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  1. Holy crap, girl! You look fantastic!

    Laura the Artful blogger recommended your site, so I followed the link here to see what the excitement was all about. Now I know. You look incredible. I haven’t checked out your regular website yet, but I know I’ve heard your name before. I just don’t know where.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. I just joined your yahoo group for myself and my wife (kreitnerlawplc@yahoo.com) and spent most of my afternoon reading all of the posts. (Lawyers don’t really work on Friday anyway) I discovered your blog address and decided to post some well wishes. Keep up the good work. You are a great example of the power of consistant, persitant effort towards a worth while goal. Looking forward to your book!!!


  3. Oh my GOSH Michelle, you are an inspiration. I am very impressed with your photos. Holy Moly!!

    I am new to Blogging and found this blog through others as I was skipping around last night. I bookmarked you and can’t to read some of your thoughts.

    I live in SW Missouri, not to far from AR, so we are kinda neighbors.

    Have a great day!

  4. Eats were much better and great upper body wo. Giving myself a goal again is finally really kicking in. Staying motivated by signing in and reading along. Well wishes, great wo, great eats, and some fun along the way with friends and family by our side.

  5. Hey there, Michelle….When will I not be sore any more???????? Do you still get sore from working out??? Today after school I plan to do an upper body workout…..

  6. Great tip about brushing your teeth, thank you. I do tend to get that snacky feeling later after dinner. I will try brushing after dinner and see if that helps.

  7. I did not know that. Thanks for the tip! But if you have to have a snack I found a great one – Orville Redenbacher Kettle Popcorn (94% fat free). It barely has any calories and low carb. 3-4 cups will do the trick for me if I have to have a little snack before bed time. And of course I have to brush my teeth after. 🙂

  8. I brush my teeth several times a day! I’m an addict, now if I could just floss once a day…..LOL. That’s a bit of an issue with me!

  9. Great tips daily…very motivational and encouraging…especially your pics…I don’t have any kids and my body has never looked like that. 🙂

  10. Michelle,
    I know that brushing after dinner can help along with using a nice minty mouth rinse. I have a good cinnamon one that I like right now. To me, everything seems to work together. When I eat clean I want to work out & challenge myself & when I have a good work out then I want to eat clean! 🙂

  11. got in a good cardio workout this morning, I also got your HT info. today and can’t wait to get started. Had dental work done today so I’m gonna take it easy tonight.

  12. I am slowly getting over a cold. Its hard work but I managed to get in a quick workout before I got too tired. Here’s to pushing through the pain 🙂

  13. Almost my last day of vacation. We go to the amusement park today. I will have dinner before going to make sure I don’t get tempted to eat junk.

  14. Had to work this a.m. longer than expected…didn’t get to work out but ate a healthy meal! Will hit the gym tomorrow and will brush my teeth, I promise LOL.

  15. Besides brushing to stop unnecessary eating, I also keep a bottle of water by my bed. My bathroom is closer than the kitchen!

  16. I find when I brush my teeth, I don’t want to eat anymore because I have such a clean feeling. Off to do cardio in a bit.

  17. Keep it up Kelly…your hard work pays off and DOES allow for you to have treats and GET leaner 🙂 Keep working it!!

  18. Wow~almost 1/2 way there! I have stayed on track except for 1 small handful straw berry yogurt covered pretzels and the crazy thing is 2 days later I was was even leaner!!

  19. Day 18!
    Is anyone else worried about the Thanksgiving? I’m going to my sisters for the meal and I am a little worried about not over indulging and getting in my work outs. Working out this afternoon, doing my legs and abs.

  20. I’ve been reading every e-mail tip but not always the blog (and, as a result, haven’t commented since day 5 or 6). I have been implementing a number of your tips and they have been SO helpful! I’m on Week 2 of the SELF Challenge (workouts) so putting that together with all of the information you have has been fabulous!

    Saturday will start week 3 of working out consistently. I’m loving it!

  21. Great information.. I need to keep this in mind during my weak point of 2:30 – 5:30 pm daily.

  22. I need to start brushing my teeth more often especially in the afternoons between lunch and dinner. Thats when I tend to snack more.

  23. The first week of a new job is exhausting!!! ~ Tomorrow I start buffing – I can do it!!

  24. Great tip, I’ll try it! By the way, today wasn’t meant to be a work out day with so much other stuff on but I managed 100 walking lunges and a mile around the park! AND good eating today too!

  25. that “lul” time of the day is when I like to go workout~ it energizes me for when the kids get home from school

  26. One day off on eats and exercise won’t be much of a problem…it’s when that 1 day turns into 4 and pretty soon you haven’t eaten well or worked out for weeks…
    Be determined to keep the holiday to one day and you’ll be fine

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