate protein sources.

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